Yes, they used to dress like this for work ALL the time. I think it's a European thing.

You’ll never guess who I heard from yesterday.  Late last night I received an email – Oh.  As a matter of fact it was.  How did you – ? Oh, you read the title of today’s entry?  And noticed the above pic. Well, yes.  My old Toronto cohorts, Alexander M. Ruemelin and Sarah Benab, dropped me an email from Jolly Olde Berlin.  Alex is back on his home turf and, apparently, loving it.  He’s settled in and enjoying the view out his window, happily counting down the days to the end of March when tourist season begins.  Says Alex: “I always know that spring is in the air when the first Dixieland Jazz Boat glides past my building and I find myself hurling obscenities at the retirees on deck. Home sweet home.”

Apparently, he’s taking a well-earned break, sparring with his old boxing trainer, bemoaning the fact that he can’t buy a pick-up truck in Berlin, and doing a little disco bowling for which he earned Berlin’s most prestigious sporting trophy –

The coveted Smirnoff Cup!

I mentioned/threatened that Akemi and I were considering visiting them.  Well aware of my love of fine dining, he promised to treat me to dinner at his favorite upscale eatery:

I think they also offer a fried salad.

Carl would be sooooooo jealous.

I also heard from Tara after I posted a pic of one of Akemi’s banana messages.

Kind of weird, granted, but it IS better for the environment.

Tara wrote: “Akemi’s banana made me laugh–she’s very funny. Alistair never writes on my food. Also, we never have food.”

When I offered to send her some fruit with my own special messages, she was quick to respond: “Yes, I want fruit! But I want Akemi to write the messages, not you. She’s got the real talent. “

Well funny she should mention talent because, in one of her recent blog entries (Voiceover Artist Ordinaire!) Tara actually posts her demo for voice work.  It contains about a half dozen spots, all very good – but I think I could do better.  And will.  I’ll be recording my own versions of Tara’s ad work and will be posting it along with Tara’s original voice demo – for your consideration.  And the consideration of future potential employers.  I’m toying with idea of a second career as the spokesperson for some upscale product like the McLobster or Clearasil Gold.

Mini mailbag:

Angelus writes: “I’ve been watching a lot of Atlantis on Blu-ray lately (Almost at mid season 5) and I noticed something kinda funny. Did you know that Rodney Mckay starts a LOT of his lines with the word “look”. Was this done deliberately, Maybe to mimmick Teal’cs “indeed” or did nobody notice but me?”

Answer: It’s funny, but I never noticed until Martin Gero pointed out to us while watching dailies one afternoon.  I suppose it is like Teal’c saying “Indeed” or me saying “Basically” about two dozen times a pitch session/interview.

Ponytail writes: “Joe, the Texas Rangers have a new pitcher this year. He is Japan’s favorite son, pitching ace Yu Darvish. Have you or Akemi heard of him?”

Answer: I haven’t.  I asked Akemi.  She informed me she has – and then proceeded to offer me the unsolicited sordid details of the poor guy’s recent divorce.

mike mcginnis writes: “Will you be doing a trip doen memory lane with Stargate Atlantis like you did with SG-1. Ive been rewatching all the episodes and would like your opinion on them.”

Answer: Thinking about it.

22 thoughts on “February 23, 2012: Now with 70% more Alexander and Sarah! And 10% more Tara Yelland!

  1. Nice seeing pictures of Alex and Sarah!! You should go visit. I would enjoy getting your ratings of German restaurants. I can’t wait to hear the voiceover comparisons with Tara either.

    About your mailbag, I told hubby and boys (big baseball fans) about what Akemi had said about Yu Darvish. Hubby and younger son didn’t know. But older son proceeded to tell me that’s why the signing had taken so long. Apparently Darvish’s father didn’t want him to have to give money to the ex-wife. Older son is pretty well-versed in baseball, I think. 🙂 His first game (older ds) is this Sunday. I’ll try and post a picture.

    Have a great night!!!

  2. Please do the Atlantis episode memories. That would be most appreciated. (How does one do an emoticon of puppy-dog eyes? Or an equivalent? 8>) 8) 😎 Or, should I just offer to send chocolate?)

  3. “mike mcginnis writes: “Will you be doing a trip doen memory lane with Stargate Atlantis like you did with SG-1. Ive been rewatching all the episodes and would like your opinion on them.”

    “Answer: Thinking about it.”

    That would be very cool 🙂

  4. At least you are easy to please. Just find the best food in the area and introduce you to it. It’s good to see the friends you make are willing to do exactly that. And it’s appreciated that you share with us. I hope the weekend finds you enjoying more pleasant meals, with camera ready to provide pictures for us.

  5. Thinking about it? I’ve been reading your blog for two years, first time I commented. I had to play activist on this issue. I was fully expecting you to follow up SG-1 with Atlantis! Please do…

    P.S. While I’m here, here’s one for the mailbag. Does your home have any cool tech, like home automation?

  6. “mike mcginnis writes: “Will you be doing a trip down memory lane with Stargate Atlantis like you did with SG-1. Ive been rewatching all the episodes and would like your opinion on them.”

    Answer: Thinking about it.”

    That would be awesome!!!!!!!!!

    I didn’t know about Yu Darvish’s divorce. But that is no problem. The Dallas Mavericks signed Lamar Odom this year who brought his wife Khloe Kardashian with him. I’m sure she has a sister or two (or three or four – they’re everywhere!) who would be interested in Yu Darvish. I think Kim is available for weddings, again.

    I tried playing Tara’s voices but my computer wouldn’t do it. I’m sure it is me not knowing what I am doing. I was going to tell her people are always commenting on my phone voice. They say it is very sexy. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard,… “don’t take this wrong, but you would make a great phone sex operator”. No, I’m not kidding…call me… 😛

  7. @tarayelland – I use Joe’s blog to procrastinate constantly! (On my graduate thesis.) There’s a problem with that? 😉

  8. Alex and Sarah are priceless as Popeye and Olive…soooo coool!
    Great saloon – Carl will be envious especially when the meal is enhanced with schnitzel. And, nice beer selection. Have a long neck – Lone Star!

  9. I’m changing my vote from Condorman to Superman III. I just can’t find a cheap enough copy of Condorman. (Sorry, I’m a poor grad student; I ain’t got no dough.) I’d really rather not have to rent it on iTunes. That was okay for “Hero at Large,” cuz hey, it’s John Ritter. But Condorman? Really?

  10. No way!!! U have a McLobster there too?!?!?!

    Hey, just saw the infamous Mr. Bob Picardo on tonight’s episode of ‘The Mentalist’
    …unfortunately he wasn’t the killer, how boring is that?

    ..also Malcolm McDowell was on it playing his reoccurring guest role of cult leader… Bob tried to unsurp his power and become the new cult leader. And he did it all without using his long white wraith-like hair from ‘Persons Unknown’

  11. @Kathode I, too, use Joe’s blog to procrastinate! Wuhoo! My editor-type person isn’t thrilled about it, but…I’ll worry about that tomorrow.

    Joe, I come out of lurkerdome for two reasons: 1) Did you, indeed, sleep wrong on your neck last night, as Akemi predicted? 2) I got a new laptop. It is stylish, sleek, and processes information quickly. I named it Joe. Nothing in the restraining order about naming my laptop after you…I checked. 😉 All it doesn’t do is throw out snarky comments every once in a while…alas…

  12. @ Tara – For what it’s worth, Joey is afraid of heights, clowns, and…ya know…snakes


    Oh, and he also likes getting presents. Just be sure to poke airholes in the box. 😀


  13. @ Lewis – That was a pretty decent ep of The Mentalist. Great when a show has so many excellent actors all in one episode!

    And long, wraith-like hair? I really should watch Persons Unknown… 😉


  14. G’day Joe

    Jack Cat update…

    He is getting better…slowly. He is eating and now can move a bit on his front legs. When I visited him today he was purring. Jack Cat is on the mend, slowly but surely.


  15. Someone should probably get a hold of a few of those huge smirnoff bottles Alexander is holding and start a big Atlantis-Viewathon / Drinking game. Every time Mckay says “look” we’d all take a shot (I’ll take a shot of Lipton Ice-tea though cause I don’t drink)

    Then, After that, If everyone isn’t totally coma drunk, Have an SG-1 Viewathon / Endurance game but this time with Teal’c saying “indeed”, The one who can take the most shots wins…. I bet nobody could get past season 6 at the most.

  16. Akemi is too cute!

    Love the costumes! You SHOULD go visit Berlin. Think of all the beer you could try.

    The weather here in the Memphis/Mississippi area has been wacky. Yesterday the temp was 74F but last week we had snow flurries. Anyone getting the snow storm that was moving through the North?

    I’m dragging today. I didn’t get to bed until early this morning. Thank God that it’s a slow day. I’m making a kitty litter run for the humane society. Then I’m using up my granny smith apples to make Apple Cheddar Scones for the weekend. Yum!

  17. …and speaking of Atlantis, I just watched an episode called “Aurora”. What a great story, concept, show. Where’s the movie MGM? So much for putting time and energy in looking forward to a show and having it yanked out from under you. Bad for actors, people behind the scenes who make it happen (what’s the word for them?) and fans alike.

  18. Yesterday was Fat Thursday and Paczki Day… did you have any paczkis? There must be a Polish community in Vancouver…

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