Check it out!  The advance solicitations for Dark Matter issues #1-4, complete with covers (art by Garry Brown, colors by Ryan Hill) and non-spoilerific teasers.


Joseph Mallozzi (W), Paul Mullie (W), Garry Brown (A/Cover), and Ryan Hill (C)

A derelict ship floats in space, its troubled crew awakened from stasis with no memories of who they are or how they got on board. Their search for answers triggers the vessel’s deadly security system: a relentless android bent on their destruction. Facing threats at every turn, they have to work together to survive a voyage charged with vengeance, redemption, betrayals, and hidden secrets best left unknown.

On sale January 11th.


Joseph Mallozzi (W), Paul Mullie (W), Garry Brown (A/Cover), and Ryan Hill (C)

On the run, with no memory of who they are or where they are going, and being pursued by an unknown enemy, the crew unearths a clue buried deep within the ship’s database. Their search for answers leads them to a remote world, an alien threat, and, ultimately, the startling truth about their past!

On sale February 8th.


Joseph Mallozzi (W), Paul Mullie (W), Garry Brown (A/Cover), and Ryan Hill (C)

On the heels of a shocking revelation about the nature of their mission, the amnesiac crew struggle to come to terms with their roles-—and each other. Meanwhile, a space ship bristling with weaponry pops up on their radar and it doesn’t seem friendly. Will a reckless response to a perceived threat damn them all?

On sale March 14th.


Joseph Mallozzi (W), Paul Mullie (W), Garry Brown (A/Cover), and Ryan Hill (C)

Abandoned by one of their own, the remaining crew members are trapped planet-side as enemies orbit their position. Outnumbered and outgunned, their only hope rests with a suicidal last stand—and help from a most unlikely source…

On sale April 11th.

And another interview, this one with Geek Crash Course: Interview: Joseph Mallozzi, Co-writer – Dark Matter | GEEK CRASH …

Slowly making my way through the fourth season of Breaking Bad, resisting the urge to burn through the rest of the episodes and ration myself to one a day.  I fear I may go into withdrawal after screening the last episode (which, by all accounts, is unbelievable – Hiya, Michelle!).  Fortunately, the fact that I held out so long before sitting down to watch the show means I won’t have to wait that long to catch the fifth and (sadly) final season which premieres sometime between March and this summer.

I fear I’m going to go into withdrawal soon and need another remarkable series to capture my interest.  Something along the lines of The Sopranos, The Shield, and Rome.  My tastes run to cable shows (although I loved Friday Night Lights).  Have already watched Deadwood, Spartacus, The Wire, Oz, Six Feet Under, and the first seasons of Mad Men and Dexter.  What’s next?  I’m considering: Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Luther and Misfits. Thoughts?

Hot off my against-all-odds Fantasy Football League championship, my Snow Monkeys have been invited to participate in an NFL Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge.  I need to pick a QB, 2 Wide Receivers, 2 Running Backs, 1 Tight End, a Kicker, and a Defense.  So, who do you figure is going to end up in the Superbowl?  Smart money is on the Packers, but I wouldn’t count out the Saints.  The 49ers and Giants are also legitimate threats and, if they get hot, even the Falcons and Lions could surprise.  As for the AFC – slim pickins.  With the exception of the Denver Broncos, any of them have a shot at going to the big dance – or being upset in their first game.  Decisions, decisions…

Hey!  Guess who started eating again?  I’ll give you a hint…

62 thoughts on “January 5, 2012: Countdown to Dark Matter! Pick my next show! And NFL playoff fantasy line-up!

  1. Here is who I would pick: QB-Drew Brees, WR-Greg Jennings & Antonio Brown, RB Arian Foster & Michael Turner, TE-Heath Miller, Defense-Steelers, Kicker-Mason Crosby. Good luck!

  2. I just started watching season 1 of “Californication” with a friend of mine. It started as our series to watch over the holidays since most other shows were reruns.

    It’s protagonist, Hank, is played by David Duchovney, and plays a writer on the show, who has varying issues with different women.

    As a writer yourself, I think you’d appreciate some of the comments made in the show about the changing nature of language use and public media consumption.

    It’ has some really funny moments as well.

  3. I recommend Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire AND Misfits.

    Oh and BBC’s Sherlock, too.

  4. Alright, Maximus!!!

    I recently started a Spooks/MI-5 marathon …the 10th & final season is going to be released soon.

  5. I recommend game of thrones very good show well writen with a good pace and also Jason mamoa is in it as well. Boardwalk empire was very good as well great ending for season 2. As matter of fact anything HBO puts out these days is awesome they really seem to get behind genre shows better than other networks as well as starz did you.catch torchwood? Enjoy catching.up joe

  6. wow, that cover art is gorgeous! the colors are really good. I know it will sell really well!

  7. Max looks like me when I’m down to the last bite of flourless chocolate cake. 😛

    Cant’ help you on new shows. I don’t watch the ones with tits, and I’m pretty much bored with everything that doesn’t have tits. So, you’re on your own, son.

    Looking forward to Dark Matter! See that? That’s an exclamation point. But you already know that, seeing as how you’re using them so much lately. You must find them to be very addicting, or something…



  8. GAME OF THRONES. MUST, MUST, MUST, MUST (did I say that enough MUST see it). Not only because Jason Momoa is in it. Not just because Sean Bean is in it among a HOST of wonderful starts, but because it is beautifully made, you don’t expect certain things to happen, and you are beginning to want more, and with the DVD’s, that is easy. Try watching it on a week-to-week basis.

    Who is going to the Superbowl: The Giants. So say we all! Jeff’s giant Giant needs to be brought out of the dust . The Build-A-Bear Giant needs a new hair-cut, and the Giants fan which I haven’t caught on tape yet, needs to be exposed. And for the second time in our house, I can root for the same team as my husband. If anyone else plays,I’ll root for the other team to make it fun, sportsman-like.

    That is awesome about Maximus. Something as little as eating brings a world of blog followers and their owners joy and rooting for him even stronger than any team on any Superbowl. Maybe you should take a trip with him every so often so that he gets his appetite back. Seems to work. Whatever it takes, huh? You’re welcome to come to Texas ANYTIME. He’s like my dog; however, my dog may be completely terrified by him. I’m working on that though.

    This has been a pretty great week outside of Patrick’s breakthrough seizure. He was home yesterday all day long and was lethargic today so they went easy on him. We’ve become accustomed to them, so it is not a big deal, but it was the one thing I was not expecting this week. Otherwise 2012– I love you. If you continue like this, I may have to divorce my husband and marry you.

  9. Joe, Mr. Das LOVES SoA. It’s not my cuppa, but maybe you’d enjoy it. I think my problem is that I just can’t (due to time and ADD) get into thes tv shows that you have to watch week after week in order to keep up. I guess I just don’t like making commitments.


  10. One ep per day? You’re more disciplined than I was…although I only watched 2.5 in one day because I was stuck in an airport. I think you’d like “Boardwalk Empire”. I thought it was excellent, but it got too gruesome for me and I bailed. I’ve heard “Justified” is really good, but I haven’t seen it yet. I’ll be looking for an ‘addicting’ new show as well. 😉

    If you pick players who don’t make it to the Super Bowl, what happens? You just lose? Anyway, pick a few ‘Niners. We’re going all. the. way!

  11. I’m mega-excited about Dark Matter! Best wishes for its success from this fanatical SGU fan!

    And yes, I agree with others here in recommending Game of Thrones.

  12. Hey Joe,

    I am so beyond myself in anticipation of Dark Matter. You have converted me to comics. The artist in me is also so thrilled to see more pages.

    I just saw the most amazing movie. Have you seen “Another Earth”…I can’t stop thinking about it. The writing…the stories within the story…I am still a whirl in my head. Please tell me if and/or when you see it. *sigh* Such great drama mixed with SciFi.

    I recently found “Rescue Me”. I saw part of an episode long ago and hated it. This time…I decided to stream it from the beginning. I started by limiting…but then could not help but burned thru it. I immediately bought the series. Such amazing writing…cast and many seasons to tell a real story. The last episode was perfection.

    Yes..I really do watch a little more than SciFi. But…I am too looking for a new series. hmmmm…I will consider what you’ve said and will report back. Comic book hunt first…tomorrow my company leaves and I’ll have my first free time in two months.

    <.•´¯`•.¸¸.•´¯`•. I'll be out fishing for the right store in this small town. *smiles*

    Best to you Joe…and all those you love,

  13. Hey..? Does anyone know “when” GAMES OF THRONES will be on DVD? — I don’t have “that” Cable and still haven’t had a chance to see it yet…

    JOE – Try the BORGHIAS. The “Vatican” at its Finest!!

    BTW…how’d Lee Marvin get on your Cover..?

  14. Game of Thrones and Boadwalk are pretty good. The wife and I are both into them, but I would also recommend American Horror Stories. Each season will be a new horror story so it keeps the characters and story fresh. Give it a go, I highly recommend it.

  15. Game of Thrones is well worth catching. Luther is also really good. Best of luck with the launch of Dark Matter and I hope Maximus keeps eating 🙂

  16. Sons of Anarchy is incredibly well written, but this last season has been a bit disappointing when compared to it’s predecessors. Boardwalk Empire is another excellent show with some fantastic talent and writing. Both are excellent picks in my opinion!

  17. Misfits is one of the funniest, creative and endearingly crude shows ever. Game of thrones is class also, so good that i wont read the books and will continue to wait for each season on tv. Sons of anarchy is deadly. And one of mates watches boardwalk empire and says its great. But if you only pick one make it misfits.

  18. And justified (season 2 the best season you may ever see), sherlock and supernatural. There, done ha.

  19. I recommend Game of Thrones and Justified–both are more violent than I usually like, but are so well done that I couldn’t quit watching. Sons of Anarchy is on my list to watch along with Breaking Bad. I need more hours in the day to keep up with TV shows, movies, and books!

    Great to see Maximum eating!

  20. Go Max!

    New show? The Dr. Who Reboot. It starts at Season 1 on Netflix streaming. Every season gets better and better. Seasons 5 and 6 have such awesome arcs, just worthy of devouring. Season 1 seems a little bubble gum and popsicles at the start, but Rose isn’t the shallow child she seems when the Doctor first meets her.

    Torchwood – not as great as Dr. Who, but it’s like methadone for when you run out of Dr. Who to watch and it’s full of good stories, just a bit cheesy with how Jack only hires promiscuous bi-sexuals in contemporary times. He’s really an adorable character, though. And you know how your problem-solving brain might come up with a solution to a plot issue that is so horrifying you wonder if you’re really the good person you think of yourself as? Well, Torchwood USES that stuff.

  21. Hi Joe,

    I’m a little numb right now. My Mum died suddenly today. To tell my Dad, who was about to start a gig, and my Brother who was overseas was the worst news I could ever give them.
    So much I could say about the amazing woman she was, but I figure I’ll just live the best life possible for her.

  22. Keep eating Maximus! 🙂

    Game Of Thrones was very cool, a lot of potential if they keep it up. Just started Boardwalk Empire, it’s ok if you’re into the Prohibition Era stuff. Dexter is really great and Babylon 5 is awesome. 🙂

  23. Very cool about Maximus!!! And I can’t wait for Dark Matter!

    Hope you have a great day!!!!

  24. Hi Joe,

    a new show?

    Try “Bones”, better than any CSIs, even better than “The mentalist” only “Castle” still the best in this genre.
    “House” was so good but after 6 seasons, we’ve lost interest in it.

    …only Stargate was good enough for 10 and 2 spinoffs !

    Have a nice day

  25. Game of Thrones was a good time — got better as the season went along. Heard good things about the start of Homeland, but that it becomes just another 24 by the end. Luther is actually great, if you like Cop shows, all because of Idris Elba. Couldn’t get into Boardwalk (too f’ing slow) or Sons of Anarchy (too small a world). I’d start with Luther.

  26. @Narelle from Aus: I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  27. @Narelle from Aus, so sorry for the loss of your mum. No words that will help…

    Yay Maximus!

    Game of Thrones was great, books even better. Justified is also really good. Walking Dead, although the premise is icky, the show and character interaction is still really good. We just started Hell on Wheels and it has caught our interest. The shows we cannot wait to see each week are Terra Nova and Person of Interest (so naturally they’ll be cancelled next season!).

  28. Narelle, I am so, SO very sorry! My heart goes out to you, and to your family. I wish there was something I could say, but I’m at a loss right now. And I wish my hugs could span the miles between us, but even though they can’t please know that you are in my heart, and in my prayers.

    (Dropping you an e-mail.)

  29. I’m also going to go with the crowd and recommend Game of Thrones.

    I haven’t read the books (yet) and was hooked from the first episode. It’s a beautifully made series with elements of action, drama, politics, and fantasy. April cannot come soon enough for Season 2…

  30. Awwwww….Maxi-poo! 😀 Good to see him eating well! Good boy Maximus! 🙂

    Shows that I’m currently addicted to…NCIS…Law & Order – SVU…Terra Nova (hopefully gets renewed for Season 2)…American Pickers (History Channel)…Mythbusters…Burn Notice…House…Pawn Stars…and Dirty Jobs. I also love Deadliest Catch which will be back in April. Can’t wait! 🙂

  31. I’ll also recommend Justified – great acting, gritty, fleshed out characters with flaws and redeeming qualities regardless of which side of the law they are on.

    And consider this another shout out for BBC Sherlock Holmes. Excellent writing and it’s a hoot watching that mind at work in modern times.

    Happy to hear Max is perking up a bit.

    Superbowl – Patriots and Packers. Good luck with your fantasy team picks.

  32. Relle, just saw your post and sent an e-mail. Am so sad for you and your family. Thank you for letting us know so that we can support you as best we can. Many of us would be there for you if we could.

    Hugs for our {{{{{Narelle}}}}.


  33. With Michael Beach & Louis Ferreira set to guest on NCIS next week (the Jan 10th ep in the US) I gotta point out the SG1/SGA/SGU connection to the CBS show and ask you if someone over at NCIS is a fan of Stargate. I can now name 24 SG actors that have guested on NCIS or NCIS-LA.

    And they are: First from SGI: Chris Judge, Corin Nemic, Jessica Steen, Don Davis, Claudia Black, J.R. Bourne (Martouf), Cliff Simon (Ba’al), William Devane, Tony Amendola (Bra’tac), Eric Avari (Kasuf), Peter Wingfield (Tanith), John Billingsly (Simon Coombs), Tin Guinee (Tomin), Christopher Cousins (Amb. Faxon 2010)
    From SGA: Torrie Higginson, Rachel Luttrel, Conner Trineer, Jaime Ray Newman ( Lt. Cadman), Michael Beach, Christine Cox (Maj. Teldy), Robert Patrick (Col. Sumner), David Dyan Fisher
    From SGU: Alaina Huffman, Louis Ferreira
    (And these are just the main characters or significant supporting characters, I’m sure could unearth more.)

    I’m just waiting for RDA to show up as Gibbs’ brother-in-law or David Hewlett to show up as McGee’s smarter, more arrogant, older brother. If you want to put in a good word…. 🙂

    So I recommend NCIS, if only to watch the reruns and spy some familiar faces. And I just heard that Michael Shanks’ pilot Saving Hope may get picked up by NBC. So I’ll check that out if it comes to the US.

    As for football, the “factory of sadness” (aka Browns Stadium) is closed for the next 8 months, so I have no good playoff advice.

  34. @Narelle, my deepest sympathy to you and your family. You are all in my prayers. Moms are among the most precious folks in our lives. I’m so very sorry dear.


  35. @ Narelle from Aus – Oh Narelle, so very sorry about your Mother. Prayers going out for you and your family.

    Joe, I could sit and watch Max eat all day long. I could watch your dogs (and mine) do anything all day long. They are all so cute.

  36. @ Narelle. I am so very sorry. I wish I could tell you it gets easier or better, but it doesn’t. We simply get used to the pain and eventually are able to focus on the good. ((hugs))

  37. Regarding Dark Matter #2: How’d you get Lee Marvin to appear in the issue? Yozzah!

    Regarding what to watch: I hear the Stargates are a good watch… Although I do have to admit that I’m a big fan of EUREKA.

    Which leads me to…

    You really should develop a show that can cast Ben Browder, Colin Ferguson, Michael Emerson, Terry O’Quinn, and Joe Flannigan as regulars. I think the chemistry with that cast would blow the roof off. 😀

  38. Does it bother you that there is already…

    A short film named Dark Matter

    A movie called Dark Matter


    A TV episode called Dark Matter

    Not to mention a production company called Dark Matter

    Would this affect your ability to sell your property to the TV/movie market?

    Or, does no one really care about such things?

  39. @Narelle I’m so sorry for your loss. Please know that I am sending prayers your way.

  40. Hey joe, is dark matter available in digital format? Preferably for the kobo?

  41. Narelle You and your family are in my thoughts.

    Happy New Year to you Joe and every one else, too!

    Joe, are you busy on that apocalypse machine yet? Cause I will know, if that were to happen, you would’ve somehow caused it by your supervillainous ways. 😉

    Glad to see/hear Maximus is eating again. I do think he will find a way to let you know when he’s done with his fight.

    Game of Thrones, definitely. Might be the rare exception where the filmed version is better than the books. I’ve gotten so hooked on Hell on Wheels it is ridiculous. Unbelievably good — great acting, tight storytelling, and some wonderful familiar faces like Colm Meaney, Chris Heyerdahl and Ian Tracey.

  42. Have you caught up with all the Dr. Who’s? We just watched the Christmas special and it was soooo good.

  43. Game of Thrones, its equal or better than Rome. They followed the book exactly save for dovetailing a few “additions” of their own as early set-ups for whats gonna happen in season 2 and some necessary unusual expositions. Dont expect battle scenes, the budget didn’t allow it, I hope they do more for the second season. they dont have to show a top down view of an entire battlefield, POV scenes with fog and limited viewing distance will work just fine, to create an impression of war, Rome sort of did that, but it probably had a higher budget. Cant really recommend other shows I barely watched them, I lose interest quickly. Breaking bad, boardwalk, sopranos, wire, etc, none of these grabbed me I’m kind of weird like that, I’m not ashamed. Well, okay there is Homeland, you watched it right? You either love it or hate it, very odd take on a familiar storyline; it also could serve to show what you guys couldve done with the David Telford character. I like it for now, it has a flimsy storyline though could dip into mediocrity at any moment. Also, Terriers, cool show that got cancelled. You could try Once a Upon a Time, ah if you have the time to waste it might be a guilty pleasure. Burn notice? But its too late to start watching it now, but if i had to pick a non-serialized show that I think you will love easily its burn notice. There isnt much else, its a good thing game of thrones exists to fill the void left behind by stargate.

    John scalzi tweeted it and I cant shake it off so here goes. You know italian cuisine right? okay, what the hell is this really:

    For some reason i dont want to eat cheese anymore.

  44. Wow. The artwork for Dark Matter is incredible. Definitely will be buying for this household.

    My older son loves Sons of Anarchy. I bought him all the seasons of The Shield for Christmas, but I think he’s seen many of them. He’s waiting to do a marathon. I’m watching/rewatching Supernatural right now. I also bought Game of Thrones in book form first. My son is already hooked. I told him to finish the book first.

  45. I thought Game of Thrones was Wonderful. I caught a few episodes of The Walking Dead during a marathon on New Year’s Eve & may have to get into it as well. I am also a fan of Doctor Who (both the classics & the new ones) & Torchwood. And of course Sherlock.

  46. I secound Game of Thrones, so good I started reading the books and I also recommend Sons, really love that show.

    Also I too noticed all the Stargate people on NCIS, there must be some connection. NCIS is also worth watching. Started watching that series a year ago and watched all 7 in like one month. Once I find a show I love I just cant stop.

  47. I have been watching Sons Of Anarchy, both me and my wife Lori really enjoy watching it. I have watched the first season of Luther, I liked it, not as much as SOA. Then I got busy and forgot all about it. Last night Lori asked me if I saw Luther and I remembered the first season.

    These are two shows that I watched and never nit picked apart. I’m not a fan of NCIS, I’m not a fan of shows that the writers make the characters do exceptionally stupid things just to get them into interesting situations. It makes me want to throw things at the TV. I understand people do very stupid things, but most, not every week.

    I watched the Wire recently, I liked that a lot. It was sometimes hard to watch… very gritty in parts.

    I dislike Terra Nova and Falling skies. Watching them makes me want to pull out the rest of my hair Do they know guns exist? .50 cal portable tank busters? So many things to pick apart, I found it very distracting.

    Sherlock, two seasons have been on British TV.

    I never watched TV between 15 and 40. I worked in a bar, then a restaurant as a chef, my evenings were always taken. Then I started at an elderly care home and started doing some union business. My kids took up the rest of my time. I’m 50 now. I had seen the occasional Stargate episode. One day I sat down and started watching them from the movie to the end of season 10 and found I had missed a really great show.

    It was much better when watched from beginning to end, the full continuity brought a lot of things into focus. Then I watched SGA. I had seen one episode, I think season 2 or 3. The green guys turned me off. Again, when watched from beginning to end it made a big difference. I wonder why when reruns were shown they tend to show them out of order? Or is it just me? I really liked SGU, which I watched from the beginning. I was heartbroken to see it go down. I suppose its all over now since they are selling off all the props. Its a shame they couldn’t sell it online on a per episode basis.

    Anyways, great work. It has to be really fulfilling to be part of something that brings enjoyment to millions of people.

    If you want, I’d like to hear about the process of writing, Do you write outlines for a single episode? Broad outlines for the entire season, or series? Scribble down ideas at two in the morning on a notepad by your pillow?

    Mike from Victoria, BC

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