April 18, 2012: Happy 2000th!  And Happy Birthday Akemi!
The Writing Process I. Many ask: "How do you do it? How do you manage to find something to write about every day?". Well, it takes a lot of thought and equal parts determination.
April 18, 2012: Happy 2000th!  And Happy Birthday Akemi!
The Writing Process II. Frustration is simply another step in getting it done. Failure is not an option. You just have to push through.
April 18, 2012: Happy 2000th!  And Happy Birthday Akemi!
The Writing Process III. And, when all else fails, steal from the best.

This entry marks my 200th consecutive blog post.  Yes, what began as a simple travel journal over four years ago has flourished into this unduly verbose everything-you-wanted-to-know-about-me-and-then-some collection of thoughts, essays, rants, and pictures of my dogs. And, over the course of those 4+ years, this blog has become a  typical part of my daily routine, as customary as eating, showering, and getting annoyed with someone over some perceived slight.

April 18, 2012: Happy 2000th!  And Happy Birthday Akemi!
Some of the productions I've occasionally mentioned on this blog include this one.
April 18, 2012: Happy 2000th!  And Happy Birthday Akemi!
This one.
April 18, 2012: Happy 2000th!  And Happy Birthday Akemi!
And this one.

So what’s the deal?  How do I do it?  What drives me to write a (debatably) semi-interesting post ever twenty-four hours or so?  Well, there’s the fact that I make my living as a writer and this blog affords me the opportunity to hone my craft.  And there’s the loyal readership I’ve built that has come to depend on my incoherent movie reviews, suspect food photography, and rants on the sheer impossibility of eating a mango.  And there’s this blog’s ability to  update friends and family on what I’ve been up to of late, obviating the need for me to pick up the phone and tell them myself – or be drawn into idle conversation.  And, most important of all, it just helps to be somewhat obsessive-compulsive.

April 18, 2012: Happy 2000th!  And Happy Birthday Akemi!
Akemi says: "Uh, aren't you forgetting something?" Oh. Right! Happy Birthday!

Coincidentally, this blog shares a birthday with Akemi.  Tonight, we celebrate both in fine style with dinner, chocolate, and the latest episode of Survivor.  Romantic, no?  How are the rest of you celebrating?

So, looking back over these 2000th posts, is there one that stands out?  This one – May 12, 2011: Stargate: Universe, Beyond Season 2! What Might Have Been!?  This one – September 30, 2008: An AU Season 6!?  This one – June 12, 2011: Bubba update! Ivon Bartok hits Banff! Woofstock! Pugs eating ice cream! Mailbag!?  Or this one – December 26, 2006?  Do tell.

Thanks to the gang at WordPress for offering up such a great venue, to all of you out there who have taken the time to read these endless entries, and, of course, my dogs who continue to be good sports about having their potentially embarrassing pictures posted here on this blog. Today’s 2000th blog entry is dedicated to blog regulars cherluvya and dasndanger, both of who have been going through a rough time of late.

80 thoughts on “April 18, 2012: Happy 2000th! And Happy Birthday Akemi!

  1. Congratulations, Joe! And Happy Birthday, Akemi! Here’s to another 2000 blogs and many, many more happy birthdays!



  2. happy 2000th birthday, Akemi!

    oops, i mean happy 2000th blog entry, joe, and happy younger birthday Akemi. :p

  3. A dedication? Totally unsolicited, without any grovelling or chocolate chip cookie bribes? That’s so sweet of you! {{{hugs}}} I do appreciate it!


    And such a milestone today! I wish both you and Akemi the best! I have enjoyed this blog more than anything on the net, and I thank you for sharing your life, your career, and your family in such an entertaining, and oft times touching, way. You’ve made us laugh, you’ve made us cry, and – I admit it – you’ve made us cranky at times. Especially those early days when we didn’t quite see eye to eye on all things Wraith. 😉 But hey, I’m over all of that. Mostly. 😀 You’ve also introduced us to many talented people in the world of tv, film, and literature, and made it possible for us to get to know them a little better in Q&A sessions. What a treat! And, on a more personal note, you got me back into books (yay, Elric!). 🙂 Even more than that, you’ve kindly allowed us to use your blog to vent, to share, to care about each other, without insisting we ‘stay on topic’. You’ve made us feel so welcome, that even though most of us came for Stargate, we ended up staying for Joe.


    ~ Deirdre

  4. Is it time for an oil change? I’d go summer weight.

    Congratulations, and good luck with the next adventures and challenges in your professional world. And thanks, except for cookie monster reviews, it’s been fun.

  5. I’m celebrating by watching the last part of Survivor and reading your 2000th blog post, semi-simultaneously. (The men are idiots, as are half the women.)

    It’s hard to pick a favourite post. (Although I totally read one entry above initially as “Ivon Bartok hits Barfstock”. There certainly have some memorable ones. I really enjoyed the season by season reflections on SG1. The trips to Tokyo have been fascinating. And of course we shared your grief with the loss of dear Max. All I know for sure is that I hope you keep it up for another 2000. I think it’s become as much a part of my day as it has yours! Except, you know, without all the work.

  6. Congrats on hitting 2000th blog posting. I have been reading your blog fairly regularly for the past 4 years and have really enjoyed it.

  7. So many thoughts, so little space and time….and I have to teach tomorrow, so will have to condense to this incredibly and utterly heartfelt:

    Congratulations * Happy Birthday * and Thank you!

    (I wish I could let you into my brain to let you truly know how absolutely LOVED your blog is [even when I haven’t been able to spend as much time here as I want to lately]…you’d be really – and hopefully pleasantly 🙂 – surprised.)

    Thank you, Joe!

  8. G’day Joe

    Happy Birthday Akemi

    Happy 2000th Blogaversary to Joe and well this blog.

    Even though I do not post often I always read.
    AHHHHHHHHHH the memories, especially SG-1.

    Have a good night Joe and Akemi.

  9. A heartfelt:

    Congratulations! Thank you! and Happy Birthday!

    I wish I had the words and the time to tell you how LOVED your blog is.

    As always – Thank you, Joe…for bringing smiles to our faces and sharing your world with us.

  10. @ cherluvya – I have to admit to missing your comment yesterday. I could blame it on a busy day, on distractions, on whatever…but really it just boils down to me not paying attention. I’m paying attention now, and I want to give you a big {{{hug}}} and encourage you not to give up. Back when I was in deep depression I lost some things, too. Lost interests, lost abilities, lost memories. I turned a bit more cynical, a bit darker, a bit more callous and emotionally distant. But I also gained some things, too. When I was younger I tended to be a bit judgmental, expecting everyone to be perfect. After hitting my own emotional bottom, however, I became a much more compassionate person, able to empathize with people going through a rough time. Emotionally I still tend to distance myself (stiff upper lip stuff), but I’m far more understanding of what others are dealing with now, and do my best to support them instead of tearing them down even more.

    That’s just my experience, but I’m sure you can find something similar in your own life. Perhaps your new gifts are things you aren’t quite aware of yet. It may be something as simple (even though it may be hard) as getting up in the morning and inspiring someone else to do the same. I have an elderly friend who’s lost his legs and is now in a wheelchair, and everytime I see him he tells me a joke and we laugh, and I forget that he doesn’t have legs because to me his smile makes him whole. So I encourage you to keep smiling, to keep doing whatever you can do and remember, no matter how small you think it is, to others – and especially to those who love you – it’s as big as the sun.


    ~ Deirdre

  11. Joe, I wanted to post this yesterday but I got sidetracked (mostly trying to catch up with work after being off most of last week). Anyway, It’s just a bit over 6 mintues, but when you said you lost your filling, I thought of this (you have to watch until at least 5:40ish for the full effect 🙂 ).



  12. Happy Blogday, Joe! Happy Birthday, Akemi!

    As for how I’m celebrating, went out for dinner since it’s my sister’s birthday today.

    Favorite post? Can’t really say, although the kidnapping that occurred on your previous blog was a riot.

  13. Akemi chan, お誕生日おめでとうございます!!! \(^__^)/ I’m sure you never expected to be living in Canada with a writer/producer/showrunnery type of guy like Joe, but I know he’s glad you did. And the doggies are no doubt glad, too. As are we. <3

    As to the blog, can't say I have a favorite blog post, but I find the recaps of the infamous chocolate parties just utterly indulgent and jaw dropping, so I guess any of those do it for me!

  14. Happy Birthday again to Akemi – we wait to hear of the wonderful day you had and all your presents and fantastic meal.

    Joe – Das said it quite eloquently as have many of the others. Your blog is the sunshine, ray of hope, laughter, humor, and LOVE that you share with us.

    Looking forward to many more blogs.

  15. Happy Birthday,Akemi!
    I have enjoyed reading your blog for years. I have learned so much from you that I would never had access to otherwise. about food, Japan, tv production, writing process, and met many nice people that I have so enjoyed reading about. (I’m talking about you, Carl) I think the blog that is most memorable was when you went shopping with fondy to the warehouse club. I laughed so hard I had to run to the bathroom before I made a mess in my chair! If I wasn’t before then, I was sure hooked to see what you would write next! I have enjoyed the Q&A with your co-workers, and I am most impressed by the good relationships you have with so many people. It shows what a wonderful man you are, not just a good writer. Thanks for the good times. I hope that you have enjoyed my humor and sarcastic posts. I just wanted to give you a laugh for the hundreds you have given me. thanks.

  16. @StellaByStargate
    I’m 2000days old today. :p
    Joe! I’m looking forward 2001 blog post :pてへ♡

  17. ┊┊┊🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟┊┊┊
    ┊┊┃🍀 Ⓗⓐⓟⓟⓨ 🍀┃┊┊
    ┊┃🎉Ⓑⓘⓡⓣⓗⓓⓐⓨ🎉 ┊

  18. Happy Birthday, Akemi! And Happy 2000th Blog, Mr. M!

    Favorite post? The AU Season 6. And, I’m looking forward to your report on what MGM has to say about the script for Stargate: Extinction – I’m stubborn enough to still be hoping for some kind of closure, some kind of ending. I was ‘way too invested in the SGA characters, and leaving them forever on a balcony in San Francisco Bay is just, well, wrong.

  19. Happy birthday to Akemi.

    @Mr M, so are you going for the 3000th blog entry mark? If the blog is still around. Your would be amuse that a couple of months before would see the the Dawn space probe orbiting the asteroid Ceres and a couple of months after that the New Horizon space probe will start imaging Pluto. So I am hoping you would be commenting on the upcoming celestial encounters with some help from the cookie monster.

  20. Congrats on 2000! I’ve read every one of them, I think. It’s one of the few things in life I can count on right now to make me laugh. Oh, except for the idiot celebrity who wants to become the mayor of my city. I think it’s on her “To Do” list somewhere between buying another gaudy diamond bracelet and letting the dog out for a crap.

    Over the years you have made me fall off my chair laughing, cry at the loss of family members, cheer for sports teams I’ve never heard of, deepen my passion for SGA and Stargate in general, and try foods that I wouldn’t have normally touched with a ten foot pole. Just to name a few.

    I hope you know that what you do here really matters to a lot of people.

    And Happy Birthday Akemi! You are such a fun person, and it’s a joy to see and read about all that you do!

    @cherluvya I have always been amazed how strong you are and your endless powerful ability for positive thinking. I follow you on Twitter, and I want you to know how important your inspirational quotes and thoughts have been to me. They are wonderful rays of light that truly shine the way to a happier life. My thoughts are always with you.

  21. Joe, are you into Game of Thrones? I know you watched season 1, but didnt comment on it.

  22. Happy Real Birthday Akemi! I enjoy reading about you as much as Joe! Sorry Joe.

    I’ve been annoying you for 3 years now Joe. Over that time I’ve been introduced to so many new things I can’t thank you enough. When I came here I had a passing interest but was fascinated by Science and hadn’t read a book in 8 years. Now, I listen to astronomy, physics and astrophysics lectures every night, take the time to read at the end of every day and now have the fortune of some great online friends who are a great support and have the delight in a new face to face friend, @Riley. To those around me 3 years ago, my fascination with Sci Fi, fantasy, what makes up the universe was seen as odd, but now I know there’s so many others out there that are like minded I proudly say, “Yes, I’m a nerd! But I’m no longer in denial”.

    Congratulations on the 2000th blog, and thank you.

  23. Wasn’t 2000 meant to be the last one? Or am I forgetting Joe’s earlier announcement? I hope it’s not the last one…

    Either way – Happy 2000th blog entry Joe. I came here originally to read the odd SG-1 and Atlantis spoiler, and have been here ever since. A long time. Back then I was a guy with a writing degree working a job that has no creativity involved. Flash forward to now and I’m getting steady writing gigs… and still have a job that has no creativity involved. Ah well, baby steps! 😀

    And Happy Birthday Akemi as well! 😛


  24. Akemi, 誕生日おめでとう!
    And Joe, congrats for the past 2000 days of blogging, keep it up!

  25. Congrats on 2000th post. Let’s see if you can get up to a 10,000th post. 🙂

    Did Akemi enjoy her birthday dinner? And your gifts?

  26. Congrats on your 2000th blog Joe – amazing dedication! Very much appreciated by us all 🙂

    I hope Akemi has a very happy birthday, and that you’ll show us pics of the awesome celebration that I’m sure you have in store for her 😉



  27. Wow! Thank YOU for writing the blog!!!! Happy Birthday Akemi! Is this the actual birthday or another day of Akemi Birthday Week? She does brighten up the blog!

    LisaR: My son is taking an online French 2 course at Keystone. http://keystoneschoolonline.com/
    His classmate is taking Japanese. They both seem to really like it. My son goes to a Christian High School but the principal lets them take online courses if the school doesn’t offer that particular class. Or, in my son’s case, French 2 was at the same time as AP algebra. I have to give you a big high-five on homeschooling. I COULD NOT homeschool. You must have the patience of a saint!

    cherluvya: Big Hugs again! You really put my petty problems into perspective yesterday. I’ll remember you every time I get an annoyance over nothing. I didn’t know you were on twitter. I’ll look you up!

  28. Congratulations on the 2000th entry, Joe and Happy Birthday, Akemi!
    I always read your blog Joe but rarely, if ever, comment as it’s not really my thing; I usually let Sylvia do that but this is a milestone and I had to add my 2 cents’ worth!

  29. Bonjour Joseph,
    de Québec, félicitations pour votre persévérance. Bravo 2000ième. Je vous souhaite tout le succès mérité et je nous souhaite une série de science-fiction de votre cru pour combler un vide immense dans la programmation TV de ces dernières années.

  30. I’m a little late to the blog today, but I read it just like I do everyday. In fact, reading your blog has become as much a part of my day as eating, sleeping, and breathing! You introduced me to SF/F books and the world of graphic novels, and I’ll always be grateful for that. Thanks for sticking with the blog!

    Happy (belated) Birthday, Akemi!

  31. December 26, 2006 “Mouse Poopy”. Unfortunately for my 3 kids, i will be putting this one in the “to do” file.

    I’ve shown up late to the party and been reading for about a year, but it’s been great. Happy 2000!!!!

  32. Happy Birthday, Akemi!
    Happy 2000th blog, Joe!

    Looking forward to the next 2000 posts. Your blog is de rigueur reading while eating breakfast. It makes a nice start to my day 🙂

    Hope you and Akemi have a wonderful celebration today. I am going to celebrate by eating some chocolate. I’m going to sneak a couple of Lindor Easter eggs from my son’s stash 😉

  33. Happy Birthday Akemi!!!

    Congratulations Joe! Thanks for offering up (mostly) interesting musings that have become as much a part of my morning routine for the last 4 years as my coffee. (That’s a horrible sentence, but you get the idea!)

    My favorite entries were Stargate related, now my favorites pertain to food, the dogs, and your future endeavors. Like Das said, I came for the Stargate and stayed for the Joe.

  34. Congratulations, Joe! I’ve tried blogging on a daily basis, but never managed to keep that up for more than about a month.

    Happy birthday, Akemi!

  35. Congratulations on your 2000th post, Joe. That’s an incredible achievement. I don’t comment anything like as often as I should but I always enjoy your posts, reviews, comments, and links, and would miss them greatly if they stopped.

    Happy Birthday to Akemi. I hope you both have a lovely day together.

  36. Bon Anniversaire! 😀 (Which is also a birthday greeting.)

    Happy official Blog-a-versary Joe, and Happy Birthday, Akemi!
    (Birthday celebrations should last at least a week, since everyone has different schedules.) 🙂

    Akemi, what did Joe-san get you for your birthday?

    Joe, for your blog “deux-mille-stone,” found a recipe for home-gourmet chile sauce, called Sriracha. It had your name all over it, so to speak. 🙂

    The Sriracha recipe is at the bottom of the page:


  37. Akemi, Happy Birthday! Your dress is so cute. Yellow is your color! I’m looking forward to hearing about your special celebration.

    Congrats, Joe, on your 2000th blog. I, too have enjoyed your stories and behind the scenes information. I’ve read more and varied books, looked at food differently, and learned more about how a TV show is created from start to finish. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and much more in between. Just by sharing a few words every day you have expanded my horizons and I thank you for that. Here’s hoping you continue to share those words, whether it’s every day, as all your fans want, or whenever you have the opportunity.

    Best Wishes!

  38. Happy Birthday Akemi!! Hope Joe pulled out “all the stops” and went “whole hog” for your day!

    You share a day with David Hewlett and David Tennant (Dr. Who 10).

    Happy 2000th Joe! Are you going to start counting backwards now? 😉

    As Das said, although many of us came for Stargate, we’ve stayed for the chocolate, the foods we would like to eat, the foods only you will eat, the puppies and your various other adventures. Thank you for letting us vicariously enjoy your life through the blog. 🙂

    All the best Joe.

  39. Congratulations Joe and happy birthday, Akemi. I rarely comment, but did want to let you know on such an auspicous day (hoping that this means you will go for a record 3,000) how much I enjoy and look forward to your blog each day. One of my favorite thing is the wide range of things you talk about — from the dogs, sci fi, trips to Japan, life with Akemi to wonderful food with pictures that make me either jealous I am not eating it too — or glad it’s you not me. And I also wanted to thank those who do take the time to comment frequently. I read not only your blog, but those comments too and have enjoyed getting to know dasndanger and others. And Cherluvya, if good thoughts and wishes help, you have mine too.

  40. Happy B-day, Akemi!!

    Happy 2000th, Joe!! (u have aged well over the past 2,000)

    To quote the Hitchhiker dolphins “Thanks for all the memories”

    Came for the Stargate… stayed around because of the humorous musings about life… and always enjoy every minute of it (esp. the dogs!!) -Thank u for all 2000-

  41. Joe…I believe there are days that something said can bring out many things I usually hide away. Yesterday was one of those moments. 🌺Thank You🌺 for the sweet dedication.

    Through my very blessed life I have achieved every dream I have ever dreamed of. I have a wonderful family which is and always will be my greatest blessing.

    🌹Thank You🌹for those that left me notes of understanding and encouragement. You are very sweet.

  42. @ das

    From what u said the other day, I get the feeling that Mr. Das really is a space-faring katana wielding albino w/ long ginger locks that has mad sword skills! 🙂

  43. Joe,
    Congrats! and Happy Birthday Akemi.

    Now a couple of things… a few months ago someone asked about a SGU soundtrack and you said you were going to see Joel and would ask. Did he ever answer the question. The music was beautiful and mind you I have a dubbed version of the music (Heavily filtered mind you) I’d love an actualy CD. And more SG-1 and SGA.

    As someone posted above SGA season 6 ideas and where SGU would have headed and how it would have eneded.

    Also have you read any of the SG related fanfiction. Some of it is BAD… but some of it is really good. What are your thoughts on fans continuing the stories you created with the characters we all love.

    I so miss my SG fixes!

  44. Joe,

    Huge congratulations! Quite a milestone! I doff my hat to your dedication! I look forward to the next four years! Yes, I would like you to continue – reading your blog IS a part of my daily routine.

    Akemi, I hope you had a fantastic birthday! Did Joe give you the bumps? Also agree with (Patty O), the pretty yellow dress you’re wearing is definitely your colour!

    Best Wishes to you both!


  45. What a great line das, “…though most of us came for Stargate, we ended up staying for Joe”. Agreed!

    I enjoy ALL your posts Joe as they are a welcome respite, in the morning, during work, at home, whenever I can grab a “look see”. You are always sharing interesting, informative, and inventive and most times, humorous snippets of your life and times. Thank you so much for it all and I really do hope you continue this blog.

    Congratulations on hitting a consecutive and impressive 2000 posts, but after all, it is only a number. The content that you and your commenter’s provide is more precious, touching, hilarious and important, don’t you think?

    I too came for the Stargate insider info, but was hooked immediately by a charming man I have never met in person, yet feel I “grok” a bit, just from your blog. Good job Joe.

    Happy belated birthday Akemi! Many blessings to you and Joe, your furry kids and all commenter’s herein. Huzzah!

    Basil and Stash kittehs

  46. It’s so easy to end it all. Stop being awesome xD

    Well I’m a lazy ass and not regular at all, but when the occasion arises I’m right here to say. Congratulations and nice job!!


  47. Congratulations on the 2000th post, Joe!

    Hope you had a terrific birthday yesterday, Akemi. 🙂

  48. Happy Birthday Akemi. Joe, many congrats on the big 2000!

    I’ve been with you from the start, although I just lurk. Thanks for all the fun, and here’s to the next 2000.


    So, JOE… 2K, huh? You’re an inspiration! I’m up to 644 Straight myself! Still don’t know when you FIND the Time!! — It’s a temporal dilation thingy, right?

    Whatever.. HAPPY BLOOGING, BABE!

  50. Congratulations and THANK-YOU Joseph Mallozzi for posting such interesting words and pictures. I look forward each evening to the latest installment.

    Happy Birthday Akemi 🙂 I hope it was grand!

    Loved the pictures, esp the Atlantis team lounging on the Gate. Too cool.


  51. Look at birthday girl Akemi rockin’ that lacy yellow dress and knee high boots!
    I hope you had a delightful and delicious Italian dinner.

    Happy 2000th blog post, Joe. The mind boggles.

    I celebrated both occasions by working an 11 hour day. taking my kids to Steak n Shake for dinner and then……… reading the 4th issue of DARK MATTER!

  52. Happy 2000th Joe!!!

    Many thanks for wonderful blog. Also – happy birthday Akemi! You share your birthday with my hubby. I hope you’ve had a great day.

    I look forward to reading many more blogs from you Joe!

  53. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AKEMI!!!!! And much love to all the pugs.

    The addition of links to the looking back posts was informative. I didn’t start reading this blog until way after the Season Six AU one. Writing for Atlantis (novels hopefully) is tough considering that I really don’t what to just rehash anything covered in SG-1 or SGU or anything previous in SGA let alone any other Sci-fi staple like STAR TREK. These story ideas are pretty cool. Do you mind if I give some of them a try? Would any of the other writers who contributed to the list mind?

  54. Congratulations on your 2000th blog!!! Since I started coming here at the beginning of 2010, I have very much appreciated your rantings, your Stargate insider knowledge, your insights into the writing process, and all of the friends I have made here. I will continue to read as long as you continue to write.

    @Akemi: Thanks for your comments about the Japanese. He will be starting with it in the fall.

    @Tam Dixon: Thank you for your nice comments about homeschooling. We’re in our sixth year, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. My boys are 12 and 15 now, and I know homeschooling has really benefited them especially over this last year and a half when we were going through so much heartbreak.

    Hope everyone has a great night!!!

  55. As so many others have said – Thank you for allowing us into your world which is so different. For indulging us in a shared love of all things Stargate, for introducing me to authors I haven’t tried and for showing me food I definitely would never try. I have loved the pictures and the stories of your furry friends and shared your sorrow at losing Max. I enjoy the regular posters whils only commenting occasionally myself.
    Good luck with your projects.
    Akemi – have a wonderful birthday.
    Mr M keep blogging and again thank you it is a fine read every day.

  56. Don’t forget the birthday pictures,,come on, I know you have some to show us, and thanks in advance for sharing, and also for all the 2000 times you have shared something/anything, I have learned much grasshopper. Akemi, have a wonderful birthday!!

  57. Joe thanks for 2000 posts on your blog. I have read every one of them. Which was my favorite? Hard to say. Maybe a Q&A. I love those. All the dog pictures and videos. I especially like it when we go along on your Tokyo trips, and trips home to see mom. Something special about going home… Thanks for letting us meet all the people in your life. You are very interesting. Without your blog, my life would be much more boring. Thank you.

  58. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait just a dog gone minute! There are some other things I’d like to thank you for mister. Thanks to your blog, my butt is bigger from constantly sitting in front of my computer reading your blog and all the comments. Thanks to your blog, my skin is paler from staying inside on my computer reading your blog and all the comments. Thanks to your blog, I have a 5 pound bag of Hershey Chocolate Kisses in the refrigerator because of all your dessert pictures driving me crazy! Hence, thanks to your blog, I have 2 pimples right now. Thanks to your blog, my dog tears up the house because I’m on my computer and ignoring her. (she’s pulling covers off the couch right now!) Thanks to your blog, my TV is more than 15 years old. That’s old! I can’t even plug any recording device into it because it is so old, because I am always reading your blog and don’t have time for TV anyway. Thanks to your blog, I got to see lots of behind the scenes pictures of Jason Momoa. Okay. Worth it!!!! That makes it all better! I love you. Don’t stop.

  59. Is 2000th the last one or the last time you’ll commit to daily updates?

    I think I’ll celebrate by giving up my account in an MMO game. Being a persistent (game goes on when you’re not there) game, you have to keep playing or lose ground. I’ve actually accomplished my goal of making useful contacts for another purpose.

    Oh, I know, if I’m saving the time by not playing a game (for now) and not reading your blog daily, maybe I should do something useful with my time, like avert future heart disease by working out more. All I have to do is write the commitment in this comment and I’ll feel obligated…so…okay, fine, I’ll…I’ll do it.

  60. @Joe:

    Congratulations on your 2,000th blog post! And Happy Birthday Week to Akemi!

    On my favorite blog post; it’s actually a series of posts. I really enjoyed your “SG-1 trip down memory lane” posts…still hoping you’ll repeat the experience with a trip down memory lane for SGA and SGU.

    By the way, I was celebrating by cutting cement board for my bathroom remodel…festive, no?

  61. Happy Birthday Akemi!!!
    Congratulations, Joe on 2000!!!!

    This blog has been part of my daily routine, every morning with my tea (even if I have a million things to do) I read your blog! I find that if you start the morning with something light hearted it makes the rest of the day better. Thank you so much for posting everyday and I look forward to continuing my daily routine with a little dose of Joe Mallozzi humor!

  62. “This entry marks my 200th consecutive blog post.”

    Time to have words with your proofreader. Shouldn’t that be ‘2000th’? 😉

  63. (Belated) happy birthday to Akemi! お誕生日おめでとうございます !

    And happy 2000th post to Joe – Hope for many more to come. 🙂

    – KB

    P.S. Fingers crossed that (1) wordpress can manage kanji and (2) the translation site I found was remotely reliable and I didn’t just write some unforgivable insult.

  64. @das

    Thank you for wishing me♡

  65. @paloosa
    @Narelle from Aus
    Thank you♡
    I had really good dinner.

  66. @Louise
    @for the love of Beckett

    Thank you♡
    This dress is a present from Joe 😉

  67. @Patty O

    Thank you so much ♡

  68. @Sparrow_hawk
    @Samantha Padilla
    Thank you♡

    @Lisa R
    My pleasure ♡

  69. 2000 consecutive posts! That’s quite the achievement. Sorry I’m late to the party. I’ve been furiously trying to finish a paper while trying to fit in some cramming for my LAST TWO FINALS EVER!!!! Both of which were today. You wouldn’t believe the amount of “geothermal systems” material I was able to swallow over the past few days and regurgitate on my exam. Hell, even I can’t believe it. I was so scared I was going to crash and burn before I walked in that exam room, and when I left it, I was stunned at how well it had gone. I only got 4 hours of sleep last night studying, and I’m still up, because even though the exam ended at 10:00 p.m., the high I’ve been on since I got out has kept me going (and reading all the blog posts I missed!).

    The other exam was Spanish, but I didn’t have to cram much for that one. They don’t tell you this, but once you get to a certain level of language learning, there’s nothing new to learn (except more vocabulary words). They just keep reteaching the same stuff over and over. I’ve learned when to use subjunctive mood three years in a row now. What I really need more practice with is listening and speaking, but UBC’s Spanish curriculum doesn’t do a great job of that, unfortunately. But it has definitely taught me to read and write well in Spanish, I have to give it that.

    Gotta finish the geotherm paper this weekend, and then there are no more obstacles between me and getting my thesis written. After the miracle that was my geotherm cramming success today, I have way more confidence in my ability to hammer out my thesis and successfully defend it. As long as my less-than-supportive supervisor doesn’t talk to me anytime soon, this new-and-improved self-confidence should carry me pretty far! [crossing fingers]

    Congrats again on the milestone! =-)

  70. Happy 2000th! Hopefully you’re feeling re-energized to keep this thing alive and well. it’s become a regular part of my daily routine too.

    Happy Brithday Akemi!

  71. Joe, where did you buy that dress for Akemi? Would love to get one for my wife.

  72. Happy Belated Birthday Akemi!!

    Joe, congrats on 2000 straight days of blog posts 🙂 Love reading your updates 🙂 But really, if you feel like you need a break, take one, just let us know before hand or we might get concerned about your well being and send out our soon to be downsized Urban Search and Rescue.

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