For a guy who makes his living writing for film and television, I don’t watch a lot of either – certainly nowhere near as much as you guys.  To be perfectly honest, I’d rather just read a good book.  Having said that, there are about a dozen or so shows I do follow.  Some I enjoy, others I’ve lost interest in and will  probably drop after this season.

On the small screen at my place…

May 10, 2012: Thoughts On T.v.


My buddy Carl used to call this show “the fastest hour on television”. Lately, however, the show seems to have lost a lot of the fun that made it so watchable.  The challenges are becoming a little less original, the contestants a little more predictable, and some of the rules and roadblocks damn annoying if not altogether unfair.  I mean, what’s the point of having these individuals race to catch a ferry if it will only take them to a destination in which they’ll have to wait hours to perform the next task, thereby rewarding stragglers and general incompetence. And then there’s the convenience of “certain aspects of the production” favoring certain teams.  I refer, of course, to the hated “non elimination round” that, curiously, always seems to favor the most colorful and amiable duo in the race.  Season ago, it was the hippies (who went on to win).  This season, it was those lovable country bumpkins Bopper and (Bopper II?).  After coming in last on one leg of the race, I turned to Akemi and said: “This is a non-elimination leg.”  And, sure enough, it was.  Now, I’m not saying the fix is in but, when two weeks later, they came in last again and I predicted “Another non-elimination leg.”, I wasn’t all that surprised to be proven right.  Not even a late visit to Japan where contestants took part in a “Japanese game show” (clearly a version of a “Japanese game show” fabricated for that leg of the race) or a late screw-up by the winning duo could save this lacklustre season. Verdict: WE’RE DONE.

May 10, 2012: Thoughts On T.v.


Equally predictable was this season of Survivor where everything has pretty much gone as expected.  It hasn’t helped that this season’s contestants are either gutless or idiots, allowing the two or three players with an iota of intelligence to run the table on them.  It’s reached the point where I can tell who is going to be eliminated by simply seeing how the promo is cut.  For what it’s worth, I’m rooting for Sabrina and, to a lesser extent, Chelsea, but suspect they’ll both be undone by their naiveté.  About the only thing that could redeem this season in my eyes would be a shocking final vote that would see perennially clueless Christina win because nobody saw her as a threat. When all is said and done, it’s all in the hands of the jury.  The bitter, petty, resentful, revenge-minded jury.  The best player doesn’t always win the game.  Ask Russell Hantz.  Although this season has underwhelmed, it was preceded by some great ones so I’m willing to give the show another go.  VERDICT: WE’RE STILL WATCHING.

May 10, 2012: Thoughts On T.v.


Speaking of predictable, the House formula usually goes something like this: House handed case which he refuses to accept at first but ends up taking because he is intrigued by some curious element.  His team pursues various diagnostic theories, all of which prove erroneous.  All hope seems lost when – some unconnected word, phrase or thing twigs something in House who comes up with the correct diagnosis and saves the day.  While the medical drama plays out, House and his team deal with personal issues – and this is what makes the show so great.  Yes, the medical narrative pretty much plays out paint by numbers but, in reality, it’s only serves to create a dramatic context for our characters, and it’s these characters that make the show so very watchable.  I love the House character, his relationship with Wilson, and like the team a lot (especially Taub who has really grown on me over this past season). With only two episodes to go, I suspect the series will go out in fine style.  VERDICT: WE’RE DONE – BUT ONLY BECAUSE IT’S DONE.

May 10, 2012: Thoughts On T.v.


Some gags hit the mark, some fall flat, but the rapidfire barrage ensures a hilarious half hour.  BTW – television producers, take note: Live episodes work wonderfully for comedies since their actors are accustomed to improv.  Dramas – not so much.  VERDICT: WE’RE STILL WATCHING.

May 10, 2012: Thoughts On T.v.


A lot better than most comedies on television, none of which I watch. And I miss Michael Scott.  VERDICT: WE’RE DONE AFTER THIS SEASON.

May 10, 2012: Thoughts On T.v.


Sixteen seasons and still going strong.  Sure, there have been a few hiccups along the way (the movie, any episode involving Terrence and Philip),  but I’m amazed by how its consistency.  Smart, shocking, and hilarious.  VERDICT: WE’RE STILL WATCHING (AKEMI IS A BIG CARTMAN FAN).

May 10, 2012: Thoughts On T.v.


Although I didn’t love last season finale quite as much as everyone else, this show nonetheless ranks among my all-time favorites (up there with The Sopranos and Rome).  I’m very much looking forward to the fifth and final season.  I have a feeling it’s not going to be a happy ending for Mr. White.  VERDICT: STILL WATCHING.

May 10, 2012: Thoughts On T.v.


The book is always better and this holds true for Game of Thrones – nevertheless, the series if very, very good.  Like the book series, however, with its myriad storylines and endless characters, there are some arcs that I find absolutely gripping (the politics and power plays at King’s Landing, Arya’s journey, Jon Snow’s adventures with the Black Watch) while others (Daenerys and her dragons, happenings in Westeros, the North, and the Iron Islands) leave me cold.  Still, there’s so much going on in each episode that it never disappoints.  VERDICT: STILL WATCHING.

May 10, 2012: Thoughts On T.v.


As much as I love the original comic book series, I think I’m zombied out.  Great monster effects and some intriguing scenarios, but for the life of me I don’t understand how a shambling zombie can sneak up on someone.  VERDICT: I’M DONE.

May 10, 2012: Thoughts On T.v.


I tuned into the first season expecting a 300 clone and was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the characters and the storytelling.  The performances were also a strong point, especially that of series lead Andy Whitfield who, sadly, passed away just as he was gaining some well-deserved international praise.  I checked out the miniseries, Gods of the Arena, with a certain amount of trepidation brought on by the usual negative feelings I harbor for prequels.  Like the first season, however, I was quickly won over.  How has the show’s second season fared in comparison?  To be honest, I don’t know.  My DVR screwed up and I have all but episode 2 recorded.  And until it airs again – or I am able to track it down online – I’ll have to reserve judgement.  On the bright side, I can, apparently, buy the soundtrack from iTunes.

May 10, 2012: Thoughts On T.v.


At first, I was on the fence because I felt some of the early storylines were too reminiscent of South Park episode I had seen (although, in all fairness, South Park ended updoing an episode called “Simpsons Already Did It” in which Professor Chaos [aka Butters] laments the fact that every nefarious idea he comes up with has already been done on The Simpsons).  But, like most shows, once you settle in and get to know and like the characters, you’re along for the ride.  The show’s two major funny men remind of my former Stargate co-workers Damian Kindler and Lawren Bancroft-Wilson, so every time I watch the show I feel like I’m getting together with old friends.  VERDICT: STILL WATCHING.

May 10, 2012: Thoughts On T.v.


I watch a fair amount of Food Network.  Not religiously.  It just happens to be on all the time as background so the dogs don’t miss us too much when we go out.  But if there’s one show we never miss, it’s Top Chef, the best of the competitive cooking shows.  VERDICT: WE’RE STILL WATCHING.

May 10, 2012: Thoughts On T.v.


Our favorite cooking show is hosted by Chuck Hughes, a native of my hometown, Montreal.  Port braised lamb shanks, peanut butter and jelly foie gras, bone marrow mash, and home made doughnuts – he cooks the type of food I love.  And I can confirm this because I visited his restaurant the last time I was in Montreal.  He’s charming, informative and Akemi finds him all sorts of cute.  VERDICT: WE’RE STILL WATCHING.

And you?

48 thoughts on “May 10, 2012: Thoughts on t.v.

  1. haha… still a lot more than I watch….

    Great list though, especially breaking bad… I was just thinking about that show today, a very impressive series for sure. Glad the writers know its the final season so we’re not left hanging.

  2. That’s because the producers intentionally bunch the racers together Joe, watch the earlier seasons when some teams had HUGE leads over others, now its all shepherding from point a to point b, and intentional bunching.

    The penalty for coming last seems pointless too, its usually just some quick task that takes mearly moments to complete.

    Speaking of the Japan leg though.

    How can any of the Japanese audience members be so hyped for such a weird game? I mean, sure watching Americans falling over, over and over again may be amusing to them but come on?

    I loved that Sushi bingo game though, you have to admit Joe, It looks fun! I bet you and Akemi would have a great time playing that, assuming such a place exists in real life and isn’t just a fabrication for The Amazing Race =/

  3. Hmm…shows I watch.

    Castle. The Mentalist. Doctor Who. Eureka. Sherlock. There isn’t much else I’ll go out of my way to watch. Of course, Eureka is ending, Sherlock is only three episodes per season, and Doctor Who runs 13 eps and a Christmas Special this season and won’t be on until the Fall.

    Also watch Man vs. Food, and Swamp People, because my husband likes them.

  4. You watch a LOT of TV.

    Me? I watch a LOT of rugby (about 6 matches a week – sometimes more – watching one from last weekend right now, as a matter of fact).

    I also watch NCIS, Castle, White Collar, and Psych, with the latter being my absolute favorite right now for its humor and fun. That’s it for the hour shows. (I plan to catch the new USA series, Common Law, that premieres this Friday. We’ll see how that goes.)

    I also watch Masterpiece Mystery! when it’s on, as well as the odd Brit mystery that may show up now and then on other channels.

    And I watch classic movies on TCM (Turner Classic Movies). I am more of an old movie person than a tv show person, and I will watch the same movies over and over. By *watch* I mean I have them on while I’m doing a bazillion other things. I really don’t have time to just sit and watch tv, so I use familiar movies for ‘background’ noise when I want something on to keep me company.

    I think that’s it. I also have some news, but I’ll save it for now. It’s kinda weird news (that doesn’t directly affect me), and I want to get more facts before I share.


  5. I watch none of those shows. I surf alot and will stop on whatever looks interesting. I do like Chopped, Cupcake Wars, American Idol, Ghost Hunters.

    A few years ago, when I broke my leg and tore up my knee, I was off work for 11 weeks. I definately had a watching schedule that I still watch today any time I am home during the day.
    9am Dr Phil
    10 am The Price is Right
    11 am Jeopardy (I must play along with calculator in hand)
    12pm Local News
    4 pm Judge Judy

  6. I love tv, I admit it. I have about 28 shows I watch, many are short season ones, or summers only (like Dr Who). Of those, Desperate Housewives (should be done, not going to cry.. a chore almost to finish it though this season has been okay), House, Terra Nova, and In Plain Sight cancelled– Fringe getting only 12 or 13 more to wind up and no idea if or when Torchwood will return.
    I only watch 3 that you do (House, Game of Thrones and Walking Dead). I love Walking Dead. 🙂 And I don’t like zombies in general, but it’s about (like House) much more than the zombie attack/disease of the week. Of course, I haven’t read the comics, not likely to.
    I’d rather eat rocks than watch any of the amazing race and survivor ones, though, so obviously our tastes barely touch. 🙂

  7. This season, it was those lovable country bumpkins Bopper and (Bopper II?).
    mark. i mostly can’t be bothered to remember the racers names.
    i kind of fell out of love with the amazing race when they had “the second chances” season. but have been getting into it again with the newer seasons.

  8. I used to never miss Amazing Race and Survivor, but they have become too predictable.
    Top Chiefs, sometimes, is too pedictable intheir elimination also.
    House was never a favorite, always disliked the character.
    I have learnedto love The Big Bang Theory for some reason.
    And Chuck, I agree with Akemi, would watchhim all day long just to watch Chuck!

  9. Isn’t the Fantasic Four a western? Oh, wait that’s The Fantastic Seven………..

  10. LEVERAGE… so glad it’s coming back, last season’s ending tied up most of the storylines so I was worried it was through. Smart & funny… Mission Impossible meets Get Smart with clever story hooks, also great cast chemistry.

    WHITE COLLAR… gets better every season! Smart writing with a stellar cast. Love Willie Garson, but the dog is the best!

    COVERT AFFAIRS… this show continues to impress! Smart & explosive, but wouldn’t expect anything less from the makers of the Bourne movies. Casting nailed it on the nose w/ the actors they hired. Rumor is there could be a White Collar crossover in the works *fingers crossed*

    PERSON OF INTEREST… somehow this show reminds me of an alternate universe type of Batman drama (they’re in a hide out with a super computer trying to prevent crimes), but then again Christopher Nolan is the one pulling the strings on this show so I guess that sort of makes sense. I’m glad Michael Emerson landed a good role post-Lost, and this show really showcases his talents. Then Jim Caviezel is going around beating up bad guys left and right.. best line from the series is after Caviezel punches a bad guy as he’s holding his jaw looks up at Caviezel and says, “Jesus, you hit hard.” It will be interesting to see where this show goes in year 2.

    HAWAII FIVE-O… smart & witty plus beautiful location. Another great group of cast members, plus this season they brought in Terry O’Quinn, not to mention that Mark Dacascos plays such a great bad guy! Also like their various connections w/ NCIS: LA …Hanna (LL Cool J) & McGarrett were Navy Seals on the same unit at one time, and they ever-so-slightly hinted that Terry O’Quinn’s character could actually be Kensi’s long lost father.

    SURVIVOR… it’s become predictable over the years, but when you sit down to watch it you at least know what you’re going to be in for. Plus the end of the season live reunion show is always worth waiting for.

  11. …..whoa! For some reason it lopped off the first show on my list!

    PSYCH… can’t wait for the 7th season! Gotta love a show filled with both smart & dumb humor. Great cast chemistry, plenty of pineapples, and the fact that they keep a picture of Patrick Jane hanging on their office wall is too funny (because like Shawn said, “We were doing this first.”). Plus one word ..(wait for it).. ‘Shatner!’

  12. These are not in any priority order.
    Hawaii 50
    Harry’s Law
    Doctor Who
    Once Upon a Time
    Rizzoli and Isles
    Falling Skies
    When there is an episode of anything that might have one of our Stargate favx.
    Stuff on the Food Channel for both background and to make me hungry.
    And, sometimes we just have to get some CNN news.

  13. You watch a lot of reality TV! I’ve never really been able to get into most of that. I guess I do tune in to the occasional Next Food Network Star/Iron Chef/Next Design Star, but that’s about it.

    I don’t watch any of the shows you do. I keep meaning to watch the Spartacus but I just have so many other shows I haven’t gotten around to it. Same with GOT. Having read Book 1 back in the day, I refuse to watch until I get a chance to read through the books again. Which, that may be a chore for summer. Then again, taking class, working, and studying for comps is not conducive to reading multiple 600+ books. 😛

    Since the golden age of sci-fi is now past, I really mostly watch crime shows. Which upsets me on one level because I find them formulaic and I can always guess the bad guy long before the reveal. That being said, there are some awesome character-based crime shows out there. White Collar is probably my favorite, followed by Castle, NCIS: LA, Rizzoli&Isles, The Mentalist, NCIS, and Criminal Minds. Fringe is really the only good (true) sci-fi left that I watch. I also adore Suits. GCB became this year’s favorite show (after Terra Nova was canceled) – I’m sad to hear it’s on the cusp because it’s brilliant. And then for general fun shows, I like Supernatural, Once Upon A Time, The Secret Circle, and Hart of Dixie. All campy and cheesy, but cute.

    Yeah, I don’t watch a lot of TV at all, do I. Nooope.

    @dasndanger – If you like White Collar and plan on tuning into Common Law, check out Suits if you haven’t! It’s the same kind of character feel as the other two but with even better snark, sometimes.

  14. – Community
    – Eureka (although the second episode this season REALLY pissed me off!)
    – Person of Interest
    – Castle
    – Dancing With the Stars (MEGA-fan!!!! I even watch the Australian version.)
    – The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
    – The National
    – NOVA (although if it’s about natural disasters, as a lot of them have been this season, I tend to skip that episode)
    – Dr. Who (but I resent having to wait so long between seasons and then only having 13 episodes; I probably wouldn’t keep watching if my boyfriend weren’t on top of the air date for each new season. Once I’m not in the habit of watching, I’m not in the habit of watching. You gotta give me those episodes, or else I’m moving on to other shows that actually air them with some regularity. I’m talking to you, TV networks.)

    I’ve also gotten into a fairly new reality show recently: Bubble Wrap Kids, on TVTropolis. This woman, Lenore Kenazy, spends a week with a family where there are overly-strict rules imposed on the kids (e.g. a fifteen-year-old kid isn’t allowed to get into other people’s cars — so no carpooling — nor is he allowed to ride his bike home from soccer games at night, nor visit public washrooms without his dad going in with him; his 11-year-old sister can’t sleep over friends’ houses or ride her bike around the neighborhood by herself; these two kids have never been allowed to babysit their 6-year-old brother). The family is given a series of increasingly “difficult” challenges designed to cut the cord and let the kids have some freedom and be trusted for once in their lives. It’s fascinating to see how many parents out there are paranoid psychos (mostly it’s moms, but the dads are enabling the crazy), thinking their kids are going to be abducted or killed if they spend one second out of their parents’ sight.

    Although it’s a Canadian production, it’s all shot in the U.S., in the NY/NJ region, where the host lives, so the families are all American. I’d be curious to see if, on average, Canadian families would be as paranoid, given that the violent crime rate in Canada is so much lower. I’m guessing there’d be just-as-crazy Canadian families, since all these moms’ fears are totally divorced from the reality of crime statistics in their neighborhoods (almost all live in plush, very safe suburbs). They imagine the worst will happen to their kids, because “the worst” is all that ever makes the 6 o’clock news. And “If it bleeds, it leads” is no less a journalistic truism here in Canada than it is in the States.

    I used to be into House, but I gave up midway through this season. With Cuddy gone, it lost a lot of the reason I watched it. But really, the fatal blow was that House just went too far for me. Ultimately, I couldn’t tolerate his fuck-up-ery any more. He crossed a line into psycho-abusive behavior, and I didn’t see that it affected him adversely at all. He got his job back. He got his team back. He got his drugs back. He got Wilson back. What price did he pay at all? I’ve still got like 12 episodes from this season saved on the PVR, but I don’t see myself watching those before I have to move out of my apartment at the end of this month (thus losing the PVR and the shows I’ve saved on it).

  15. I gave up watching a lot of new shows around the time of the writers strike. I started watching DVDs and never went back to tv. I used to watch 3 hours of new shows most nights but now I don’t even do that in a week. I watch Castle, Big Bang and How I met Your Mother. Otherwise I watch my DVDs of Stargate or some other scifi show. I have a lot more time now that I don’t feel it necessary to watch so many shows each week.

  16. just a list of my year round shows in a “urge to watch” sorting order:

    breaking bad
    south park
    games of thrones
    boardwalk empire
    comic book men
    an idiot abroad
    person of interest
    the killing
    the firm
    covert affairs
    hawaii five-0
    mad men
    falling skies

  17. Good list. I’m particularly fond of Breaking Bad. It’s never took off here in the UK though.

    Other shows i like are Justified, Castle, Dr Who and The Daily Show

  18. I can’t stand reality TV. I’m sure it’s all planned and scripted from the start. I heartily recommend you read Chart Throb by Ben Elton.

    TV I do watch:

    Breaking Bad – This is the only TV show I’ve ever had to stop watching for a couple of weeks because it was freaking me out! You really care for the characters and feel uncomfortable when bad things happen to them. Season 4 was a little weak but I can’t wait for Season 5. I agree, things will not end well.

    Doctor Who – There seems to be quite a few fans on here. I’ve been watching the Doctor since I was a kid in the ’70s and have enjoyed the modern version immensely. I had high hopes for Steven Moffat as head writer and show runner as his previous episodes as just a writer are some of my favourites. Unfortunately I think he lost the plot (so to speak) when he had a whole season to manage. Hopefully the next season will improve.

    Eureka – I enjoy this show because I don’t have to think too much about it. It’s more or less the same each week. We’re introduced to a couple of mad scientists who have invented some really cool, but seemingly unrelated, things. One of the new inventions goes wrong and threatens the whole town and it’s up to the loveable but not too bright Sheriff to (finally) realise that the second invention can be used to stop the first. I get enjoyment for seeing what creative way things will go wrong. @Kathode: If you’re referring to what I think you’re referring in the second episode of the current season then I agree with you! Very disappointing!

    South Park – I’m a relative latecomer to South Park. I only started watching it 3 or 4 years ago and haven’t got around to watching all the old episodes yet. The thing that impresses me most about South Park is the fact that they write, voice and animate the whole episode in the 6 or 7 days before it goes to air! Talk about stress! But it means they can satirise current events which is what makes the show so enjoyable for me. I would recommend trying to track down “The Making Of South Park – 6 Days To Air” for a look at how an episode is put together.

    The Big Bang Theory – Again, I’ve only started watching in the last few months although I have tracked down and watch all previous episodes. Being a geek myself I certainly sympathise with the characters on the show. It constantly amazes me how a writer can cram so many jokes into 20 minutes of TV.

    Community – Just started watching this one. I’m enjoying it so far and I know a lot of people who rave about it.

    Touch – The new Tim Kring (Heroes) show starring Kiefer Sutherland. It’s an interesting premise but I’m not sure how they’re gonna keep it going long term. I assume there will be a connection between all the people we’ve met in all the previous episodes which will be revealed in the season finale in order to entice us back for the second season to see how it plays out. To be honest, by that time I’m not sure if I’m going to care. But I’ll stick with it until something better comes along.

    Mythbusters – I loved the earlier seasons but these days it’s getting more and more annoying, repetitive and the myths they’re busting getting more and more obscure and contrived. Almost ready to call it a day.

    Dirk Gently – If you like BBC’s Sherlock then you should give Dirk Gently a try. Loosely (and I mean VERY loosely) based on Douglas Adams’ novels (Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is my all time favourite book ever) it’s quite amusing and sometimes unpredictable. Only three episodes per season but what I lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality.

    Danger 5 – A guilty pleasure. Check out the trailer:

  19. Currently watching:
    Once upon a Time – because of Robert Carlyle, otherwise it’s pretty meh so far 🙁
    Game of Thrones

    Shows on hiatus:
    The Walking Dead
    Falling Skies
    Sanctuary??? – Don’t know whether it has ended or is it coming back for 5th season.

    Already ended shows I’ve finished watching:
    Angel – recommend highly!!! Demons and magic might be a turn-off in the beginning, but you get used to it and love those elements by the 2nd season. Joss Whedon does wonders with the characters!
    Outcasts – short-lived, but those 8 episodes had quality, style, surprising twists and interesting characters.
    BSG and Caprica – sad news about Blood & Chrome. There goes my hope for a great sci fi adventure… Nothing has been able to fill that void after SGU.
    Friends – always cheers me up.

    Plan to watch in the future:
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer (thanks to Angel)
    Arrested Development

  20. G’day Joe

    I just LOVE Hart of Dixie – first season is about to finish, so sad.

    Eureka is still awesome.

    My new show I am watching now is Missing, quite good.

    Only Australian show I watch is Packed to the Rafters.

  21. I’m down to only a handful of must-see shows these days:
    Once Upon a Time
    How I Met Your Mother – It’s lost quite a bit in quality over the past two seasons but next season is it’s last, and it’s just habit now.
    The Office – Again, mostly out of habit but I’m surprised that this season was pretty good.

    I’ll also watch Colorado Rockies baseball and various Food Network shows if I’m around, and usually a Seinfeld rerun before bed.

    I was able to (finally) take a break from real life and pick up issues 3 & 4 of Dark Matter. I was a very enjoyable run and I hope it gets a series pick up somewhere.

  22. I watch House and enjoy the medical mystery of it. We recorded a season of Game of Thrones on the free preview channel week. It’s hard core but I enjoyed all the sub-plots. My favorite character was “The Imp”. I try to catch Walking Dead on Netflix or on a free preview weekend. I keep busy so most of my shows are DVR’ed or on Netflix. Has anyone seen the new series on Netflix called Lillyhammer (I think that is the name). It’s about an old style mobster who relocates to Norway in the witness protection program. We’ve seen one episode and plan on watching the rest. I try to catch Dr Who but we lost the BBC channel on our satellite package. The writers of Dr. Who always amaze me with their plot twists. Of course we watch Eureka and I’m so going to miss that show! If I like a show, it’s a goner. The rest of the shows I watch are mostly fluff shows like: NCIS, White Collar, Covert Affairs, British Mystery shows & Castle. That does sound like a lot….I watch more TV than I thought.

    One bit of good news here:–abc-news-topstories.html They found the two remaining girls alive! Of course, they may have seen their mother and sister murdered. Not to mention, the kidnapper killed himself standing next to them. Poor girls, it’s going to be rough going for them.

  23. When I got a DVR, I started watching more tv because I can watch the shows anytime. Still, there are some that sit on the DVR for weeks before I get around to watching them, so I don’t count those as favorites! The shows I make a point of watching as they are broadcast (or within 24 hours) are Castle, Eureka, Leverage, Fringe, Once Upon a Time, Grimm, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, and The Good Wife. The characters and their relationships are what make these my favorites.

  24. TV shows I’m currently watching…

    – Deadliest Catch (Discovery Channel)…Love love this show! No more Cornelia Marie. Harris boys couldn’t make it work. Jake went on Northwestern and Josh went on Tim Bandit. I don’t like that punk Elliot on Ramblin Rose. He treats his crew like crap, and doesn’t know how to run a boat. This show is addicting for me.

    – NCIS (CBS)…This show is still going strong. I love all the quirkiness of each character, and how they all interact with each other. Can never get enough of it. Even the reruns on USA are still good.

    – House (FOX)…I too feel this show isn’t what it used to be. It has lost some of its class. I can’t stand that Asian girl. I still watch cause it’s almost done, and I’m curious how its gonna end.

    – Fairly Legal (USA)…I love this show! I love the character Kate Reed. She is quirky and funny. I love how she will do what it takes to help those in need.


  25. @Randomness … attend one baseball game in Japan and you’ll never doubt the Japanese ability to just go nuts as an audience. Like all their fun gets bottled up in everyday life, to be unleashed like a super-power when the time is right.

    The conveyor belt sushi places are very real, and I love the idea of sushi bingo. Set up for the game? Maybe, but maybe not. I’d play!

    I cried when I saw the Peace Dome in Hiroshima. I’ve been to Miyajima (lovely place), but Dad wouldn’t take us to the monument in Hiroshima. He was a sailor in WWII, and stationed in Japan during Korea. He hated war, and would only show us the lovely face of the land he loved so much.

  26. @ Maggiemayday – I love old show reruns and watched Leave it to Beaver Thursday (Lumpy gets a “scholarship”). Hope to watch it today too… 🙂

  27. Done with The Walking Dead? Blasphemy! It’s currently my favorite show on television. Granted, the way the mud walker snuck up on Dale seemed a little fabricated. But one snuck up on him in the comic too. At the prison. And chomped on his leg. And there are a few other examples in the comic. They’re pretty stealthy for smelly, dead things. (!)

    Currently watching:

    The Walking Dead – Again, my favorite show. I like that they deviate from the comic. It’s great as a fan, because you get two stories. Similar but different.

    Falling Skies – Well, “currently” is a bit of a falsehood. It’s been off-air for what seems like a few years. It returns this summer. I’m hoping it hasn’t been gone so long that people forget about it. Also stars Stargate alum Colin Cunningham. The writing is so-so. The special effects are passable. I’d like more action and alien killing and less family drama. I’m watching to see what the F the aliens end game will be.

    Bones – Funny, interesting and gory. Emily Deschanel is a babe.

    N.C.I.S. – Still has me hooked after all these years. Great writing.

    Supernatural – I should have been watching this show since day one. However, I kind of accidentally fell into it while on vacation in Key West two years ago. Caught up on Netflix, and have watched it religiously ever since. The writing is fantastic. The humor reminds me of Stargate in a lot of ways.

    Man Vs. Food – Adam is entertaining.

    Diners, Drive Ins and Dives – Guy is just cool. The wife and I voted for him on his run through The Next Food Network Star. It’s great watching him succeed. I love seeing the food and the recipes and trying to replicate them at home. Or hitting the place if it’s close by.

    Game of Thrones – DVR’d the second season. Have some catching up to do.

  28. We share exactly zero shows in common. 🙂 I love police procedurals/crime dramas, and most of what I watch has been listed by other posters here. My favorite on network TV is Person of Interest. A cool concept, interesting characters, and firmly in the land of gray. But for best writing/characters, the winner is Justified on f/x. So very well done. I’ll also give a shout-out to Sherlock (made in Britain, currently airing on PBS in the US). Very creative and well-acted.

  29. @ fsmn36 – Thanks for the tip! I saw it advertised, and the only reason I shied away from it is the lawyer angle. I have issues with lawyers and lawyer shows (so much so that they won’t allow me on a jury… 😆 … I mean, 😛 ). I just don’t get the concept of letting an obviously guilty person go free on a ‘technicality’. That’s not justice, that’s giving a killer a free pass. But it can go the other way, too, where a lazy lawyer doesn’t work hard enough to clear a person who really may be innocent. And don’t get me started on frivolous lawsuits! (I’m referring to the people who abuse and live off of the legal system, and the lawyers who enable them to do so). I know I probably just offended a bunch of people, and I do acknowledge that there are many good, honest lawyers out there, but the snakes have left too bad a taste in my mouth to fully trust any of them.


  30. how a shambling zombie can sweet up on someone. It’s supposed to be sneak right? I’ve wondered the same thing. Those zombies are so slow that I’m fairly positive I could outrun one. Now, if you had a whole village corner me in an alley…? Well the story would be different. Plus, when the people are gone, what do the zombies eat? If they eat each other then eventually, they will all be extinct. It’s just not logical. I do find it fun to watch though.

  31. I protest! Why can’t The Food Channel have more shows with young good looking guys like Chuck’s Day Off? I agree with Akemi, he’s so cute. Look at that picture of Top Chef. That’s what we get…middle aged, or overweight, male chefs and the girls have fashion model looks. Not fair! Hey Food Channel. Get some young good looking guys to host some of these cooking shows.

  32. I am sooooo interested in TV – it’s a great format for stories, but I get soooo many interruptions it’s hard to follow.

    I re-watch Dr. Who on Netflix. Rewatches are my ticket to not get so frustrated with interruptions.

    Other than whatever videos I pick out of blogs and, that’s about it for what I am watching.

    I have a huge Some Day list. Checking my Netflix queue…
    Spiderman and Friends
    Avengers cartoon
    Survivors (if that “struggling to live without government” blurb isn’t as awful as it sounds)
    Buffy (I might consume this in script form since Joss Whedon’s scripts are readable)
    Sherlock (this promises to be re-watchable if I can get the first watchings in)
    Breaking Bad

    I’ve found reading from a Kindle to be so much easier than a book. I can keep my place while the kids are climbing on me and find my place again after interruptions. And I don’t have to pause anything when the violence turns up. I’m binging on a Takeshi Kovacs novel before I make a meal out of the Hunger Games.

  33. Joe ! i would give a chance to The Walking dead for the next season ! 😛
    I couldn’t agree more about Game Of Thrones !

  34. How I met your mother
    Two and a half men
    The middle
    Modern family
    The big bang theory
    The office
    Shark Tank
    Franklin and Bash
    Falling skies
    Stargate reruns

  35. I think you underestimate yourself! That seems like a lot of TV to me. Here’s my list:

    Shows that I watch regularly:
    Downton Abby
    Sanctuary (if it ever comes back!)
    Dragons Den
    Property Brothers
    Love It or List It

    Shows that I watch if I have time:
    The Simpsons
    Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

  36. On reality TV:

    I’ve watched The Amazing Race from the very beginning, and have always enjoyed it, but I will agree the last few seasons are trying my patience a bit. There’s not really to much they can do about the bunching, I don’t think. Plus, that’s been there since the first season and I even understand why they would want it, since it makes things easier logistically, and better dramatically, to have every one at least in the same country (which doesn’t always happen). However, the non-eliminations often seem just a little too well timed. I’m not sure how much of that stuff that they can change on the fly, but the ones with Mark and Bopper seemed just too obvious. Another issue, and one that Survivor shares in spades is the obvious product placements. There was one episodes of TAR last season that was basically an hour long Ford commercial. I’ll keep watching though, since I do love travel, and you get to see some cool places.

    Survivor is another one I’ve been watching since (almost) the beginning. The weird thing about the last few seasons is that most of each show is actually quite boring and predictable. Even the musical cues give away who is about to win a competition. However, the tribal councils have been pretty great and where the real drama starts to appear. I’ll keep watching, out of habit as much as anything I suppose.

    Another guilty pleasure (and I use the word pleasure with some irony) is Big Brother, a show which I kind of hate, but by which I am perversely fascinated. I’m also an admin on a web site that does BB live feed recaps, so I’m semi-obliged to watch it to know what’s going on. Since that actual show has rather sucked from the beginning, it really didn’t have any downward place to go, but the live feeds are often where the real live drama happens. It’s amazing what they can do in editing to portray someone in a good or bad light, when you have the actual events to compare it to. I’ll keep watching it because, well, I kind of have to.

    As far as other TV goes – since SG’s end, I only watch a few scattered drama and comedy shows. I have been following The Walking Dead, but I’m not sure why. The second season seemed to be a waiting game for something, anything, to happen. Granted, zombies don’t exactly follow the rules of nature anyway, so I’m willing to suspend belief for the sake of the premise, but why are there so many inconsistencies in the rules? For example, the disease appears progressive, and eventually kill (and reanimates) the person after quite a few hours. Why then are there tons of cars on the highways where people have apparently died suddenly, and didn’t reanimate? Anyway, I’ll probably keep watching because… I’m not sure why.

    I’d love to watch more Sanctuary, if the fifth season ever gets picked up. The last I’ve heard, it’s too late to have a season start in the Fall, since they haven’t gotten word of renewal yet, and it’s too late now for a Fall air date.

    For comedy, I rather enjoy Community. It has the kind of off-the-wall humour of shows like Arrested Development and the earlier seasons of The Office (which I don’t watch anymore).

    Anyway, the current state of TV is rather sad anyway, in my opinion. Maybe I’m just still in mourning over SGU.

  37. After reading this, I’m starting to wonder at the hilarity of having an SG team composed of Teal’c, Liz Lemon, Dwight Schrute, Rodney McKay, House and Eric Cartman. The evil alien of the week could be Gus Fring.

    I read somewhere there will be changes on The Office. Spader, who I felt is terrific as sex-crazed Robert California, is leaving. Rainn Wilson could possibly be getting a spin-off and Mindy Kaling has a new show too.

  38. I am a closet The Bachelor and The Bachelorette fan. Shhhhhh. Please don’t tell anyone.

  39. In my May 4th issue of Entertainment Weekly on their page of Top Ten Things We Love This Week, number 4 was The L.A. Complex, ” A hapless but hot group of aspiring entertainers trying to hack it in Hollywood. We’re definitely giving this scrumptious Canadian soap opera a callback. (The CW, Tuesdays, 9pm)

  40. Justified-esp the Mags Bennett arc
    Covert Affairs
    For pure entertainment-Duck Dynasty, esp Uncle Si. What a genius!
    I am REALLY looking to Longmire. LOVED the books! Very reminiscient of early Robert Parker
    The Killing is really good
    The Glades

  41. Since you’ve watched “Game of Thrones”, what did you think of Jason Momoa in it?

  42. Late to the party, but watching very little. Very little on that I like, actually. Love Big Bang Theory, Eureka is still great fun, Army Wives (am I the only one here that watches it?), and that’s it lately! Started watching Weeds on Netflix, got bored quickly. Nitey nite, all! 🙂

  43. If you are a Shaw Cable and Movie Central subscriber, you can catch up on the latest season of Spartacus at You can also choose to watch them on your cable box after you select them on the website. The bad news is that it looks like you can only watch them in HD if you have one of the new Shaw Gateway cable boxes. Still worth it though, since it’s such great show.

    Anyway, just thought I would share since that’s how I got myself caught up.

  44. Let’s see…

    Game of Thrones
    The Walking Dead
    White Collar
    Covert Affairs
    The Glades
    Warehouse 13
    Big Bang Theory
    Falling Skies
    Franklin & Bash
    Doctor Who
    CSI Miami
    The Vampire Diaries
    Hawaii Five-0
    Person of Interest
    Grey’s Anatomy
    Criminal Minds
    Rizzoli and Isles
    Body of Proof
    Breakout Kings
    Kitchen Nightmares
    Masterchef US
    Rookie Blue
    The Listener
    The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
    Burn Notice
    Lost Girl
    Switched at Birth
    The Closer
    New Girl
    Last Man Standing
    Melissa And Joey

    Also watched but cancelled this year:
    Charlie’s Angels
    Terra Nova
    The Secret Circle
    The Finder

    And have Hart of Dixie, Revenge, and Once upon a time full seasons on my dvr that I may watch at some point…

  45. Wow, I didn’t realize I’d be gone this long once again. Went to a seminar on Saturday & my life fell apart not understanding how my complete ignorance of elder care law (the next chapter in the Life with Patrick) could have completely messed him up for the rest of his life. I’m taking steps to fix that and have massive homework assignments before the next workshop in June. Anyway, I watch so many shows, it would embarrasing to list them all. You guys will surely understand why I never sleep, have so much to do yet still have time to watch all these things. Sometimes that is all I CAN do because being on the computer wakes Patrick up, like now, I really should not be in here.

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