Today, I completed my pass on the horror script, incorporating notes from Paul, Rob, Ivon, and Tara before sending it on its way.  It is now in the hands of my agent(s) who will take the weekend to read it and then get back to me early next week with their thoughts, notes, and/or tearful recriminations.

Now, I switch gears to do a polish on a couple of past pilots (and, hopefully, finish another one) so that our agent can be well-prepared to show off our work to interested parties.  Yesterday, we chatted about various opportunities, among them the possibility of working on a new series south of border (no, not Mexico).  For my part, I’m fairly content as I am in low gear work-from-home mode, but I sense my writing partner is getting a little antsy.  I told everyone that, at the end of the day, it all comes down to the show.  I’d be foolish to give it a pass on a great opportunity.  On the other hand, I’d be even more foolish to get involved in some half-ass, seat-of-your-pants production in which Paul and I would be expected to work miracles.

Whatever we decide, looks like we’ll be heading to L.A. sooner than later to take some meetings and pitch some projects, our comic book series Dark Matter among them.  Following some great initial discussions with one potential partner for a proposed Dark Matter series/mini-series, talks have bogged down so I’m keen to test the waters by taking the project out to some other prospective players.

As for the comic book series, the fourth and final issue of the opening arc hits the shelves next week.  Here’s a sneak peek at the first page (subsequent pages will be previewed in forthcoming blog entries):

April 5, 2012: Projects!  Dark Matter #4 Preview!  Fat Dragon Ii: The Return!

Abandoned by one of their own, the remaining crew members are trapped planet-side as enemies orbit their position. Outnumbered and outgunned, their only hope rests with a suicidal last stand-and help from a most unlikely source…

Available: April 11, 2012

April 5, 2012: Projects!  Dark Matter #4 Preview!  Fat Dragon Ii: The Return!

Today, Akemi and I were back at the new Fat Dragon Asian BBQ restaurant to sample – oh, almost everything we didn’t try on our first visit…

April 5, 2012: Projects!  Dark Matter #4 Preview!  Fat Dragon Ii: The Return!
Smoked Lamb Heart Larb with mint, bird's eye chili, and toasted rice.
April 5, 2012: Projects!  Dark Matter #4 Preview!  Fat Dragon Ii: The Return!
Green Papaya and Cabbage Salad with lime, green chilies, and crispy shallots.
April 5, 2012: Projects!  Dark Matter #4 Preview!  Fat Dragon Ii: The Return!
Jalan Alor Chicken Wings with malaysian marinade and iceberg lettuce.
April 5, 2012: Projects!  Dark Matter #4 Preview!  Fat Dragon Ii: The Return!
Smoked Pig's Snout Fried Rice with seasonal vegetables, crispy garlic, and scallions.
April 5, 2012: Projects!  Dark Matter #4 Preview!  Fat Dragon Ii: The Return!
Marinated and Smoked Crispy Tofu Bao Bun with bean sprout kimchi and light soy.
April 5, 2012: Projects!  Dark Matter #4 Preview!  Fat Dragon Ii: The Return!
Smoked Sizzling Cauliflower with cashew gravy and vadouvan.
April 5, 2012: Projects!  Dark Matter #4 Preview!  Fat Dragon Ii: The Return!
Fat Dragon Milk and Dark Chocolate Bars

As it turns out, there are still about a half dozen items we have yet to check out on the regular menu.

Round three perhaps?

18 thoughts on “April 5, 2012: Projects! Dark Matter #4 preview! Fat Dragon II: The Return!

  1. Yumm. Please discover if duck might be on menus at some time.
    Good luck with all the projects. And, cant wait for issue 4.

  2. When you come down to L.A., remember that I still owe you corn tamales. 😀

  3. Good luck with your projects! The food? It reminds me of an Indiana Jones movie 😉 . I’m glad Akemi is such a daring dinner companion. She is perfect for you!

    @Maggiemayday: My third cat is “bipolar”. The vet recommended either medication or a lobotomy. We went with the medication (Amitriptyline). When she goes ballistic on the boys, her meds really help. Ask your vet about it, it’s pretty cheap and the new cat pillars work great.

  4. Hope the projects go well!! And that food! Whoa! I think I like the looks of the chicken wings the best. We had a small Easter cake for dessert tonight. And you would ask, why are we celebrating it early? Well, today, is the three-year anniversary of my mother-in-law’s death. She meant alot to all of us, and with all the other things we have going on, I told him that we should really celebrate her life tonignt. So, we did. We also remembered the baby I lost six months ago yesterday.

    Okay, time to quit being maudlin. 🙂 Have a great night!!!!

  5. Ohhh…I like the thought of the egg yolk on the top of the Smoked Pig’s Snout Fried Rice dish. And the Smoked Sizzling Cauliflower looks interesting too.

    Our own little Chicagoland foodie tour is coming together (Tapas Night next week!) Lou if you read this I have a spot reserved for you as well if you’re still interested…see:

    Waiting anxiously for Dark Matter #4…sorry to hear the first round of talks fell through. Hoping the next round produces more positive results; I’d really like to see a space based science fiction show on the air.

  6. Wishing you the best of luck with all these projects in the works. I will have to say though that sometimes reading your blog makes a girl want to barf, or at the very least loose my appetite, which is a good thing since I need to not gain any weight this next week so my gala dress for Patrick’s school fundraiser looks as good as it does with a little help of some Spanx. April 14th is the big day. We’ve got some really cool things for the live auction (which unless you are actually going to the gala you can’t bid on). However, if anyone is interested in buying a $20 raffle ticket for a $3500 retail diamond tennis bracelet, the link is on that page, too. No need to be present to win that (and if you don’t need a diamond tennis bracelet, no one is going to stop you from selling it on EBay for cash. The person who was hired for donor services in the fall, and was in charge of putting the gala together (I’m just a committee chair) walked in AND QUIT on Tuesday, 10 days before the big event. I’m sorry, but that was just very irresponsible. If you want to leave, at least give 10 days notice and follow through with the event. The school has to raise $400,000 a year just to meet basic operating expenses (it is a not-for-profit school) and after the meeting I attended Tuesday night, things are not so great financially. So, if anybody is interested, you can go here:

    (And Joe if the above is not okay, just edit that out–it is for a great cause, but also a bit selfish because I cannot imagine what will happen to Patrick if the school has to shut its doors).

    Also, I got some sweet news. I donated money to the Shell Houston Open’s charity event for another local autism charity and for every $20 I donated, I got a chance to guess the # of birdies that would be made. I guessed 1750 and that is how many were made. I haven’t gotten my “official” notice, but everyone who did guess 1750 will have the opportunity to win a the grand prize– a 2012 Toyota Camry. I’m crossing my fingers. The odds are pretty good for that. That would be a nice way to turn this sucky year around.

    Now that reminds me, I need to go order this last issue of Dark Matter!

  7. I heard Robert Davi on the radio tonight. Seems he has a new CD coming out Davi Sings Sinatra. Wow, does he have a beautiful voice. did he ever sing on set? Maybe a duet with bob Picardo?

  8. I’m getting wise to ya Joe. No one can eat that much food all the time. So I studied the above pictures and come to the conclusion that the objects appear bigger on your blog than they actually are. (Camera tricks by a professional.) The chicken wings that look like a whole chicken is actually just a couple a little wings. The cauliflower looks like a huge plate of it, but actually it’s probably just a couple cauliflowers sliced up. The cabbage salad is just an average serving not a mountain. It’s either that or Akemi is one of those thin people who can eat mass quantities and not gain weight. That’s it, isn’t it?

  9. Good luck on the project front. Working in L.A. wouldn’t be that bad. I moved to Vancouver from there, and I still miss it quite a lot. Just think of it this way: WAY more restaurants to try out!

  10. That food looks excellent! That might be a stop when I’m in Vancouver in a couple of weeks. Made it to Australia fine today. Very little jet lag, or at least it hasn’t set in yet.

    A bit of a disappointment about the Dark Matter talks. Hopefully you’ll fine a way clear around that.

  11. Sorry about not commenting so much recently. I started a new job last week and while it’s a schedule change, it’s also a career change. Once I get into a set pattern, I’ll have a time notched out each day to read and possibly post. If I miss a day, I always go back and read ’em all.

    I just wanted to mention that I, myself, will be in LA in a couple weeks and have already planned to hit a restaurant I saw on the Food Network that you may want to consider as well. It’s called Slater’s 50/50 and their claim to fame is their signature burger the 50/50. It’s called that because the patty is made from 50% choice ground beef and 50% ground bacon!! It’s quite a production, there. They have a menu page that you fill out just for ordering your 50/50 that looked like it had about 50 items on it! I can’t wait!!!

    -Mike A.

  12. Maggiemayday: I found the link for the pill gun:
    It has saved my fingers many times! Bless you for taking in the girls!

    LisaR: Sending hugs!

    I suppose I’ll have to take my brother’s kindle back home with me. His kindle froze up, so unless I can get it rebooted, I have to send it back. Has anyone else had this much trouble with a kindle?

    Have you seen the news about a new Mac virus? I wonder if this could affect my ipad?

    I’m packing up for a “Mom Trip”. No internet, no cell phone signal for two days. All of you are safe, until I make a trip into their ONE local coffee shop. They only have one place in town with Wi-Fi.

  13. Cabbage salad looks good! Yum.

    Cabbage is cause for contention in our household. My hands often hurt to much for me to cut a head up, so I leave it to my husband. I want sliced cabbage, nice long strands. Hubby chops it up into tiny squares. Discord! Malcontent! This is war!

  14. @ Maggiemayday – I also like my cabbage sliced in long strands. I think it looks prettier. But the for sole purpose of stuffing it in my mouth as fast as possible, I usually go for the tiny squares. You kids fight it out amongst yourselves.

  15. Wow back to the Fat Dragon again so soon? Well at least there is still some novelty left in it as there are still more menu items to try! But at least this way we can vicariously live through you and experience the whole menu, without even setting foot in the place 🙂

    Have you ever thought of becoming a food critic? You do seem to have a knack for trying everything and anything and letting us know what’s good and what’s not. 🙂

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