How did I miss this?  Apparently, the gang behind Refuel, Campagnolo, and Campagnolo Roma are poised to open a new restaurant (see, this is what I get for eating at home more).  Fat Dragon will be a “Chinese BBQ joint” that will be open for business…well, I’m not sure when exactly.  But for all the other details, check out the story here: DINER: Campagnolo Crew To Open “The Fat Dragon”, A Chinese BBQ Joint On The DTES : Scout Magazine and here:

Speaking of eating out – I went out for dinner last night with Rob, his wife, Toby, his wife, Ivon (flying solo on this evening), and Akemi.  We went to Don Francesco, one of a handful of reliable Italian restaurants that I can always depend on to get their pasta right – aka al dente. After being let down by one of my Italian standby’s a couple of weeks ago, I was looking forward to a good plate of pasta – only to be let down yet again.  Akemi’s fettuccine was overcooked and my squash agnolotti so strong of garlic (and you’re talking to an Italian who loves his garlic) that I had to triple brush my teeth and break out the mouthwash as soon as I got home.  The spaghetti carbonara was good but, alas, not enough to redeem a disappointing meal.

Not feeling 100% today and yet, despite being a little under the weather, I managed to hit the 80 page mark of my horror script.  As I told Ivon, I just need a couple of more scares, maybe another grisly demise, and it’ll be smoooooth sailing.  That end of February deadline looking very doable.

A gentle reminder that our Superfilm of the Week discussion group convenes tomorrow when our guest blogger, Cookie Monster, weighs in on this week’s selection: Superman II!

26 thoughts on “February 19, 2012: Fat Dragon!

  1. Can you say a little about what your horror script is about? Did you say this is for a movie? Or a book? If it is a movie about teens and lots of blood letting, then I bet SyFy channel would be interested. I personally like the creepy, what was that noise?, kind of book.

    Will you be writing any more editions of Dark Matter, or is it strictly pre TV show material?

    Hope you get to feeling better. Rest!

  2. Feel better Joe gonna watch superman 2 so I can refresh my self for the discussion.looking forward to it.

  3. I’ve started to get a sinking feeling in my stomach every time you say “smooth sailing.” Sorry your Italian restaurant was a disappointment. I hope you feel better!

    Have you read “Ready Player One“? You should. I think you would like it.

    @das: I came. I saw. I googled. Yowzah! Eye candy indeed.

  4. Not sure if you are into coffee or not, but you should check out Matchstick. It’s a new place on Kingsway and it’s a beautiful space and they are working on setting up their own roasting. Definitely worth a look.

  5. Joey, a serious question…

    When you eat a nice garlicky Italian meal, do you drink wine with it, too? I find that the wine makes even the most garlic-laden meal a true delight.

    I eat a lot of garlic – as in, I will eat whole raw cloves without blinking – and never feel a need to rush to the toothbrush and mouthwash solely because of said garlic. My viewpoint? Garlic breath is a hellava lot better than some other options out there – like tobacco breath, stale morning after beer breath, methmouth breath, gum disease breath, ‘I’ve got a dead fish rotting in my gut’ breath, and the worst, ‘I just ate a steamy pile of dog shit’ breath. I think i’ve had the misfortune of smelling all of those on other people over the years, and I’ll take garlic breath anyday!

    However, there are ways of getting rid of garlic breath if it really bothers you. Eating parsley with or right after eating garlic will help. Lemon supposedly helps, too. And, of course, the brushing and the rinsing. Thing is, I never quite understood why garlic breath is so offensive to people…unless…unless they’re all vampires… hmmmmmmmm…


  6. Wait. Is the dragon fat, or pregnant? It looks pregnant to me. If it is, do you really wish to dine in such a fertile environment? 😉


  7. I have recently become obsessed with spaghetti squash, using it instead of pasta. As a diabetic, I have to limit carbs. Spaghetti squash has such a subtle taste & al dente texture, it makes a perfect substitute. Added bonus-42 calories per cujp & loaded with betacarotene & fiber

  8. Hope you’re feeling better now, Joe. I can imagine that for a foodie such as yourself, disappointing meals must be a big let-down.

    Have a great day!!!

  9. Hmmm…that Fat Dragon looks like it might be good. I love Chinese food! 🙂 Joe…I hope you will venture in there when it opens, and let us know how it is. 😉

  10. @Das: ‘I just ate a steamy pile of dog shit’ breath. I think i’ve had the misfortune of smelling all of those on other people over the years…

    Do tell, who ate that? 😉

  11. @ Deni – I have this friend…nice lady…but man, o man…doggy do breath from three feet away. 😛

    @ Tam Dixon – Yup, I’ve had roasted garlic, and it’s yummy. Thanks for the recipe, though – I’ve never actually roasted it myself. And yes, garlic does have good medicinal benefits, and – just between me and you – it can also help you POOP! 😀 Now, that’s just between me and yo…DOH!



  12. Joe, hope you feel better soon. 🙂

    Melinda Ward, thanks for writing! I’ve been meaning to ask around for spaghetti squash recipes. We’ve already made the regular spaghetti, swapping the squash for the pasta. What else tastes good using spaghetti squash? We’ve got one more squash to use soon.

  13. Got Supes 2 in the player, just a few errands before I sit down and watch it. Hope whatever has you feeling less than 100% leaves quickly. Can’t say I’ve ever eaten something that garlicky. If the taste is that strong, I simply pass. And while I’m no Das, to munch on them whole, I rather do like them.
    Off on said errands and do look forward to Cookie Monster’s take.

  14. Re: Roasted Garlic. I sometimes use white wine in place of the broth, sprinkle on a little thyme and add a bay leaf. Make sure you cover it well so the garlic sort of steams and softens as it bakes.

    If you’re in a hurry and just need a little, break off a few cloves, drizzle with olive oil and bake covered for about 15 minutes. I like to roast my garlic when I make garlic bread, then mash it with the butter and spread it on french bread.

    @das: the various bad breath images – eeeewwwww.

  15. I’m a little ADD today. Wanted to post my condolences to JeffW for the loss of his friend.

  16. @Melinda.. ditto beckett’s note. I have tried spaghetti squash and made it horribly. Please share some recipe/instructions.

    Sorry your food wasn’t good. No excuse for that. At least you have Fat Dragon to look forward to!

  17. @das
    “Thing is, I never quite understood why garlic breath is so offensive to people…unless…unless they’re all vampires… hmmmmmmmm…”

    Perhaps it’s not that garlic is so offensive, perhaps they simply don’t like the smell. Or they really are vampires 🙂

  18. @Tam Dixon:

    Thanks for the condolences. Still more questions than answers…it’s all going to take time.


    I hope you’re feeling better…maybe it’s the winter blahs. Are you taking any vitamin D? Barb keeps after me on all this vitamin stuff (thanks honey).

  19. Re:spaghetti squash. I just hack one in half, scoop out the seeds, wrap in plastic wrap, & microwave 10-13 mins, depending on the size. Leave it till it cools enough to handle. Unwrap & take a fork and scrape, scrape, scrape. It naturally breaks up into spaghetti-like strands. Then-whatever you like to do with spaghetti! I’ve put it in veg soup, chili, & spag sauce. I’ve also used it as a base for roasted peppers, onions, zuchinni, & chicken. The last thing I tried was simply topping with garlic, parm & fresh basil. Experiment and everybody enjoy!

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