May 27, 2012: A Visit To The Richmond Night Market!

Last weekend, Akemi, Ivon and I checked out the Summer Night Market in Richmond.  This weekend, Akemi, Jessie and I checked out the similarly themed Richmond Night Market.

We arrived a little after 7:00 p.m. and, after winding our way and finding a spot in the massive parking area, walked to the entrance area.  Unlike the Summer Night Market, there’s a $1 admission fee per person.  Unlike the Summer Night Market, however, there are A LOT of varied food stands to choose from.  And, really, when it comes down to it, that’s what it’s all about.

A pictorial rundown of our outing:

May 27, 2012: A Visit To The Richmond Night Market!
We started with some great roti.  You get a choice of three meats (beef, pork, or chicken) that is stuffed into a sweet little pocket.  A little messy but oh so tasty.
May 27, 2012: A Visit To The Richmond Night Market!
An Osaka tradition: the okonomiyaki.  Good but I’ve been spoiled by Akemi’s home made okonomiyaki.
May 27, 2012: A Visit To The Richmond Night Market!
Roasted Pork hocks.  Nicely cooked.  The meat was surprisingly tender, the skin crunchy and a little daunting.  Akemi found it underseasoned.
May 27, 2012: A Visit To The Richmond Night Market!
The ladies show off the pork hock.  Make sure to ask them to cut it up for you!
May 27, 2012: A Visit To The Richmond Night Market!
The bulgogi burger.  Meh.  We were expecting bulgogi meat.  Instead, we got a regular beef patty topped with kimchee and bulgogi sauce (?).  I repeat: meh.
May 27, 2012: A Visit To The Richmond Night Market!
The takoyaki bomb!  Actually, I think it’s called a tenki, but I call it a takoyaki bomb because it’s the size of a tennis ball.  It comes in a variety of intriguing flavors.  I got the curry and was very impressed.  As were Jesse and Akemi who insisted they were full – until they sampled it.
May 27, 2012: A Visit To The Richmond Night Market!
When it comes to deep fried desserts, I always go for the Deep Fried Mars.  Pretty damn sweet – and Akemi kept trying to convince me I’d had enough – after only my first bite!
May 27, 2012: A Visit To The Richmond Night Market!
Mochi ice cream – ice cream covered with a mochi (sticky rice) coating.  The mathca (green tea) was hard and crystalized.  The vanilla was so-so.  But the clear winner – surprise surprise – was the mango.
May 27, 2012: A Visit To The Richmond Night Market!
Even though I was already well into the dessert stage, I couldn’t resist having a Taiwanese sausage.  This one was stuffed with a garlic sauce that was – well, sweet and a little weird.  Also, very garlicky!  So garlicky I regretted getting it – and I’m Italian!  I love garlic!
May 27, 2012: A Visit To The Richmond Night Market!
We capped off our food tour with some churros and ice cream.  The were okay.

Following our eat fest, I suggested we walk around and burn off the calories, secretly hoping we’d work up an appetite in the thirty minutes it would take us to cover the many vendors.  Alas, we stayed full – and didn’t really find much of interest.  As we took our stroll, I made a mental note of the top 3 things I would probably never buy at a night market.  In no particular order: contact lenses, underwear, and sushi. I checked out the dozen or so stalls selling assorted iPhone cases in the hopes of finding one bearing the S.H.I.E.L.D. insignia –

May 27, 2012: A Visit To The Richmond Night Market!Like so!

Alternately, I would have loved to find one with an A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics) logo –

May 27, 2012: A Visit To The Richmond Night Market!Like so!

OR a Hydra logo –

May 27, 2012: A Visit To The Richmond Night Market!Like so!

Alas, no luck.  Akemi and Jessie, meanwhile, had even less luck as they were corralled into a sales pitch and were too polite to immediately extricate themselves –

May 27, 2012: A Visit To The Richmond Night Market!

I considered rescuing them but ultimately thought “Nah”.  This was a powerful lesson on the dangers of stopping at any sales stand if you’re the sole potential customers.

A great time was had by all.  Until we drove out, missed our turn, and then head to double-back, getting caught in a one hour traffic jam to leave Richmond.

And so, now that I’ve had the opportunity to compare the two night markets, I’d like to offer a comparison in very important categories:


Summer Night Market: Easily accessible by car but somewhat harder to get to by public transport.  There’s a bus stop within walking distance and shuttle bus service from the skytrain station.

Richmond Night Market: Equally accessible by car and is easily accessible by the new Canada Line station.  Unfortunately, if you’re driving, traffic is a mess and you should expect long bumper to bumper waits.  Brutal.

EDGE: Summer Night Market.


Summer Night Market: Roughly fifty food stands with a lot of repeats.  On my last visited, I counted about five different places selling potatoes-on-a-stick.  Variety would be nice.

Richmond Night Market: About three to four times as many food stands with some incredible variety.

EDGE: Richmond Night Market


Summer Night Market: About a third less of the vendors selling the same bargain-bin items.

Richmond Night Market: More vendors but A LOT of similar items being sold.

EDGE: Let’s call this one a draw.


Summer Night Market: Free.

Richmond Night Market: $1 admission.

EDGE: I’m calling this one a draw.  Unless you’re treating fifty of your closest family members.

WINNER: Richmond Night Market.  Like I said, it’s all about the food. Get there early, 6:00 p.m. to beat the crowd, stuff your face and go.

26 thoughts on “May 27, 2012: A visit to the Richmond Night Market!

  1. Loved all the food pictures, and of course, I am now hungry. Thanks a lot, Joe. 😉 Hubby took the boys for Chinese last night and mentioned they had had an interesting dish. I’ll have to ask him what it was. Hope everything is going well with your writing.

    Have a great night!!!

  2. Those two markets really need more differentiated names. They sound like pretty much the same thing to me.

    Here’s the answer to your iPhone case quest: Design one whatever way you want!

    I have no issue with walking away from a sales pitch, even if I’m the only one there. I USED to, I didn’t want to offend. I guess I’m now more of a jerk, because I won’t hesitate in the middle of their spiel to just say “Um, sorry I’m not really interested” and just walk away.

  3. Heya Jessie – <>

    Mochi ice cream is one of my favorite vices. Amazingly, Trader Joe’s sells it – Matcha, Chocolate, Mango, and Strawberry. I am not fond of the strawberry, but the other 3 in the order listed.

    Now I am hungry again.

  4. Oh, so now you torture me with pictures of GIANT takoyaki! Wahhhaaaa! And even so-so okonomiyaki is better than none. I suppose I will have to learn to make my own, huh?

    Mochi, meh. I never could get behind the texture, just don’t like it.

    Hubby got a new bread machine for me today, so tasty loaves are imminent. Tomorrow. Today I’m mostly sleeping. Still getting used to a tube coming directly out of my belly. Weird and distracting, and I had to go to the store wearing a muumuu in the rain. Bleh.

  5. A new face! Hi Jessie!

    All the food looks really good. I’d fill up on the good stuff then skip the dessert. Well, maybe try one dessert or two…or three…small ones, of course.

  6. Screw the night market! I just sat out on a [real] palm tree-surrounded open-air deck overlooking the gentle lapping waters of the Delaware Bay, sipping wine and eating a delicious caprese salad while enjoying the mellow tunes of a barefoot guitar player. Paradise in New Jersey! Woo!

    Also, I had two glasses of wine. *hic* 😳


  7. Ooh I sooooooooo wanna go to the Richmond night market….no way I’d drive…Skytrain all the way…. did i mention that I’m in love with the Skytrain. I’d love to try the different foods but they would have to be small…I couldn’t see myself trying the hocks. When does it finish?

    Cheers, Chev

  8. Oops…put this on yesterdays post:

    I have a question for you Joe… am I not very observant? When did Baron Destructo take over the blog? Oh and we’ve had 2 days of May 25…not that I’d ever complain about that…oh wait….it’s not Groundhog Day is it?

    OK….question for y’all… you have an arch-nemesis? Someone who spends an extraordinary amount of time torturing you? A person who will never let you get the upper hand….when you even get close, they exert their power and put you back in your place….all the while smirking behind their iPhone.

    That is my existence. If I take things to the next level things inevitably get out of control. It’s a very delicate game of cat and mouse. *sigh* ….guys!!!! aaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!

    Cheers, Chev

  9. Japanese food but no Sake? Shocking lol

    Anyway lots of nice looking treats there, agree about Sushi, due to it being essentially raw fish, it’s not worth risking it outside of restaurants. Too many unknown factors in wide open spaces. Not worth food poisoning.

  10. 1. I didn’t realize that you said ‘screw the night market’ yesterday until now when I just went back and re-read yesterday’s entry. Just saying so you know I wasn’t trying to plagiarize your words. I’m pretty sure it was just as case of great minds, and all that. 😉

    2. It was nice knowing you, Joe. I’m outta here. Got my Mad Max supertanker and I’m heading to the desert. Or maybe Flin Flon. You are more than welcome to join me if you wish, just bring lots of zombie fighters along with you:,0,6561007.story


  11. wish we had night markets like that around here would love to try the potatoes on a stick AND the deep fried mars bar… I went to a night market in Sydney years ago and loved the food…………so nice.
    Does ebay perhaps have the iphone covers you seek???

  12. Just a note of interest- I started watching the series Sliders on Netflix and was surprised to see how many actors there were I recognized from Stargate! “Walter”, one of the priors of the Ori… Pretty neat!

  13. Oh, I’ve missed a lot! I took my mom to see my friend’s new estate in Nashville. I think my mom had fun but I’m beat from all the driving.

    The food looked so food! If you’re eating fried candy bars, I’m guessing you aren’t worried about high bp’s or glucose levels? 😉 I’m glad all of you enjoyed yourself. Hi Jessie, nice to meet you!

    Today we are going to see The Avengers!

  14. Whoo Hoo! The Shadow is coming up in the Superhero Movie of the Week Club. It’s on Netflix Streaming, too.

    Something about the blurb I read on Netflix feels wrong, though. I’ve only heard the radio play version. The main thing that told me I found the right movie was the “Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men” written on the DVD cover art – and even then somehow I imagine Kid ‘n Play dancing with mock joy behind the words “Alec Baldwin”.

  15. @ Randomness – Nah…I think he was one of these guys…


    @ Sparrowhawk – I called my sister (in Florida!) to tell her that the Zombie Apocalypse has started, right in her state! I told her they need to head north, now! She was all like, ‘You’re so silly, what are you on about?’, then mom (who was standing beside her in the store when I called), said to her, “Oh, yes. There was a naked man eating another man’s face down in Miami”, then everyone in the store started talking about it. I think for about 30 seconds I totally had my sister convinced the zombies were coming. 😀

    Also, it’s the guys on the Benbo (Bendis boards) that find these things, I just pass them along. You should see The Official “Violently Destroyed Genitalia” Thread there. It will make you so glad you’re not a dude with dangly bits that can easily be caught in machinery, suction hoses, and the jaws of nibbly fishes.


  16. Joe,
    Did you actually finish eating every peice of food you purchased or did you take home Doggie bags???? I can’t beleive the Ladies ate all that food.

  17. Joe…you must have a stomach of steel. How can you eat all that sugary, greasey, fatty food, and not be sick?? If I ate like that I’d be in the ER. :p

  18. Oh dear! Some of that food looks downright delicious! Now I’m positively hungry for some delicious food rather than my usual simple and easy fare.

    Hope you enjoy sliders, it was a great series. One of the first shows I was really into that got unceremoniously cancelled albeit the writers in the later seasons seemed to run out of ideas and one of the original cast left.

  19. WHAT THE HELL!! This one costs a dollar and this one is free, how is that a draw? I thought you were Italian but you are acting like a french judge!!

  20. The only reason why there is so much traffic congestion is that they’ve made the parking free. They need to make it more expensive to drive there. At least $20 a car load. Judging by all the huge SUVs that go, that should not be a problem.

    The video doesn’t even start to show how bad the traffic is.

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