Well, another underwhelming weekend of football comes to a close. Exciting 49ers/Saints game aside, it was a mighty grim two days. With the exception of the Ravens, every team I was rooting for lost.  If Baltimore gets bounced next weekend, I won’t feel at all bad about missing the Superbowl while I’m in Tokyo.

Anyway, today, we gathered at Rob’s place…

Our affable host and chef mans the waffle maker and grill.

Halfway through the first game, Rob’s projector died on us.  Attempts to revive it proved futile so we all packed up and headed to my place for Game #2!

I woke Patrick up for this picture.
Akemi, the life of the party!

Tomorrow, I get back to work on that horror script (did I mention it was a horror script).  This afternoon, Ivon reminded me that I promised he’d have a first draft to read before I’m Tokyo-bound!


Julie Aloha writes: “Have you tried feeding Max oatmeal?”

Answer: I’ve tried feeding him everything in the refrigerator and pantry, from steak to sardines, oatmeal to ice cream.  Lately, he hasn’t been biting.  Sniffing but not biting.

chevron7 writes: “I emailed to let you know when I was visiting Vancouver to see if we could get a coffee because you seem to like meeting blog members and I wanted to meet you & get your signature on my Ivon book. I expected you might be busy, especially with Maximus being sick & Dark Matter, but you never replied to the email.”

Answer: Odd.  I don’t remember receiving an email.  I know that, around the time you were visiting Vancouver, I received an email from another visiting fans who I did meet up with (she was enroute to meet up with Sylvia in Hawaii).

chevron7 also writes: “I asked questions about Vancouver and the food trucks on the blog but you didn’t answer.” and “I chalked all that up to you being busy but when I was in Vancouver and broke my wrist and let everyone know, well you never wished me well, you never said anything.”

Answer: Sorry.  Although I do read every comment before approving them, sometimes I’m so overwhelmed with whatever is going on on the home or workfront that I may forget to respond or follow up.  Again, apologies.

michelle writes: “Do you think his MRI was really clear? He seemed to be hiding something when he said it was. Do you think he’ll become a full-on kingpin dealer next year? He needs cash again.”

Answer: Hmmmm.  I didn’t even consider those MRI results what with everything else going on, but that’s very interesting.  Especially considering the fact that we’re heading into the show’s final season.  Not sure where the show is headed next thought what with the deaths of so many major players.   Hey, have they announced a premiere date yet?

Monica writes: “I’ve tried over the last couple of days to get to thehttp://stargate.mgm.com website to grab a few photos for Michael Shanks’ official website. Have been there before, many times, but I’m finding now I get an ‘access denied’ message.”

Answer: Strange.  I’ll be heading to L.A. next week.  If the problem hasn’t been resolved by then, I’ll poke my head in to ask What’s Up?

Tam Dixon writes: “Those ube cakes look like chocolate. What are they made of?”

Answer: Ube = purple yam!

prof.madmax writes: “Worst ‘how come’ room experience on SG1 & SGA?”

Answer: Not sure what you mean.  We used to ask How Come? all the time.  Like: How come, when people are out of phase, they can walk through walls yet don’t fall through floors?

“…as showrunner, were you responsible for who did DVD commentary on SGU?”

Aswer: Nope.  Participation was voluntary and organized by the production office.

“ZATS-who created them? Why weren’t they used on SGA & SGU….why weren’t they ALWAYS used since potentially non-lethal??”

Answer: The zats were invited before Paul and I joined the show, presumably by either Brad or Jonathan.  While non-lethal, they were incredibly unwieldy.  Also, from a purely creative standpoint, the “one zat stuns” rule was cool, the “two zats kill” rule kind of silly, and the “three zats disintegrates” rule pretty dumb.

“Who owns what???? Does MGM own your writing on THEIR characters?”

Answer: MGM owns everything – the show and its associated characters.

“I see Willie Garson (SG-1 Martin Lloyd) on USA Network’s show White Collar playing Mozzie/Mr.C…identical, in MANY ways, to SG-1 Martin Lloyd….does MGM own him? What is the deal, side deals for intellectual property or just another ‘old boys network’?”

Answer: It’s funny but when we were shooting 200, my writing partner Paul noted that Willie, the actor, was very much Lloyd, the character he was playing.  I think what you saw on White Collar was simply Willie imbuing his characters with so much of himself.

21 thoughts on “January 15, 2012: Another football Sunday! Mailbag!

  1. Good luck Joe in los angeles if you don’t get the green light on a pilot let us know where to start writing the letters too.

  2. Hey, Joe!

    Will Cookie Monster be joining you on the Japan voyage, or will he be staying at your place house sitting, cleaning out the fridge, having all night movie marathons, etc.?

    Would love to hear Cookie’s take on travel tips to other countries!

  3. @Joe:

    With the exception of the Ravens, every team I was rooting for lost. If Baltimore gets bounced next weekend, I won’t feel at all bad about missing the Superbowl while I’m in Tokyo.

    I was happy for the Ravens win too, but it was a messy win, so that makes me concerned how they’ll do coming up against New England next week. Guess we’ll see…

  4. Hey Joe,

    It is wonderful that you still see Patrick. I love the new picture. Football is still does not hold any interest. Sports on TV (except Hockey) falls in the catagory of “Kill me NOW please!!”

    When our very loved Maizie died…just prior she stopped eating. Her favorite was pancakes. I would make them warm for her. Then one day…she watched me make them…curled up on my daughters lap and died. She wouldn’t eat. It was our intent to put her down before things got really bad. The vet made several mistakes. We should have trusted Maizie.

    You probably already have…but you should read the peom “Rainbow Bridge”.

    Best to you Joe,

  5. I read an older post mentioning you not being able to get a DVD or song? in Canada that is available in the US, and has been for some time.

    Why do the networks show some shows so much later in other countries? Doesn’t this make no sense in the age of online downloading?

    I can’t help but feel more people would be likely to actually watch the show if they all came out on the same day rather then a four days or a week, or month or year later.

    Or maybe I’m just being naive.

    Mike from Victoria

  6. The http://stargate.mgm.com site is working now, might have been down for maintenance?
    Did you ever try the cyproheptadine to help Maximus’ appetite? It really works amazingly fast and is utterly safe. It is an antihistamine. Though honestly, at some point you may have to decide if it is in his best interest to push food, I know even right how with my basenji not wanting to eat, it has made things so much better not having to force food into her.
    Do you get tired of traveling? Seems you are always heading somewhere!

  7. For Martin: it seems like you are going from city to city for your work. Which place do you enjoy the most and where would you like to live full-time? Do you enjoy working on different shows or would you rather be involved in a show for like 10 years like SG-1? What actor would you love to get to guest on your new show? My fav SGA episode is Duet. Was there any ad-libs going on or was it all as written? What episode was your fav to write? What did you enjoy most about being on set?

  8. Many thanks for the offer to help re: the MGM Stargate site, Joe. Much appreciated. I’ll drop another note by the end of the week and let you know if the prob still exists. Right now, Monday night in Aus, still denied access, the exact error message as follows:

    The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: http://stargate.mgm.com/

    Access Denied.

    Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact your service provider if you feel this is incorrect.

    Your cache administrator is webmaster.

    Generated Mon, 16 Jan 2012 09:06:29 GMT by localhost (squid/3.0.STABLE25)

    As you know the site has a wealth of fab material from all series, and right now we Aussies are feeling a little left out in the cold… and I know we’re downunder and all that, but come on…. *g*

    Thanks again!

    Bests always

  9. I’ve heard of Yams but it must be a Northern vegetable. Down South we have Sweet Potatoes instead.
    Max still hanging in there? How is Jelly?

  10. Two zats kill is only a problem because it shows what a finesse weapon the zat is that it has the ability to be less than lethal consistently at 1X, then a tad more juice kills. Being a finesse weapon wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for the three zats disintegrate rule. All the sudden finesse goes out the window.

  11. Thanks Joe, awwww *tacklehugs* I forgive you. I sent the email to your moorsyum address & have forwarded it to show you. Anyhoo I’m planning another trip this year, maybe May or June so I can see whales and bears and do one of the train trips, so maybe if we’re both in the same city at the same time we can try again.

    You’re making a horror movie with Ivon? Cool..when it comes time to beta-test it you should test it on James..he’s a hard man to scare.

    I don’t really have a lot of nails after the 49er game…sure was a great win. Next up Giants. That’s gonna be tough but I have faith.

    Cheers, Chev

  12. New incredible recommendation show for Joe (hey i was one of the first
    to recommend you Breaking Bad !) TRY BBC SHERLOCK ! You will scream
    of joy ! Only 3 episodes a year (only 2 seasons so far). Steven Moffat
    is one of the best writers on the planet! I dreamed of a tandem Malozzi/Moffat. Oh God what a chimera that would be lol 😉
    Anyhow, please try Sherlock, this is insanely good, actually better
    than Breaking Bad, though the awesomeness could be artificially
    generated by the quality concentrated in only 3 episodes a year.

    Benedict Cumberbatch is fantastic as Sherlock. Try it Joe, you won’t regret it.

  13. Mornin’, Joe…hope all is well with you and yours.

    Question for anyone out there: Hubby and I like Settlers of Catan, but we’re looking for a 2-player game from the same company. Has anyone played Entdecker (a seafarer/explorer game)?

    Question for Joe: Forgive me if I asked this one before, it’s been a while. 😉 Was the foodie Wraith (Shawn, as we like to call him) from Condemned based on either you, or Rob?


  14. Good Lord! That waffle sandwich looks scrumptious! I bet Rob’s an awesome cook! 🙂

    My NY Giants beat the Packers last night!!! 😀 They’re on their way to the Super Bowl! 😀 Now….if they can just just passed the 49ers. I have faith in my Giants! WTG Giants! 🙂

  15. Just wanted to brag on what I did! Had a great-nephew born this week so I bought several comics that were #1, had them put in plastic sleeves & will put them away till he’s 16. OF COURSE, I also added Dark Matter to the bunch. Last copy they had, as a matter of fact 🙂 . So, 16 years from now, you may hear from a new, grateful fan- Eli James Moore of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Who knows, your work may help pay some of his tuition! The re-sale will most certainly bring in more money than interest on a US savings bond!

  16. Hey Joe, thought this might be of interest to you (though I guess you might know about these), can’t recall seeing it mention in your blog so…*shrug*

    A dog rehabilitating using a watertreadmill.

    And here’s a cat on a diet “getting in shape”, she’s too fat and gotten a bad back and not moving around too much. http://www.adressa.no/tv/?id=18103
    That vid is where I first saw this. clever invention indeed.

  17. Well the local grocery stores here sell yams and sweet potatoes. They look the same to me except yams are bright orange inside and the sweet potatoes are a pale yellow. They don’t taste much different.

  18. I’m glad to see Maximus is eating again. My dog Nugget (Shih Tzu) stopped eating. I wound up force feeding him strawberry yogurt with a syringe. His personality changed. He would sit outside, sun or rain and shiver. I’d have to carry him inside.

    I tried different vets, blood tests, xrays, etc. He started eating again, a little bit, put some weight on, then stopped again. I tried force feeding him again. He started trying to bite me. In three days he went into convulsions. Finally, I let him go. We never found out what the problem was.
    I still can’t believe how sad it makes me, and its been years.
    I still miss him.


  19. Joe,
    Thanks SO much for answering my questions! You are such a class act, please keep on bloggin baby! Forgive me Eddie Kendricks!
    I just finished Batgirl & loved it! Wow, it took me back to my comic glory days-THANKS Joe
    No Dark Matter YET, the store said they would get it ….but CONGRATS
    Gero evaded bearding question on twitter and counterattacked my moustache, the fiend!
    Question for the bearded one…will you do more scifi writing? I enjoyed your SGA eps.
    The, how come” room was alluded to numerous times by Peter DeLuise(may be a director thing) in his commentaries.
    Question for Bryan Q. Miller(loved your work)did you write Batgirl in beats or in any form similar to a TV script?
    Same question Joe for Dark Matter.

  20. @Tam Dixon and Daralundy:

    I was raised on sweet potatoes and always found the yams too “stringy” for my taste. I haven’t had enough purple yams to know how stringy they are, but considering that my local super-market doesn’t seem to know the difference between yams and sweet potatoes, it may be a while before I find out.

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