March 28, 2012: Shooting The Horror Trailer!

Former Stargate Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok is helming the trailer that will accompany my horror script when it eventually goes out.  He’s been at it for weeks now – shooting, sourcing, editing.  The trailer, as envisioned, breaks down into five section (and subsequent sub-sections) and we’ve got two of four done.  Of course, depending on how things come along, we may not use every planned sequence so it’s important to see how things cut together.  As Ivon has gone along, assembling the footage, I’ve offered him notes and we’ve bounced ideas back and forth.  I think it’s looking great but the most challenging sequences await.  Ivon is still looking for the perfect location.

March 28, 2012: Shooting The Horror Trailer!
Welcome to set
March 28, 2012: Shooting The Horror Trailer!
The crew
March 28, 2012: Shooting The Horror Trailer!
Hey, it's that guy from Stargate!

On the script front, got some notes from Rob who readily admitted he’s not a big fan of the genre (or sub-genre to be more precise since the horror category is fairly general).  I’m going to try to address them over the next couple of days and, ideally, get the script off to my agent(s) before the weekend.  And, after that, it’ll be smooooooooooooth sailing!

Great feedback from our U.S. agent on Paul’s pilot script.  Now it’s just a matter of deciding when to go out with it.

Apparently, that’s not the only decision in our not too distant future. Our agent asked Paul if we would be interested in staffing on an existing show.  Paul (who I suspect is going a little stir crazy at home) told him he’d be interested but couldn’t speak on my behalf.  For my part, I’m…undecided.  And pretty damn comfortable working from home.  Accepting a staff position would mean moving to Los Angeles, something I’m not sure I’m prepared to do.  I suppose it would depend on the show.

Also today, Paul and I pitched out our vision for that horror television series.  The ball is in their court.

17 thoughts on “March 28, 2012: Shooting the horror trailer!

  1. You sound crazy busy, but this time, a good crazy. Sounds like fun, unlike your Toronto days. Can’t wait to see your trailer or hear what all these new stories are about.

  2. First thought, can Akemi go to the US with you?
    Second thought, yep– either you have many options or none because, well, that’s life.
    Just excited life is offering you a lot to do. Though I know you hate uprooting again if you can help it.

  3. I think the horror trailer is going to work out great…. those people behind the scenes look scary!!!! 🙂

  4. I’m with Rob, not a fan of horror. I like suspense, I like old timey Vincent Price or Bela Lugosi horror, and I like some ‘thrillers’, but mostly those that predate the 1970s. Basically, I don’t care for the genre since the end of the Hitchcock era. I miss his MacGuffins and his ‘bomb under the table’ style of suspense. He made suspense classy, and we’ll never see the likes of it again. Modern horror films are just gore-fests, and that’s not my cuppa.

    I guess I’m just old.


  5. Ah, interesting times.

    Although both hubby and I turned down high paying tech jobs after he retired from the Navy, just because we’d have to live in LA. No way.

  6. Not a fan of horror either, but I know a lot of people who are. I’m sure however it works out, it will be good for you.

    Have a great day!!!!

  7. Decisions, decisions… It’s nice to have choices and be in demand! And a bit stressful, too.

    Good luck with the horror series! And on the TV serialization of Dark Matter! Good luck to Paul with his new project, too!

    I’m with das on the horror genre: I loved the old classics, but I’m not keen on the overly bloody, overly gross, overly violent modern stuff. That being said, I’m sure your series will be classy!

  8. If you’re shooting a trailer yourself, how much would it cost to do something like this, in order to pitch this to the studios?

  9. How exciting! Have fun filming.

    LisaR: Oh, I still have my jeans out. I get cold going to the grocery store 😉 . I’m going to throw caution out and buy some spring annuals today.

    1. @Tam Dixon: We have another night game tonight. Am wearing shorts now, but will change into jeans later. I left a few pairs out. 😉 My problem is that I get cold once the sun goes down. I’m hoping tonight will be calmer than the other night. Not only was I cold, but I had to watch a team of teen brats show the most unsportsmanlike behavior I have ever seen. Was proud of older son’s team though. They showed a lot of class.

  10. Oh, Joe said horror script, hope not too grisly,gorey. But will probably watch it when it comes to town. If too scary, I can close one eye, changing perspective, kinda like Cookie might do when watching those lovely movies he watches, and I can munch on cookies and Jack Daniel to help with the scary parts.. problem solved. You have a terrific cast of people helping out so I see good things in your future, Best of luck and I am betting on a great show.

  11. For what it’s worth, I LOVE horror! Just leave out all the blood and guts and no lusting teenagers.

  12. ooooo, fancy optics, I luvs me some fancy optics.

    Patrick Gilmore!

    I know a surreal location in Kentucky. Does the scene call for a waterslide cut into the limestone by a spring?

  13. I’m not a fan of horror movies either, but I’ll make an exception for yours and Julia Benson’s. Awwww. Patrick Gilmore. He hates that I do not like eggnog.

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