My french bulldog Lulu has a crush on my buddy Ivon Bartok.  It’s pretty damn obvious the way she throws herself at him whenever he comes visit, sitting on his lap, sneezing in his face, lying down beside him and lovingly passing gas.  Yesterday morning, I told her that Ivon would be coming to visit, just to see her reaction.  “Lulu!”I called, immediately getting her attention.  “Do you know who’s coming today?”  A curious cock of her head.  “Ivon!  Ivon’s coming.”  At which point she vomited.  I kid you not.  At the send of his name, she yakked up a mouthful of partially digested kibble.  Talk about butterflies in your stomach!

In addition to Ivon, we were joined by Lawren Bancroft-Wilson and Patrick Gilmore for a marathon session of Game of Thrones.  I’ve read the books (well, all except the last one which I’ve yet to get around to), loved them, and looked forward to the series I’d heard so much about. In keeping with the whole fantasy, swords and sorcery theme, I made Vietnamese sandwiches for lunch.

I marinated some kurobuta pork and boneless chicken thighs for a full day, then seared them off and finished them in the oven.  The run-through sandwich I prepared the night before was undone by the tough buns I picked up from COBS Bread that afternoon, so I picked up buns from my local Safeway instead and they proved far superior.  And, oh yeah, fresh.  Also, my jaw didn’t hurt trying to chew them.

Instead of the typical pork pate found in most Vietnamese subs, I went with the bacon jam instead.
A smear of bacon jam, the roasted meat, some of the pickled vegetables Akemi made, top with jalapeno mayo and cilantro and - voila!
Lawren brought dessert.
As did Ivon.

We only got through three episodes before we had to call it a day on account of Ivon having a hockey game.  We’ll reconvene and watch another three this weekend- hopefully.  So far, I’m enjoying the show although, for some reason, I seem to remember Jaime Lannister being a lot more likable in the books.  Yes?  No?    Anyway, it looks great, is very engaging, and Peter Dinklage is terrific as my favorite character, Tyrion.

So, what fantasy series would you like to see get the big mini-series treatment?

Patrick and Akemi
Lawren, off to school. Don't want to be late for homeroom!

Oh, and since I’m showing off my latest culinary creations, I would be remiss if I didn’t include Akemi’s –

Daikon with yuzu and sansho.

Well, it pains me to say it (and, I’m sure, it pains Cookie Monster, our guest reviewer even more to hear it) but Condorman received more votes than Superman III in our impromptu poll.  This means that, next Monday’s selection for our Supermovie of the Week Club will be Condorman – followed by Superman III the following week.

Hooo boy! Looks not good!

31 thoughts on “February 24, 2012: The boys reconvene for blood, battle, and Vietnamese sandwiches! Ivon and Lulu sitting in a tree…! It aint good news for Cookie Monster!

  1. Hey Joe,

    Some news about that Transporter series you left (and, after reading this, I don’t blame you):

    Seems the guy who was brought in to replace you guys now needs replacing after walking off the show too. The article says that production has been down since October because of an injury to the actor. It’s almost March. What kind of injury shuts down a show for five months?

    I’m sure you won’t be able to dish, but I would love to know what the problem is. I was really looking forward to this series when I heard you and Paul were involved and now am interested for completely different reasons, like slowing down to check out an accident.

    Is there any hope of the show going back into production? How can a show with a 43 million dollar budget have so many problems?

  2. @ Lewis – Thanks! Now that I think about it, I may have seen that picture before. but it doesn’t hurt to see it again! 😀

    @ Joeykins – Elric, of course. But I wouldn’t want it tackled by HBO & Co. because they’d turn it into soft porn, like they seem to do with everything else these days. In other words, I don’t want my Elric movie/mini to be turned into a titfest.


  3. really have to get around to piking up Game of Thrones. Probably be June before I really have time to watch it though, as I’m preparing to teach an EMT class that will have me commuting a couple of days a week on top of my regular schedule. As far as fantasy series, oh jeez. Completely blanking out right now, though I’m still waiting for a definitive treatment of the Dune series, at least the first three books. The last treatment of those novels wasn’t bad, but still lacked something I can’t define. And I’d love to see something like Caves of Steel brought to film, minus the mutilation done to the script as was done with I Robot.
    For some reason having trouble downloading Condorman, but hopefully I’ll resolve the issue by Sunday. In the meantime, hope your weekend goes well.
    p.s. Jaime Lannister did not become a particularly likable character till later in the series, as I recall. In Game of Thrones, he didn’t demonstrate any redeeming virtues. While imprisonment didn’t humble him, it certainly made him a bit more sympathetic, as did other things that happened….

  4. “My french bulldog Lulu has a crush on my buddy Ivon Bartok.”

    Who doesn’t have a crush on Ivon Bartok? (just look at the jealous Patrick Gilmore in the background) I’d sneeze in Ivon’s face and pass gas while sitting on his lap too if it would get his attention.

  5. I think Patrick is making that face because he is at the receiving end of Lulu’s(gas). hah! Thanks for the foodie pictures. Nice presentation on the daikon,(i had to google it) How is the script coming along, done, but with notes?? Ready to present? Good luck there. Condorman,,,hmm,never heard of it,,hmm, Cookie I am sorry my friend, I forgot to vote. Maybe it will be a fantastic payday. Have a great weekend!

  6. Ivon looks like he’s using Lulu for a video camera in that first shot, with Patrick looking on with great consternation in the background. Great shot!

    All that food looks fantastic!

    Condorman it is! I did already watch about the first 10 minutes of Superman III. I may have to take up drinking to get through that one!

  7. Speaking of anime Joe, I suggest checking out Sengoku Basara. It’s set during the Sengoku period of Japan and is very good.

    Finished Season 2 only recently and was very impressed by Episode 12(Technically 25 if you count as one big series), you’l see that said episode is more cinematic then about 99 percent of anime shows out there.

    Personally, I think if you do watch. Watch when you can marathon a half dozen eps. You’l appreciate it.

    Especially with Season 2, you’l see that the intense action in Season 1 is nothing compared to Season 2 which introduces one of the biggest and baddest anime villians around lol

    Haven’t commented here much, as I believe my opinion offended you, I’m not one for sucking up and have never done so in the years I’ve commented here, have always said what I thought and If that ever offended you Joe, sorry.

    Just seriously, watch Sengoku Basara, given the stuff you’ve posted about you’l love.

  8. <i.I think Patrick is making that face because he is at the receiving end of Lulu’s(gas).
    me too.

    the desserts look good.

    i’m intrigued by the bacon jam.

  9. @Maggiemayday…lol…yeah, me too. especially the desserts – Macarons. Me thinks I’ve become obsessed with them things. sigh.

    Oh, the sammiches looked good too. I have my priorities – macarons!

  10. Hi, Joe,

    I thought that the Jamie in the series pretty much matched Jamie in the first book. Martin doesn’t really start reforming the character til about book 3. I do think Peter Dinklage makes it worth watching. Just when things start to drag Tyrion comes along to liven it up again.

    I’ve long thought that Lois Bujold’s Miles Vorkosigan books cried out for an anime treatment. If the SyFylis channel had any imagination they would make it so.

    I’d love to see Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera series get a mini-series treatment, but it would need a huge FX budget. And somebody needs to make a movie of Dead Beat from The Dresden Files. I mean, c’mon…

    Zombie T-REX!!!!

  11. Hey Joe,

    ❤Ivon & Lulu❤ Patrick is looking 👀on….not quite sure what expression 😜that is. The party food looked great…but I must say that Bacon Spread💩 pushed to the edge.

    Best to you Joe,
    Hi Patrick 💋💋💋


  12. Ok, that made me laugh. Thanks for the Ivon/Lulu love story.
    In doggie culture the rules are different. Passing gas and vomiting may mean ……affection or something 😉 .
    Bacon jam?
    Those desserts look so good! There are no macarons in the South (too humid) so I may settle for a cupcake.

    Ponytail: You are too funny!

  13. ”Lulu!” I called, immediately getting her attention. ”Do you know who’s coming today?” A curious cock of her head. ”Ivon! Ivon’s coming.” At which point she vomited. I kid you not.

    Firstly, 😆 !!

    Secondly, Ivon, if it’s any consolation, that’s EXACTLY what I would do if someone told me I was about to meet Johnny Depp. In fact, my tummy’s doing flip-flops just thinking about it (or mebbe it’s gas 😕 …not quite sure…).

    ANYways, seems to me you’re Lulu’s Johnny Depp…quite a high honor, I’d say. 🙂


  14. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa… Bacon JAM?!?!?!?! I must find this delicacy of the pork gods.

    Real life has kind of interveined and I haven’t been able to get to my comic book shop for Dark Matter issue 2, and a whole bunch of other titles. Hopefully today.

    Has Jon Scalzi ever been approached to turn any of his books into movies? Agent to the Stars would be hilarious, and Old Man’s War would be awesome.

  15. I have had the 1st complete year of Game of Thrones on back order at Amazon for at least a month. Shipping March 12th. I usually prefer more sci-fi type stuff over the sword & sorcery stuff, but am willing to give it a try since the story seems interesting. Seems to have some good actors also, Jason Momoa, Sean Bean, Mark Addy, Ian Glen, etc.

    I do not have HBO, so I miss some things.

    Advice to Lulu: Sweetheart, don’t throw yourself to any guy, it isn’t lady-like. Let him woo you. If Ivon doesn’t return your obvious affections with warm tummy rubs, doggie treats and back-of-the-ear scratching, then, drop him. He doesn’t know how to treat a lady. Move on.


  16. 2cats and Das: I enjoyed your Lulu comments too. You ladies are priceless!

    I was considering making Daube a la Provencale for the boys. Does anyone have a recommendation for what kind of red wine to buy for this dish?

  17. Awww, Lulu and Ivon are adorable. I hope the relationship lasts. 😉

    There was recently an article on the topic of fantasy series and TV, actually:

    That aside, I’m *really* looking forward to an American Gods TV series. That’s probably my top choice, anyway. But another I’d love to see would be Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy (definitely have to be on HBO). I’d also enjoy Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. Beyond that, I think most series I like are just not ever going to work for TV. Although perhaps Piers Anthony’s Xanth series could be a long-running animation.

  18. I love those little sandwiches. I used to be connected enough to know what day to go to the Vietnamese grocery to get them because I’d know what day someone went to Chicago to bring them back. We still can’t get good Jay-uh (no idea on the spelling) in this town.

    I can’t find Condorman on youtube. I see Cornman: American Vegetable Hero.

    I was going to look into purchasing some macarons online to try them out because I have no idea what those little, colorful, moonpie-looking things taste like. Whew! Expensive!

  19. Joe said:
    “Ivon!  Ivon’s coming.”  At which point she vomited.  I kid you not.  At the send of his name, she yakked up a mouthful of partially digested kibble.

    That may be a MATERNAL reaction. I’ve seen it at the shelter.

    In the wild, weaning begins naturally as soon as the puppies start to develop their teeth at three to four weeks of age. Suckling then irritates or hurts the mother who will move away and leave her puppies for longer and longer periods. Natural weaning involves the female dog vomiting her food and the puppies consuming the vomitus. Many pets will also do this and cause concern to owners. It is usually a natural maternal function and nothing to be worried about.

    Joe said:
    So, what fantasy series would you like to see get the big mini-series treatment?

    “The Dragonriders of Pern” as the cinematic legacy of Anne McCaffrey, who passed away last November. The project has been in Development Hell for several years with Copperheart Entertainment (GINGER SNAPS series, Martin Gero’s YOUNG PEOPLE F******G, BLACK CHRISTMAS). Another Toronto company tried & failed to bring Pern to the screen in the 90’s.

    Joe said:
    …for some reason, I seem to remember Jaime Lannister being a lot more likable in the books.

    I do, too. I’ve read GAME OF THRONES, not seen the miniseries. Listened to a bit of the audiobook, and the reader also made Jamie /Jaime? sound harsh. I’m not continuing with the novels; found GoT more dense and complicated than James Micheners’ works.

  20. Ummmm, I think DP has a point, how about adding
    Cornman: American Vegetable Hero to the list?
    Cookie Monster might actually enjoy this one. LOL…

  21. @DP yep, them macarons are a bit pricey online especially since you have to buy a lot at one time.

    If you have a Trader Joes convenient to you, they have a “low end” but rather tastey offering. La Parisienne..I think is the name. It was under $6.00 for 12 macarons chocolate and vanilla. These are acceptable, but not as wonderful as the ones from a shop that makes them fresh. Oh, and these are “small” – not as big as the ones you see in the snaps.

  22. @DP – oops forgot to mention the Trader Joe’s macarons are in the frozen treats section. Let them thaw to room temperature then devour.
    They are ok frozen…but, better if at room temp.

  23. @sylvia – Thanks, we have a Trader Joe’s. I’ll pick some up. Looking forward to it!

  24. Hey Joe,

    I think Jaime is probably one of the characters that changes most over the course of the books, so if you’ve read those first it would seem pretty harsh the way he is portrayed in the series. Having said that, I went the other way around and watched the show before reading the books, so I had the characters set in my mind already (although they have changed since. Everyone is so much older on the TV version! I guess they can’t have 15 year olds running round in a potential war zone?)

    I do hope that George Martin starts to wrap things up in the next book though. I’m starting to get sick of characters being so separated from each other, with everybody on their own never-resolved journies.

    Must go and find a copy of Condorman somewhere!

  25. Popping out of deep lurkerdom regarding what fantasy series I’d like to see get the tv / miniseries treatment…. I agree with gilder on ‘The Dragon Riders of Pern’ by Anne McCaffery. Sadly, I don’t think Cooperhart Entertainment has the resources to develop it properly. It needs a James Cameron type treatment aka Avatar to pull it off. The dragons are too important. ‘Also agreed with whoever said the Xanth series would make a good anime – LOL! It would be pun-tastic! (Stop groaning, you know you wanted to say it yourself!)

    Another I’d like to see but know will never happen is ‘The Blue Sword’ by Robyn McKinnley – not so much a series as a great story with a strong female lead and interesting plot I’d love to see on the big screen. The visuals would be stunning – but I’d be surprised if anyone here had even heard of it. Sigh!

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