So, looking ahead to next week’s installment of the Supermovie of the Week Club, I’ve got some good news and some bad news for Cookie Monster.  The good news is the movie I’d originally selected for next week, Condorman (1981) looks more like a spy flick and one of those non-superhero superhero movies Cookie was complaining about with Hero At Large.  I can sympathize (not empathize since I won’t be sitting through the movies my self), so I’m willing to skip Condorman. Now, comes the bad news.  If we skip Condorman, the next movie up is Superman III (1981).

Hard to make the call.  So leave it up to you guys and gals.  Should we skip the suspiciously non-superpowered-looking Condorman and go straight to the hilarity of Superman III?  Cast your vote before Friday morning.

To help you decide, a little taste of what Cookie Monster may have toe endure can look forward to.  This:

Or this:

Wow.  They both have so much to offer in terms of, uh, review material – meaning that, at the end of the day, no matter which film is chosen, we all win.

With the exception of Cookie Monster.

By the way, Cookie asked me to thank those of you who took the time to weigh in with your thoughts and reviews of Superman II.  Kathode, gforce, thornyrose, monster would like to know if you any of you would care to take over his reviewer duties?

Finally finished a first draft of my horror script.  I’m going to go over it the next couple of days, tweak it a little, make a few additions, tighten up a few scenes, and then send it Ivon and Paul’s way.  After that, we shoot the trailer, shop the package in L.A. and then it’ll be smoooooooooooth sailing.

Apologies for the late blog entry.  I was out for drinks with some old Stargate buddies: Ivon, Lawren, and Kerry (with a y) McDowall. This Thursday, we’ll be doing a Game of Thrones matinee.  What should I make?  Rack of elk?  Stuffed boar?

Apparently, Akemi wasn’t pleased with my late return home tonight.  I discovered the following message on my morning banana:

Congrats to antisocialbutterflie.  Great to hear about your pup’s rebound.

And condolences to Jeff W. on the sudden passing of your friend.

38 thoughts on “February 21, 2012: Vote for next week’s Supermovie of the Week!

  1. Condorman… Disney’s first foray into the superhero realm. I still have some Condorman comics from back in the day. The comics had more action than the movie because you got to turn the pages!

  2. Oh, Cookie’s going to hate me, but I think I’m voting Condorman. A couple reasons for this: (1) I’ve never seen it, and I won’t force myself to, unless I have others to commiserate with; and (2) it looks only slightly less superhero-y than Batman. I’m picking Batman as a point of comparison, because he’s a superhero without any supernatural abilities. He’s just rich and can afford fancy gadgets. It looks like this Condorman guy is basically doing the same thing. According to the synopsis I read, the CIA provides our hero (a superhero comic book writer) with the gadgets so that he can accomplish the mission they’ve asked him to do.

    On the flip side, though, it’s a Disney movie. And while I liked them enough at the time (mid ’70s – early ’80s), I’ve seen a few of these stinkers since (“Escape to Witch Mountain” anyone?), and they’re not pretty in the hard, cold light of adulthood. Ugh, I’m torn….

    For now, my vote’s still Condorman. But this may change before Friday. The availability (or lack thereof) of Condorman via, er, “reduced-rate sources” shall we say, may influence my vote.

  3. Can’t wait to hear what you think of game of thrones. I love it! Best show On tv in my opinion.

  4. Wow, are you actually going to view/review Superman III? As someone who enjoys the first two, I would not recommend the second two. Seriously.


    They’re that bad.

    You’ve been warned.

  5. Where do you find these movies??? I fell apart when the condorman span those wings and “flew” away. That was epic!

    Condolences to Jeff. Sorry for being late.

    And arnk2u is right. Game of thrones really is addictiv!

    Have a great week everyone!

  6. I’ll vote for Condorman (assuming I can find it to rent or stream somewhere). I hated Michael Crawford’s idiotic character (Cornelius Hackl) in “Hello, Dolly!” but loved the movie, so I was forced to keep watching him. It’ll be good revenge to watch him in this one. I dont’ think I can take Richard Pryor for any length of time. 🙂 Wait, does that mean we’ll still have to watch Superman III? If that’s the case, let’s forget about Condorman altogether and swallow the bitter pill.

  7. I have a special place in my heart for Superman III because it’s one of the 80s movies (along with War Games, Electric Dreams and, of course, Tron) that got me interested in and excited about computers and eventually led to me becoming a computer geek.

    I’ve been looking forward to Cookie Monster reviewing it since he started the Supermovie of the Week reviews.

    But we’re not here to make Cookie’s like easier or more pleasant. I’ve never seen Condorman so this would be a perfect opportunity to see it.

    So I vote for Condorman!

  8. G’day Joe

    Update on Jack Cat. He is spending the night at the vets. They took x-rays and blood tests, which they had hubby race down to the hospital. Vets thinks maybe diabetes. I thought he may have been bitten by a snake, this is Australia after all.
    Wait and see what tests came back.
    BTW Jack Cat was named after the Jack…Jack O’Neill.

    For the movie, I actually liked Condorman. I even had the book. Michael Crawford is so versatile and yummy.

  9. Joe, I’ve been looking forward to Condorman since it first showed up on the list! You can’t skip it! I can’t remember anything about it except watching it in the school holidays, but it must have been ok as an 8 year old because I’m sure I watched it more than once.

  10. I’m surprised both movies are not part of a contiuous reel used in Gitmo for unsanctioned retreival of information. You may be working your way into an abuse suit with Cookie Monster. Maybe even a class action if we all keep watching these.

  11. Will you be doing a trip down memory lane with Stargate Atlantis like you did with SG-1. I’ve been rewatching all the episodes and would like your opinion on them.

  12. @Joe:

    And condolences to Jeff W. on the sudden passing of your friend.

    Thank you, Joe. It has certainly been a roller-coaster of a week.

    On the Supermovie of the week, if we vote for Condorman doesn’t that mean that Cookie still has to review Superman III after that? Seems like a vote for Condorman is a vote for twice the pain.

    So, I’ll put in a vote for Superman III just to be kind to Cookie…

  13. @ JeffW – I totally missed your sad news. So very sorry. This is one of those times I can actually say that I know a little of what you’re going through. Ten years ago this past December I lost a dear friend to carbon monoxide poisoning. It happened at night. He woke up, realized something was wrong, but instead of first opening the windows and door and getting fresh air, he tried to get his wife (who was sleeping and unconscious) out of the room. He succeeded – he saved her life – but he gave up his in the process. The night I got the news I just shut down mentally, and emotionally. I had been a bit depressed before that as the result of dealing with a longterm illness in the family, and the news of my friend’s passing just sent me over the edge. I went into a deep depression that I only came out of about two years ago. I still go sort of numb when I think about it. Perhaps I wouldn’t have reacted so to the news had I not just gone through a terrible year, but all I know is that sometimes death saddens us, sometimes it stuns us, and sometimes it punches us in the gut and smashes our face against the wall and stomps on our kidneys until we’re broken and unable to move. That happened to me once, and I hope it never does again.

    Hang in there…my thoughts are with you.



  14. Joey – February 212? Is that some sort of alternate blog universe, or something? 😉

    And I vote for Superboob III. At least I’ve seen bits of that one.


  15. I still like Superman 2 , even with the massive plot holes and contrivences in it.

    Caging Non, teleporting, the S cling wrap (wth?!) and so on and on

    There is a sense of fun with the movie that allows me at least to ignore this, suspend disbelief and enjoy it as the fluff entertainment i believe it to be.

    Thats the thing with Superhero movies, you have to massively suspend disbelief in the first place and if you dont, then they all suck 🙂 (as would the vast majority of movies/tv series thinking about it)

    Oh and Christopher Reeve and Gene Hackman are always watchable.

    However, Superman 3 I advise against, although I still take that over number 4 !

  16. I vote Conderman because I wanted to see that really bad when I was a kid but never was able to. I still haven’t seen it and would love to but I can never find it. It looks like it’s one of those where it’s so bad it’s good.

  17. Did the banana note work on you? Was your neck sore this morning? If so, I may have to try that with my hubby. Thanks Akemi!

    I haven’t seen Game of Thrones yet. I don’t have pay channels so I’m waiting on Netflix to pick it up.

    BBQ is always a winner. BBQ goes with anything. Serve BBQ AND choclate cupcakes. It’s close to lunch and this is making me hungry.

  18. haven’t watched game of thrones yet, since I don’t get the network. But read the first book, then the second, third, fourth…yes, the series is addictive even if I want to slap certain characters at times.
    If you insist on Superman 3, I’m going to fall on the floor, kick, scream, yell, and otherwise express my unhappiness. So Condorman, if it’s an either/or.
    As to Cookie Monster’s question, I admit I’m flattered. But with my upcoming schedule, I could only commit to doing such a project every other week. Perhaps Kathode and G-force would agree to a rotating schedule? If Cookie did not mind, of course.
    As for some other potential movies, We still have the rest of the Batman franchise to go, both animated and live. The Shadow, Dr, Strange, X-Men, Mystery Men, Hulk, Iron Giant, Monster Hunter, Spiderman, Suburban Commando(as much a superhero movie as Hero for Hire anyways), Phantom, Incredibles, Watchmen, Kick-Ass, Hellboy, Megamind, Flash Gordon, DarkMan, Toxic Avenger, Judge Dread,Iron Man, Sky High, Robocop, Spirit, Doc Savage…
    See, no need for Superman 3!
    And no need to apologize for going out with the Stargate gang. After all, the more you stay in contact, the easier it will be for that reunion when approval for a Stargate movie or two are finally approved. Or better yet, and more likely, you end up working with some of the gang on the tv version of Dark Matter. It’s just appreciated that you did take the time, especially in the face of Akemi’s.wrath, ire, or irritation. Your efforts are duly appreciated.

  19. Condorman! I vaguely remember liking it – perhaps tolerating it at the time!

    I grew up watching Michael Crawford in “Some Mother’s Do ‘Ave ‘Em.” His character annoyed, entertained and invariably drove me nuts! (Three channels in the UK and my parents ALWAYS chose what we watched.)

    Still, I have only watched Condorman the one time! You’d think ITV 2 would air it in the early hours; they do seem to have a penchant for repeating old movies – endlessly!


  20. Great. I knew bananas were radioactive, but now they’re psychic as well?

  21. gotta go with Condorman, just because I could instantly visualize a Will Ferrell remake of it.

  22. Condorman maybe safer….it sounds like Cookie needs a break from Superman. He might do something drastic if he has to watch more Superman so soon…

  23. @JeffW – my apologies about missing your sad news. My sincere condolences.

    Although I have no personal experience to base this on, I imagine an upset Akemi being like an angry fluffy bunny. Still cute, no matter what.

    Hmmm. Condorman or Superman III? That’s a tough pick based on those trailers, both look ridiculously awful. I’ll go with Condorman though, since I’ve never seen it, and I’m always up for a challenge.

    Speaking of challenges, I’m totally honoured that Cookie would think of me to step into his reviewing shoes, but I could never hope to replace a monster of such great redoubt. However, I would certainly volunteer for the odd guest review – that would be fun! But only if the movie is really, truly, brutally terrible. That may sound like an odd request, but as Cookie said, it gives you lots of “review material”. Let me know, Cookie!

    @thornyrose – a rotating schedule would be fine by me!

    @das – “Superboob III” – I totally volunteer to review that movie!!

  24. @ Joe:

    Were you serious about filling in for Cookie? But then I wouldn’t get to read his reviews! If he truly needs a break, though, I’d be willing to help a monster out. I’m going to watch this stuff and write about it anyway — much to my thesis supervisor’s annoyance, since what I’m SUPPOSED to be writing about is “Geochemical and geochronological investigation of the Paleozoic basement of Quesnellia.” Shhhhshhhhshhhhh….

  25. Please….may I vote for Condorman?
    I recall one lame premise of SIII re: “pennies add up.”

    Yay, for Akemi to call it!

  26. I still think you should screen Super Fuzz (1980). Here’s the trailer:

    This guy has actual superpowers, not just gadgets. And the trailer’s pretty hilarious. And, you know, you’ll feel you haven’t done proper justice to the superhero film canon if you skip over this one. (Timeline-wise, its proper place is right now, after Superman II and before Condorman.) Cookie would love it! 😉

  27. Tell Cookie there’s more Glutino Lemon Wafers for him if he’ll be kind to the lovely and talented Ms. O’Toole in his review. 😉

  28. @Kathode – I just watched the first 20 minutes of SuperFuzz on Youtube. *shudders*

    It’s beyond awful, but hey the music is groovy!!

    1. @gforce – No, no! Say it isn’t so! I used to really LOVE that movie when I was a kid! I think I probably watched parts of it at least once a month for a while there, as HBO seemed to run it on a continuous loop through most of 1982.

  29. @Das:

    Thank you for the condolences. I haven’t spun into depression, just sadness, but I fear for my friend’s brother. This is the first close family member he has lost. He (the surviving brother) is also a friend. So, I’ll be heading out to Maryland next Tuesday to be with him and his family and to help memorialize his brother.

    I know what you mean about how death arrives… I was 23 when my dad died from kidney cancer. Even though it took two years to kill him, I wasn’t really prepared and it hit me very hard. It took me another 3 years to really deal with it and even now, at 46, I still get choked up going to his grave.

    So sorry to read about your friend. It shows his great love that he died saving his wife. He must have been a great friend.


    Thanks for the condolences too. Hopefully next week I’ll be ready to participate in the Superhero movie (whichever one it is).

  30. BTW…my daughter also decorated all the bananas this morning (with faces, sunglasses, and leather jackets).

    Must be decorate a banana week…

  31. I know, I’m late, and skipping the other comments because I’m short on time. I think Cookie might need a break from Superman, and while Condorman isn’t a superhero movie, I loved it as a kid, and now my boys love it, so maybe I don’t want Cookie to touch it? 😉

    I’m having fun reading Cookie’s reviews, though. Maybe I should send him the bag of oreos I made for my husband the other day, or make some new ones for him and actually use egg instead of flax seed to get him all sugared up, couldn’t hurt, right?

    Can’t wait!

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