“Why so cold this country?” – Akemi after experiencing a single December day in Montreal

Well, we’re finally here.  Finally.  Following a two hour flight delay followed by a half hour delay on the tarmac while the ground crew tended to some emergency on the other side of the airport (aka “This eggnog aint gonna drink itself!”)  followed by a twenty minute delay while we waited for our baggage, we finally got into Montreal and sat down for dinner at my mother’s house: at 10:30 p.m.  I’m pleased to report that Maximus was his usually quiet, laid back self during the flight and, while nervous, seems to have settled in quite nicely.  The prednisone the vet administered to him before we left Vancouver is apparently taking effect as he started eating again – his first willing meal in two weeks!

Darn. These will have to wait 'til Christmas Eve.
I haven't had these in years and years. I always assumed they were bitter onions but my sister informs me they're hyacinth bulbs!
My mother makes the best rabbit. I don't usually order it when I go out because it's easy to overcook, and I don't make it at home because the last time I picked up a whole rabbit at the butcher it resembled my French Bulldog Lulu - sans head.
A post-bath Maximus just chillin'. Literally.
Ahhhh, better. And warmer!

A couple of more Dark Matter-related links for your perusal…

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An interview with yours truly over at Nerd World News: INTERVIEW: Joesph Mallozzi Talks About His Upcoming Mini Series …

Why is this Snow Monkey smiling?

Well, it could be because his team is on the verge of capturing their first Fantasy Football Championship in only their second year in fantasy league play.  While it’s still very early, things are looking very promising.  My opponent will need a HUGE performance from his players to overcome my Snow Monkeys’ hot start.  It’ll all come down to tonight’s Green Bay/Chicago game (Go Bears!).  Or possibly Roddy White on Monday Night Football.


28 thoughts on “December 24, 2011: C-c-c-c-c-cold! Home cookin’! Maximus chills! Dark Matter tidings! And my Snow Monkeys on the verge of a championship!

  1. Any recipes for those pictures? Especially, a recipe for those cookies, please. She probably wouldn’t notice if one or two of those cookies were missing. 😉

    I’m so glad the steroids are working! They are always a winner in the Vet’s bag of tricks.

    Das: like gforce said, the 42 inch would be better.

    Merry Christmas

  2. Awwwwwww, Max – so cute.
    Akemi – Stay warm!!

    Wanted to report that I ordered from Amazon – macarons. YES, macarons.
    Given they are frozen, cold, need to warm to room temp and they were not freshly made “today,” they are NOT bad.

    Funny how we could stumble across the Pacific Garden Tea shoppe at the Ala Moana Shopping center in Hawaii for fresh made. ANd, I am still looking for a shoppe nearby me in Chicagoland. Guess cause I do not live in downtown Chicago or Evanston…does make it a bit more challenging. But, now that I LOVE macarons, I will be persistent in the hunt!

    Mele Kalikimaka

  3. 1. Yay, Max! 🙂

    2. I’ve only had rabbit stew. ‘Twas yummy!

    3. I could never handle preparing a whole animal for a meal because it would remind me too much that it was once alive. I can’t even handle cooking a whole chicken…I almost fainted the first time I had to stick my hand inside a roaster to take out that bag o’ goo! After that I had to get Mr. Das to do it, then I finally just gave up and went with boneless, skinless breasts. Preparing chicken is much less woozy-inducing that way. 🙂

    4. I have a sick feral cat. I checked her symptoms, and I think it might be antifreeze poisoning. (It could also be a bad tooth.) Problem is, she’s feral, and I doubt I can catch her, and the vet is closed anyway. She’s a nice little cat, sometimes even let us close enough to pet. I hate to see her suffer, and I just don’t know what to do! If it is antifreeze, I have to wonder where she got into it, or if someone is purposely poisoning cats. Right now I wish I could get rid of all my cats so that I wouldn’t have to worry anymore. It’s the worry, the helplessness, that kills me.This is gonna be a craptastic weekend.

    5. The new tv is growing on me. Seems it’s better if I keep the picture ‘square’, and not on widescreen (unless it’s a widescreen movie, of course). I have yet to watch a movie on it. I’ll try one tonight and if it looks okay, I guess we’ll keep it. I still hate technology, though.

    6. Really excited about Dark Matter! Just a few weeks now, can’t wait!

    7. Hyacinth bulbs? Looked like chicken guts to me. Or maybe rabbit. 😉


  4. Good to hear the steroid injections are having a good effect with Max. Hopefully this will give him a bit more quality time.

    What’s extra funny about Akemi’s cold picture is the guy standing in the background in a short sleeve shirt! Clearly he’s from here out East! 🙂

    With a name like “hyacinth bulbs” I would expect something rather pretty. That looks more like the rabbit than the rabbit!

    Happy Christmas!

  5. Merry Chirstmas Joe to and yours and a big special Merry Christmas to wee Max from me and 2 mad Border Collies I share my life with in Scotland.

    Happy Days Everybody 🙂

  6. HI Mr M!

    Have been away from the Blog for an a-g-e! Just caught up. Couple of quick questions…I see one of your “long shot” possibilities is…..*drum roll*….Ireland!! Huh?! Say It IS true Joe!!! I’ll have the People of the Republic waiting at Dublin Airport for your arrival, screenings of “The Princess Bride” every day on TV, Dark Matter available at all Newstands and Macaroons of all colours in every store!!!! (ok…the last one might be tricky)

    Second Q: I see you read “Skippy Dies”…what did you think? This is a very Irish novel, in some respects an updated Flann O Brien-esque take on modern Ireland…would be intrigued on your thoughts. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I wonder how it’d travel?

    Third Q: For those who like the tactile sense of paper comic, rather than online read, where can we purchase the “real” deal re: Dark Matter over here in the Emerald Isle?

    And finally, delighted to see you are still recommending Speed of Dark, I too have recommeneded it to many….all with great success.

    Best to you and all your family. Hi to Mama Mallozzi!!

    Happy Christmas from Ireland.


  7. Two things: Please don’t let Max get chilled. If he gets a cold now it will kill him. Second, has the option of feeding Max through a tube been suggested by the vet?

    Merry Christmas to you all. Smooches to Maxie.

  8. Oh Joe, I plant my hyacinth bulbs,makes for some fragrant flowers.. Good news for Max for a good holiday. Stay warm, eat too much and give your mom and sister and Akemi and Max lots of hugs. I usually don’t make new years resolutions, but I may make one this year to get my books in some kind of ordered chaos. How about you, make any??
    @das, I hope your kitty takes a better turn.
    Merry Christmas Joe, Akemi, mom and sis and all the furry friends!! And to all our friends here on the blog.

  9. Oh, I haven’t had GOOD rabbit in so long, I can’t remember. Is it a traditional Christmas dinner in your family? We only ever had it after my dad and I would go hunting.

    Well, I’m in a pickle with my fantasy football team. I’m down by 38 points with Jordy Nelson and Drew Brees left to play while my opponent has Lance Moore left to play. Monday night is going to be a barnburner. Nelson’s always good for about 10-15 points (unless he has a huge game), so it should be a wash with Lance Moore, points-wise. That leaves Drew Brees needing to have a big game fr me to have a chance. Here’s to crossing fingers and toes for both of us!!!

    Great to hear about Max eating again! Hopefully, dogs are a lot like humans in that their bodies can be tricked into jump starting their appetite. I’ve had to do that a couple times in my life.


  10. So glad to know Max is again eating, always good to maintain strength & stamina. He’s adorable all wrapped up in his robe. Odd to say this but, yay steroids! Also glad that while your travel was delayed, you all arrived safely at your Mom’s . You know we are awaiting a showcase of given & received gifts. 😉 The food looks good, but I would pass on the rabbit.

    I just enjoyed a West Point Holiday Special musical extravaganza on TV. Who knew these cadets and/or soldiers were such talented musicians and choral singers?! Bless them, it’s top notch! Everyone sings or plays instruments in uniform too. This can’t be easy for the violinists, due to arm positions. I used to play and remember the ache.

    Okay, maybe due to the season of renewal and peace, but I’m thinking about adopting another cat, probably an adult as they are usually most needy of a home. Only 2 considerations: must get along with Basil cat and must be healthy (for both my & Basil’s sake).

    @ das I’m sorry your feral cat won’t allow you near to catch her. If it is antifreeze poisoning and treatment isn’t begun within 6 hrs. of ingestion, the outcome is not good. Can you call your local county animal control center to help?
    Good luck to you and cat.


  11. Merry Christmas to you and your family and Akemi. The wet Maximus picture made me sad but the warm one he looks good. Glad the prednisone is helping.

  12. Merry Christmas, Joe and Akemi and all Joe’s family!

    Merry Christmas, fellow bloggers!

    Go Bears! Go Snow Monkeys!

    @das: Hope your kitty is okay. Merry Christmas!

  13. Max is eating! That’s wonderful news. Definitely keep him warm. Another benefit is that warmth helps with pain. It’s great!

    Hilda, really enjoyed your card and was wondering how the biopsy went. It was good to hear from you.

    Merry Christmas to Joe, Akemi, Mama Mallozzi, Sis, Everyone on the Blog, and all of the dog & kitty kidz, too. 😀

  14. Merry Christmas Mr M! I hope your family has a wonderful day. My two Siamese, Hotrod and Mako, got to open their presents last night. Mako had been acting a little wary around my parents but when my mother started ripping the wrapping on the first present, out he came and was interested the entire time.

  15. Merry Christmas to you and all you love.

    Yesterday The Bookshelf in Ogden had its last day. We picked up three bags of books for $21. They will reopen as a comic and game store with a new name, but this is the end of the town’s oldest used book shop. I used to go there in the 70s, when it was upstairs above a jewelry store. A sad, sad day.

  16. Darn but that rabbit looks good. I haven’t had any in years. Never tried hyacinth bulbs, but if they taste like bitter onions I think I’ll pass. Big fan of onions, the bitter, not so much. Glad that Maximus made the trip well. Keep him and Akemi warm! Looks as if both of them could use it.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours and to all the folks here. May it be the warmest season of all!

  17. Just wondering….is partner Paul doing any Dark Matter related press/interviews?

    Good luck with all of your Dark Matter related..”matters”.

  18. Merry Christmas! I am reminded of the first day on indoc for my new job in Chicago. The instructors insisted for those from more southernly climates to buy their Winter attire in Chicago not from their former residence. It is a quality thing which I must agree with (as a native neighbor to the south, Minnesota). I know they get snow in Japan but unless she is from the Northern island I do not believe she would experience the cold we interior folks cope with. Just curious as to where Akemi obtained her winter wardrobe? I have found my favorite winter material is wool from my dress socks to my plaid shirt to my cap. Wool socks, a good cap, and quality thin-solate gloves (no polyester)

    Go Snowmonkeys, Go Bears, Go Snowmonkeys! Drink! I to not thinks the locals would share your enthusiasm, but the Pack did loose to KC.

    Glad Max’s feed is a bit more on track to normal. The old boy looks rather cozy in the second picture.

  19. Cutest pic yet of Maximus, looking adorable in his warm blanket! Akemi needs Gap 1969 skinny corduroys and J Crew wool turtleneck. And some super soft socks. Keeping warm in godawful weather is an art form.

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