April 17, 2012: Al-most There!  Things That Have Been Getting On My Nerves Lately…
Soooooo annoyed.

This will apparently mark my 1999th consecutive blog entry.  And, should everything go as planned, I’ll upload my 2000th entry tomorrow.  The milestone will happen to coincide with another notable occasion: Akemi’s birthday.  Akemi will celebrate by attending her English classes all afternoon.  I’ll (hopefully) be finishing my final (for now) pass on my horror script and then switching gears to continue brainstorming that mini-series Paul and I are poised to write (provided we can close our deal).  Looks like it’s going to be a busy May-June, but I’d still like to get away for a weekend – maybe Vegas, maybe San Fran.  Of course, we have to sort out Akemi’s visa situation before we can travel.  I expect we’ll hear word within the next couple of months after which it’ll be smoooooth sailing (or flying – direct to Vegas).

To those asking, I’ve yet to hear back from the Seattle Pug Rescue.  As some of you may know, I filled out an application a couple of weeks ago and am looking at adopting these two needy old-timers:

April 17, 2012: Al-most There!  Things That Have Been Getting On My Nerves Lately…
Buddy and Junior

They haven’t gotten back to me yet.  I’ll give it another week, then follow up.

Not sure why (Or, rather, I’m not sure which of the reasons why.  It’s probably all of them combined.) but I’ve been unusually cranky recently.  So I’d like to take a moment to list some of the things that have been annoying me of late:

My tooth.  I think I may have lost a filling.

FIFA.  After years of resisting change, those fossils at FIFA have finally agreed to test and introduce a “new technology that uses missile-grade precision sensors or a magnetic field to assist the officials”.  I’ve always wondered why professional sports couldn’t make use of tech, similar to that used by retailers, to ensure more games didn’t hinge on “some guy getting it right”.  Whether it’s a ball or puck crossing a line or thief leaving store premises with a stolen item, there’s a way to know that doesn’t rely on a judgment call – or the need to go upstairs for a time-consuming review.  FIFA, welcome to the 21st century: FIFA: Goal-line technology tests this month

The Monsanto Company.  Oh, where to begin?  Start here: “The world’s 10 most unethical companies | The Search Office Space Blog”  Then here: The World according to Monsanto  Then here: “Monsanto Sues Milk Producer For Advertising It Sells Hormone-Free Milk”  And here: “The wasteland: how years of secret chemical dumping left a toxic legacy”  And here: “Monsanto fined $1.5m for bribery”

Any Canadian-produced series on the Food Network with the exception of Eat Street, Chuck’s Day Off, and Dinner Party Wars.

Any book in the “recommended” section at your local bookstore.  I’m sorry, Heather.  You have terrible taste in novels.

The Boston Bruins

The Detroit Red Wings

People you’ve supported in the past who don’t return the favor.

Annual physicals.

Restaurants that put alfalfa sprouts on their burgers (Yes, Oakwood Bistro, I’m talking about you).

Understaffed restaurants whose wait staff present you with the bill before asking you whether you’d like to order dessert (Yes, Bel Cafe, I’m talking about you).

Home repairs.

The big dog across the street that barks every time my dogs step out the front door.  The other day, she came charging across the street to confront my dogs sitting behind our front gate.  His owner apologized. “She’s never done that before.”  And probably won’t again if he has enough sense to put her on a leash.


Overly-enthusiastic salespeople who “LOVE YOU IN THIS” and “LOVE YOU IN THAT”!  I remember going suit shopping with Paul back in our college days.  “This suit would look great on you!”one saleswoman assured Paul.  “I’m not wearing a pink suit,”he informed her.  “It’s not pink,”she corrected him, borderline offended.  “It’s salmon!”  Oh.  Okay then.

Superhero movies of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

*I reserve the right to expand on this list in the coming days.

57 thoughts on “April 17, 2012: Al-most there! Things that have been getting on my nerves lately…

  1. YAY…now we know the date for Akemi’s birthday – 4-18. Except if we look at the Blog date, it appears we stepped back in time to 4/1.

    Sure hope things go smoorthly so that you guys can take a short travel break.
    Of course we hope to be traveling “with you” and enjoying your trip.

    Sure hope you do visit a dentist so you are not bothered by the tooth thing.

    By the way, the sport of Curling has implemented 21st century technology.
    Also, in the Chicagoland area, at any rate, a sub sandwish shop named Jimmy Johns used to to add alfalfa to their turkey sandwich…and have discontinued that….thank goodness..hate that stuff.

  2. Nothing like having half-a-dozen pots going at once, with none of them ready to actually boil, to keep one on edge and, yes, downright cranky. You’ll feel much better as soon as your next project solidifies – and somebody saying that is probably more annoying than anything else, isn’t it? Hang in there!

  3. I really don’t think salmon is a good color on anybody. Or at least not many people. Especially men. In one of the Highlander movies, they had Methos wearing this horrible salmon shirt. I sat there watching it, thinking, “It’s great to see Methos, but why is he spending the whole movie in a salmon shirt?” Really underminded the character’s mystique and general badassery.

  4. Monsanto is not my fav company either, after testing a defolient (read agent orange) on us unspecting WAC trainees at Ft McClellen, Al….and to this day the Army and Monstersanto claim theydid nothing wrong. Luckily both kids only have 1head, a piece, but Ive had my 1st cancer in ’78.

    Check with Seattle Pug Rescie, because I dont think they received your inquiry

  5. O Joey, I do LOVE it when you’re cranky! It’s like you’re Todd…and Elric…and Wolverine…all wrapped up into one big Toddricverine!!!

    Of course, I’m probably only loving Toddricverine because I’m not living with him (although Mr. Das does have his moments 🙄 ), so give sweet Akemi my best and reassure her that like all good monsters, Toddricverine will eventually return to the ‘sea’. 😉

    In the meantime, have some chocolate – it works wonders for PMS (Petulant Mallozzi Syndrome).

    Have a good night, sir, and may the sun shines a bit brighter on you tomorrow!


  6. You know what I find annoying? When I edit my sentences, and forget to change all the words to fit the new structure. Grrrr. Pass me the chocolate!



    I’m saying this “NOW”, as it is already the 18th in Japan!

    Meanwhile… there was a – [the *actual* footage was almost as good as the SGA-version! 😀 ] – CME earlier, that might be Your prob Joe. Solar Flares, they’ll do it every time. — And, get the tooth looked at!

  8. Happy birthday to Akemi!

    Husband & I are mulling Vegas, among other travel options. Would be nice (but not in a stalkery way) to run into y’all there.

  9. @Ganymede
    Thank you! Yes. It’s 18th in Japan 😉

    Thank you so much ;)💗

  10. Sports thing – I hear you especially for things like where the heck is the ball in NFL/CFL football, but then again that might take away some of its “character”.

    Monsanto – I wholeheartedly agree!! UGH!

    I suppose this might get me forever banned, but I’m a Boston Bruins fan for life!

    But I also agree with you over home repairs and with waiting! As for the rest, I don’t have much of an opinion about. Except for Salmon, I’ll never wear it but wild salmon tastes great!

  11. Happy Birthday Akemi!

    How do you feel about the Canucks this year, Joe? Or do you follow hockey?

  12. Are you feeling more easy to irritate at the moment? You’re not in sync with my Husband. He goes all PMT at the time of full moon. I’m considering measuring whether there’s a hair growth spurt at the same time.

    Can I add liars who think you’re an idiot and won’t notice to the list? Before I call anyone out on telling an untruth I always have hard proof. I’m blonde, I question my brain’s power of recollection often. And the fact you stated in your email just three conversations down you’d said you’d take care of it, has me wondering exactly how stupid you think I am? **grumbles about work**

  13. Long time reader, sometime commenter. The Canadian “Dinner Party Wars”? Really… that is up there with that dude who gives you $20, when all you want is a F****** ice cream cone. Other than that, you make solid points.

  14. Happy Birthday Akemi!!

    Hey Joe, love the blog!
    Can you recommend some software for writing scripts? You have written a lot of scripts and would love to know what you use on your laptop, regardless for PC or Mac. I’m trying to find really simplistic software that works well, but there are quite a few options and just want to ask a pro before I decide what to buy:))

    Thanks in advance

  15. Michael Shanks is posting semi-naked pics of himself on Twitter…might not cheer you up, but sure as hell has us – 🙂

    It sounds like he’s loving working on Saving Hope, hating the Playoffs season (darn Canucks losing) and embracing Twitter with a vengeance..his replies have become legendary!..check it out…


  16. Happy birthday, Akemi.

    Yeah, if I had my own blog I’d list my pet peeves, too. I’m sure Monsanto would make the list, too, but they couldn’t be what they are today if it weren’t for voters voting in bad people. Voters are my real pet peeve.

  17. Congrats on almost getting to 2000 entries. And I liked your irritated list. Can I add one?? People who ask, ‘How do homeschoolers socialize?’ I’m so tempted to answer and have on occasion said, “Socialize? I thought public school teachers were always telling their classes to be quiet. Isn’t that the opposite of socialization? Silly me. I guess I need to go back to the dictionary.” 🙂

    Happy Birthday Akemi! Hope both of you have a great day!!!!

  18. Good Morning Joe,
    Why, oh why, are you annoyed with the Red Wings? Other than the fact that they lost last night and aren’t winning their series? We could still win. Really, we can. Can’t we?? It’s our 21st straight year in the playoffs. Can’t win ’em all. Plus we broke the record for home game wins in a row this season. 23 of them!! Die hard Red Wings fan here, so say what you will, I’ll still be cheering for them! 🙂

    And look at those Tigers who are doing so well!!!

    Best of luck with all your different pots brewing. Hope they mean success in the near future so there’s only smooth sailing ahead.

    Happy Birthday, Akemi! Happy wishes for many more!

    Hockey Fan Forever!

  19. Happy Birthday, Akemi!! Hope it’s filled with nothing but cake and good wishes.

    Joe, perhaps with a certain age comes an allowable degree of curmudgeoness. I’ve just realized one of my favourite expressions at work lately is “… And ANOTHER thing!!” as I go over a litany of complaints. I’m also finding I use “…and back in MY day…” far too often.

  20. Sometimes it’s just good to get things off your chest.

    Things irritating me:

    Olympics being held in my city, but couldn’t get tickets, couldn’t volunteer and even tried for jobs over the last few years. On top of normal tax I’ve paid a premium for this (Olympic tax) as I live in London and will continue to do so for the forseable future. I can even see the stadium from near where I live but it’s just a jolly for the elite so my friends, relative and in fact everyone I know hasn’t been able to get tickets. Grrrrrr.

    Watery serum they add to meat to make it weigh more and make you feel like you’re getting more for your money. Tried a thai stir fry the other week, doesn’t taste good when the meat just stews in the pan and you’re deperately using loads of kitchen towels to mop all the water up.


    I’m currently waiting for Yodel to come and collect a parcel Amazon sent to me in the wrong size (twas a bargain too, and they don’t have it in the right size). It’s now nearly 4pm and I’m still waiting.

    Being untidy – I wish I was tidy but I’m not 🙁

    My HP printer. Always playing up and to clean the cartridges I had to install nearly 1gb of bloatware which slowed my computer down. Uninstalling the software took 30mins and 2 reboots. Getting another make and taking a sledgehammer to this piece of junk.

    Rant over.

    Oh and it’s just started raining, again.

  21. Happy Birthday, Akemi! (Just in case this translates wrong.)


    I saw these Heart-Shaped Macarons with Nutella Buttercream Filling and thought of you. (Recipe is at the bottom of the page.) Hope you have a terrific day!


  22. Happy 2,000th Blog-a-versary, Joe!
    Hope some of those irritations iron themselves out so you can enjoy celebrating Akemi’s birthday, your blog milestone, and especially a trip to Vegas soon. (Was just thinking about the paperwork yesterday.)

  23. Congratulations on the 2000th entry! I agree with most of your list. I can’t believe the adoption place hasn’t contacted you yet!!!! Maybe they are understaffed? It’s probably a volunteer organization but you would think they would love to move the dogs into homes. I’d call them. Maybe one of the dogs ate your paperwork? 😉

    How is the birthday “Week” going for Akemi? Did you take her to a nice restaurant? A weekend trip sounds very good! You can try out some new places.

    Das: As always, a very fun read!

    I may add a few things to your list:

    1. People who yell at their dog to “Sit”, over and over again. The dog just looks at them. 🙄
    2. When I am in the pool swimming laps, the person in the next lane wants to chat. I have earplugs in and can’t hear you.
    3. Grocery store shoppers on a cell phone. They don’t seem to notice other people. If they drive a “shopping cart” without regard to others, think what they do while driving a car while on a cell phone!

  24. Hey Joe,

    It is actually refreshing that you know what bugs you. Some people go around acting as if they hate the entire world. I love reading your blog because you enjoy so many things…and share that with us.

    There are groups of people that bond as friends over something they hate in common. It is difficult for me to understand that.

    The one thing that bugs me is having cancer. It lead to total organ failure and basically there is no totally coming back. I live in a small city to be close to my doctors. I have no friends here…but I do have some family. I guess I feel too young for my life to have been whittled down to what it is.

    As difficult as my life is…I still have my children and their little ones. They are sweet to call and also to visit.

    I’m lost in my own existence. My mind will never be the same. What was lost is gone forever…which really changes you as a person. My children speak of so many things that i have no memory of. The government sent me in to be tested and now I am considered disabled.

    I thought I could still do new books. But I have not been able to gain control of my hand to paint. I get the story and pictures in my head and then they are gone. I use to create an entire book in my head before I began. I don’t know how to let go.

    What bugs me is having to let go of everything that was “Me”. I can’t even read anything that isn’t short.

    My life is something I need to adjust too. I am just very thankful for all the little bright spots that keep me grounded. 🌷Thank you🌷 for being you…and being part of the light in my life.

    Best to you Joe,

  25. Knowing nothing about Pugs, will they all get along nicely if you bring two strangers into the fold? I know they look quite passive, but are looks decieving?

    As for FIFA, those guys really are fossils. I’m not ageist, but in FIFA’s case, they really are all pensioners who are completely out of touch. None of the leading commitee members played proffessional football (soccer) either. So perhaps they’re not so much out of touch, but never in touch in the first place. Don’t even get me started on FIFA dictator Sepp Blatter…

  26. Hmmmmm it sounds like you have had the same week I had! We watched a video on the potato and the development of the genetically enhanced potato, followed by a verbal beating of Monsanto in my Cultural Ecology class. And heatedly debated the use of tech and instant replay in baseball (and sports in general) in my Problems in Cultural Anthropology class.

    I havent had too many negative restaurant experiences lately, but I don’t go out much anymore since I have been in Ohio for school…because it is after all, Ohio.

  27. Thank you cherluvya for putting my little annoyances into perspective. Sending big “Hugs” to you.

  28. Hello Joe, had you thought about doing a series about the ancients? I have been watching the stargates series recently and thought about how good it would be.

  29. Okay…so having a bad day…few bad days are we? Yeah, I know, that probably annoys you too!

    Well for starters I agree with you about dog owners who let their ‘puppies’ off the leash. Yes…they may be well behaved, but my little dog is getting on a bit and often feels like you do today!

    I hate under staffing as well. Not only do you have to wait, but it’s a needless inconvenience. How many unemployed are there? I’m sure the problem would be resolved by giving someone a job.

    Hope you feel better soon Joe… although it is kind of funny when you have a rant!

  30. Dear Jo,

    Sorry that things have been annoying you lately. I think all of the things enumerated are enough annoy anyone, but suspect you have probably also been overdoing things and/or not eating enough chocolate. (Also, you clearly need more pugs in your life, so I hope the rescue people get back to you soon.) However, can I simply add to your many annoyances by picking your brains? (On the grounds that as you are annoyed anyway I will not be killing an existing buzz. How considerate is that?)

    I recently saw the Japanese anime X-Men series animated by Madhouse studio in a very ‘cinematic’ style, which I thought was just beautiful and I have been bowled over by it. (In case you haven’t seen it yet, as I think it’s quite new, everyone is very beautiful to look at, the backgrounds are very striking and dramatic, with lots of shadows, and the ‘camera’ moves as if shooting live-action, if that makes sense? It’s not at all ‘cartoony’, as it were.) As I know absolutely zip about anime (as you will be able to tell by my naff description of the above series) and I know you are something of an expert, would you be able to recommend some other anime series that have that ‘look’? (I like the American X-Men series from the 90s, too, but more for the characters and stories than the visual impact.) Plot-wise, obviously, I like ‘team of pretty people battling against bad guys whilst making witty quips’ as in the Stargate-verse, if that’s possible.

    And congratulations on your 1999th blog entry! (Again, I think you should reward yourself with chocolate.) And many happy returns to Akemi for tomorrow. I hope she has a lovely day.

  31. @Lou Zucaro
    @Lisa R
    @Patty O

    Thank you 😉 Today’s blog going to be 2000th!

    1. @Akemi: How easy would it be for a 15 year old to learn Japanese? My older son is interested in Japanese being his foreign language for high school, and since we homeschool, I would need to get a computer program to help him. Thank you for your time.

  32. @for the love of Beckett
    Thank you so much! Your translate is parfect ♡

    Thank you♡
    We are going to Itarian tonight 😉

  33. @Tam Dixon
    I’m sure Joe has big surprise for me this weekend. hahaha 😉

    @Rich S
    Thank you♡

  34. Off to Armageddon in Wellington, NZ this weekend to see Paul McGillion and Teryl Rothery!

  35. Happy Birthday Akemi!

    Joe, I wanted to let you know that I have all four issues of Dark Matter thanks to Samurai Comics here in Phoenix. I’ll also be in the Vancouver area April 25-30 co-hosting several GateWorld events. I definitely want to visit that chocolate shoppe you mentioned in an earlier blog.

  36. Joe loved your rant. You should do it more often. We can take it. Are you going to have a 2000th party like you did for your 1000th?

    Happy Birthday Miss Akemi!

  37. A cranky Joe is also a snarky Joe. I like it!

    That said, I am SO with you on the whole bringing the check before asking about dessert (or never checking back on drinks, or not asking if you want a starter course). It’s like, who cares if I’m going to get it or not? Keep your (potentially) judgey thoughts to yourself and please just do your job. Because if I was going to get a dessert? I’m not now and you just lost your restaurant money.

    Happy birthday to Akemi!!

    And finally, I hope you get the dogs!

  38. Happy Birthday, Akemi! Mine is Monday. We both had the good taste to be born in April. 😉

    Joe, professional tennis has used the Hawk-Eye system to track the balls for some time now. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawk-Eye Eliminates the guesswork.

    The elder gentlemen pugs look like they want to move in with you. Hope the rescue replies to your query. Weird that they haven’t yet.

    You Gotta Eat Here is a rip-off of Triple D. Plain and Simple. How about some originality?

    Good luck with all of your projects!

  39. @Lisa R
    It’s challenging but young people learn quickly.
    My Korean friend has studied Japanese for a year and she speaks beautiful Japanese. 😉
    Hope your son enjoys studying! 😉 ♡

  40. @annie kk
    Thank you so much♡

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