On the heels of some disappointing/underwhelming/unfortunate/painful dining experiences, I’ve done much of my eating at home of late.  The other day, however, I did end up venturing out to grab a sandwich at Meat & Bread in Gastown, and a dessert or two (or three…or four…okay, more like five) at Cadeaux Bakery.

With special guest diners, Steve and Jodi.
The porchetta sandwich at Meat & Bread is unbelievable.
Come on in! Let’s check out Cadeaux.
Jodi and Steve are out of control. Kids, don’t try this at home.
Our appetizer: the bourbon-lime truffles.
The ladies loved it. A little too tart for this sweet tooth.
That is one killer carrot cake.
Choco-banana dessert. This was surprisingly subtle. Good, but was blown away by the other more intensely flavored options.
The best dessert of the day: the pistachio bavarois.
The salted caramel brownie. Also killer.

I hear that Cadeaux is fairly new.  Do check it out.  Chances are you’ll run into me there as it is now my favorite dessert hang-out in Vancouver.

Continuing our Stargate: Atlantis reminiscences…


Carl Binder makes his impressive Atlantis debut with an episode that hits all the right notes.  It’s possessed of humour, wonder, surprises, great character moments, and a bittersweetness that stays with you long after other episodes have been forgotten.  In the opening scene, Sheppard’s birthday gift to Weir goes a long way toward  strengthening the (recently frayed) bond between the two while simultaneously endearing John to the audience.  Yes, he’s a guy who killed some 60 enemy combatants, challenged Elizabeth’s authority, and showed suspect judgment in his romantic pursuit of an outsider but, on the flip side, he’s someone who thinks enough of his friends to: a) take the time to find out their birth day and b) go through the trouble of getting them a present.  It’s a small gesture but an incredibly meaningful one.  McKay, meanwhile, is back to his old self as he oversees the search of unexplored sections of Atlantis, seeking fresh scientific discoveries – and a room with a nicer view.

Time travel episodes are great – provided they make sense.  And this one does, jumping back between two timelines – past and present – to tell the tale of an Atlantis expedition that was and, subsequently, never was.  We’re offered an alternate view of the pilot, a glimpse at the Ancients, and, best of all, confirmation that, when the chips are down, Rodney IS a hero at heart.


Kolya makes his return, throwing a wrench into our heroes’ efforts to secure a working ZPM.  A long dead secret society, underground labyrinths, puzzles and the Pegasus version of the Holy Grail all make for a fun, Atlantis-style Da Vinci Codesque adventure.  But, like Childhood’s Ends, it’s all for naught and our crew find themselves back to square one.  This episode also marks the first mention of Sheppard’s mensa test.  We learn he passed but never joined, shocking McKay by suggesting that there’s more to this low-key rebel than meets the eye. But was he on the level?  Years later, in the fifth season mid-season two-parter, Rodney isn’t so sure…

Oh, yeah.  Almost forgot!  Don’t forget to vote for your favorite Stargate mid-season two-parter for a chance to win some signed scripts!

22 thoughts on “June 15, 2012: Meat & Bread! Cadeaux Bakery! Days of Stargate Past, Atlantis! Before I Sleep! The Brotherhood!

  1. I don’t think I watched Before I Sleep again after the first time, and I can’t remember exactly why. So I don’t have much to say, sorry.
    The Brotherhood, I have watched multiple times. I love Sheppard being Mensa material and was INCREDIBLY irritated later that that got dropped, it was one of the most endearing things about the character that took him up a notch from the standard action hero role. Always loved the Kolya character too, which makes it a standout.

    You keep mentioning how the show shows Rodney as a hero. I liked McKay and I am wondering if, in the writer’s minds, the series was actually about his journey from annoying jerk to heroic geek? Of course, I was in it mostly for Sheppard, but it seems that’s how it played out.

  2. Personally I found The Brotherhood to be a classic Stargate adventure type episode, although on the outside nothing much happens besides the Kolya stuff, but in reality they’re essentially piecing together a puzzle to solve the mystery and find their prized ZPM.

    I like these kinds of episodes, much in the way The Quest was an adventure, arbeit a longer one in SG1 lol.

    And speaking of When they Sleep, personally I wanted this episode to be longer, to see more and experience more of the Ancients, but most of all I liked the way this episode showed a very realistic possibility had things not worked out for the expedition. Thought it was kinda sad though when people started dying, especially McKay who died a hero.

    Just obviously, like in the pilot. Had the city not rose above from the ocean floor, the scene where the gateroom was flooding with water and pretty much everywhere else in Atlantis too, likely would of happened.

    Would of made Atlantis a very short series though, if everyone died in the pilot LOL.

    But yeah, found parts of the episode kinda sad.

  3. I sadly admit that when I first watched Before i Sleep, I was less than totally impressed. i dont remember why. perhaps I was reading a book or something. but on viewings since, this episode has steadily climbed up the list as one of my favorites. We see pretty constantly the sacrifices that our heroes like Sheppard, and even rodney, are willing to make. but Weir’s sacrifice is of a whole new level. To give her life, not in a blaze of glory, but minute by frozen minute, with lonely interludes of moving about a nearly dead city, strikes me as a special form of torture. It’s a type of courage not extolled often enough, overlooked for the flashier and more conventional forms. And it is interesting how alternate universes have played so big a part in “our” Atlantis. From this episode, to Vegas, the direction the expedition has taken has been oddly guided by their alternates.
    The brotherhood was an entertaining romp, with Kolya nicely forstalled, only to have our heroes meet the same fate. Not a favorite but a decent episode.
    The pics are also appreciated, and I hope the weekend is a fun one for you. And that the rest of this year finds your dining out experiences continue to improve.

  4. Before I Sleep is one of my favs. Combine it with the possible future of The Last Man and…time traveling eps really hit me in the gut.

  5. I’ll take 4 salted caramel brownies to go, and I promise not to eat them all at once. At least, I’ll try… PS: I’m not sharing – get your own.

    I thought in Before I Sleep, Sheppard’s birthday gift to Weir was more like he was trying to make up with her for going against her previously. Kinda what guys do when they are in the dog house. This was an interesting episode with McKay out exploring again and this time finding a real ghost. In the end, when Dr Weir died, why didn’t Dr Weir cry? I would have if I watched me die (or any one of my team members).

    The Brotherhood reminded me so much of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The team searches and searches for the prized ZPM with the bad guys on their heels. When they finally find it, the bad guys take it away from them. Just what Indiana Jones had to put up with when the nazi’s were always following him, letting him do all the work, then just taking it away.

  6. These two episodes are part of my missing season 1 DVD (that I inadvertently neglected to copy to my tablet), so I won’t be able to watch them until tomorrow night. I do remember them though (unlike Sanctuary), and I enjoyed them both with perhaps “Before I Sleep” being slightly more enjoyable to me than “The Brotherhood” even though Robert Davi is in the later (I’ve always had a fondness for tightly packaged time travel stories with my all time favorite being James P. Hogan’s “Thrice upon a time”, so this alternate pilot tie up was definitely fun for me).

    On the travel front, I have had a blast here in Vancouver! It’s too much to post in one comment, so I’ll post so more about it later. Suffice it to say that the people have been wonderful, the food incredible, and the sites and vistas picturesque. I’ll certainly try to bring my dear wife along on the next “business” trip here.

    I’ll be leaving Vancouver early tomorrow morning and flying two hours (two time zones) into the future to Chicago (why do I have a Steve Miller song going through my head as I type that?) so that I can enjoy Father’s Day with my family.

    So goodbye until next time, Vancouver!

    P.S.- @sylvia and @Sparrow_hawk I did get pictures of some of the food…that’s what I was supposed to get pictures of, right?

  7. I love this! My husband and are are watching Atlantis again and we watch 1 or 2 a night and your blog is right with us! 🙂 Before I sleep is such a wonderful episode. And I really loved the ending, so moving! Nice job!

  8. i went there months ago and tried the maple bacon bun, but it was just ok. gonna have to try the carrot cake though. By the way, did you like the macarons at cin cin?

  9. The desserts look fantastic! They remind me of this place in B’ham that we have called Edgar’s Bakery. Mmmm, yum, yum—especially the cupcakes. They are huge! I remember watching Before I Sleep and thinking how much of a sacrifice that Elizabeth had made. That thing about Shepherd’s mensa test gave his character more depth too.

    Have a great weekend!!!!!
    Lisa R

  10. Just a quickie…

    Not sure what the hell is up with WP and your blog – I was having all sorts of problems here, mostly with font size/style changes. Yesterday when I tried to sign in Norton blocked the blog as a ‘known malicious site’. Ha! As if I didn’t know! Malicious Mallozzi, the WordPress Supervillain.

    Anyway, I cleared me cookies, ran a virus scan (that came up empty for viruses), deleted temp files, and now everything seems fine. No idea what was causing it unless it was some sort of tracking cookie.

    In the meantime I’ve been hanging with the boys on a rugby forum. As I have lost interest in the Benbo I’ve had some time on my hands, and decided to go a’hunting for a place to talk about my favorite sport. Nice forum so far, no one has called me names or accused me of being an eegit like on the Benbo (no idea why I stuck it out there so long; there were some good peeps, but the abuse was overwhelming at times – I’ve come to the conclusion that comic book fans are the biggest bullies on the planet). Of course, it’s early days, and already I have a few blokes looking at me sideways because I gushed over former All Black (and now commentator) Justin Marshall…so if they don’t realize I’m a chick yet, they probably all think I’m a gay dude with the hots for tousle-headed blond kiwis. 😆


  11. I’m going to have to re-watch all of the SG shows. I remember the episodes when you tell us about them but I never know them by name.

    As for the Sheppard character gushing over the girl and acting the fool (“de fool” in Memphis vernacular). I’ve never been the femme fatale but it happens. I’ve got a friend in Nashville that does TV & radio interviews with all the country music stars there, “Shannon”. When Shannon is with me, you can see men openly starring (some women too) at her. She doesn’t seem to notice but men stop her all the time and ask is she is a singer. It doesn’t matter if she is wearing jeans, with her hair in a ponytail, she is a girl that people notice. So Sheppard, for all this military skills is still a guy. I agree with Ponytail, “Kinda what guys do when they are in the dog house.

    I did like Before I Sleep. Was the present Mr. Carl’s idea? It was a nice touch.

    JeffW: Safe travels!

    Das: What is the average age of those in the comic book line?
    I’m having problems with the blog browser but not as much as you. Could WordPress have changed something in their settings? Let’s blame them 😉 . Microsoft has a free virus scanner and it’s pretty good. We’ve been using it for five years without any problems. I’ll get you the link if you’re interested.

    Those desserts are what caught my eye! Your friends look nice too.

  12. Hope this doesn’t go through twice … I think the blog suffered a temporary brain fart when I initially tried to post!

    Anyway …

    Before I Sleep is one of my all time favourite episodes! It doesn’t matter how many times I watch it; I always smile, laugh, feel sad for (alternative Elizabeth) and NEVER get bored. Carl deserves a HUGE pat on the back for a job extremely well done!!

    The desserts look yummy today, particularly the tartlet. I like tart combined with sweet, which is why I like to serve sliced kiwi with good old fashioned treacle tart. Double cream on the side doesn’t hurt either! 🙂

    Country Gal

  13. @ Tam Dixon – Guys in the comic book line are old, like Joe. 🙂

    All kidding aside, I’d say the median age is about 35. The industry would probably like it to be about 10 years younger, I’m sure. I think back in the 90s it was younger. But from what I’m seeing, the younger audiences would rather watch the movies now than read the books, so you really aren’t seeing an increase in sales – quite the opposite. Add to that that most younger people would rather be gaming than reading, and it looks like the printed end of the industry is on its way out.


  14. @ Das – I had the same Norton security blocking warning as you, last night. I thought it might be because of Joe’s contest he is running. Then this morning my computer was all kinds of crazy. It kept looping the same error messages over and over again, like a dog chasing it’s tail. “system closed program”, “checking for solutions”, “system closed program”, “checking for solutions”. Finally I closed everything and just left for the day. I have now spent about an hour running system mechanics and updates trying to get back online. I’m baaaaack! Can you tell? (And this is from a dumb girl who knows NOTHING about computers, but not afraid to press buttons.) Worst thing I figure is, I have to get a new computer.

    @ Tam Dixon – I would be interested in that free virus scanner site if you would like to share.

    I’m fixing to close my eyes, hope for the best, and hit “Post Comment”…

  15. Although I already own this, Amazon.com have the COMPLETE SG1 Seasons 1-10 boxset for $54.99 at the moment of me writing this, thats like $5.49 a season, well worth checking out for anyone interested.

    That price is crazy, dare I say it, the price makes the boxset an absolute must have for anyones collection.

  16. I enjoyed before I sleep, but don’t rewatch it much. The Brotherhood, though, is all kinds of fun.

    The zpm hunt, even though the puzzle wasn’t quite as clever as it could have been. Rodney’s flailing attempt at romantic cool (with an appalled John listening in the background). “…and whatnot.” “What?” Hee! Ford being useful. Kolya! Wait, make that Kolya!!! (Hands down the best villain SGA had.) All the snark from everyone. And I don’t know if this was a deliberate season 1 theme or just chance, but we saw another glimpse of yet another civilization’s strategy for fighting/avoiding/surviving the Wraith. (Hunter/gatherers, Dr Mengele, Logan’s Run, Amish nuclear terrorists, now some religious nuts.)

    And meanwhile, back at the ranch…yipe. One of the best finishes ever, with all the other shoes dropping all over the place. “Here? Oh, the Wraith stopped by. And killed a couple guys. Oh and the armada will be here next month. So, didn’t get the zpm, huh?”

    Seriously, who needs a cliffhanger? That’s how you get us to tune in next time! 🙂

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