Hanging on for our playoff lives!

R.I.P. Stargate fantasy football post-season action saw my Snow Monkeys taking on Tio’s Popular Vote Petunia for the right to play in next week’s final.  I agonized all morning over my line-up, considering and reconsidering my decision to play C.J. Spiller over Kevin Smith. Finally, a minute before kick-off, I switched out Spiller for Smith. Then, seconds later, switched back. Then, seconds after that, re-switched. Spiller thus sat on my bench and racked up 29 points while Smith disappointed by mustering less than 5.  Fortunately, Tio played Manning (who had a terrible game) and, when the dust had settled on the second game, I was up by 29.38 points heading into tonight’s game pitting the Chargers vs. the Ravens.  He has two more players to go (Antonio Gates and Anquan Boldin) and if they can put up 30 points between them, then my season is done.  But if things hold to form and they fail to have breakout games, then the Snow Monkeys will be celebrating tonight!

Akemi's cream puffs. Voila!
Dusted and ready to eat!
And a chocolate version.
Akemi and the inspiration for Tio's team: Petunia!
Lawren enjoys the game.
Tio all set for the second game of the triple-header (after changing out of his CJ2K jersey).
And later in Antonio Gates mode for the third game.

Still on tap tonight: That third game of the triple-header in which all my Snow Monkey semi-final questions shall be answered, the Survivor finale and, of course, that Stargate reunion.

After spending an hour on hold, I finally got through to someone at Air Canada and made arrangements to transport Maximus (carry-on) to Montreal should the need arise.  His condition hasn’t improved and we have an appointment with the vet tomorrow where we’ll discuss our options.

21 thoughts on “December 18, 2011: It’s down to the wire for my Snow Monkeys!

  1. Broncos disappointed tonight, so instead of torturing ourselves by watching more of the game, we took Elway to see the Christmas lights at a neighborhood nearby. We went there last year and the entire neighborhood goes all out, really something to see. They have horse-drawn carriage rides and cookies and eggnog and Santa and snowmen and reindeer and, holy shit, does Elway love it! They have everybody turn off their car lights (just parking lights) so you can follow the lights of the candles in paper bags (and they go on throughout the entire neighborhood). I’ve never seen a dog quite so excited about Christmas, but this “little” guy loves it. He’s tuckered out now, but happy. Had to come home and cook Kosher Pork (don’t ask) for Lauren for tomorrow, and still lots to do tonight, but getting there.

    Have a great night, and squishes to the pups. 🙂

  2. Just a little note to send maximus my love and get well soon. I only know you via your work on stargate, but have followed your blog and your love for your dogs is heartwarming. I don,t have a dog so I sort of ” adopt” other peoples.
    best wishes,

  3. @Deni, dog nothing– I’D LOVE TO SEE THAT! 🙂

    Hope the vet is able to help so Maximus has some more good days. You certainly have given him your all. He is lucky to have you.

    Akemi’s cream puffs look wonderful.

  4. sorry to hear Maximus is still doing poorly–hope you are able to get some kind of good news from the vet.

    Good luck for the Snow Monkeys.

  5. Joe, I really hope the vet can do something for your little guy. I’ve learned that the most important thing is to tell the vet you want an honest opinion, even if it’s not the one you want to hear. If you take him to Montreal and he doesn’t make it home, will you blame yourself for taking him on the trip? (If I may suggest, ask the vet if it’s safe for him to fly after the recent surgery.) If you leave him home and he’s not there when you return, will you feel guilty that you weren’t there during his last hours? I think about this stuff all the time when I have a sick pet, and I’m sure you do, too. If only they could tell us what to do! But they can’t, so we are left to figure things out on our own. One thing we do know, however, is that an animal instinctively needs certain things – food, shelter, and nesting (or in a pet’s case, the security and familiarity of its surroundings and its housemates – human and animal alike). This is what gives our pets comfort, what lets them know things will be okay, even if we know different. Maximus needs security right now because he’s feeling sick and vulnerable. Security, and comfort, and it’s not easy figuring out how best to make sure he has it. Is it to keep him home, or to have him with you? What a hard decision to make! My heart goes out to you, Joe, because I know all too well what it’s like to be in your shoes. Whatever you decide to do, however, we all know it’s because you have a big heart and you love the little guy and want what’s best for him. And that’s what’s important – what’s best for Max. Hopefully tomorrow you will get the answer you need to make your decision.

    Thoughts and prayers are with you, Joe.


  6. @ Maggiemayday wrote, “Mal-Wart has nothing you need. Seriously, any other store on the planet is better, forget about a few extra pennies and save your soul. I resist going in there to use the ATM!”

    With an attitude like that, they are never going to let you be a door greeter. 🙂

    PS: I decided I’m going toToys R Us instead…

  7. Poor Maximus bubba.

    My Mum took Gran’s dog in (Maltese x Gremlin – I have photos as proof!) when she took Gran in. Gran died almost 6 years ago, but Scruff has kept on going. At 21 his legs have stopped working as a unit, he’s blind, deaf but always on a mission to get somewhere. They took in a red Kelpie (see replica of Red Dog dog) a few years ago and she acts as Scruffy’s aid, letting my parents know when Scruffy needs to be pointed in the right direction.

    She’s trying one more round of injections for his spine but is at the point where she’s having to make decisions. She loves that dog for how much Gran loved it. Even with dementia she’d always know to ask about Scruffy.

    You can’t say very often that a dog hasn’t lived without giving it all they’ve got.
    I type this as I watch Ralph attack the blower vac and Jack try to round him up 🙂

  8. Hi Joe: I agree 100% with dasndanger. When a pet gets older and the future is no longer certain, they like to be in familiar surroundings. They also seem to prefer solitude when their time comes. Dogs may be different, but my experience has been that my cats wanted their final moments to be somewhere they felt safe, secure and comfortable. Hopefully, Maximus will rally again, but if he doesn’t, have you made a decision about how his last moments will be spent? Since they can’t tell us what they want, the best thing we can do for them is give them back all the love they gave us.

    I hope the vet report tomorrow is what you want to hear.


  9. Still thinking the best thoughts for Max. Hope things go well at the vet, and that he’s at least comfortable for now.

  10. Das made some excellent points, though I am inclined to think Max would rather travel with you than be at home. I hope the vet can give you some good news, and you have my deepest sympathies for having to struggle through such decisions at this time of year. It’s never easy. but when the whole world seems to be so cheerful it’s that much harder to bear. I’ll be awaiting your post tonight with both anticipation and dread. And go snow monkeys!

  11. *hugs and kisses for Maximus* Feel better Maximus! 🙂

    Your Snow Monkeys are definitely doing better than my Giants. I think the Giants died yesterday vs. Redskins. It was just embarrassing to watch. I don’t my Giants are gonna make it to the playoffs. 🙁

    Akemi’s cream puffs look delish! 🙂

  12. Glad you got the Air Canada okay for The Max, poor little fella.

    I don’t understand how the cream gets into the puffs; you hollow them out and fill them? They puff up hollow when you bake? Or you fill them and then bake?

    I was never a great baker; my specialty is dinner for sure.

    I checked out the six minute Dark Knight Rises prologue on grainy youtube footage, looks okay but I couldn’t understand what Bane was saying behind his Darth mask.

  13. Those cream puffs look divine! I haven’t made cream puffs in years. My Mexican Wedding cookies are almost gone, maybe I should make cream puffs next? You are so bad for our cholesterol levels! I’m going to have swim extra laps, grumble, grumble…

    Maggiemayday: I think it’s terribly ironic that Wal-Mart is calling foul on internet shopping. I mean, considering how Wal-Mart decimated small business competition in some neighborhoods. Personally, there are some items that I would rather buy in person and some I’d rather buy on-line. I’ll gladly pay tax/shipping charges to avoid the X-mas shopping craziness out there. However, I was going to get my 16 year old son to practice parking at the mall this week. Don’t worry Mr. M. I’ll make it get in the lines!

    Have you seen the shoppers talking/texting on their cells while they maneuver their shopping carts through those narrow lanes? It’s dangerous in them there stores!

    Narelle: 21 is a ripe old age for a pup. Sending hugs to your mom for taking this Gremlin in.
    Did you get your Sony books over to the iPad yet?

    Mr. M.: Good luck with the Vet. Sending hugs to all! It’s a tough place you in now. We’ve all been there and support whatever you decide.

  14. Hey Joe,
    Sorry to hear about Maximus. Poor little guy. Hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas!

  15. Pets Max virtually, good,good dog.

    Glad your Monkeys won Joe, My opponent had Gates too, #flop. My StarGateKeepers play for the championship next week!

    Please wish Paul a Happy/Merry for me, it is so cool that you and he write such good things together.

    Compliments for doing this blog as always, and for the great SG-1 commentaries…I bought the 5 SGA seasons (self present) via that retail nemesis Wally World for $60 total & look forward to those commentaries! Hohoho.

    Gripe-man the SGU commentaries were pretty disappointing overall. Ivon’s featurettes rocked though!

    Cheers 🙂

  16. What? I missed cream puffs yesterday!?

    Huggles for Max, because he is The Best Dog in The World (as is every dog).

    Ah, Mal-Wart. They are not the only evil Big Box Store, but the prison-like atmosphere of their distribution centers for the truck drivers makes it a personal grudge for me.
    Shopping? Online with in store pickup at Sears, and Amazon’s super-saver shipping the rest of the year. LL Bean provided our winter shoes, courtesy of free shipping. Oh yes, I may be stuck in the house, but I can support our flagging economy!

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