Today: watching Whisper of the Heart with Bubba. He cried. Then barked at the cartoon cat.

Did my sixth Dark Matter interview this morning, this one with my our old friend Steve Eramo (SciFiAndTvTalk) who I haven’t seen since his last visit to the Stargate offices.  He’s been keeping busy, doing a lot of writing for The Morton Report – Where Popular Culture Meets Swanky Living.  It was great chatting with him and we can look forward to seeing the interview in the coming weeks.  I will, of course, keep you all posted.

Why the hell can’t I purchase the following song off iTunes?

Apparently, it’s unavailable in Canada.  My question is: Why not?  The Nosebleed Section was released eight years ago.  EIGHT YEARS AGO!!! What makes it even more annoying is the fact that other songs by the Hilltop Hoods ARE available on Canadian iTunes.

I realize this is probably an unpopular opinion – among the top brass at various studios, record labels, etc. – but, it being the 21st century and all, and the fact that we do have this thing called the internet, I think it’s kind of silly to be doing business as if we were still back in the 20th century at a time when the internet was still in its infancy.  Call me crazy, but I think consumers should be allowed to watch, listen, and purchase what they want when they went regardless of where they live. And, crazy or not, that’s an opinion that WILL become a reality – whether that top brass likes it or not. Thoughts?  Do you viewers living in the U.K. mind waiting those extra months for the dvd release of your favorite show?

Yeah.  Thought so.

A real estate agent came by the house today to give me an estimate on how much I could get if I elected to sell.  The market is still very hot here in my neck of the woods but the experts predict the bubble will eventually burst here as well.  As Paul points out, however, I could certainly sell my place for a nice sum – but then I’d have to buy a place for an equally nice sum.  UNLESS – I sell my house now while I can command top dollar, then live out of my SUV until the market bottoms out and THEN buy a new house.  Fact is, I don’t know where I’m going to be in 2012.  Such is my line of work.  Ideally, I’d love to be here in Vancouver working on Dark Matter, but you go where the work is (among the crazy, even long-reach possibilities floated: L.A., Spain, Ireland, even back to Toronto).  OR I could just move to Tokyo.

Wait!  What?  The Stargate reunion is this weekend.  Specifically, this Sunday.  THIS SUNDAY!  This football Sunday with my Snow Monkeys battling it out in fantasy football league action (in not one but two leagues may I add).  This Survivor finale Sunday!  Hmmmm. Decisions, decisions.

My poor boy isn’t doing too well.  He has no appetite and is having trouble keeping his medicine down.  This happened back in Toronto and he surprised us by rallying, regaining both his appetite and spirit on his return to Vancouver.  Hoping for a second miraculous recovery.

44 thoughts on “December 15, 2011: The Daily Update!

  1. Love the Bubba picture, but sooooooo sad about Maximus and because of that reason, I cannot “like” this post. Not at all. Maybe he needs a visit from Santa Paws to cheer him up. Or a hot, young pup.

    I agree that there should be no limits on viewing. We have a global economy. We should have global access–legally. There are so many great shows that are only in Canada that I would love to see. I heard Directv is going to get The Listener. We saw season 1 on NBC here in the states, but they cancelled it. Can’t wait to see where we left off. And Call Me Fitz is now on Directv’s 101. Funny, unique show. I’m sure there are many more, too.

  2. Poor puppy. Give him an extra hug tonight.

    My baby boy turned 8 today. I gave him an extra hug, too.

  3. Come on Maximus!! You can do it!!

    And completely agree about the being able to buy it anywhere in the world at the same time without these dreaded release windows and region coding. The demand is there but the upper echelons don’t want to lose their control over who can consume what media when.

  4. I completely agree. There have been a number of tunes I would have liked to purchase, but I could only find them on US or UK sites – who wouldn’t sell to me because I live in – *gasp* – Canada. What crap. A consumer is a consumer, regardless of where that person lives. I have to wonder how many people turn to torrent sites for this very reason, only to have the idiots in control of the legal downloads then complain about the illegal ones and how much revenue they’re losing as a result.

    As for Max, here’s hoping for another rally.

  5. {{{huggles Maximus}}}

    Our last indoor kitty, Big Girl, isn’t doing well, either. Ever since we had to put Marbles down Big Girl has been coughing/gagging. I thought it was a hairball. Turns out she’s in heart failure. 🙁 Not sure how long we’ll have her so I’m just taking it one day at a time. She’s not eating well, either, and her thyroid is a little wacky. We have her on meds, but the vet basically said that she’s old and this is how she’ll probably go out (she was an older cat when we found her 6 years ago). I think after she’s gone I’m going to take a break from getting any new cats. We have the 7 outdoor cats (6 ferals and China, the indoor cat we have to keep outside because she refuses to use the litter pan), and that’s enough for now. I have always had a cat as a pet though, ever since I was born. I can’t imagine not having a furry little body running around the house, so we’ll probably get another kitty someday. I just need a break for a bit, more for financial reasons than emotional.

    And Joe? You have a very nice nose and profile. I mean that.

    Have a good night, sir!


  6. Hi Joe,

    Just saw your post. When my doggie grrl was elderly, on Metacam, and had an upset stomach, some Samoyed breeder friends had really good advice. They recommended giving one Pepcid, for an ouchy tummy or other lack of appetite. Either is common in elderly dogs or any dog post-surgery. It worked wonders for their own dogs who were losing their dinner or had no interest in eating. Gotta keep those meds and the food down! 😀

    Note: because Pugs weigh a lot less than Sams, you could give half a pill, or wait until tomorrow and run the dose per weight past either a pharmacist, like calculating a child’s dose, or past your veterinarian.

    Hugs and kisses to you, Maximus! Hang in there, sweet boy. Your Pop is going to help you out.

  7. Das,

    If your cat suffers from hyperthyroidism, you should consider radioactive iodine therapy. I have had three cats suffer through and die from this condition. My 14 year old cat (Thyme) was also diagnosed a few years ago. My vet recommended the procedure to me and I did a lot of reading. It costs quite a bit, and you won’t be able to cuddle or hold your kitty for several weeks, but it is VERY worth it. My Thyme is cured… she is her old self again. The cost you will incur with Tapazol or other medication, coupled with the blood tests will end up being the same, if not more expensive. Also, those medications are not a cure… you will always have to increase the medication and eventually it won’t make a difference. I wish I had known about radioactive iodine therapy before. It cures 98% of cases. I pass this message on in memory of Shoelace, Zak and Max.

  8. @noellam Happy Birthday to your son.

    Speaking of births, Alaina Huffman had her baby a few hours ago per her Twitter account. So totally Agent Mom.

  9. So sorry to hear that Maximus isn’t feeling well. I hope he gets that second miraculous recovery.

    On a happier note, sounds like your comic book is getting lots of positive attention! Your advance publicity is working, at least on me. I haven’t read a comic since sometime in the 1970s and I’m really looking forward to Dark Matter. I’ve even figured out where to go to buy it!

  10. You’re right on the technology issue. Every month it seems we can do more, see more, buy more while moving about our daily business or pausing in a park or lounge for a few minutes of peace. It’s fascinating watching how different parts of society adapt to rapidly evolving technology. And frustrating at times as well.
    As far as moving, well, Tokyo would be ideal in some ways for you but oy, the cost of living…and I’m not sure how the doggies would like it there. Be fun to see how it works out for you.
    I’d like to say R.I.P. to Christopher Hitchens. Love or hate him, he struck me as a man who lived life to the fullest, even through his illness. One more bright star in the galaxy has gone out.

  11. So sorry about Maximus. Hope that he rebounds again. And even though I’m in the US, I agree with all of you about making things available at the same time. I think the people who make those decisions haven’t caught up with the technology that’s available. Boo! Hiss! Well, because they’re not making things I like, they just don’t have my viewershiop. (probably don’t care, but oh well, LOL)

    @PB Mom: Thanks for the early birthday wishes for Andrew. We are very excited for our final move.

    Hope everyone has a great day!!

  12. Joe, it looks like the Hilltop Hoods aren’t available for download on Amazon in the US either. ( I’m anti-Apple, so no iTunes here ) I was considering downloading the mp3 and emailing it to you. But that’s a no go apparently.

    Hang in there Max. Feel better buddy.

    Have a great weekend, peeps!

  13. Oh Max sweetheart, my Basil and I are hoping you feel better very soon.

    @ for the love of Beckett — agreed, when my Scooter boy was having issues keeping down the food, a small dose of Pepcid did the trick. Given about 20-30 minutes before the food. Vet recommended.
    Also, baby food, like pureed turkey or chicken.

    @ das So sorry about your Big Girl. Just love her hard.

    Joe, that photo of you and Bubba is precious. That’s how it usually is at my home. I sit and instantly have either a head/neck ornament or a lap warmer join me. Isn’t it great?


  14. {{Big Hugs}} for Maximus and Joe and all furry friends. Positive thoughts,postive thoughts coming at ya! 😉

  15. I don’t know who the powers that be think they’re fooling, but it certainly isn’t us. Do I get annoyed when, upon going to watch a video clip for example, I’m told it isn’t available in Canada? Sure, that’s annoying. For a few seconds. Then I can can easily go to youtube or any number of places and see the video. There are so many other examples. I’m sure it keeps some people from seeing what they want to see, when they want to see it, but seriously, if someone wants something, they’ll get it. If that something is continually denied, it annoys people to the point where getting it “the wrong way” is just a way to stick a thumb in the eye of those keeping us from what we want. The funny thing about that is that its THEIR thumb. They’re doing this to themselves. Release stuff everywhere, yes.

  16. I am going to post this here since I there doesn’t seem to be any contact info.

    Apparently the assets for Stargate Worlds, and Stargate Resistance are hitting the auction block next month. Just wondered if you had any thoughts, comments or insight.

  17. my opinion is you should keep your house in Vancouver. You love it there, and feel right at home. that is worth keeping. and should you have to venture off somewhere for the work, you have somewhere to go home to. and if no work, you have somewhere to be. I know it is expensive to keep a place and possibly live somewhere else, but you make the big bucks and can afford it, right? LOL

  18. 🙁 Sorry about Maximus. I know you are tired of me telling you to try cyproheptadine, but is really is magical. And I agree with the above, give a pepcid am and pm.

    On the music, it is available on Amazon fyi.

    How much do you love your house? How much money makes it worth selling and maybe renting til you know where you are going to be living? I hate change so I am utterly of no help.

  19. You could sell and then buy a cool condo in LA/Tokyo/Paris that is close to places to eat/shop/work.

    Then buy a gorgeous house in Montreal, Tokyo, Paris, Rome; wherever you’d like to have a home-home. You can rent whichever one you’re not using and invest in a house in a city you’d love to spend a lot of time in in the future.

    I hate waiting for Canadian and UK shows. Been waiting for ReGenesis Season 4, Cole and Cashing In to come to Netflix or Hulu for ages and Season 3 of Misfits can’t come to Hulu soon enough. Thank god for youtube bringing me Kids in the Hall clips.

    Hugs to our Maxie; can they give him some shots to numb his sore mouth? Like a line backer who gets the shots in his knee so he can keep playing?

  20. Hope Maximus pulls through.

    As far as “waiting several months for your favorite show”… if I want to watch my favorite show that doesn’t air here… I’m not waiting for the DVDs or for it to turn up on CTV.

    A global digital release of a show/movie/album, at a reasonable price (at least 50% less than a physical copy…maybe more), would put a big dent in torrenting/piracy. Louis CK kinda sorta proved that with his latest comedy film. $5, no DRM, all new material… 50K downloads in 12 hours.

    If you’d like Joe, I can rip the audio from that vid and email you the MP3. Just need an address…

  21. Hey Joe,

    I hope Maximus is just having a bump in the road. I have a question for you. I moved to Vancouver in the fall for University, and as such am on a students budget. But, as a foodie, I will definitely be taking advantage of this years Dine Out Vancouver. The restaurants that are participating are not yet listed, but once they are, reservations tend to fill up fast. Can you recommend some restaurants an adventurous San Francisco foodie would like in Vancouver so if they participate in Dine Out I will have some places in mind?

  22. @ Sis – Thanks so much for the advice, but I think it’s too late. She’s not eating, retaining fluid, and on top of that, the vet said her digestive difficulties and blood work indicate that she has cancer. She may rally for a bit (like she did this past summer), but pretty much this is the end game right here.

    I’m okay. It’s Mr. Das I’m worried about.

    But thank you again. I will run this past my mom because she has a cat that’s been on thyroid meds for a couple years, and he’s strong and healthy, so it may be something worth looking into for him. 🙂


  23. Joe,
    Have you gotten back into your Excercise routine on the treadmill since returning to Vancouver?????

  24. Totally agree on the backward methods regarding music and video and how their sales and views are counted. One wonders where SGU would be right now if those methods had kept up with the times.

    I suspect you’ll be going to the Stargate reunion! Who wouldn’t?? 🙂 And the football will happen whether you’re there or not.

    Sorry to hear about Maximus. I do hope it’s just another temporary setback and he’ll recover for a while again. In any case, give him a big hug for me. Heck, give them ALL a big hug!

  25. You’re right, the barriers to putting media on the market will fall. They are contrived, anyway, and who has the time and imagination to keep painting them?

  26. Best wishes for Maximus.
    As someone once said, ‘the problem with this world is that people last too long and pets don’t last long enough’.

  27. @Joe and das: Hugs to your and your ailing pets.

    I don’t understand why the media moguls don’t understand that there is an international market for their products I actually have a “regionless” DVD player to overcome that issue. And I’ve downloaded my share of torrents when that’s the only way I can get music from an artist from another country. I’ve made purchases from Amazon UK and Amazon CA, but was shut out of Amazon Deutchland when I tried to buy a CD from them – wouldn’t ship outside the country.

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