Tonight we partake in a grand Mallozzi New Year’s Eve tradition.  We’ll all gather at my sister’s place, overeat, chat, possibly play some Italian bingo, grow exhausted waiting for the countdown from Times Square, and turn in for the night well before midnight.  What about you all? I’m sure your plans are nowhere near as exciting, but I want to hear about them anyway.  How are you welcoming in 2012?  What resolutions do you plan to make…and ultimately discard by late February?

Joe’s 2012 New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Sit down to a marathon viewing of the entire 1967 animated Spiderman series.  I know, I know.  I’ve been talking about this for ages but this year, I’m really going to do it!

2. Finish that pilot script I’ve been kicking around, like, forever.  I mean, seriously.  I’ve been working on this particular pilot, on and off, for two years now – writing, rewriting, shelving, re-rewriting, shelving, re-re-rewriting.  And shelving.  Compare to my buddy Robert Cooper who joined a bunch of us for a dinner back in Toronto where we discussed a fellow friend’s unnervingly creepy experience in what some (ie. those two dudes from Ghost Hunters) would consider a haunted house.  “We should write a script based on this story,”Rob said at the time.  Two months later, he had completed the script and was shopping it around. Okay, I know.  Rob Cooper is possessed of superhuman writing abilities.  Still, if he can knock off a feature in two months, I should be able to complete a pilot script in less than two years.  No?

3. Complete research on that grand historical drama and, if all goes well, actually start writing the script.

4. Set up Dark Matter as a television series (or mini-series).  The comic book launches January 11, 2012 (but you knew that already) and, while getting a television series up and running is a daunting challenge, we have the personnel and game plan in place to make it happen.

5. Investigate the deepest, darkest recesses of my crawlspace and clear it out by getting rid of half the stuff that’s been sitting there, in boxes, since I moved in six years ago.

6. I make this resolution every December 31st but, after my experience this year, I’m determined to see it through: When it comes to business, stop being so pleasant and accommodating to others and be more of an asshole (before they are).

7. Dramatically improve my Japanese speaking and listening skills.  You know what I hate?   Meeting someone who has only been studying Japanese for mere months yet speaks and understands the language far better than I do.  More language CD’s in the car, more grammar reviews, more anime watching and, as a last resort, maybe a second Japanese girlfriend to help me practice conversation.

8. Master the doggy gate at mom’s place.

9. Wear my reading glasses in social situations to help cultivate a faux intellectual persona.


Let’s ring in the New Year with a few more Dark Matter links.  For those of you living on the moon or in one of those pressurized undersea domes with no convenient access to a local comic book store, you have a couple of options.  You either order copies here ( or go here (Dark Horse Digital) to order yourself a digital copy.

Interview with Marc Rosenthal at Nerd Trek – Interview with Joseph Mallozzi (Stargate) – in which I discuss both Dark Matter and my time on Stargate.

Follow-up teaser with script pages and some early designs: Teaser! – “Dark Matter” Comic Series by Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie (Stargate)

Interview with Ryan Thomason at WatchPlayRead – – in which I talk about Dark Matter…and touch on Stargate as well!

And a quickie preview from Famous Monsters of Filmland: “STARGATE” Writers Deliver “DARK MATTER #1″

33 thoughts on “December 31, 2011: New Year’s Resolutions! And I really mean them this time! More Dark Matter interviews and links!

  1. We’re overeating, too. Otherwise, brought in two of the stray (ok, not so so stray any more…) cats because they’re terrified of the fireworks and had some bubbly. My daughter’s reading, Mr. Deni’s doing the dishes and I’m going to bed. High excitement here too, Joe. 🙂 Resolutions? Nah. See you next year!

  2. Happy New Year All

    Supercongratulations on your SnowMonkeys Joe! My team went down like an express elevator to hades. Yeah I ended up the first loser, @ #2. Still feel good about the season playing an autodraft team though.

    Resolutions…credo for 2012(quoting Lt. Dieter Dengler), “Empty what is full. Fill what is empty. Scratch what itches.”
    Personal goals-Grad School, enter a short-film competition, and continue to read this cool blog. Thank-you.


  3. New Years Eve is well and truely over for us. A hot night in Adelaide South Australia with an even hotter New Years Day. Fireworks at a nearby beach were stunning in bed by 1am. Now watching the music show that we recorded overnight. We get to see the Time Square show at around 3:30 pm so I will think of you all just starting your celebrations and frankly freezing your backsides. Sticking to old faithful resolutions, eat a bit healthier and do a bit more excersise (seriously even a bit is an improvement over nothing). Best wishes to you, your family and the extended family that reads your blog.

  4. Have I mentioned that I love the cover for Dark Matter issue #3? I do.

    I’m actually going out tonight to celebrate the New Year. Some friends and I are going out to a Middle Eastern restaurant to see my belly dance teacher perform. Drinking and eating hummus and baba ganoush might also be part of the evenings activities.

    New Year’s resolutions:

    1. get my bone density up to a non-fracture hazard level. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis this past year. Bummer.

    2. get into shape to take a one week 250 mile bike ride up the northwest coast of Michigan next fall. Maybe.

    3. try not to kill anyone at work. No. Forget I said that. That way you can deny any prior knowledge should anything untoward happen.

    4. Read all of Dark Matter. At least twice.

    @das: Happy New Year! Did you hear that the next Pendergast novel Two Graves is done? Linc and Doug posted it on Facebook.

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  5. Yes, you did write a pilot in less than two years. How could you rewrite it if you didn’t write it?

    I’m going to pretend I didn’t read #7 all the way through.

  6. Max and the train is just priceless Joe. Nothing moves but his eyes, which he only blinks as the train passes. “Mr. Nonchalant” and looking sweet as ever! Go Max!

    No resolutions, unless promising not to make any resolutions counts.
    Spending a quiet night, far, far away from any maddening crowds, loud noises, or drunken drivers thank you.

    Happy New Year one and all, with hopes for a happier, healthier and ever blessed 2012.

    Good night,
    2cats and Basil cat

  7. I had been looking forward to my xmas break so that I could have a whole 7 days to do nothing but write; focus on turning my outline into a good first draft. I booked a short xmas trip with family to be able to just write at my leisure. I looked forward to this for the entire year, growing more excited for my writing break as the year drew to an end.

    And it turns out on my flight back I not only got an hour delay but also appear to have caught a cross between mild ebola and severe swine flu. I’ve never been so sick for so long in my life, I was considering going to the ER this morning; thankfully my fever broke and I made do with a trip in the freezing cold to CVS for more meds.

    I’m feeling much better now but I only have 2 days left on my winter break. I’m too tired to blame bad karma, irony, fate, possible voodoo curses to explain why this happened but my new years resolution is to remember that life is short.

  8. No overeating here – still feeling the after effects of a bad stomach bug that has put me down all week. I was feeling a bit better this evening and splurged by going to the early showing of the Mission Impossible movie (Mike Dopud!) which was a lot of fun. Only to get home and have the stomach bug resurface. Ugh. Anyway, now relaxing watching the NYE festivities from Halifax, but there’s no guarantee I’ll stay up until midnight.

    I don’t really make “resolutions”, because I think framing them that way almost always means they’ll fail. I do make a few goals (just a few so that I can actually accomplish them) and try to see them through. I’d say my big ones are to purge my house of the many “needful things” I’ve accumulated over the years but have outlived their usefulness. Also, to eat a bit better and get back into the exercise routine I’ve been at for quite a few years. Also, worry less and enjoy life more.

    This past year has been a pretty difficult one for me, with my father passing away and the resulting family discord. There were a lot of unfounded accusations against me (money related) and it caused quite a bit of pain. So, Christmas was “quiet” this year, but I do have a few close friends which made it bearable. I’m hoping the new year will be at least… better.

    Please don’t become an asshole, not that I think you’d really be comfortable with it anyway. There are far too many natural born ones in the world, and they have way more experience than you! So, go with your strengths.

    Have a great New Year, Joe, and pass it on to Akemi, your other family and of course, the dogs!

  9. PS forgot to wish everyone on the blog a happy new year, with hugs for Maximus and his furry siblings.

  10. Happy New Year, all!

    Joe asked: How are you welcoming in 2012?

    Husband & I made a 3-hour drive to have early dinner with dear friends. Delicious meal and good company. Now settled in hotel room. Plan to see friends again tomorrow, then return to San Antonio.

    Resolution: De-clutter the house by next December.

  11. How cute!! Watch that tail Maximus! That train conductor looks evil!

    “What resolutions do you plan to make…and ultimately discard by late February?”

    Well look at you, mister optimist! I hope the following make it thru January 1st.

    1. Begin a lifelong, lifestyle, lifechanging, lifetime diet that would make even Oprah proud. If I make it through later this week, I will consider it a success for this year…and it will go on the list again next year.

    2. Vow to keep my house cleaner. Or, look into hiring someone to clean it once or twice a month. Do you know of any dog breeds that love to clean?

    3. Guess that’s it. I’m already out of worthless ideas that I can’t keep.

    Happy New Year Everyone! Go 2012!

  12. Sweet Max. I hope he’s been getting plenty of cuddles.

    I’ve resolved to never make anymore new year’s resolutions. I never accomplish any of them, and only end up depressed at the end of the year. Instead, I’m making a list of all the people and places I want to see at some vague future point in time.

    Wishing you Joe and your family, near and far, a fabulous New Year. Sounds like it’s going to be a good one!

    And Best Wishes to everyone for a Healthy and Happy New Year!!

  13. …SHOVELED for the 4th time THIS week! ..been viewing my H50 DVDs for the umpteen-gazillion times as I knit…

    ..hold on a sec… IT’s “New Year’s”??? — FRAK!! I *KNEW* I’d for gotten “Something”!! ..stupid SAMOAN Temporal Dilation Fields…

  14. Bt the way, why do Texans put up with the heat in the summertime? Because it was 74 degrees today. That’s why.

  15. Happy New Year!
    Bonne Année!
    I went to my parents’s house on New Year’s Eve. My mother had made macarons. They were delicious.
    Resolutions : Travel throughout other countries, meet new people and don’t bother anymore about what the others may think of me.
    Have a nice year!

  16. Happy new year Joe!

    I had to work on new years eve. From 10pm till 6 am this morning for the On-Air-Support for three local radio stations here in Leipzig. Well some-one HAS to keep an eye on the Automation of the radio in case something happens and then there’s also all the happy drunken people calling in to wish the whole crew of the radio station (which was of course scattered all over the city having a good party) a happy new year.

    But we were 4 people working over midnight and we had our own little Party on the balcony 🙂 But keeping awake till 6 am was a tough one. My head bumped on the desk around 5 am and I found myself sound asleep for several minutes 😀

  17. How cute Max is, not bothered in the least with the train invading his space. Bigs Hugs for him!
    New Years is done, its morning and the coffee tastes pretty darn good. We ate an early dinner out yesterday(the eve) , and the restaurant handed out hats and noisemakers to everyone, then we stayed in for the night, the neighbors set off fireworks way b4 midnite so I guess we celebrated with them, sorry I missed the ball drop, but I am ok with that.
    and new years resolutions, I read somewhere if you write them down, you are like 83% more likely to finish them, so I guess writing something here counts.. Maybe I will de-clutter my house, and eat a little healthier which may in turn coz me a weight loss, no set amount, but any would be good. Start walking again, or riding the bike,,Travel more, does that count?!? see, I am starting slow.. see more movies, read more books,smile more often, just have more fun… oh yeah and continue reading Joes blog… Have a wonderful day!!

  18. It’s January 1, 2012. Hello to the new year and hello to you all; now let’s see if I can go back to sleep. Everyone else is.

  19. Awwww…Maximus! Very cute. 🙂

    M@ Sparrowhawk – Nope. Didn’t hear. I haven’t read the last Pendergast because I HATE trilogies. I hate waiting for the end of the story. So I’m avoiding their page until I read Cold Vengeance (will probably wait for the paperback in Feb. so I don’t hurt my signed hardcover). I hope with the book done that means an earlier release for it (instead of Dec. 2012). I am in serious need of a Penderfix. I am also a masochist. 😛

    @ Joey – Please, do tell about your arch nemesis, Doggygate. Or, better yet, have Andria take video of most honorable Mr. Mallozzi attempting to master same (must read that in Charlie Chan voice).

    Yesterday (Dec. 31)…hmmmm. What DIDN’T I do! First, finished up end of the month/year bill paying. Ran to post office and bank. Cleaned the house, which included (besides the regular dusting, vacuuming, and mopping) laundry, putting down a new area rug in the ‘ship room’, and straightening up the huge mess I created throughout the week doing aforementioned end of the year paperwork. Cut my own hair. Made dinner (simple, just store bought ravioli in store bought red sauce, and a big homemade salad…I can get away with doing that since I’m not Italian 🙂 ). Ate dinner while watching the first Transformers movie. Took a shower, and finished watching the movie, and was in bed by 11:00. Big day, with much accomplished.

    Oh! And I trimmed my toenails! 😀 Woo! Bring on 2012, I am SOOO ready! (No resolutions for me, besides the normal ones I make at the beginning of EVERY month: lose weight, read more, exercise more, work on my personality, and try to be a more spiritual person. Not sure that I’ll ever fulfill any of them. 😛 )


  20. My only resolution, the same as every year (and of course it doesn’t always work), try to keep the hubster from having an 8th heart attack. I’d like to keep the old buzzard around.

    As for the historical drama – it occurs to me that many folks interested in sci fi are also history buffs. My BA and MA are in history. I think it’s a way of having a time machine…

  21. Happy New Year to you and your family 🙂

    As for number 2 there, I am sure if you get going it will be smoooooth sailing !

  22. Hey Joe
    Glad you made it through the Italian Bingo, I’ve heard it can sometimes be a contact sport…

    @Airelle Yes, the coffee does taste extra special this morning. I think it’ll be a wonderful year despite (or maybe because of) the ‘end-of-the-worlders’.

    Happy New Year, everyone!


  23. Happy New Year. Huggles to Max, Akemi, et al.

    Second girlfriend? You moving to Utah?

    Resolutions? Not really. Keep up the progress on nutrition and exercise. The post surgical hernia pain isn’t helping. But I am stretching with light weights now.
    Oh, and drink the bottle of Moet et Chandon which has been in the rack in the pantry in the basement for a year or two now.

  24. On New Year’s Eve, I watched my taped syndicated version of SGU “Trial and Error.” Which was followed up by watching “Memento Mori” while sipping a tall Russian Stout, and going to bed with the smells of a freshly cooked beef roast in the Crock Pot. No hangover no problem -“my me maow kang my me ben ha.” (a little Thai from my foreign language repertoire.)Besides, going out for New Year’s last not was not optimal as we had rain followed by snow, a very bad combo on a night like last night.

    I plan to go to my local comic shop and try to get on the list for Dark Matter. My goal this year is to say 2012 was a successful year.

    If I had seen the post last night, I would have raised the glass for Maximus!

  25. Happy New Year. My only resolutions right now is to get my dd on the fracking plane to France in one piece, all stuff done and have her ready for a great adventure. And not cry nonstop for the next 7 mos because she is there and I can’t see her, lol.

  26. ❀ღHappy✿New✿Yearღ❀

    For me…

    1) I would like to be in better health. Food and exercise play no part in this wish. But I believe the word is hope. I am hopeful to have the health to work on a series of childrens books.

    2) Have less hospitals and doctors in my life…AND less surgeries.

    3) Find my way back online and read again. When my family leaves I will try to pick up your book and your Club book.

    Small progress will be great. I am looking forward to finding some of my life again.

    Best to you Joe…and family of course.

    P.S. A boring life seems to fit me right now.

  27. I got a big chuckle over some of your resolutions. Thank you for starting the year off with a laugh! You sound super relaxed and happy. I hope that continues through 2012!!!!

    Resolutions? Just to keep doing what I’m doing (swimming, karate, volunteer work) but maybe up the amounts. I need to work in more Mum visits. It’s just that her house can be very stressful (kids screaming, dirt, and low water due to the well drying up).

    My 27lb cat has lost more weight…..he is down to 24.7lbs!!!!!! I’ll have to talk to the vet about his target weight. He has a big frame, so I believe that anything lower than 21lbs would be too thin for him.

    The video of Max was kind of sad for me. He seems so tired. I’m so glad you took him with you and hope the trip back is smooth.

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