I’ve had an on again/off again/on again/off again/on again love affair with comic books over the course of my life starting back in elementary school when I was reading Batman and Justice Society of America after which gave them up for more mature pursuits (ie. girls), then resumed my passion for reading with titles like The Avengers, Spiderman, and The X-Men only to eventually lose interest, then have that interest rekindled in college only to have it fade and then return and then fade and then return again and then fade again.  And so on.  Certain titles manage to transcend the hot and cold routine, books like The Walking Dead, Chew, Sweet Tooth, and Scalped which have made the jump from single issue pick-ups to heavily anticipated trade paperback purchases.

When it comes to deciding what to get, I cast a very wide net.  I’ll pick up the first couple of issues of almost every title out there and see what appeals.   If a comic impresses in those first two issues, I’ll pick up the third – and then fourth, and fifth, and sixth, and so on.  As long as I’m enjoying what I’m reading, I’ll keep reading.  Once I lose interest in a title, I’ll move on.  Understand, my reasons for dropping a title usually have less to do with quality and more to do with personal tastes.

And so, most recently, after months of working my through a veritable mountain of comic books, the list of titles I’m still reading stands at a modest seven.  Maybe eight!

March 16, 2012: The Comic Report!  Dark Matter #3 Reviews!BATMAN

I’ve always been drawn to Batman for its darker tone.  Presently, no one does darker better than American Vampire writer Scott Snyder.  A delightfully grim read.

March 16, 2012: The Comic Report!  Dark Matter #3 Reviews!BATMAN AND ROBIN

To be honest, I was on the fence after the first issue, mainly owing to the new Robin, Damian, who I found altogether annoying.  I soon realized – yeah, that’s the point and, in time, the little brat has grown on me, as has the terrific personal/professional dynamic at the heart of this book.

March 16, 2012: The Comic Report!  Dark Matter #3 Reviews!DAREDEVIL

I loved Mark Waid’s run on The Flash and its testament to his wide-ranging talent that he is able to tackle a completely different hero in a complete different universe with a completely different sensibility and still hit it out of the park.  This title offers a nice mix of noir, humor, and superheroics with an inescapable classic Marvel feel.

March 16, 2012: The Comic Report!  Dark Matter #3 Reviews!DARK HORSE PRESENTS

Here we’re offered a collection of mostly serialized stories ranging from the interesting to the fantastic.  In the latter category is Howard Chaykin’s Marked Man, the tale of a past-his-prime hitman whose professional and personal lives converge in dramatic fashion.  I’ve also enjoyed the hell out of Peter Hogan’s Resident Alien and Filipe Melo’s The Adventures of Dog Mendonca and Pizzaboy.  Check it out.  You’re sure to find something to like.

March 16, 2012: The Comic Report!  Dark Matter #3 Reviews!PUNISHER

Not three months ago I complained about the fact that I’ve always found the Punisher a frustratingly one-note character.  Well, my opinion has changed now that long-time Batman scribe, Greg Rucka, has assumed the creative reins.  Frank Castle is well-rounded, his world grounded, and the violence that permeates this book brutal but never silly or visceral.

March 16, 2012: The Comic Report!  Dark Matter #3 Reviews!ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN

The world of superheroes as seen through the eyes of a young boy.  I’ll admit, I was leery about this one before I’d even picked it up but, after checking out the first issue, I was hooked.  Bendis has a gift for writing engaging characters and the young Miles Morales makes a perfect new Spiderman.

March 16, 2012: The Comic Report!  Dark Matter #3 Reviews!THE ULTIMATES

From the small world of a young, inexperienced hero to the big world of Earth’s Mightiest – and then some.  Hickman’s narrative is vast, multi-layered, and altogether brilliant.

Looking forward to:

March 16, 2012: The Comic Report!  Dark Matter #3 Reviews!ASTONISHING X-MEN

Marjorie M. Liu takes over writing duties on Astonishing X-Men soon and I, for one, can’t wait.

March 16, 2012: The Comic Report!  Dark Matter #3 Reviews!

Speaking of comic books, some of the reviews for Dark Matter #3 have started popping up:

” Issue 3 is one of those rare turning points where you really need to read the story to appreciate how quickly they whip development into shape and setup the stage for a showdown.” – Review – Dark Matter #3 – Rebirth 3 of 4 | BAMFAS.com …

“Mallozzi and Mullie have quite a nice little book going here.” – Dark Horse Reviews: Dark Matter #3

” If you’re still not into Sci-fi then really it’s your loss, the rest of us will continue to enjoy these memorable characters with bad ass skills and one-liners.” – COMIC BASTARDS: Review: Dark Matter #3

” This book is riveting and tells a Whedon-esque space story that keeps you moved when the brawling occurs and attached…when revelations are made. I can ask for no more in a title.” – wizard is Oz: Renaldo’s Reviews: Saga #1, Dark Matter #3, Exile …

“Overall, I highly recommend the Dark Matter Series. I do not recommend picking up this mini-series from the middle, but rather starting from the beginning and seeing it all the way through.” – Dark Matter #3 Review – imad_khan: Blog – IGN

Did you pick up your copy?

23 thoughts on “March 16, 2012: The Comic Report! Dark Matter #3 reviews!

  1. Eagerly awaiting Issue # 3.
    Majorie Liu makes checking out the X-Men tempting.

    Meanwhile…derrr… posted below food item to yesterday’s blog..

    @ JeffW – please share where you found bangers. You are in the Chicagoland area right?

    I recall “Scottish Bangers” as they were called – back in the dark ages when I was in Hawaii. Wonderful sausages and have not seen them since. Well, it has been a very long time.

  2. My copy has shipped from TFAW! I’m looking forward to this one: it has Two-Katana-san on the cover looking all awesome and かっこいい!

    Nice to see those good review blurbs. I’ll hold off reading the rest of them since the one I clicked on seemed pretty spoiler heavy.

  3. Just got my digital copy.
    For grins & giggles, checked out Amazon and they are showing Dark Matter 3.


    There is Dark Matter 1 for almost $5.00
    Dark Matter 2 for $10.00 – see going up in price as it ages.
    Dark Matter 3 is $2.95 or $2.98 depending on the vendor you choose.
    Oh, and add shipping.

  4. My copy of Dark Matter 3 is in the mail, so say those folks at Things From Another World…From Another Planet…you know what I mean.

  5. Cant wait for the new issue! Hopefully will get it tomorrow. Hopefully.

    I really want to talk comics, but I’ve had a huge day, a house full of company, and now I must fall into bed. A big day tomorrow, too. I will try to add something to the convo if I can.

    Have a good night, sir!


  6. Not really much of a comic book fan outside of manga, but the Dark Matter artwork is very good, credit to the artist there.

    Did take a glance at a comic book stand a while back and noticed some have really smart covers in regards to material, seemed like a glossy card feel. Seen some hardback ones too. Mostly marvel it seemed.

    Still I think you can never be too old for comics as they aim at any age really.

    Much like how I love Disney movies and own pretty much all of them on blu ray and 3d lol

  7. Sorry to load up the comments with another one.
    Could’nt wait….Dark Matter 3 is masterful. And, before I knew it was at the end of the book…rats. Need more.
    And, now to wait til book 4. sigh.

  8. Just finished reading Dark Matter #3. Another great read, and a very interesting development! Anxious to see what happens with #4. Are there only 4 in the series? We need more! Or, you know, a TV series…

  9. Those reviews are so exciting! I downloaded Dark Matter #3 but haven’t read it yet. I’m saving it for a quiet moment so I can savor.

    Yesterday’s blog was very good. I’ve enjoyed watching animals since I was a small child. Even when I am driving and look over to see horses playing like pups out in a field, it just brings a smile. A little oasis of peace, you know? I always get a little laugh out of watching my cat bring up a leg and then get distracted. When he turns around, it’s like he’s forgotten what his leg is doing there. It’s the small things in life, I suppose.
    It can be sad watching a kitten/pup playing and then seeing them age through the years. Now my big cat (Harry) sleeps most of the day. I remember when he used to try and catch the sheet while I made the beds. Sorry to be a downer. I woke up with a migraine. It’s gonna be an imitrex kind of day.

    My kidlet is out of town for a church event. I’ll shake this headache. I can’t waste adult time!

  10. @slyvia:

    @ JeffW – please share where you found bangers. You are in the Chicagoland area right?

    Yep, far northwest suburbs. I found the Bangers at the Irish Boutique in Crystal Lake. See:


    They have a deep freeze with bangers, rashers, white and black pudding, and various frozen Irish meat pies. If Crystal Lake is too far for you, there are a variety of Irish stores around…maybe do an internet search and give a few a call.

    The breakfast turned out great and I loved the bangers:


    Joe, just so I’m not completely off-topic, I downloaded issue #3 of Dark Matter last night and tried to read it at bedtime last night, but the week wore me out too much. I’ll get back to it later this afternoon when my schedule slows down a bit. Looks good so far!

  11. This Saturday morning I watched the mailman jump out of his truck, run up the lawn, and throw my Dark Matter 3 copy onto my front porch. Lucky it isn’t breakable, but still glad he didn’t decide to stuff it into my mailbox. Now that I know what “boarding” is, I won’t get that anymore. If I was a collector…maybe. I will read Dark Matter 3 today.

  12. Hey Joe

    Today’s my youngest daughters’ birthday. She’s turned 17. And seeing what day her birthday is on were all going out to a…. Chinese restaurant! 🙂


  13. @JeffW: Thanks for the tip about where to find Irish food in the Chicago area. Crystal Lake is a fair stretch of the legs for me, but would be worth the trip!

  14. G’day Joe!

    So, I’ve just been offered a job in Vancouver. It feels like about 25% exciting, 25% terrifying and 50% “Oh God! I have to change countries again!” But I’m sure I’ll start getting more excited once things start getting organised and it should be a really good career move.

    Do you and The Blog Collective (dibs as the name of my Goth Hipster New Wave Thrash Metal band) have any suggestions of where to live? Nice neighbourhoods and places to avoid?


  15. @Sparrow Hawk

    If I were to guess, the ending will be open ended to allow room for a tv series. And that these comics are one small segment of an overall story.

  16. TFAW said my comic is in the mail, so maybe Monday..so not reading comments in case of spoilers…

  17. @sylvia and @SparrowHawk

    You’re welcome!

    They also have Cadburys, McVittys, and Milky Bars. Enjoy!

    If the counter lady remembers us, you can say the american couple who used to live in the West Country of England referred you…

  18. Hey Joe!

    I’m a long-time reader, first time commenting. Let me start off by saying you’re one of the reasons why I got back into writing, after having left it a few years ago to pursue other interests. You made me realize that I actually missed it, and I’m starting to pursue a few publish-worthy pieces!

    But most importantly, I’ve been following Dark Matter since you first released the pencil arts, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it till now! Can’t wait for #4 and the inevitable adaptation on to the screen!


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