“What are you talking about?  You can’t stop.  You have to continue until you die!”

– Akemi on the subject of my blog.

Well, in all fairness I’m not aware of any contractual obligation that requires me to continue blogging.  Strange to think that when I started this blog, back in November of 2006, it was with the simple aim of documenting an upcoming trip to Asia.  In those first few days, it would average some 12-15 daily visitors.  In later years, at its busiest, it was closer to 12 000.  The record was the almost 20 000 visitors who dropped in on the heels of the Stargate: Universe finale.

When I started this blog, I had not intention of continuing it past those initial two weeks in Hong Kong and Tokyo.  But, when I returned home, I decided to challenge myself.  Writers write, even when they don’t want to.  Hell, for most professional writers, that’s exactly when they do most of their best work.  So, I wanted to see how far I could push myself.  How long could I go without missing a daily update?

As it turned out, a pretty damn long time.  Yesterday, I posted my 1901st successive blog entry.  Not a bad run.  And since kicking things off back some 5 years ago, this blog has been visited well over 8 million times.  According to WordPress’s 2011 Annual Report:

The blog was viewed 1,900,000 times in 2011

In 2011, it welcomed visitors from as far away as Tunisia, Mauritius, Japan, India, New Zealand, and Guam.

The entries the received the most views in 2011 = 1) May 12, 2011: Stargate: Universe, Beyond Season 2! What Might Have Been!

2) June 12, 2010: Actress Julia Benson Answers Your Questions!

3) September 30, 2008: An AU Season 6!

4) September 29, 2009: Actor Brian J. Smith Answers Your Questions! Only Three Days to the Stargate: Universe Premiere!

5) September 5, 2009: Dinner with Ivon and Brian! Julia Benson! Braving the Tokyo subway system!

The Top 5 Most Active Commenters in 2011:

  dasNdanger #1 (roughly doubling second place.  Congrats!)

  Ponytail #2

  Tammy Dixon #3

  Randomness #4

  Lisa R #5

Talk about dedication!

It’s been a lot of fun.  And very satisfying.  And other times, frustrating, maddening, and disappointing.  But overall, it’s been an incredibly positive experience that will forever provide me with a detailed snapshot of memories and my mindset at a certain period in my life.  Also, some great friends and future book material.

Over the course of these 5+ years, I’ve both enjoyed myself immensely and come close to calling it quits several times, but what always kept me going was the desire to write, a commitment to my readers, and the very real possibility that, if I WERE to skip a day, you would all assume I was dead.

Well, an early alert should at least address the latter.

1902 is a rather ordinary number to end on and, while 2000 seems mighty daunting at this moment, I figure I’ve blogged for over 60 straight months.    What’s three more?

Who knows?  A lot can change in three months.  I may hit 2000 and suddenly feel revitalized.  Set my sights on 2500.  Maybe even 3000!  But in the event that doesn’t happen, then consider this advance warning.  This blog may end with its 2000th post. But I don’t want you guys worrying about me.

Speaking of writing, I did a little more work on the feature script.  It’s slow going but coming along nicely.  I hit the 7 page mark this morning and hope to have the first draft completed before I head to Tokyo.   The plan is to bounce it off both Paul and Ivon when I’m done, then work with both of them to produce a 2 minute trailer we can use as a calling card to shop the project.

Speaking of Paul, I got a call from him last night.  He has an idea for a terrific series that, if the timing is right, would be perfect for 2013.  We discussed the basic premise and series pilot.  He’s going to give it some more thought and then we’ll convene at some point and start breaking the first script.

Speaking of calls, I fielded one from my agent today.  Look like Paul and I are L.A.-bound next week to pitch Dark Matter to some interested parties.  The plan, as you all know, is to use the comic book series as a springboard to a television series (or mini-series).  I will, of course, keep you posted on our progress.  In the meantime, why not pick up a copy of the first issue (Dark Matter #1) that hit the shelves yesterday.

Speaking of Dark Matter, here’s another interview I did for the series, this one with Patrick Hickey Jr. at Review Fix: http://wp.me/pVer6-6iU


114 thoughts on “January 12, 2012: This Blog

  1. Oh wow!! I made a list. Very very cool!!! I’ve thought about starting a blog for awhile for some of the same reasons–to be more disciplined about my writing. If I decide, I will let everyone know.

    Wish me luck tomorrow. Hubby and I are going to get AL drivers licenses and pay tags and taxes on the car. I’ve heard it’s a real ordeal (like as in all day). Glad we have someone to watch the kids.

    Have a great night and hope you’re feeling better!!!

  2. Well, if you quit this thing, I’d certainly understand, but I’d miss you, the dogs and all the lovely friends I’ve made on here. Don’t quit!

  3. Honestly, I don’t know how you’ve managed to find something to write about every day for as long as you have. I tend to manage about a post a month, if that.

    I’ve really enjoyed your posts on the various Stargate series, the food posts (restaurant and home-cooking), the posts about the dogs, and will continue to return to see what you’ve got for us next until you’re done. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  4. Woo-hoo my name is mentioned 🙂 .
    I finished Dark Matter today and LOVED it! It would make an awesome TV show. The only thing I didn’t like was the “to be continued”. When does the second one come out?
    Feeling better? I am! I swam a mile, did a one hour karate class and made a batch of cookies. I’m beat but the boys went to sparring class. So I can finally chill out.
    How are the pups?
    Also, a big Thankyou for doing the blog!

  5. 😳 I’m typing on the iPad (a.k.a. Spamochi) which I do find tedious. It makes a fun toy though.

  6. I’m with Akemi on this one. You have to blog until you die. I have you on my RSS feed (I don’t think that shows up as a view in WordPress, I could be wrong) – I first came here because of Stargate (and I still love the little bits you throw out about Stargate). Now I like the food posts best (although Akemi is cracking me up!).

  7. Joe,

    Please keep up the blogging. It’s a great insight into an excellent writing and all the behind the scenes things you have done are wonderful. Besides, if you do stop, you might find several hundred or thousand people out looking for you to make sure you are still ok. I know you like parties, but I don’t think even you have enough treats for that many folks.

  8. Oh, Joe. I have to say I don’t know how you do it everyday, coming up with interesting material (and you have the ability to make even uninteresting material interesting) and clever writing. I know I couldn’t do it. That said, I would truly miss your blog. I look forward to reading it every day, and there’s been many a time, especially in the last year, when it’s given me a laugh when I’ve been feeling kind of down.

    Wishing the best for you guys on your Dark Matter pitch!

  9. As much as I hope Akemi is right, if the blog is feeling like more of an obligation than a joy, it might be time to throttle back a bit and post less often.

    I’m one of the mostly silent lurkers of your blog that seldom comments, but I’d like to thank you for the window into the creative process and people behind shows like Stargate and Transporter that you have given us, as well as your life.

  10. Dear Joe,
    Please don’t go!
    It would be soooooooooo
    sad 🙁

    Loved Dark Matter, intriguing storyline and amazing graphics – I got the digital copy which has a zoom feature that zooms in on each frame and advances in order tap by tap, nice! I admit, I almost forgot the release date, but Mark Savela reminded us on Twitter! 🙂

    Well done, sir!

    – Julie

  11. Well, that’ll be a bummer, but frankly I’m surprised that anyone can blog that many consecutive days at all. I’m afraid I haven’t been commenting as much since SGA ended as I did before, but I have really enjoyed reading your blog, and it’ll be sad to see you stop. Although you could still blog occasionally, when you have something you’d especially like to share. And how would we send you a message if there’s something we want to tell/ask you (like if one of us gets a book published and wants to send you a free copy or something)?

  12. It seems like you’re going to be quite busy with projects so i understand the need to end the blog. You may want to consider turning it into a weekly or monthly update on new projects or something (if you didn’t already).

    i’ve only been reading for about a year, but have enjoyed your postings and those of the commenters.

    Anyways, i’ll be looking forward to all these TV/Movie projects in the coming years.

  13. Oh no! What would I (and all us blog followers) do without your weird food items, cooking adventures, restaurant reviews, updates about projects, and awesome adventures (oh, yeah, and Stargate stuff)??

    That being said, if you do leave the blog world, I wish you the best on future endeavors! And hopefully, we’ll see more of your writing in whatever form. 🙂

  14. I’m going to have to agree with Akemi. Not until you die. You’re as much a part of my morning routine as the first cup of coffee.

    Dark Matter is pretty freaking awesome! I could tell because I was pissed when the oh too short first issue was finished. Looking forward to the next!

    And for the record, the Dark Horse digital download app is great.

  15. Please, please, please don’t leave us in doubt of Maximus’ ultimate fate. I realize you have a right to private pain but you have also generously shared him with us. In the words of your chosen field – don’t leave a cliffhanger. We deserve to feel whatever happens. Thanks for everything

  16. Without words to express my sadness. Not news I was expecting, but then you have shared so much for so long I can understand the desire to break with the routine and move forward. You have been very kind and patient through the years. The absence of the blog will leave a void that I will no doubt fill with booze and comfort food. Damn.

  17. Though I rarely comment, I often stop by and read your blog. I can always count on finding something interesting… or funny… or heartfelt. Truly Joe, thank you for welcoming us all into your life, and for all your wonderful work, both on this blog and in your professional career. Know that I wish you, Akemi, and the pups the best!

    Here’s to the maybe-last eighty-eight!

  18. LEAVE THE BLOG???????????????????????????????????????????

    Joe, I had a really good friend die this week (sudden) and I attended her funeral yesterday. I am seriously depressed. I get my kidney biopsy results tomorrow and I’m out of denial–It is going to show something. As my nephrologist said you don’t have the stuff that has been showing up without there being something there. I’m bracing myself but hoping that it will be the lesser of the evils he listed. And then I read that you might not continue to blog. I know it may sound silly, but I feel like I’m being prepared for another death. You don’t have to write a lot each day. Hell, we’d be happy just to see pictures or a short paragraph about how your day went. It doesn’t have to be pithy or clever or anything you put thought into.

    We care about you and Akemi and all those sweet pups. I’m with Akemi on this matter.

    And I hope I was at least in your top 10 commenters.

  19. YAY Akemi, you tell him…but no dieing, please.

    Heya DUDE…
    No quitting, never give up, never surrender, it is your honor to serve, etc., etc., and a day without your blog is like a day without sunshine.

    Wait til DAS sees this post.

    Whatever you have to do…so be it. Loved every minute of it.
    Will save the last sob comments for IF…you do decide to stop.

  20. Oh,NO!, if you stop we (I)will miss you. but I can understand you have put a lot of time and energy to writing this blog every day and keeping us up to date on your life, and allowed us to share some of ours. Where will I get new ideas for good books to read and food to eat. well maybe if you have to you can be gentle and wean us off slowly. But we will cross that bridge and not wish for it any sooner.
    ~It certainly does sounds like your professional working/writing life is moving along at a fast pace. Be sure to get plenty of rest and take care of yourself. Hope you are feeling better. Good luck on the pitch.

  21. I’m one of those that found you with the cancellation of SGU. You’re the only blogger I’ve ever bothered with beyond one or two posts.

    Even with your talent as a writer i’m sure it’s quite time consuming doing this every singe day, so your dedication so far has been above and beyond anyone’s expectations I imagine.

    Whenever you decide to give it up I just want to use this opportunity to say thanks for the entertaining read and best wishes for the future for all of you. And when you do finally have to say goodbye to Max I hope you can take comfort in the much loved and pampered life you gave him.

    P.S I wish I could write half as well as you, it’s always been entertaining, if at times a little sad about Max.

  22. It turns out that although I THOUGHT I had pre-ordered Dark Matter, my order never went through. NOW I have it ordered. I may have to cover my eyes and go “LA LA LA I can’t hear you” when reading the blog until it comes.

    das has the most posts? What a surprise. 😉

    You’ve been doing this non-stop for 5 years? That’s a long time. I, for one, would miss you and the gang if you decide to call it quits. But I would understand if you need to take some time off. I’d be sad, but I would understand.

  23. You have become a part of my life. I am with Akemi, it is for life. 🙁 But if you are burning out, why not then do a weekly blog? Another 200 blogs to that 2000 point would give us almost 4 more years 🙂 Not as good as a daily, but at least a continuation.
    I realize the amount of work and commitment this takes and appreciate it. But I don’t want it to end. 🙁

  24. Oh my gosh!! I’m number 2?! Oh my gosh! I am shocked. I don’t know if I should be honored or horrified. I didn’t know you could track me!

    My Top Ten Reasons Why I’m #2

    10. Das talks too much! 🙂

    9. After a long day at work, I’m looking for mindless entertainment. 🙂

    8. Watching for news on the SGA reunion movie!

    7. I love Joe! (most days)

    6. I love reading all the comments and the people who come here!

    5. Logging in to see if Joe ate something he shouldn’t have!

    4. Breathlessly waiting on Joe’s next post!

    3. I love pestering Joe! (who doesn’t?)

    2. I love Jelly, Max, Bubba, and Lulu!

    1. I have no life!!!! 🙁

  25. Joe!

    I know its been forever since i posted but don’t scare me like that!! I thought you were leading up the fact that this would be your last entry. I have read this blog every day as part of my normal daily routine and would hate to lose the insights you share with all of us. That being said I can understand the stress writing a blog entry every day must be like for you and that can’t be easy to deal with.

    Here’s to however many more entries you decide to write.
    Thanks always,

  26. Joey, if you end the blog, then what would we do? Who would we be? *sniffle* You’re like…like…my bestest playmate since grade school!

    Of course…based on how many posts I’ve made, maybe I’d get a hellava lot more done during the day if you called it quits. 😛

    But I’ll still be very sad. 🙁


  27. Oh and also, I agree with Akemi…

    “You can’t stop. You have to continue until you die!”

    It’s you or me, honey!

  28. I may not post a lot, Joe, but I have to say I read each and every blog entry, and if for some reason I get behind, I make sure to read them in order. Your blog is a nice read, and I’d be sad to see it go. But you do what you have to do. If you do stop blogging every day, I hope you still blog once in a while and keep us all updated on your doings!

  29. First I find out Misfits is dropping Alisha and Simon, and now this! But thanks to that machine from Person of Interest nearly every move we make ends up on the internet so we’ll still have plenty of interesting Mallozzi and Co. news about shows and movies and interviews and books to come.

    I hope you can make it to 2000 but if you feel you’re gonna Karoshi then something in the mid 1900’s sounds fine too.

  30. If you decide to call a blogging halt come spring, you’ll be missed. I do hope you find yourself revitalized before then – where else can you hone your skills at writing cooking lessons, travelogues, restaurant reviews, dog stories, Muppet-style movie reviews and reflections on life in general? Though, if all your projects decide to bear fruit at once, you could find yourself swamped.

    Feature script, pitching Dark Matter, Paul has an idea for a series… Go Joe!!

  31. Since I started reading your blog a few short years ago, probably around season 8 of SG-1, when I “discovered” SG-1 after being quite busy with university, It’s something I look forward to reading every day.

    Since I decided to start working for myself instead of ‘the man’ or ‘the woman’, your blog and your writing style has given me alot of ideas in terms of marketing myself and my own website. I really admire how you’ve never taken an opportunity to ‘burn bridges’ here given the audience you have here, and the inevitable tensions that arise in your line of work behind the scenes.

    I haven’t started my own blog on my website yet. I’m thinking of doing it in February. I really can’t imagine a day that would go by where you don’t write an entry. But much like a television series, I guess all good things come to an end sometime. We can only hope we’ll still be able to access the blog as an archive, if only to take advantage of your culinary opinions and suggestions. Until that day though, I look forward to continuing to read your blog.


  32. Very sad to hear that you may be stopping the blog I am one of those people who discovered your blog after the news of sgu to get any news on the show and since then have come to love your blog I mean it seems kind of funny ive never met you I live in Arizona your in Canada but I feel like I’ve known you a long time as im sure as alot of other people will agree it will be hard and sad to see the blog go away but I would like you to consider Facebook for the occasional update on you akemi your furry friend and the career thanks Joe for.all.that you give us through this blog

  33. I’ve enjoyed your blog immensely for all these years. I, for one, do not wish to see it end – ever! Where will I get foodie updates? Pithy book reviews? Occasional insider comments about the television industry?

  34. Hey Joe, I’d be happy to volunteer to be your PR Guru and run a Joe Mallozzi Official Fan Site. 😉 It’d be awesome. That way, your devoted fans could stay up-to-date on your upcoming projects, and you wouldn’t have to blog every single day! 😀 See? Works for everyone! 😀

    Seriously, I will miss you…er, I mean your blog…if you go away. But whatever works for you, Oh Awesome PTB!!!


  35. Joe, I agree with Akemi. You can’t stop blogging until you die. You have provided me with endless hours of entertainment and introductions to people I would never know about or care about. Where else can I get an update on Max and Jelly? see pictures of Akemi’s newest creations and your latest food outing? I have learned a lot through this blog and I want to learn more! ok, sure, I know writing takes a many hours and you have other things to do. sure, fine. whatever. Aren’t my needs important too? Just kidding…..seriously, I enjoy your blog and will continue reading as long as you write it. thanks.

  36. I am quite sad to even think that your great blog might come to an end! I came here initially for Stargate but stayed for your great writing and a look into Tv industry a bit and most importantly the on going story of your dogs and the PICS of your dogs even more.

    I agree with Akemi on your obligation for the blog.

  37. Hi Joe, I hope you will continue your blog past the 2000 posts. I would be happy to read you on a weekly basis or bi-monthly, to learn about your projects.

    Toi et l’équipe de producteurs écrivains que vous étiez, m’avez fait vivre de bon moment. Le genre de science fiction que j’aime. J’espère que vous aurez la chance de travailler sur des émissions tout aussi inspirantes.

  38. Thanks for the advance notice of the possible end. When the end does come, I hope we will graciously say thank you, reminisce, and have a farewell party. Until then, I’m going to keep reading. 🙂

  39. Joe,

    Although I’ll surely miss reading this blog should you decide to close up shop, I for one would respect your decision and commend you for your dedication the last 5 years. I’ve been reading your blog since 2007 and it blows my mind how you can produce interesting material day in and day out. I’m sure you’ve already thought of all different kinds of possibilities, like blogging only a few times per week instead of every day, or keeping the BOTM Club up and running. Any chance at something like that happening instead of completely shutting this place down?

  40. Hey, Joe!
    You may already know this, but DC announced that they are adding 5 new titles for the second wave of the new 52. The new titles are:

    -BATMAN INCORPORTED (Grant Morrison, presents a fresh take on BATMAN INCORPORATED, in which the Batman brand is franchised globally in preparation for a major international threat)

    -EARTH 2 (The greatest heroes on a parallel Earth, the Justice Society combats threats that will set them on a collision course with other worlds by James Robinson)

    -WORLDS’ FINEST (stranded on our world from a parallel reality, Huntress & Power Girl struggle to find their way back to Earth 2… w/ art by George Perez)

    -DIAL H (bold new take on a cult classic concept about the psychological effects on an everyman who accidentally gains powers to become a hero.. from the Dial H for Hero series)

    -G.I. COMBAT (Featuring the return of a classic DC Comics series, THE WAR THAT TIME FORGOT, along with rotating back-up stories and creative teams – including THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER, and THE HAUNTED TANK)

    -THE RAVAGERS (Spinning off from TEEN TITANS and SUPERBOY, this series finds four superpowered teens on the run and fighting against the organization that wants to turn them into supervillains)

    …of course to keep with the number of 52 total titles that means DC is dropping some titles, they are:
    Hawk & Dove, Static, Blackhawks, Men of War, OMAC, and Mister Terrific

  41. …sadness…

    I have been a faithful reader since the beginning.. and while I have not been very participatory, I have enjoyed reading your blog everyday.

    Let me take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your life and thoughts with me and the rest of the people on the net who have found their way here. I have truly enjoyed reading about your trips to Japan, your life behind the camera and the word processor, as well as seeing the amazing photographs you have taken and posted here. I do not get to travel, so in a way, I have been able to go to Japan with you, and that has been really fun for me.

    I will continue to read your daily posts for as long as you do keep writing though, and may chime in from time to time.


  42. Congratulations, das, Ponytail, Tammy Dixon, Randomness and Lisa R 😉
    Joe, if you stop doing this blog, I will never make sushi and chocolate for you and I will tell you the last episode of braking bad. lol


  43. Actually, I check in every day to see how Maximus is doing. Don’t forget to keep us updated, Joe. (Okay, I also enjoy seeing what you’re up to.)

  44. I certainly would not blame you for taking a few days off from blogging here an there. Hell, I do it when it comes to reading it! Keep in mind that after a few days off here and there, there’s that much more to write…

    Also, you should know that while I’m sure we all know better, everytime you mention a new project, new feature, or a new series that you don’t expressly state is Dark Matter related, we all are going to assume it’s a Stargate thing. It’s kinda our job as SG fans. It’s not your fault. It’s just what we do. 😉

    Just so you know, when I talked to my local, yet huge, comic book shop, he said they were out of Dark Matter. I don’t know if that means they had one person come in and buy all of them, or if it was one person per copy. Hey, sales are sales!!


  45. Aww, I’ve been following your blog for years now. After SGU ended, I decided to move on a bit, and leave GateWorld forum (truth be known, SGU haters need to be thanked for that) and delete several SG-related links from Bookmark bar. So that I could put some distance between me and much-loved franchise. Haven’t been able to leave your blog, it’s going to be weird not having your daily entries. Won’t say my farewells and goodspeeds right now, I’ll save it for the final entry.


    I may not comment much these days but I always check your blog on a daily basis….look just keep it going til dec21st then you can quit if you like but Joe you CAN’T do this when the world might be ending!! ;P I’ve been looking forward to yours and cookie monsters take on all the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it.
    *sniff* ‘m gonna miss you and Akemi and da pups

  47. I’m with AKEMI on this! DUDE! You’re my Inspiration! I’m almost up to MY 550 mark of straight days Blooging!! — I’m UP until 4am doing this!


  48. I haven’t been a commentor but have been a daily reader for the last 3 years. Really have enjoyed your blog.

  49. Over 150 people at Mum’s funeral today. I was pleased to know each of them as they came up. So many had said they’d just bumped into Mum recently. I found out afterwards that my kindergarten teacher was there. And some girls my age from my dancing group I hadn’t expected but had said my Mum had helped them in some way in their life they felt they had to come and pay their respects. A friend I haven’t seen since she moved to Texas was there and luckily was in Australia when the news reached her but said she would have flown from Texas.

  50. NOOOOOO! I did not find out about your blog until you were doing Atlantis and now I am so caught up in what you are doing and how your four-legged kids are doing. I would be greatly saddened if you stopped blogging. But I can also understand wanting to move on with another phase of your life. Well maybe you could write once in a while just to update on doings or this to look for. I know my wife will also miss your blog (if you decide to stop). She too has a black pug (Hershey) and love your entries when you post pics or videos.

  51. 🙁
    Sad. There are so many questions I’ve been wanting to ask you about Stargate Atlantis. I was hoping you would do a review like you did for SG-1. 🙁

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  52. Joe,

    I’m hoping that once you reach blog issue #2000 you will feel revitalised as I will be sad to see the end of your witty and entertaining blogging.

    Having been an occasional blogger, podcaster and general web site administrator I understand the level of commitment required to maintain something like this. The thought of doing a daily post plus moderating comments while also dealing with Real Life(tm) is mind boggling and I don’t know how you do it!

    Even if you stop your daily blogging I hope that you’ll periodically keep us updated on your many and varied projects with the occasional post.

    At least you’ve given yourself time to work through the Super-Movie of the Week Club! 🙂

  53. There are few people on the planet that have the drive to challenge oneself at the level you continue to do. Who can deny that you deserve to step back and ease off the pedal a bit when it comes to blogging?

    We’ve all had terrific moments on your blog, and some disappointing ones as well. I don’t think there is a single reader out there that hasn’t been affected in some way by your often very revealing topics, we all feel like we know you.

    I don’t comment much, mostly because I’m an older reader who still gets a bit sad about the cancellation of SG1 and Atlantis. (now I’m worried about Amanda’s Sanctuary getting a 5th season!)

    I still have the back 9 episodes of SGU to watch, that should tell you something. But, I’ve enjoyed your online presence tremendously. I hope you and Akemi wind up married, happy, and mostly content. And I hope to continue consuming your creative works for years to come.

    I’ll stop coming by only after you bow out, until then I’ll pretend there’s nothing afoot here, it’s the same ole same ole….

  54. While I’d hate for your blog to end Joe, I can certainly understand why you’d want to take a break every now and then. Even Cal Ripken Jr. started sitting out games eventually.

    Your blog is the first thing I read in the morning, it just starts my day out on a happy note. You’ve increased my appreciation of Stargate, food, comic books, and writing in general. I started my own blog on my weight loss as a result of this blog, although I don’t do it every day.

    You’re certainly entitled to do what you will with your blog, but even if you stop today, thank you for what you’ve done. It’s been a pleasure following you.

  55. As a Blog regular it would really suck if you closed out your blog..I always look foward to checking out your blog and all the Great people that continue to visit your blog. I don’t write much on your blog Joe but I do visit your blog everyday.


  56. Well this sucks more than the cancelling of the whole Stargate franchise.
    No, really.
    I must admit that just as I DVR’d and iTunes Stargate until almost the very end I probably didn’t do enough here either as this blog’s RSS feed has been one of my daily highlights since… well to be honest I had to go look at what posts looked unfamiliar and once I realised that Lulu’s arrival was back July 2007 I stopped because I’m not really sure I can claim to remember the Mango post first hand.
    Anyhoo, this has been a very generous gift you have given us and while I came for the Stargate and the delightful look into the team and work that went on to create it, I stayed for the food, dogs, Japan and the writing.

  57. “The Transporter – Season 1 Promo”

    Plug that into a Google or a YouTube search and a link for the
    new promo video should show up.

  58. 2000??…..2012 would seem to be a bit more “fitting”

    …what’s twelve more days?..a little under two weeks?…and it’s
    just so fashionably..”Mayan-esque”.

  59. Joe Wrote: Who knows? A lot can change in three months. I may hit 2000 and suddenly feel revitalized. Set my sights on 2500. Maybe even 3000! But in the event that doesn’t happen, then consider this advance warning. This blog may end with its 2000th post. But I don’t want you guys worrying about me.

    I’ve been reading your blog on a daily basis since I first discovered it via Gateworld – probably about three years ago! I’ve hit reply a total of three times, including today. My virgin entry involved participating in a Q&A session with Paul McGillion! My second entry was to post a heartfelt thankyou; I’m still very grateful to you for organising these events and to the lovely Paul for generously taking the time to answer everyone’s questions.

    It’s funny because I fully intended finding the time to participate in the blog during 2012. It’s fun, entertaining, informative, and will always be my link to the wonderful people involved with the Stargate Franchise.

    I won’t pretend I’ve always agreed with your opinions, quite right too, very boring world if we all agreed on everything. Stating and responding to opinions with intelligence and good manners is the only way to fully engage in meaningful discussion, which is why I appreciate the mutual respect you’ve shown your readers in the last 5+ years!

    I occasionally show your blog to my teenage son. He’s a huge Marvel fan and a future writer in the making. The tips you’ve included regarding writing have filled him with inspiration while the comic titles you’ve reviewed have offered him interesting and original reading material.

    Akemi’s comments and input has been a great addition to the blog! You’re a lucky man to have found such a great gal! My son has several mates who also pronounce Zombies like (jombies.) I’m English and I only know a splattering of French so I admire anyone who learns a new language. Is your Japanese improving?

    I suppose what I’m trying to say is, given your busy schedule I do realise how difficult it must be for you to find time to post every day. I fully understand and appreciate your desire to (possibly) see it come to an end. It would however, leave a pretty big hole in my daily routine. There are many folks out there just like me, who tend to read without taking an active role, it doesn’t mean we don’t value the blog because I certainly do …

    I hope you will indeed continue to share your thoughts and ruminations with us for a considerably long time! In the meantime, I wish you the very best of luck with Dark Matter!


  60. 2000??

    How about…”2001: A Mallozzi Odyssey”..(!!)

    …and you call yourself a science fiction writer/reader/fan.
    Oh wait….that’s right…you actually are all of those things…and more.

    Come on…it’s just one more past 2000….do it for Arthur C. Clarke!

  61. Well as one of your infrequent, but none the less interested readers I would be sorry to see your blog end.

    It’s you I have to thank for giving me the courage to write for the first time. When I asked you for advice about how to go about it you told me “Don’t start before you have a beginning, a middle and an end.” Wise words. Of course sometimes the bits in between can be the most challenging, but like you’ve just said when you get the writing bug (even for an amateur like me) it becomes an addiction!

    Regardless of what you decide Joe, I wish you the very best in both your work and your private life. And of course, I will be stalking your blog just to keep an eye on what you’re up to…

  62. Trust you to worry about us enough to give a “heads up” so we don’t worry. Have to say my first response was, “Say it ain’t so, Joe!” Then my selfishness slunk away in shame and my better nature was allowed to come through.

    You’ve been a part of my morning tea for years. While not a regular in the comments section I have been a faithful reader for as long as I can remember. I started for Stargate SG-1 but soon realized I was really sticking around for you.

    You have singlehandedly made me want to visit Vancouver – it’s a bit of a distance from southwest Florida but I’ll make it, I swear. As something of a foodie myself I’ve avidly followed your culinary exploits and trust no one but you to shape my dining choices when I do get there. Thank you for being better than Fodor’s. You’ve also made me classify each new restaurant I try in regards to it’s Joe-worthiness. If you ever come to Sarasota, I’ll hook you up with the places you want to go.

    Thank you for 5 years of friendship, food, travel and humor. Thank you for sharing so willingly of yourself through the good and bad and allowing us to come along for the journey. It’s been a great ride and I’m glad to have been able to be a part of it.

    That being said there are some loose “threads” that need to be addressed before you ride off into the sunset (which will get your feet wet, by the way, so be sure to bring a boat):

    1. Maximus and Jelly – please remember that we care deeply for them and want to know the outcomes;

    2. Akemi – would it help if we wrote letters confirming her existence in your life lo, these many moons?;

    3. Any new show, series, movie, book, pamphlet, catalog or flyer you create or have your little fingers in.

    Well, that about covers it. Thanks for sharing my tea and oatmeal. You’ve been a faithful breakfast companion and for that I’m grateful. Here’s wishing you and yours all the best.

  63. Oh, Joe, you will surely break our hearts! But 2000 sounds like a reasonable goal for now. Then we kidnap you, tie you to a bed in a remote Colorado ranch house, and make you write on a broken typewriter. We are, after all, your number one fans…….

    Oh. Wait a minute. We could never afford the catering. Nevermind.

  64. *ups post count*

    And you didn’t even approve any comments last night???! WAAAAAAHHHH! It’s like you’re dead already!!!


    Okay…in all seriousness. Joe, I understand…really. I don’t know how you’ve kept this committed this long to the blog. I mean, despite my post count, I don’t comment every day. But here you are, coming up with something brilliant each day to amuse us, and we just take it for granted. And this last year hasn’t been easy on you, with personal issues, work issues, and – probably most upsetting – puppy issues. Also, if you’re trying to write prose (which I believe is much harder than scripts and comics), I can see how the blog might be interferring with your flow of thought. So, I do understand. I just would hope that maybe, instead of ending the blog altogether, that you might consider a weekly entry. Just a thought. That way your blog groupies can keep up with your antics, your projects, and maybe most importantly, your dining experiences.

    Have a good day, sir.


  65. Joe,

    I can’t say that I blame you for considering a retirement from blogging. Time is precious and you have many other areas pulling at you. I don’t comment much but I do read every day, and I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with your travels and foods and puppies. I will miss the glimpses into your life. I especially found the entries on creating a new series fascinating. While I certainly hope you will be revitalized over the next three months and continue to write, I understand if you don’t. I’ll miss hearing about your adventures and upcoming projects.

    Wishing you much future success,


  66. Awww. I’ve made a habit of reading your blog each night before I go to sleep! But guess all good things come to an end eventually. Thanks for everything! I don’t suppose you’d consider a weekly or monthly update?

    Hope you’ll consider finishing up your Stargate memories with a few from Atlantis before you ride off into the sunset!


  67. I am a regular reader but rarely post a comment. If or when you end your blogging run, it will be a sad day indeed. I believe I would miss the dogs the most 🙁

    But until then, carry on Mr. M 🙂

  68. Could you consider doing weekly updates?

    On another note, I picked up Dark Matter at a Comic store in West Ed Mall (my first graphic novel as an adult) last night. The clerk hadn’t heard about it but finally found it for me. When I explained that the authors wrote for Stargate, his interest really perked up and thought that was cool. Now to find the time to read it!

  69. Don’t stop your blog, please!
    It’s the only one I reads every day and it’s the only one I have ever posted a comment.
    I think it’s the fever due to the cold talking. I hope so.

    Fingers crossed for your meeting in L.A. about Dark Matter.
    Have a nice day.

  70. I hope you wont kill this blog, it is always good to have a place to put your thoughts, and a lot of people care..

  71. Awwwww…Joe. 🙁 I shall miss reading your blogs if you decide to stop one day. I find your life fascinating. I love reading about your travels and adventures. I love reading about your doggies and when you post their pics, and how you keep us up to date on how they’re doing. I also love when write about Akemi. She sounds like such a sweetheart. 🙂 I’m happy for you on success on Dark Matter.

    *hugs and kisses for Maximus and the doggie clan* I hope and pray that Maximus continues to get well. 🙂

  72. Hey Joe,

    You have been a constant in my life for the last two plus years. It is funny how some people in your life bring bring with them so many smiles and happy memories. I watched Stargate from the beginning…but didn’t learn of your blog until I joined Twitter and found so many fellow sci-fi fans.

    I loved your blog for many different reasons. At 1st it was because you were connected to Stargate…but then I was just drawn to your fun view on life. I love your foody side and your little family. Seeing pictures…hearing of adventures…all fit nicely in to my life.

    I soon wasn’t working in Hollywood any longer and have been battling cancer ever since. I have missed some blogs…that I will enjoy going back to read. I have so admired your dedication. Well done Joe…could not think of anything that I’ve read more.

    I’ve had family in town and have missed adding a few comments. I did watch Superman and the Molemen. I loved the Lois from the series and never new there was another one. I watched Superman as a child…back when there weren’t reruns. I still to this day don’t know…or care to know the name of episodes.

    The pilot was good for the time. Mobs of ignorant people seem to litter TV then. Now it seems more the military that wants to destroy what they don’t understand. I have always loved Superman in all forms that he has been in for movies and TV. Not comics though…might have been that I rarely had money of my own. I enjoyed getting the boys together for adventures of our own. Yes…I played dolls with the girls…and had amazing adventures with the boys. I must admit that I was the creative one to come up with the ideas…why else would boys EVER be seen playing with a girl.

    My comic book store ordered Dark Matter for me. I also bought a digital copy to hold me over until the comic arrives. After I see and read the comic I’ll let you know what I think. But I have to tell you..I dreamt that I received the comic. I’ll tell you later what that was about.

    My eyes don’t like to focus when I have migraines….which has kept me from reading for an extended period of time. *smiles* I will have years of Joe to catch up on.

    Best to you Joe,

  73. Sometimes there just aren’t enough words to express how much…Hey! Wait a minute! You NEED us. 🙂

    I just ordered Dark Matter at two different comic shops in Burbank, which had already sold out. I need one copy to abuse while reading and one to archive. I asked how many they had originally ordered and both stores said between seven to ten copies each. Looks like you’re off to a great start on the series!

  74. Don’t do it! Akemi is right. We’d worry about you and the dogs. We’d not get a restaurant post or a food post. Btw, I really miss the Weird Food posts. And Carl. I really miss Carl. But that’s not a reason to quit. I know, it takes time to post. You could just wave at us when you didn’t feel like posting. Then we’d know you weren’t dead.

    Good luck on the pitch for Dark Matter. Weather in So Cal is lovely at the moment.

  75. @PBMom: Please know that you’re in our thoughts and prayers right now – it sounds like a very difficult time.

    Joe, based on the number of replies to this post, it’s clear that you’ve made quite an impact on a lot of people’s lives. It’s been said that we never really know how much our actions can affect others, and that our deeds can have implications far beyond their original intent. It’s so interesting that reading your blog has become such an integral part of so many people’s daily lives – not because we don’t have lives of our own, quite the contrary, but that it’s become an additional and rich thread in the tapestries of those lives.

    I’ve also come to somewhat know, at least in some small way, many of the regulars here, felt their pain, and shared their triumphs. I look forward to their posts almost as much as yours and they add an invaluable sense of “community”. I would miss them terribly.

    Heck, if all else fails, listen to Akemi. I mean, the SUSHI, dude!

    *Waves to Akemi*

  76. Joe, or anyone else for that matter…

    Amidst all of these comments begging to you to keep blogging, I’m simply hoping for a mailbag response 🙂

    Do you have any suggestions for a fine dining experience in the Phoenix, AZ area? I’m not sure if you’ve ever been, but you probably at least have an idea of what places you would hit if you made the trip?

  77. Joe,

    While I am a Stargate fan-addict, Stargate isn’t the reason I visit your blog. It’s you, and Akemi, and the pups. It’s the restaurant reviews, the food photos, and the recipes. It’s all of the things you write about. It’s the people who post comments. It’s the fact that you are so genuine, and you make the effort to interact with folks. I will miss you, and everyone else, something fierce if you decide to stop. Giving an advanced warning is very much appreciated. I will respect whichever decision you make.

  78. Like many of the others, I rarely comment, but look forward to your blog each day. I came originally for Stargate news, but fell in love with your stories of the dogs, Akemi, books, and wonderful and at times strange food. And with your blog, I have had the wonderful benefit of learning about and look forward to reading comments by many of my fellow readers. I have been struck by how many nice people comment and have grown to look forward to their comments in response to your blogs. I know how hard it must be to write each day, but do hope you know how much many of us truly appreciate and look forward to it. I know the final vote is yours, but hope you will consider blogging less frequently but still let us be a part of your adventures. .

  79. 2000 is a great run. I’m a creature of habit and something new to check every day is a big draw to me. It’s a good lesson for bloggers everywhere. People with OCD and almost nothing in common with you will follow your blog if you update everyday and approve comments often (and blog well, but they’re looking for a quicker lesson).

    Thanks for all the free entertainment.

  80. I think most of us agree with Akemi.

    We love living your life vicariously through your blog! 😉 I know I don’t comment as much as I used to due to changes in my schedule but I do read every day’s entry.

    Perhaps you could consider doing entries less frequently than every day.

    Many of us may have found your blog because of Stargate, but we’ve stayed because we’re interested in you, the dogs, Akemi, and your other projects plus all the weird food you eat.

    BTW, you have seen Misery, haven’t you? 😉 Joe, we’re your number one fans, and there’s more than one of us.

    Kidding aside, if you choose to stop, we would understand but miss it terribly.

  81. Well mister big pants! Looks like your fans have spoken. You can’t stop. You can never stop. The world is suppose to end this year anyway, right? Just keep going until that happens. we’ll all go out together.

  82. @ Narelle & PBMom – You continue in my thoughts and prayers – {{{{hugs}}}} to you both!

    @ Joe – Boy, you sure know how to get everyone’s attention, doncha? 😉

    We love ya, Joe…in a non-creepy kinda way, of course.

    Okay…okay…maybe a couple of us love you in a creepy way, too. 🙂


  83. P.S. I scrolled down and wrote my post before I read the others! So, see, you would be terribly missed if you left completely.

  84. @ Ponytail – I betcha Joey rues the day I waltzed in wearing flowers in my hair and a hippie skirt and planted myself smack dab in the middle of his blog with my patchouli incense and Save the Wraith signs.

    How many times must a man look up,
    before he sees the hive?
    And how many ears must one man have,
    before he can hear fan outcry?
    And how many deaths will it take till we know,
    that too many Wraith have died?

    The answer my friend is blowing in the wind,
    the answer is blowing in the wind.

    The answer my friend is blowing in the wind,
    the answer is blowing in the wind…

    Ah…yes…those were the days, Joey, those were the days…



  85. If you stop blogging, what am I going to read at breakfast every morning???
    Seriously, I hope you don’t stop. Maybe take a short break (a REALLY short break), but come back to us!!

  86. It was the iPad’s fault! Have you tried typing on an iPad? Not fun 🙁 . Sorry “All”. Notice I didn’t try the bold or anything 😉 .

    So what is the verdict Mr. M.? Blog or no blog? We will miss you but you deserve the break.

  87. Joe,
    You cant give up writing your blog. We all look forward to reading it. It is a part of you and a wonderful exercise. It provides so much entertainment to all of us loyal readers. You MUST continue. At least as long as SG-1 existed.
    Your loyal reader,

  88. @NarellefromAus I’ve been caught up with all this stuff this week, I had no idea that your mom had died. My deepest and loving sympathies to you.

    @Joe I think we all could be weaned to a weekly post just for us to keep updated on what’s going on with you all. I hope this finds that your virus has not progressed and you are feeling better. And even the weekly post does not have to be a long post. You could even put something like. “Nothing new with the dogs. Maximus is about the same.” Or “Dark Matter continues to be sold out in countries all around the world.” And we would all understand when that day does finally come with Maximus if you had to take a break to grieve. But we would want you back and don’t be surprised if we send messages to let you know we care, because even though most of us have never met you, Akemi or the dogs, you have let us into your lives. While you are missing in action, we will have to start a chat room called “Mourning Joe” (get it? Morning Joe?, Mourning Joe?) so we can all keep in touch, those of us who use your blog in place of psychotherapy.

    Okay, so onto the biopsy results. This is what I put on Facebook: The pathology report has just led to more questions for my nephrologist. My pathology did show some things, like the minimal change disease, but he said my creatinine is going up, now up to 1.7 from 1.5 just 2 weeks ago when it was just 0.6 a month or two ago. Also said the amount of protein in my urine does not match the level of changes in my tissue sample (meaning I have more protein than damage). I asked if I could have just an issue in 1 kidney and it was in the kidney not biopsied & he said no. Then there is the blood issue (myoglobin to be exact, so some of the protein could be from myoglobin). And some of this gets out of my novice level of knowledge. I had some other changes in my tissues, too, that were mild but might point to a vasculitis kind of thing. He said he would very much like to send me over to someone at Baylor College of Medicine to a colleague who has much more knowledge about these things than he does, but we’ll wait until the massive amount of blood work he just did comes back. I have a followup appointment on Feb 3 at 4:20. It’s now confirmed I truly am an alien species.

  89. @Joe:

    Wow! Hundreds of comments! You are loved, or at least really, really, apprecieted (I’m trying to keep my “Man Card” 😉 ).

    My opinion is “your blog, your rules”. If you decide to close shop, I can only say “it’s your choice”; I’ll miss my (semi)daily insights into writing, foodie delights, and pugs, though please give us fair warning; I’m sure everyone here would love to give you a grand send off.

    I did buy my digital copy of Dark Matter yesterday and I’ve read through it already. Now I have to wait for the next issue. I looked for a way to pre-buy the remaining issues, but that option doesn’t seem to exist…at least for the digital copies?

    In terms of style, Dark Matter had many of the elements that attracted me to Stargate. I’m very much looking forward to Issues 2 to 4 and any TV show that gets picked up. Now when are issues 2 to 4 coming out?


    @ Ponytail – I betcha Joey rues the day I waltzed in wearing flowers in my hair and a hippie skirt and planted myself smack dab in the middle of his blog with my patchouli incense and Save the Wraith signs.

    I’m a very visually oriented person…my visual/mental train of thought derailed on that one. =D


    I’m sorry to hear of your loss. Here’s praying your 2012 ends much better than it began!

  90. Haha, Tam’s post italicized everything. I wonder if it’s as easy to fix as I think. But I’m no html expert, so maybe not.

  91. I’m not a regular poster, I sure as hell don’t reach the top 10, top 100; I probably don’t make it to the top 1000 (I think this is post number 3 or 4 for me…). But I have read almost every single blog entry, and as so many said before me, it’s part of my morning routine. I do understand if you want to call it a day on the blog, because it’ll happen anyway sooner or later (I had a weekly blog when I was in Australia, and all of a sudden after about six months “it” quit on me, and I still don’t know what “it” was). At least we still have nearly 100 blog entries to look forward to, until you reach 2000. Or you could do it until 2012. Make it more symbolic (especially since some people in the world think this year will be the end of the world ;)). But we all hope you find that extra inspiration and energy to keep going way past 2000 😀

    @Shawna Buchanan
    Does this help?

  92. @ Das – you’re Joe’s cyber girlfriend! Talk him out of quitting. He loves you. He’ll listen to you.

    Joe, what if you just logged in to your blog once per day…to post an entry and approve comments from your last entry? That way you could walk away after a daily visit.

    Joe, what if, like someone suggested, you just get a website. You could update it when you felt like it. You could put a picture gallery in it, post articles in it, etc.

    Joe, what if you let Akemi write your blog entry a few times a week? That would be so cool.

    Joe, what if you got a “ghost writer” for your blog?

    Joe, what if you just face the fact that too many people love and adore you and are interested in what you do and you cannot stop what you started.

  93. I went shopping this morning and when I was at the register checking out, I saw a Nutella and Go container that contained Nutella and breadsticks to dip in it. Now I’ve never had it before and was always afraid to try it because I didn’t want to waste a lot of money on a jar. I immediately thought of you and decided it was time to try it. It’s amazing! Now give me some ideas of how to eat it so I know when I go back to buy a jar. Please. 🙂

  94. Hi Mr. Mallozzi, I´m Alberto, from Colombia (That´s Colombia in South America, not Columbia). First, sorry for my english… not my native language.

    I’ve never commented, but have read all your posts. I think it´s strange how a blog like yours can have such an influence in all of us. I arrived for SG but stayed for you… the way you have shared your life, your work, your family… now you feel like part of my own family, and if you end the blog it would be like if you died…

    I know it´s your decision, but surely there are options than can work for you and for those who follow you through the blog…

    Anyway, thanks for the blog, thanks for all you shared in the past years, and be sure we will always consider you a good friend.

  95. I’ve been reading this blog every single day since around the series finale of Stargate Atlantis. This is the only blog I read, and I just came to find out about what was going to happen with the Stargate movies. Then I stayed to find out what Stargate Univserse was about. Then I stayed to find out what was meant for season 3 of Stargate Universe. Then… I don’t know why I kept coming back each day. Maybe to hear about Dark Matter, or How your dogs are doing, or what crazy meal you had for dinner. Now I’m staying for the Movie of the Week club, and I bought my first ever comic this week, that I would never have bought without this blog: Dark Matter 1. You don’t have to keep this going if you hate it; but I love it. And as long as you continue to write it I’ll continue coming, and buying into your future projects. Because things are just better when you know how they’re made.

  96. @ Ponytail – Uh…um…errrrrm…

    I prefer to think of myself as Joey’s meddling, pesky next door neighbor…a sort of Dennis the Menace…with boobs. 🙂


  97. Hi

    i’ve been reading your blog since almost the start of it ( i think it must have been a month or so after you started blogging). I dont read it every day when i am realy busy, but if i miss a few days i always go back and read the entries i have missed (like today!) I don’t ever comment on the blog, but i just wanted to say how much i enjoy reading it! Hope you don’t stop, but i understand if you decide to. I realy enjoy all the food recomendations, the dog pictures, cookie monster and Akemi is so lovely, sweet and funny!

    Thanks for 5 years of blog reading!


  98. Ahhh Joe, as I’ve said before, I came here for SGU and left with macarons (discovering Pierre Herme was an unexpected joy!), it would be sad to see you go but I’d also completely understand. It’s been an absolute pleasure following the adventures of you and yours, keep it up…as long as it’s fun 🙂

    P.S., Loving the vibe of Dark Matter, fingers crossed for a TV pickup!

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