13 acts done and only three to go on the miniseries front!  More or less.  I’m taking the rest of the day off to check out Vancouver OTHER night market.  Hopefully, this one will offer less than a half dozen variations of curly hurricane fries.

Some news of note:

Our friend Tara announces an exciting new mystery writing project: *Sparkle Sparkle*.  What could it be?

My fries are too angry!  For the inspired chef looking for something different: Season Your Food With Salt From Real Human Tears

Mama Mia! http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/may/2…eese-production

I’ve often said that, of all the possible deaths out there, the way I least want to go would be in some fashion that lands me in the News of the Weird section of the internet or as some fodder for late night comedians.  To wit: Man dies while getting lap dance at strip club « News and Views …  And this: Farmer, 2 sons drown in manure pit…  While not a unique death, we can nevertheless file this one under “as bad”: Man Loses His Penis to a Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Failed Penile Implant Surgery

No time for second thoughts, grandma.  You’re jumping out of this plane!  WATCH: 80-Year-Old Nearly Falls Out Of Harness While Skydiving  In retrospect, maybe you were right about the whole “second thoughts” thing.

Place your bets on who will be the new DC Comics gay superhero!  http://www.paddypower.com/bet/novelty-bets/comic-specials?ev_oc_grp_ids=689080.  I’ll take Guy Gardner at 14-1.

I saw this on South Park the other day and it pretty much sums up my opinion of a lot of the film and television being produced today.  Not for the easily (and even not so easily) offended: http://www.southparkstudios.com/clips/388737/rated-arg-for-pirates

You know what?  Screw the night market.  I’m waiting for these guys to open: http://www.luckysdoughnuts.com/

AND the mailbag:

Randomness writes: “Speaking about writers for your mini series Joe, I was kinda hoping to see the name Brad Wright on something new on TV, any plans to hire him for your writing team Joe? I actually would love to see him writing more Science fiction stuff.”

Answer: The miniseries we’re presently working on is a freelance gig.  It’s a four hour event and, once we’ve completed work on the script, we’ll be moving on.  The Dark Matter miniseries, on the other hand, would be something we would want to produce as well as write – but, at this point, it’s just a pitch supported by a four-issue comic book and series overview.  If we’re fortunate enough to get the green light, then Paul and I would certainly be looking to tap the most talented writer-producers we know to help us – coincidentally, the same bunch we worked with on Stargate.  If they’re available and, of course, interested, we’d love to work with Brad, Rob, Carl, Martin, and Alan again.

Speaking of Brad, he’s got a number of SF projects in the works.  I’ll keep my ear to the ground for you…

Randomness also writes: “Secondly, watching any anime lately Joe?”

Answer: Akemi and I are working our way through Gintama.  We’re 132 episodes into its 250+ episode run.  The last anime series I watched independent of Akemi was Deadman Wonderland.  Meh.  Before Deadman Wonderland, I very much enjoyed Steins Gate.

Bolt Bait writes: “Joe, when you do a mailbag, do you ever answer questions from past blog entries or only the one directly previous to the one where you are answering questions?  In other words, if I’m really curious about something, should I post once or should I post every day until you get tired of seeing my question and finally break down and answer it?”

Answer: You should post again – especially if I give you the heads up that I’ll be doing a mailbag.  Prior to doing a mailbag, I’ll usually check out the past 3-5 days’ worth of questions.  Be persistent!

majorsal writes: “can you use your super hero/villain powers and make MGM green-light the stargate combo movie?”

Answer: Wish I could.

dasndanger writes: “Joey, I’m pretty sure you’ve had Vosges chocolate, and I know you’ve done the bacon thing, but back when you last tried the chocobacon bar, was it available in dark chocolate?”

Answer: I’ve tried both the milk and dark chocolate versions.  While good, I much prefer the truffle version I used to get for my chocolate parties.  When it comes to the Vosges bars, I’m partial to the Habana (milk chocolate and plantain).  I also love their peanut butter bonbons.

JeffW writes: “I guess my mailbag question would be, if you could only visit one on a trip, which restaurant would you recommend? Diva at the Met, or Fat Dragon? Or someplace else altogether?”

Answer: Hmmm.  That’s a tough one.  I suppose it depends on your food preferences and budget. Lately, I’ve become a big fan of Gastown’s L’Abbatoir.  Quercia is always great for Italian but you have to book in advance.  For more casual fare, might I suggest Peaceful Restaurant on West Broadcast (corner of Cambie) or La Tacqueria for some awesome tacos.

Lee writes: “I’d like to know your thoughts on SyFy canceling Sanctuary? I tend to agree with most people on Facebook with Stargate and Sanctuary gone I will not have any reason to watch SyFy once Eureka wraps this season.”

Answer: I never watched Sanctuary.  I can only weigh in insofar as I knew a lot of the people who worked on the show and, on that personal level, I feel badly for them.  After years of working on a show, your co-workers become like family.  During my time on Stargate, I spent more time with my fellow writer-producers than I did with my own wife and I’m sure it was no different on Sanctuary.

Ponytail writes: “1. Joe can you say anything more regarding what your horror script is about, except that it is a horror script?”

Answer: Not yet but, once I finish work on this miniseries, I’ll be jumping on the rewrite so that I can hopefully get it out before summer’s end.  I’ll tell you more about it in the coming months.

“2. What did you finally decide two open doors and the alarm going off was?”

Answer: I decided to go with “forgot to lock the back door”.  “Lulu playing a practical joke” was a close second.

shaneac1 writes: “Question can you give a hint as to the network the SF mini series might be airing. Also have you any thoughts on new yomato series (space battleship yomato 2199) chapter 1 was just realease on DVD/blu ray today.”

Answer: I don’t know whether a North American sale has been made yet.

Patricia Stewart-Bertrand writes: “A question I would like to ask you is, do you ever use your dreams as fodder for your writing? Edgar Allan Poe was known to take advantage of the trips he’d experience from taking drugs to create his macabre stories. Where do you get your ideas?”

Answer: On the rare occasions I can remember my dreams, they are usually so weird that the defy use in any sensible narrative.  My ideas usually come from discussions with friends or spring from other completely different notions.  Occasionally, they’ll come about as a result of my misconstruing the direction of a t.v. show I am watching or a book I am reading – I’ll think to myself “What a great idea!” only to realize that’s not the direction they’re going at all.

llyes writes: “Hey Joe, what did you think of house’s series finale?
personally i was a little confused”

Answer: Hey, I’m still trying to figure out how the police were able to lift House’s fingerprints from some tickets that had been flushed down a toilet in the last episode.  The last episode did leave a bunch of questions unanswered, questions like: “How did House end up in that burning building with the patient?  How did the fire start?  How did House know the exact moment Wilson was delivering his eulogy so that he could send the “shut up” text message?”  And, the biggest question of all: “How the heck did House switch the hospital dental records and fake his own death?”  He wouldn’t have had a chance to do it after the fire which suggests he already had the plan in place before he went to the warehouse.  Meaning the patient was already dead?  And if that was House’s plan all along, why was most of the episode dedicated to his deciding whether or not to save himself and live – especially since living meant helping to make Wilson’s last few months all the more  meaningful.  The latter would have been a huge issue and, since a lot of the discussion was a physical manifestation of his internal debate, the fact that it was never mentioned felt like a huge cheat.

profmadmax writes: “Joe any chance of getting Michael Shanks to drop by the blog? Looking forward to seeing Saving Hope on NBC here!”

Answer: Why, yes.  I’ll drop him a text once I’ve finished work on the miniseries.

21 thoughts on “May 26, 2012: News of note and a mailbag!

  1. Just got back from seeing Chris Judge and a pregnant Rachel Luttrell at Comicaplooza, and boy, oh boy, the things they said about YOU, Joe. Chris Judge also said that MGM has an announcement to make regarding Stargate July 12th at San Diego Comic Con but that was all he was allowed to say. So that leaves me wondering if they aren’t considering a SG-1 movie of sorts because it is too soon for a reboot and too late for a new series. And since Chris asked them what he was allowed to say, that leads to believe he is a part of it. All supposition, but piecing the clues together.

    1. BTW, I was just joking about what they said. They only had kind things to say about you. Also, here is a little teaser video as to the hilarity of the panel: http://www.twitpic.com/9pn9s7 Context to come later…on my blog…when I can transcribe what they said.

  2. Speaking of using dreams for inspiration…

    For the last 3 weeks I’ve been having really intense dreams about being in space. It’s like I’m watching the events unfolding or I’m part of it. It looks like a TV show or a movie, but it’s none that I’ve watched before. It does seem very familiar, can’t put my finger on why. Sometimes I get a special guest, like Ben Browder. *squeee*

    Can’t say what the plot is since the images are so volatile but I’d love to see it for real on TV one day… maybe it’s going to be my next book after I finish my dark fantasy series.

    Finalement, tout ça pour dire que je m’ennuie vraiment de Stargate et j’ai hâte de voir ce qui s’en vient pour Dark Matter.

  3. @PBMom: Chris’ comments sound very intriguing indeed, but I’m not getting my hopes up yet. As the saying goes, it ain’t official until it’s official. If such a thing does happen, I sure hope at least some of the original creative team (e.g. JOE) is involved. Otherwise, it just wouldn’t be the same.

    That story about the skydiving woman is eerily close to that of the poor woman in B.C. who fell from the hang gliding harness recently. Except that had a less fortunate ending.

    Not much more you can say about the flesh eating bacteria story, other than “Ouch”.

    I like the salt from tears idea, I really do, but I wish they would add “Salt from Tears of Reality Show Contestants who are Booted/Fooled When They Should Have Know Better/Realize They Really Are NOT Loved by the Public”.

    That would be salt with just a hint of sweetness. Perfect.

  4. @Joe:

    Thanks for the recommendations… L’Abbatoir looks good. I’d probably go with the Loin of Rabbit or the Roast Scallops as the main course.

    I would consider Quercia as well, but I’ve just spent a week in Milan and Naples, and have had quite a bit of Italian food in the past few weeks, so I’m in the mood for something different.

    Peaceful Restaurant looks good too. I guess I’ll see what works out during my visit.

    Thanks again for the recommendations

  5. I’ve been at the Alabama Phoenix Festival this weekend. It’s nice to go to a con that’s local for me. Adam Baldwin is the main headliner, and he is so nice. I had my picture made with him, and he is VERY tall. My main reason for going though was the writers’ panels. Oh, wow!!! They were amazing. The B’ham and Alabama writing community is wonderful!!! I have gotten so much encouragement!! For those who might have interest, the authors/editors that were there included: Van Allen Plexico, Stephanie Osborn, M.B. Weston, Kimberly Richardson, Allan Gilbreath, Cam Crowder and Lou Anders. There were more, but didn’t want to fill up your whole page, Joe.

    Have a great night!!!!!!

  6. I see that overwhelming guilt has driven you to answer one of my questions. 😀

    Answer: I’ve tried both the milk and dark chocolate versions. While good, I much prefer the truffle version I used to get for my chocolate parties. When it comes to the Vosges bars, I’m partial to the Habana (milk chocolate and plantain). I also love their peanut butter bonbons.

    Truffle version???! Send me some!! 😀

    As far as milk chocolate goes, I haven’t touched the stuff in ages (with the exception of the occasional M&M or Reese’s Cup, though I prefer both in their dark versions). Milk chocolate is just too sweet, and too…milky…for my tastes. However, I might pick up the Habana for Mr. Das…and then steal a taste of it. 🙂

    Well, well, well…wanna talk about a small world. A few months back I met a very nice man with albinism (long story short, I thought he was a fella I knew 20+ years ago in Philly, and greeted him, then realized it wasn’t my old friend, and so explained myself in one of those Ellen DeGeneres moments where one explains the explanation of the explanation until one looks like a complete and utter fool). Anyway, tonight I see my old neighbor’s daughter and we get to talking, and here she’s married to the guy! So, of course, I had to explain how I knew her husband, and then had to explain my explanation of the explanation. 😛 And NO, I did not mention my thing for the pallid, so you would be very proud of me. 😀


  7. Lulu does not look like a practical joker. She looks like a serious little girl. Must be that big stick she carries around.

  8. Just a side note for blog readers (not for you, Joey, ’cause I’m pretty sure you just listen to Lady Gaga 😉 )…

    Currently I’m hooked on Chevelle’s new album (just loving Hats off to the Bull), but I also discovered a ‘local’ band out of Baltimore, MD – Charm City Devils – and like their back-to-basics rock n’ roll style. I am especially enjoying their take on Man of Constant Sorrow. It took me a while to warm to it because I love the O Brother, Where Art Thou> version so much. But warm to it I did, and now I just can’t get enough. Give a listen – if you like it, you might want to check out some of their other stuff.



  9. That’s good news regarding Brad W, thought he went into hibernation or something after Stargate Universe was sadly cancelled. Loved his Outer Limits episodes and thought he did great on Stargate too, he’s also one writer I hope gets back on his feet and actively involved in TV stuff again.

    And wow, your other comment about Dark Matter, would love to see team Stargate working on Dark Matter. I guess it’d be unlikely you’d all get your old offices at the Bridge back but still. You could aim to produce a series that surpasses Stargate in popularity, it can be done.

    Just think that’d be a fairy tale esq ending if everyone involved with Stargate/Production side of things returned back to The Bridge, or at the very most a nice studio and produced some fine Science fiction tv 🙂

    Anyway I’m not a Gintama fan sadly, just heard that the anime caught up the manga and had to be ended if anything. I do think it’l eventually come back on Japanese tv screens again.

    Also sorry if I was like gushing about Macross Frontier, I loved it, I doubt anyone could adapt that into a live action tv series though, wouldn’t know where the heck someone would start in doing the special effects for a colony ship where the majority of the show would be based lol.

  10. I eat egg whites 95 percent of the time, but I love real eggs. Thought you might like this idea… 🙂

  11. “Speaking of Brad, he’s got a number of SF projects in the works. I’ll keep my ear to the ground for you…”

    Thanks a lot. 🙂

    Sanctuary has been cancelled? Oh well. It’s disappointing, but the way shows I like are being cancelled all the time, it’s not surprising.

    “Chris Judge also said that MGM has an announcement to make regarding Stargate…”

    I won’t hold my breath or guess what it might be about. If it’s a series or mini-series, they will cancel it again anyway at some point and leave us hanging again. 🙁 (Ok, well yes, I am excited to hear what the announcement is anyway, LoL. 🙂

  12. I’ve often wondered how restaurants get their names as well. L’Abbatoir, although appropriate, is not a name I’d ever choose for a restaurant (google the name, folks). However, if I was going in the gruesome direction, I’d choose a restaurant called “The Cemetery”. Then the diners could tell their friends that they had dinner at The Cemetery. I’d enjoy the reactions.


  13. Syfy is a sad, sad wasteland these days. I’ve found the Science channel instead.

  14. @ Patricia Stewart-Bertrand on L’Abbatoir:

    I knew the meaning behind the name when I read it…my thought at the time was, “sounds like the meat should be fresh!” 😀

  15. @Maggiemayday

    Personally I wouldn’t describe Syfy as a wasteland, more a network shifted more towards a family demographic if anything, it has moved away from being the geeky Science fiction channel and is more appealing to a family type audience with its programming.

    I guess with foresight Stargate Universe would of been better on another network, perhaps it would of lasted longer if that was the case.

    I think its more a shame that MGM didn’t ask for another Stargate spinoff. They had everyone at The Bridge willing to work on Stargate but had no Stargate to work on with SGU going lol

  16. Hey Joe, would you pass this address on to your New York followers. ( I have posted it on my own blog but I only have 3 readers.) NY state parks want to limit campers to 2 dogs per campsite, forcing campers with more dogs to find other alterntives. A couple with 3 dogs have set up a petition.


    I’m sure this kind of arbitrary rule is as infuriating to you as it is to me.


    Judy W.

  17. House series finale – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
    It sucks being in Australia and being behind on TV shows sometimes *sigh*

    I was checking out the odds for the DC gay character, which isn’t on the site anymore but noticed they had odds on Brad Pitt’s facial hair for the wedding:

    Designer stubble 5/4
    Clean Shaven 11/8
    Goatee 5/1
    Full beard 7/1

    No way is Brad having a full beard….trust me.

    Meanwhile have you see this wacky family organisation <a href="http://onemillionmoms.com/IssueDetail.asp?id=456"One Million Moms article regarding the DC character coming out? O-M-G! I think it calls for an email from Cookie Monster.

    I have a question for you Joe… am I not very observant? When did Baron Destructo take over the blog? Oh and we’ve had 2 days of May 25…not that I’d ever complain about that…oh wait….it’s not Groundhog Day is it?

    OK….question for y’all…..do you have an arch-nemesis? Someone who spends an extraordinary amount of time torturing you? A person who will never let you get the upper hand….when you even get close, they exert their power and put you back in your place….all the while smirking behind their iPhone.

    That is my existence. If I take things to the next level things inevitably get out of control. It’s a very delicate game of cat and mouse. *sigh* ….guys!!!! aaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!

    Gotta goooooo!

    Cheers, Chev

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