When time for Monster to sit down and watch Superman movie, he select Speshul Edition because, letz face it, me very speshul.  But monster not realize dat “speshul edition” over two and a half hours long!  When Monster realize, he run back to video store to exchange. But too late.  Already closed.  And it only two p.m.!  Monster suspekt dat when someone stoopid enuf to rent speshul edition of any movie, video store close up shop and get out while da getting is good. Suspishuns confirmed by sounds of staff giggling inside when Monster shout thru door: “If me can’t exchange, me have to watch one hundred and fifty-one minutes of dis movie!  Pleaze have mercy on Monster!!!” But no mercy.  No pity.  Only 1978 Superman Speshul Edition.

Last Tango on Krypton

Dey say “Imitashun sincerest form of flattery”.  If true, den dis movie’s opening credit seekwence blow smoke up Stars Wars ass.  Also muzik VERY flattering too.  Den movie start in a galaxy far away…  Marlon Brando (dis before he train to become sumo)  is scientist on world where everyting pointy and made out of crystal, even livingroom ferniture.    He predikt planet, Kripton, going to blow up.  But FIRST have to set up movie seekwel, so sentence tree criminals to space jail. One man charged wit violenz!  Another man charged wih treazon!  And woman charged wit most heinus crime of all: being man-hater! Criminals sent to flippy-mirror-prison and, with dat out of way, we get back to movie.  And Kripton blow up.  Not sure why other scientists not see it coming.  Dat supernova sun look awful close…

But, good newz!  Marlon Brando charakter (Klorox) send baby away in spiky spaceship (mebbe spikies good protektion against space squid attack) in nick of time.  Spaceship fly for tree years and crashland on Earth where is found by couple.  Dey find abandoned baby and do responsuble ting: keep it for demselves.

Local yokels discover space baby!

Ateteen years later, baby is grown up boy: Clark Kent.  He bullied but have special powerz.  Very strong, very fast, and very stoopid.  So stoopid, in fakt, dat he run superfast right beside train full of people. Lucky for him only person who bother look out window is little girl named…wait for it….Lois! And no one really interested in what she have to say anyway.  Clark go home and have heart to heart talk with dad. Den, he say to dad: “Run!”.  Dad tink dis is good idea…but have sekond toughts when keel over ded.  Nice going, Clark.  Smooth move ex (ray vizion) lax!

After funeral, Clark decide he going to go away.  North!  He go and, at first, monster tink he go too far when he hit icebergz.  But Clark pull out crystal and trow it into ice and from crystal grow beautiful crystal Fourdress of Saltitude.  And den Superman appear in costume.  And dis fifty minutes into movie!  Slow build but not bad so far.

Clark Kent = nerdtastic!

Up to dis point, Monster tink movie okay.  Some parts not make sense, some a little silly, but not bad.  Den, we go to Metropolis and wheelz fall off.  It as if people who made first fifty minutes of movie fired and replaced by people embarrassed to be making superhero film.  We introduced to reporter Lois Lane who can’t spell “bludletting” or “massakre” and spell “raypist” wit two “p’s”.   Ho ho ho.  Clark Kent a news reporter, but he suddenly so klutzy and not know how to use revolving door.  Ho ho ho.  Bad guy Lex Luthor suppose to be smart but hire dum henchman (Ned Beatty who me sure now really regret dis role) dat wear pork pie hat and loud tie and get fingerz stepped on.  Ho ho ho!  Suddenly, completely different movie!  WAT DA FUDGEOO?!!!

Nyuk nyuk nyuk!

At Daily Planet, accident happen!  Helicopter wit Lois (who sound like she smoke six packs of cigarette a day) inside hang off building. Stoopid people gather direktly underneath to watch.  Unfortunately, Superman fly in and keep helicopter from falling on dem – and save Lois Lane.  Wooooooooooooo.  Loooooooooove!  Den Superman go off and help other people, help plane land, and get off cheezy one-liner when bad guy hit him wit rubber tire iron – BOIIIIING = “Good vibrashuns?”  Ho ho ho!  At dis point, Monster really regret he agree to do dese reviewz.  Only good part in “rescue montage” come when Superman help little girl get cat down from tree.  After Superman fly away, girl run inside and say: “Man flew down from sky and rescue Frisky!”.  Mom: “How many time I tell you not to lie!”  And den – SMACK of mom hitting little girl.  Ho ho ho!

Lois Lame.

Superman show up at Lois Lane apartment for interview, look at her pink underwear, reveal weakness to lead, den fly her around town.

Lex Luthor = stoopidest criminal mastermind ever!

Meanwhile, Lex Luthor figure out dat Superman is allergik to piece of his old planet.  How he figure dis out and why Superman would be allergik never explained but, at dis point, everybody, including movie’s producers, want to get it over wit as soon as possible so nobody want to slow tings down by asking questions.  Also at dis point, Cookie self-medikating.  He dip oreos in nyquil to make movie hurt less.

Bad guys in stupid disguise.  Twice.  Get access to nooclear missiles and fiddle wit dem.  Twice!  J.R. Ewing (aka Major Nelson) make cameo.  Luthor lure Superman into bad guy lair and sink him in pool wit kriptonite necklace, den conveniently leave so dat sad woman can free him.  Superman stop one missile but other one blow up. Earthquake!  Monster not recognize Jimmy Olsen witout dorky bow tie but Superman does and save him.  Superman fly under Earth and thru mole men tunnels to stop faultline from collapse.  But too late to save Lois.  She ded.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Well, whaddya gonna do? How about fly so fast around planet dat Earth rotate opposite way? Yeah?  And?  Oh, you not realize dat when Earth rotate opposite way, it turn back time?  So he can save Lois?

Great!  Now whenever Monster watch another Superman movie, he not have to be worried.  All  Superman have to do is spin planet backwardz and undo everyting!  Somebody die?  No problem.  Spin Earth backwardz!  Someting damaged?  Spin Earth backwardz!  Forget to tape Two Broke Girlz?  Spin Earth backwardz!  Whew!  Now monster not have to worry about anyting like drama and suspense ever again when watch Superman seekwels.  Wat a relief!

Final Verdikt:  Last week Batman goofy but smart and fun.  Dis movie goofy stupid want-to-punch-someone stinker.  Monster wish HE could fly around planet and turn back time so he can unsee dis movie.Superman go from okay first fifty minutes to bad to worse to terrible, den keep right on going past stupid painful into braindead vomit-so-hard-Monster-can’t-feel-his-eyeballs terminus.

Rating: 4 out of 10 chocolate chippee cookies for first 50 minutes +  -2 out of 10 chocolate chippee cookies for rest of movie = 2 out of 10 chocolate chippee cookies.

Pleaze diskuss.

SuperMovie of Week Klub take break for next two weeks.  Me need time to recover from dis supershitfest.  Also, while Joe in Tokyo, monster have to manage his casino in Macau and mail-order-bride biznesses.

SuperMovie of Week Klub return Monday, Febuary 13 wit Hero at Large…

Hoo boy.  Look not good!

Finally, Joe ask me to continue preview of Dark Matter #2, second issue of SF comik book series dat come out Febuary 8!  First tree pages from gang at CBR ( Comic Book Resources):

53 thoughts on “January 23, 2012: The SuperMovie of the Week Club! Cookie Monster Reviews Superman: The Movie (1978)! Our continuing preview of Dark Matter #2!

  1. Honestly…I thought the later TV series was better than any of the movies or the early TV show. Can’t remember how long Lois & Clark was on…but the cast was perfect. You were braver than me…I did NOT rent the movie.zit is permanently stuck in my head. Cookie is not likely to shake that one anytime soon.

  2. Where I needed medication was during the Lois date-flight-teenage-girl-crush poem recital….how did I not remember this was in there?!?

    My memory loss must have been some sort of teenage protection mechanism.

    The other beef I had (and this goes for a lot of the superhero movies) was that some of the stunts just aren’t realistic, like when Superman lifts a whole car by the bumper without any bending or damage to the bumper. Okay, I know that some suspension of unbelief is required, but still, I’m an engineer…I understand bending loads. (And I agree with you Joe, “three shots disintegrates” is kind of silly…sorry Brad 😉 )

    There’s more I could go into, but that’s probably enough for now…

  3. I remember watching that movie when I was younger—so much so that I couldn’t watch it again. Sorry. Agree with everything you said, Cookie Monster.

    Have a good night, Joe. Hopefully, you can help Cookie Monster recover.

  4. I saw this as a young teen. I remember liking it then and that’s just the way it’s going to stay. I can’t watch it again and ruin those memories. Stuff like this just isn’t as good once you are an adult.

  5. 😆

    I read this over the phone to my sister – she lol’d through the whole thing! Joey, your Monster is brilliant! 😀


  6. I seem to recall one of the Superman movies changed directors in mid-stream, and I think it was this one.

    The John Williams soundtrack was probably the best thing about the movie. I think it was the second movie soundtrack I bought with my own money. The first was another John Williams soundtrack, “Star Wars”.

  7. Hey, Cookie!

    Totally agree with your review… the whole ‘turn back time’ plot seemed like a quickie band-aid to a sorry storyline that was going downhill fast. It felt like they had to kill Lois in an attempt of shock & awe to keep people from leaving the theaters but there was no way DC would let them get away with keeping Lois Lane dead during that era of comics so they had to find a way of getting out of the corner they painted themselves in. Why wouldn’t Supes go back a little further to save Pa Kent? Or even farther to find a way to pre-warn the people of Krypton of their impending doom? Or even to save the dinosaurs! Total sell out of what should have been a good movie. You’re right, it did seem like different writers came in at various parts of the movie… no cohesiveness. With all that said, Christopher Reeve was a great Superman/Clark Kent… the writing of the character was pretty awful, but he came across giving the character some heart, warmth, and integrity.

    Who do you think makes for a better Lex Luthor, Gene Hackman or Kevin Spacey?

  8. I’m embarrassed to say I liked this movie when it came out. Clark was classically handsome, and the Lois rescue scene hit all my hurt/comfort buttons. And yeah, it creates a big problem for future movies that he can turn back time… An too-convenient plot device that has to be dispensed with asap, sort of like the Asgard beam and the sub-cutaneous transmitters. 🙂

  9. My mom never liked the actress who portrayed Louis; I thought who cares. It’s a movie. Well I began to thinks the reason women like Superman is the same they like horses. Sorry C. Monster, but I am in a fowl mood. I never understood Klark’s sudden trip the north that would make Will Seeger jealous. But as you said there were many holes in the movie. Where did Tango get those workers to build the ice complex in the North? I doubt they were Teamsters? I think what the movie needed was more cowbell. I loved John Ritter’s appearances on Scrubs and News Radio. Hope Joe had a great trip and brings back for you some special Japanese confections.

  10. I suggest warning Cookie that anything with “director’s cut” is sure to be worse and longer than any “special edition.”

    In regards to the movie, I think that since Lois Lane as a character was first developed in the late thirties that she was shaded with the prevalent view of women’s societal role at the time. The critical failure is that somehow the movies, in nearly every incarnation, fail to fundamentally update or redevelop her into a current context. She is always stupidly reckless, never has an ounce of sense, and is invariably helpless when things get heated, which means she will always be painful for a modern viewer to watch.

    Hopefully Cookie slept off his oreo/nyquil hangover, though if Hero At Large is the next on the list he may need to hit the hard stuff. Milano cookies battered in Oxycodone and deep fried may do the trick.

  11. Aw, Narelle… I wanted to remain anonymous. {{{{Hugs}}}}
    (I only told her because I didn’t want her family to worry that some stranger had done it. 🙂 Have heard many people say that the stories in online guest books are incredibly healing for the family.)

    Just know that many, many of us here, silently and each in their own way, are behind you as you walk through this “valley of the shadow.”

    Joe, the same is true for you and Akemi, when that day comes. We love ya, and Maximus, too.

    * * * * *

    Have been scarce on the blog because I’m trying to change my sleep schedule. It’s not easy, but totally worth it. Am switching shifts at work, from going in at 6 p.m. to going in 6 a.m. This night owl has to become an early bird, fast! 😀 Any pointers?

    Am praying for many folks, though you haven’t heard from me. Deni, I woke up in the night the other night, praying for Elway. Is he okay now?

    Hugs for Cookie Monster! “He’s so crazy!” Love his movie reviews. And he maybe gets away with saying stuff that Joe wouldn’t. 🙂

  12. This raises an interesting question: does turning Earth backwards also move time backward in the rest of the Universe?

    Huh. I guess time travel is a lot less complex than I thought it was. 😉

  13. Joe you have a wicked sense of humor! Who needs to watch the movie again when you have Cookie Monster to review it. I remember this movie. Mostly the first part, then, not so much the second half or how it ended. Now I remember why. Cookie Monster you are very speshul! Love the, “Dis movie goofy stupid want-to-punch-someone stinker.” 😆 Does that mean you want to kick someone in the ass?! You are too funny Joe!

  14. OMG! “Superman: The Movie” was an American icon when I was a kid. I must’ve seen the movie a gazillion times. As cheesy as it was…it’s still a classic. 🙂 I do remember the beginning…and how chilling it was at the time. I remember as a kid I used to have nightmares about the planet blowing up.

  15. Another great review, Cookie! I felt exactly the same about the two movies in one. The first section seemed broad and even epic (if a little slow) sometimes. I especially like the scenes with Kent and his Earth-mom standing in the field just as he was telling her he was leaving. Those were some beautiful shots.

    And then the rest happened. As mentioned above, I do think Christopher Reeve’s (rest his soul) bringing a certain warm-heartedness to the role made the scenes he was in seem a little better than they really were. Poor Gene Hackman must have been embarrassed at playing what was supposed to be a super villain able to best Superman, instead as an ineffective farce.

    And then the time travel thing – I remember even at the time this being a sore point. Just a terrible decision. And then the ending just felt like they decided, “Hey, we’re done!” and it just kind of… stopped.

    However, I always did and still do love the soundtrack. John Williams could really crank out the memorable music themes. And it really fit that first 50 minutes. I’ll be whistling that one all week!

    So, thanks again Cookie – even when these are terrible they’re fun. Tell Joe to have a good time in Tokyo. And, one more thing – um, what’s the address for that mail order bride thing??

  16. The best thing about this movie…Chris Reeves as Superman.

    The worst thing about his movie…this version of Lex Luther who comes off as more of a con-man/used care salesman and not the bad-ass who nearly killed Superman, Kevin Spacey’s version.

    It’s got faults, but I love it.

  17. I was very young when I saw this movie. I was entertained for a lot of it. Flying around a big city was quality entertainment compared to what my usual entertainment choices were (not counting Sesame Street and Little House and family spelling bees when the power went out, of course).

    But Cookie, you’ve worked around pre-schoolers. You know how easy it is to convince tikes of outlandish things. You even had yourself believing you wouldn’t eat the letter of the day. But those plot holes, I just couldn’t believe them. So many fairies died because little girls like me couldn’t believe the arrogant plot holes in this movie.

    I need to go back and watch the movie as a not-four-year-old.


    *clears throat* Hellboy II is The Awesome. I promise with sprinkles on top.

  18. “You’ll believe a man can fly”. Was that their poster? Billions of writers across the world have to scrap their screenplays because they can’t identify the poster-worthy moment and they get away with that? Now I’m mad.

  19. I’m another person who, at that time, was enthralled by “a real science fiction” movie that was not as hokey as the TV series. And after that admission, have to say that there were those parts that I had to make the leap of faith that this was science fiction and anything they did would solve the problem. Of course now – to watch it again. Cookie is spot on as usual. But, Chrisopher Reeves is eye candy and looked so much better in his Superman suit than George Reeves. And, George was good looking as well.

    Of course we have been spoiled rotten by real real sci fi and all the background stuff we get from Joe.

  20. Hahahaha! Great Review!!! Have you ever thought about doing a movie review show? A real honest review show like you do with Cookie Monster, not the crap that claims to review movies only to give us a thumbs down or a thumbs up and expect us to know whether or not the movie is good.

    PS: Ever thought about setting up a get together of blog regulars in Vancouver? Maybe with some world famous SG stars on the side as a bonus?

    Seeing as you keep talking about your home theatre system, any chance you might share some specs as I’m sure I’m not the only geek around here wondering what kind of system the Great Joe Mallozzi has installed 🙂

  21. Poor Cookie. You had to sit through another bad one, didn’t you? Just know that we were there with you grimacing at every weak plot point and every contrived resolution.
    On the positive side,I think I finally found the blessing of approaching my twilight years – with approaching senility, I’m bound to forget watching this silly nonsense.

  22. Cookie Monster, I’m going to miss your hiatus for the next couple of weeks. Recover well. Maybe watch some of those Two Broke Girls episodes…

  23. We live in a privaledged time when it comes to superhero movies. Without giving him too much credit, Tim Burton kinda helped start the new style SH movie: dark, not always funny, and not necessarily meant for kids to watch. The other phenomena that has disappeared from movies since the late eighties is there seems to be a loss of innocence. J.J. Abrams tried to bring t back with Super 8, but I feel it kinda fell flat. I think it proves formulaic doesn’t always equal, well, anything. I think he was going for a Goonies vibe, but fell well short. Honestly, the movie that comes closest to having some degree of innocence to it in the recent years that I’ve seen is Benchwarmers. Silly, funny, and I wouldn’t mind showing it to my 11 year old nephew. I wouldn’t want him to see any of the Dark Knight trilogy, yet. They’re great, but they’re a little heavy. In due time…

    I would definitely let him watch either of the first two of the Christopher Reeves Superman movies. Were there 4 movies? I seem to forget the last two… The original Star Wars trilogy also has that innocence factor. Even the original three Indiana Jones movies, I’d consider good movies for him to watch. That’s the age(and even younger in some cases) that I watched most of those movies, including that Hero at Large movie. I think I liked that movie a lot because it reminded me a lot of that Real American Hero tv show. We’re getting into an era of movies and movie making that I grew up with and it’s going to be hard for me to look at them through adult eyes and really scrutinize them instead of just remembering them fondly.

    I dunno, I’m rambling I guess. But in reality, It was a different time in movie making, and Superman reflects that perfectly. Except for Donner’s cut, it made me sad. Maybe I should hold my tongue these next few movies…

    Maybe not. 😉

  24. I just took a break from learning thermodynamics and read this:

    “[…] Helicopter wit Lois (who sound like she smoke six packs of cigarette a day) inside hang off building. Stoopid people gather direktly underneath to watch. Unfortunately, Superman fly in and keep helicopter from falling on dem […]”

    I’m still laughing. You made my day Cookie Monster, thank you! 😀

  25. I 1st seen this as a youngster, most probably at x-mas time. This 2nd viewing dashed all the fond memories I had of his movie, I thought, like you cookie that the 1st 50 mins was setting the tone for the rest of the movie and then bam! Lex Luthers dumbass underling rears his head and this does set the tone for the rest of the movie. I found myself wanting to switch it off and remember the rest.

    I do want to make a special note of the freaky running beside the train scene.

    I also condone the beating of the little cat girl, someone has to pay for this movie, right?

  26. Dear Cookie Monster,
    I love your reviews. Thank you for enduring this “goofy stupid want-to-punch-someone stinker” on our behalf. Enjoy your break while Joe is in Tokyo–you’ve earned the time off.

  27. I love Cookie Monster’s reviews! This almost makes me want to watch this movie again. Almost…
    This movie came out when I was nine years old and the line wrapped around the theater twice; that was the most memorable part of the movie for me. I watched it again in High School and thought it sucked.
    I’ve loved comic books most of my life, but unless he’s with the Justice League, where good characters can water him down a bit, I can’t stand Superman. He’s way too perfect and too powerful.

    Thanks for the Dark Matter previews, looking forward to issue 2.

  28. @for the love of Beckett: Funny, I’ve been waking up at night (20 x a night) because of Elway, too! Thank you for your prayers, they are very much appreciated! He’s doing better, although he seems to be having a few partial seizures now. They’re not the big, horrible things he usually has, but still scary. Hopefully, this too shall pass. Quickly. 🙂

  29. JeffW: Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cheesecake? Sounds heavenly.
    Have you seen Coolio on Rachael vs. Guy? I may look into buying Coolio’s cookbook. L.D.P. needs to get a cookbook out too!

    When Superman came out in the theaters, I loved it! Of course, I was a teenager and there weren’t many Sci-fi fantasy films out there at that time. it is fun to re-watch some of the older shows. Have you seen any of old Star Treks recently? Very fun!

    Cookie Monster’s rating system is hilarious! I have a friend who’s rating system is how many times he looks at his watch 😉 .

    for the love of Beckett: That was very sweet. Good luck on your new work schedule!

    RIP Christopher Reeve! So sad about his wife, Dana too 🙁 . I wonder how their son is doing?

    LisaR: I don’t know anyone that gets used to tornados. I’ve been considering building a tornado shelter but haven’t really researched it yet.

    1. @Tam Dixon: I just finished reading an article in our paper about how some communities don’t have tornado shelters–apparently no funding. It’s very sobering to think how close that tornado actually was to us.

  30. I still love when Lois flies with Clark but now I wonder why she isn’t frozen into a popsicle at that altitude.

    Who am I kidding, even the spoken word poetry can’t ruin the romantic flight date for me after all these years. I still crush on Christopher Reeves; don’t get me started about “Time After Time.”

    I read somewhere that this movie was produced by junior high school girls during a Andy Gibb concert sponsored by Teen Beat and Love’s Baby Soft Perfume.

  31. Okay, I watched it. I stand by my four-year-old perspective. You just gotta’ have fun where you can.

    They took screen time during an already tediously long opening to set-up their sequel. The arrogance!

  32. @ DP – I’m afeared Mr. Monster will be very harsh on Hellboy II, simply because his buddy Joey knows how much I adore Prince Nuada. *sigh* (Though I do look forward to his reaction when the ‘incestuous little bastard’ – as del Toro referred to him – gets flirty wit his sistah!) 🙂


  33. A very thoughtful review Mr. Monster. I enjoyed this Superman film when it first aired. Hokey, silly, yes, but I enjoyed it anyway.

    Day 5 of the New Cat Chronicles finds our duo finally accepting each other. After breakfast they actually shared nose to nose greetings! Basil understands Stash is not a handsome stranger passing through. Stash understands his place in the pecking order. No more growling or hissing behavior. Now they can grow their friendship and enjoy each other, which was the point.
    @ das While there wasn’t any pooping in shoes, Basil did toss a turd from her box onto the floor, a clear sign of resentment. I was careful to reassure her with affection all through this adventure. But that incident was way back on day 2. Now it’s smo-o-o-o-o-th sailing.

    Basil and Stash send kitty love to Max.

  34. It took me a while, Joe…it took me a while…but I finally found your reply to my olive question. Why did it take me so long? Well…have a look:

    Joe writes: “Joe, don’t you like olives?”

    Answer: Depends on the olives. I like those mild butter olives. Not a fan of sour at all.

    Yes, that is correct. Instead of ‘dasNdanger writes:’, you referred to me as…JOE. 😕 I don’t know whether to be flattered…or scared shitless. If YOU can’t tell us apart, who can??! 😮

    Well, I can. How? Because I loooooove olives. I’m surprised that you think they’re sour. I would say more on the bitter, salty side.

    So, by saying you’re not a fan of sour, does that mean (as I have long suspected) that you don’t like limes, lemons, and things flavored with such? I often prefer lemon and olive oil on my salads instead of vinegar, and lime is a must whenever I eat Mexican food. And nothing beats a squeeze or three of lemon in chicken soup. I love salt, though, and that helps mellow the sourness of lemon/lime, and I think lemon/lime helps to cut the salt. The two just compliment each other so well. So, how do you feel about salt?

    Since we’re on the subject, here’s a new picture of me! Pardon my appearance…I haven’t had breakfast yet…




  35. “den keep right on going past stupid painful into braindead vomit-so-hard-Monster-can’t-feel-his-eyeballs terminus.”

    That’s a fantastic put-down! 🙂

  36. Great review as usual!

    ” …How about fly so fast around planet dat Earth rotate opposite way? Yeah? And? Oh, you not realize dat when Earth rotate opposite way, it turn back time? So he can save Lois?… ”
    Yes, even when I watched it the first time, as a child, I didn’t buy it. Too easy and not logical. It has to make sense! It’s “science” fiction.

    Have a nice day.

  37. Joe, have you seen Star Wars Uncut: Directors cut?


    They broke episode 4 up into 500 15 second segments and crowd-sourced people to remake them. They compiled them into the whole 2 hour movie.

    Struck me as something you might appreciate, if not enjoy.

    Perhaps us regular readers can sneak one under MGMs radar, and do a few SG1 episodes. I’ll get started breaking up Scorched Earth.. 🙂

  38. @ 2cats – ACK!! Careful, CAREFUL!! You have uttered…uddered?….UTTERED…the Smooooth Sailing Incantation of DOOM! 😮 Beware, now, and be ever watchful for poop in your shoes…

    Also, if you’ve written a tv script, you will probably lose it now. Just ask Joey. 😉


  39. LisaR: Yes, I grew up in a place with no tornado shelters (Lewis County Tennessee). Basements in the south are not common, they usually flood but we had a basement we would run to in bad storms. Thank God that didn’t happen often because our basement was shin high in water most of the time. Basements in the South? Not a good idea.
    Occasionally we would see a house destroyed but it was the house trailers that got hit the most.

    Das: You are a hoot! Thanks for the laughs today.

  40. @ Michael Lutz – That Star Wars video is great! Watched the first 15 minutes, will have to watch the rest in bits and pieces, but totally loving it! 😆


  41. @ dasndanger – If your a fan of lemon chicken I just found this heavenly chicken and egg soup recipe that is pretty much liquid hollandaise sauce with rotisserie chicken, dill, and feta. I can send it along if you’re interested.

  42. @ dasndanger – or rather “you’re” instead of “your.” Grammar and 11 hour work days don’t mix.

  43. @Tam Dixon:

    JeffW: Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cheesecake? Sounds heavenly.
    Have you seen Coolio on Rachael vs. Guy? I may look into buying Coolio’s cookbook. L.D.P. needs to get a cookbook out too!

    I’ll post pictures on Flickr when I’m done 😉 , but I need to give advance warning…this will be the first time I try this recipe, so your results may vary. I’ll start sometime during the week of the Superbowl and post pics after that.

    I think I’ve caught about 5 seconds of “Rachael vs. Guy”, so I don’t really know anything about it…is it any good?

    I tend not to watch cooking shows (although I’ll probably make an exception in LDP’s case) because I can never seem to remember any of the techniques or tips unless I have them written down in front of me (must be something about pilots and checklists). For homemade recipes, I keep them on a network server in the home network and then access them using a tablet while I’m cooking. That way I can adjust the recipes to keep track of what works.


    @ dasndanger – If your a fan of lemon chicken I just found this heavenly chicken and egg soup recipe that is pretty much liquid hollandaise sauce with rotisserie chicken, dill, and feta. I can send it along if you’re interested.

    I’m interested! Can I pull a Horshack and go “oohh! oohh! oohh!” (waving hands)…

  44. @ JeffW – To the man in the back raising his hand, ask and you shall receive. The link. It’s super tasty, cheap, and freezes well. I like making one fancy meal on Sundays and freeze them for a week of lunches so that part has been thoroughly beta tested.

  45. @ antisocialbutterflie – Sure! Post the recipe here – Joey’s blog is turning into a foodie blog!

    @ LisaR – I have done absolutely zilch today. 😛 But I’m glad I made somebody laugh! I don’t think I’ve ever made Joey laugh. He’s one hard nut to crack. I’ve tried, but I imagine he reads my comments with a disapproving Church Lady smirk on his face…which, of course, just makes me misbehave even more! 😀


  46. Sorry cookie monster I disagree I give superman 8 out of 10 for being first major super hero summer movie Blockbuster but I have always had an issue with the fact that a super advanced race could not collectively predict that there sun was going supernova. But on a side note looking forward to Zack snyders Man Of Steel loved watchman hoping cookie monster will review it as well.

  47. I remember liking “Hero At Large” when I was a kid. But of course, I was a HUGE Jack Tripper fan and was primed to automatically love anything John Ritter was in. I’m kind of afraid to rewatch it now, for fear of tainting my fond memories of him and that film. But I’ll brave it, I think.

    Anyway, my suggestion for another superhero-of-the-week movie would be “Super Fuzz.” At least that’s what I think it was called. Lemme go check imdb…


    Okay, I’m back. Indeed, it WAS “Super Fuzz.” (1980) Here’s the plot: “Red powder from a nuclear explosion gives a police officer super powers as long as he doesn’t see anything red.” Doesn’t that sound awesome?!?

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