The plan was to get the first act of the mini-series written today and that’s what I’m going to do – even if it means I’m staying up all night to do it.  I’ve been working all day and have roughly fifteen pages under my belt.  Roughly two more to go and then I’m done.  Until tomorrow when I’ll have to do another 15, and the day after that.  Yep, at this right, I can breeze through a first draft in a mere twelve days straight.

Of course, along the way, I’ll probably become very familiar with the entire contents of my liquor cabinet.

Since you took the time to drop by, how about a mailbag?


Samantha Padilla writes: “Since you’ve watched “Game of Thrones”, what did you think of Jason Momoa in it?”

Answer: I thought he was terrific as Khal Drogo.  Of course, I’m not surprised.  He was terrific as Ronon Dex.

gforce writes: “Another issue, and one that Survivor shares in spades is the obvious product placements.”

Answer: Yeah, it is getting a bit much.  My favorite bit of product placement came in the final episode of one season of The Amazing Race.  After the winning team is informed they’ve won, Phil says something along the lines of: “Wouldn’t it be great to have your family celebrating with you?”.  The winning team is ecstatic, no doubt believing the show has flown their family down to be with them – only to have Phil whip out and hand them a Sprint phone.  Give ’em a call.

gforce also writes: “However, the tribal councils have been pretty great and where the real drama starts to appear.”

Answer: True, nothing beats a good blindside – especially when the person blindsided believes someone else is about to get blindsided.  Then cries.

JimFromJersey writes: “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives – Guy is just cool. The wife and I voted for him on his run through The Next Food Network Star.”

Answer: Love him or hate him, he’s a natural in front of the camera and every TNFNS contestant (including winners) since has paled (often painfully) in comparison.

David Kirby writes: “I was able to (finally) take a break from real life and pick up issues 3 & 4 of Dark Matter. I was a very enjoyable run and I hope it gets a series pick up somewhere.”

Answer: Thanks, David.  We’re still in talks and, once we’ve finished up work on the mini-series, I expect Paul and I will be heading to L.A. to start pitching it wide.

Line Noise writes: “Danger 5 – A guilty pleasure. Check out the trailer:

Answer: I already love this show!  I’ve got to track it down as soon as I have the time.

brent writes: “Sons of Anarchy. If you haven’t been watching, you’ve been missing out.”

Answer: Watched the first season last month.

Randomness writes: “How can any of the Japanese audience members be so hyped for such a weird game? I mean, sure watching Americans falling over, over and over again may be amusing to them but come on?”

Answer: They’re hyped for such a weird game because the audience is as fake as the supposed Japanese game show.

Maggiemayday writes: “How do you feel about baked vs, fried donuts? Are they not donuts at all?”

Answer: I’d still consider them donuts, just not very good donuts.

19 thoughts on “May 11, 2012: 15 down, 165 to go!

  1. I took the time to stop by and you didn’t reply to any of my comments. 🙁 (BTW – Avengers was GREAT!)

    Yer still a poopie head for ignoring me, though. 😀


  2. The Donut challenge:
    Perhaps it is the “fried” vs the baked for donuts. Loved Krispy Cremes but now there is now longer a nearby shop with the “HOT” sign.

    The ones in the grocery store…are ok…but, not the same.

    For your first act. The fact that you did not say – smoooooooth sailing, is a kinda sorta clue that, you are making progress. I hope. And, a drinkey poo can’t hurt!

  3. In completely unrelated news, I just read that Remi Aubuchon has taken the reigns as showrunner for Falling Skies! A long time ago… I must have forgotten. I can hardly wait to see what will happen this season.

  4. “True, nothing beats a good blindside – especially when the person blindsided believes someone else is about to get blindsided. Then cries.”

    Call me cruel, but Kat’s departure made me laugh and laugh. And laugh.

    Hopefully your last two pages went well. Good luck on the rest – it sounds like you’re planning a real marathon! Do you find it easier to write for a particular project as you go along, once you into the flow of it?

  5. Oh dear, the first two posted comments contain the words poo and poopie. Gee, the bar is set too high for me to comment coherently … oh pooh.

  6. Someone told me something long ago about Krispy Kreme donuts a long time ago that was so outrageous that hubby and I still laugh about it. Have you ever heard that hot KK donuts have less calories than cold ones? Yep, someone actually told me that. It’s a great excuse, anyway. 😉

    I wish you much success on the writing end!

    Have a great weekend!!

  7. Is your mini-series about Dark Matter?


    Wow, Danger 5 looks awesome. Is it for real? Can something really be that awesome? Maybe we just saw all the awesome parts.

    “You hit a woman!”/”I hit a Nazi!” hahahaha Dehumanizing Nazis never gets old.


    Why are you approving comments when you have work to do?

  8. Joe don’t work too hard. Get up and stretch and walk around every hour or so. You don’t want to get hemorrhoids. (I’m surprised Das didn’t point that out.) Let us know if we can help.

  9. If you continue to watch Sons of Anarchy, season 3 is a bit slow in the beginning. It ramps up for a great season finale though. Season 4 I felt was one of the best seasons if not the best. Non-stop plot twists and revelations throughout. The way it was playing out I swore it was going to be their last season.

  10. Twelve days straight? I’d be more worried about blood clots. You want to keep your blood from pooling. Good luck on all the writing!

    Do they have baked donuts? “We don’t have none of that foolishness around these parts. “ Dunkin Donuts has a new dark chocolate star donut…..pretty darn good!

    Jason Momoa was good on Game of Thrones but they could have given him some juicy lines. Still, he was totally believable as a barbarian.

    Happy Mother’s Day Y’all! (Is it Mother’s day in Canada?)

  11. Hopefully you will answer this for the next Mailbag. if hypothetically speaking MGM and rob cooper came to you to write a script for a big summer blockbuster release of a stargate universe movie how would you write that story

  12. @Lisa R – but of course the fresh and hot donuts have NO calories, right? LOL.
    They sure seemed to taste a whole lot better. yum…..
    Oh, well. My new addiction is macarons.

    1. @sylvia: This was years ago, but you should have seen the look on my hubby’s face when I told him. It was told to me when I was on an exercise bike at the YMCA. Of course, I like the hot ones better too. 🙂

  13. By the way Joe, not sure if you remember but the host of that gameshow in the Japan leg of the Amazing Race, also was the host of the Wasabi Bomb game a few seasons back.

    Kinda funny though when there was some confusion as to what TV studio they needed to go too, half the teams ended up at the newer station by the same name when they had to go to the older one, assuming because it wasn’t in use?

    The sumo picture part was probably the highlight of that leg, I loved the Sound effects they used after every pic, the way it said Sumo in a Japanese kinda voice.

    Shame the leg wasn’t more cultural though, some scenic legs at temples would of been kinda cool, the Japanese monks do a ton of stuff at shrines anyway, pity they couldn’t pay off a shrine to do a detour/roadblock task there.

    Anyway with Once Upon a Time being renewed, Rob Carlyle looks like he has a job for a while there, seeing as his character is basically an important figure in the story and is unlikely to ever be killed off.

  14. Confused my words abit there, meant to say Temple instead of shrine.

    Mostly as they could of done tasks at a shrine too..

    1. @archersangel: I didn’t see any discussion about it, but my favorite kind is lemon filled. Umm, yum!

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