“Talented people is always crazy so don’t worry.” – Akemi, today on the subject of yours truly.

The other week, Akemi called me an “evil testicle”.  I assumed this was the literal translation of some Japanese diss but it turned out she was simply repeating an insult I’d once hurled at someone.  Or so she claimed.

“Evil testicle?”I asked.  “I’ve never called someone an evil testicle.”

But she insisted I most certainly had – and reminded me of the exact circumstances.  I realized she was right.  Sort of.

“Not evil testicle,”I said.  “Egotistical!”

“What’s the difference?”she wanted to know.

“Not much,”I conceded.

Two things Akemi enjoys: Starbucks cappuccino and her iPad (which she has named Spamochi).

Hey, check it out!  Big news involving a couple of Stargate vets: NBC To Pick Up Canadian Medical Drama Series ‘Saving Hope’ For Summer  NBC has picked up Saving Hope starring Erica Durance and SG-1’s own Michael Shanks.  Meanwhile, CW is finalizing plans to pick up Golden Boy Martin Gero’s series The L.A. Complex.  I hear one more Stargate alum has landed a big genre gig, but the news hasn’t gone public yet so I’m going to have to sit on that particular tidbit for the time being.  Nevertheless, congratulations all around!

Why, yes, that IS Jewel Staite among the series regulars.

Check out the Canadian premiere of Martin Gero’s The L.A. Complex Tuesday, January 10th and 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on CTV and Muchmusic.

And the very next day, head on down to your local comic store to pick up the first issue of my new SF comic book series, Dark Matter.  If walking isn’t your cup of tea, then I suggest ordering the comic book online here (TFAW.com) or snagging yourself a digital copy here (Dark Horse Digital).  Oh, and speaking of Dark Matter, here’s another interview I just did, this one with our long-time Stargate buddy Steve Eramo over at The Morton Report: Stargate’s Joseph Mallozzi Unveils Dark Matter

Met up with my Tokyo travel buddy, Ivon Bartok, today for lunch at La Taqueria (Pinche Taco Shop).  A terrific meal followed by some discussion on an exciting side project.  The plan is to do a little research, toss around some ideas with Paul, then write the script and produce a trailer.  Fast-tracking this one as I prepare to head down to L.A. and start pitching Dark Matter: The Series!

Clockwise from lower left: braised beef cheeks, poblano peppers with creamed corn, pork confit, and braised beef tongue.
Clockwise from lower left: Jelly, Bubba, Lulu, and Maximus.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to Narelle from Aus.

28 thoughts on “January 6, 2012: Evil Testicle! Shanks T.O.-bound and Golden Boy Martin Gero does it again! I talk Dark Matter with Steve Eramo! Talking business with Ivon!

  1. Pinche Taco Shop? Did you come up with that? You do know the meaning of “pinche”, right? 🙂 Whatever the case the pinche tacos look good!

  2. @Narelle, so sorry to hear about your mom, You are in our thoughts and prayers and many hugs to you.

  3. Loved the food and dog pictures. And I know this isn’t quite as big as the news regarding the other Stargate alums, but wanted to remind everyone, if they didn’t already know, that Louis Ferriera will be guesting on NCIS this coming Tuesday. (1/10/12) The preview I saw looks pretty good.

  4. @Narelle from Aus: Very sorry to hear of your mum’s passing. My sincere condolences.

    I’m totally going to start using the “Evil Testicle” slur on people. They’ll be all “What??!!” and I’ll just nod knowingly.

    Those tacos look… intriguing. Plus, it’s great to hear of SG alums getting some good work. Only way it could be better is if it was actually on SG again! 🙂

    Looking forward to Dark Matter!

  5. Heya Joe,
    Please advise when you will be unveiling one of your other projects – by that I mean – Akemi-isms?

    Akemi – YOU’RE THE BEST!!
    Thanks for the great laugh!!!

  6. Tacos? Did someone say tacos? Where? Oh! I had to go back up and look. That’s tacos? Don’t forget the 4 burritos laying on the pillow.

  7. Can you just give Akemi a big hug from me for making my day? 🙂

    Akemi reminds me of myself, when I listen to music (I may have mentioned this before, my apologies if I have). For instance, in the song Glorified G by Pearl Jam, I was sure the chorus was ‘glorified virgin on a pelican’, only to learn that it’s really, ‘glorified version of a pellet gun’. Actually, I like my way better. 🙂 Mr. Das’ big lyric misunderstanding was the AC/DC song, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. He swore all up and down that the chorus was ‘dirty deeds and the thunder chiefs’. I think to this day he still sings it that way. Of course, I’m pretty sure 95% of the world does, too. 😛

    Have a good night, sir…and might I suggest a little anti-fungal cream for that evil testicle. 😉


  8. Hey Joe,

    I’ve begun watching “Breaking Bad”. I now remember why I didn’t give it a chance. Cancer is a hard topic…it is shown in many ways to be realistic. I am going to give it time to grow on me…maybe I will see something that will…well…help me along this difficult path.

    Best to you Joe,

    P.S. Akemi is so cute with language twists. This one was one for the record books. *smiles*

  9. Long time reader…first time responder (which I’m pretty sure isn’t a word). I’ve been a reader since 2007 and a fan of SG-1, Atlantis, SGU all along. I don’t have a question; rather, a comment. I am a big fan of your work and your writing which is obviously most evident on this blog; however, I simply cannot wait until Dark Matter is released. I wish you, your Pugs and Akemi all the best in 2012. Based on what little I know, I would love to see Dark Matter: The Series picked up. We are in dire need of a space action/drama tv series currently. I mean, at this point what do we have to look forward to? Another season on Terra Nova? I hope not…as far as full throttle sci-fi, we are pretty much out of luck at the moment. So here’s hoping you’re able to turn a comic into a live action tv series that’s part Firefly, Battlestar Glactica, SG-1 and Star Wars. That might not be your end game, but good luck regardless. We are rooting for you!

  10. Thanks Joe and to everyone that’s emailed or sent good thoughts our way.
    I know it’s my brain sending this ache to my heart right now, and whatever it’s sending, man does it hurt. It would be great to wake up about now.

  11. @Narelle–so sorry to hear about your mother. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. Yes, I enjoy my iPad also. I’ve found I can import my Sony eBooks over into my iPad through Bluefire reader. I can shop book sales from iTunes, Kobo, Sony, Nook & Kindle. So it’s become a universal eBook reader!
    I downloaded the comic book app and I’m ready to get your edition.
    What does Spamochi mean?
    I love the “Evil Testicle” remark. I agree with gforce and will try to work it into conversations. Akemi’s English is impressive. What was the Japanese word that meant “don’t work yourself to death”?

    I feel so bad for Narelle! I lost my dad 2-3 years ago. The funeral was the hardest part. I suppose because I knew he wasn’t there and it was just a ceremony to get through. My MIL died a few months after my dad. The older relatives get so upset if every detail is not perfect. I spent most of my time putting out fires because my bipolar SIL was alienating everyone. She does that when she is stressed…or maybe just all the time.
    In the South, people bring food over for the family. That wonderful charity is a life saver/stress reliever if you live out of town. My SIL told everyone what foods that she would eat and what not to bring. That pissed all the older ladies off, so very little food was brought over. I went to the grocery and stocked up with readymade foods for all the visiting in-laws. Most of my hubby’s family is out of work, on disability or just out of jail. They probably would have starved rather than to buy food or cook
    I hate funerals! I told my hubby, if I die, just send out mass emails and call it a day.

    Has anyone heard how Narelle is doing? I hope her mother’s funeral goes much more smoothly!

  13. Akemi, don’t worry, I do that too. Especialy with song’s lyrics. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one (thanks das). When English is not your mother tongue, the song’s lyrics can be pretty hard to understand sometimes.
    Courage! We can do it! Yes, we can! LOL
    At least, thank to this blog, now I know how to use “addictive”and not to use “addicting”. LOL
    And Joe! Game of thrones!
    Have a nice day.

  14. @Das: My daughter and I were both totally convinced that Dave Matthews was saying “perverted asshole” instead of “dirty rascal” (DMB Crash into Me), and we’d sing in that way in the car at the top of our lungs. 😉

    @Relle: Sending you strength and lots of love. 🙂

  15. @das Well, I hate to admit this, but, I thought the same as Mr. Das. In my defence, all we had was a single speaker radio and AM radio to boot. I also thought the Beatles were singing “Glass on Yonge” (pronounced “young”), which is one of the longest streets in the world.


  16. I read your conversation between you and Ameki. 5555 (lol thai style)!
    I just returned from some apartment hunting and the one place had some cute pictures of pugs on the wall, just like some you have taken as if the dog was trying to sniff the camera. I laugh because I thought they might have copied yours. It is morning in Thailand and a friend just posted a picture of her self nibbling on some breakfast food, Chicken feet.

  17. @Narelle – My Dad passed away last June, and it STILL hurts sometimes. I still sometimes hear, see, or read something and for an instant I’ll think, “I’ve got tell Dad about that” before realizing that I can’t. It hurts still, but what makes things easier is that I know at some time it will hurt less and only the great memories will remain.

  18. My deepest sympathy to Narelle, as well as the others who mentioned the recent loss of a parent. Missing mine today /Saturday, mainly because of the wedding I attended. (See Jan. 7 comment.).

    Best Friend’s mom, who was a good friend of my late mom, attended despite her advanced paralytic illness. Very hard to see & talk to her in that state, because my late father had similar problems due Parkinson’s disease.

    I also would like to know if Joe and /or the taco vendor know that “pinche” is a vulgarity. 😉

  19. PS: I empathize with Akemi. I’ve made some interesting English /Spanish translation errors over the decades. For example, I might think, “2012” (dos mil doce) but say “212” (doscientos doce). Rather confusing when talking about a calendar date!

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