Following a tumultuous 2011 in which I barely had time for the good things in life, I’m finally settled and looking forward to a productive but infinitely more enjoyable 2012.  To that end, I’m restarting our modest little Book of the Month Club.  January’s selection…

BATGIRL: BATGIRL RISING written by Bryan Q. Miller, art by Lee Garbett and Trevor Scott

Stephanie Brown, the vigilante formerly known as The Spoiler and Robin has taken on the identity of Batgirl as she begins her nocturnal crusade to take back the night from the underworld. Now she has become the target of both Gotham City’s heroes (who don’t take kindly to a new person wearing the cape and the cowl) and its villains (who want to see the entire Bat-family six feet under).

A great jumping-on point for those unfamiliar with the character.  This volume collects Batgirl #1-7.

In addition to his work on DC’s Batgirl and Teen Titans, Bryan Q. Miller was also a writer for WB’s Smallville.  And he’s kindly agreed to swing by the blog and answer your questions – so circle the date on your calendars!

Discussion on Batgirl Rising begins January 16, 2012.

Hey, check it out!  Mom’s getting into the Christmas spirit!

Yeah, I’m not exactly sure what’s going on either, but it’s pretty clear she’s young at heart.

But not architecturally-inclined.

Whoa!  Cutting it kind of close – it being December and all – but I’m finally able to award the prize for The Worst Dish of 2011!  The distinction goes to THIS mass of pallid mush:

Seriously.  It’s the type of culinary concept and plating that would get someone kicked off Top Chef in the first round.  As for the flavors: bland with an underlying tartness.  Two bites in and I was done.    The Chef came out to inquire about our meal, apologized, and offered us a complimentary entree on our next visit.  Very nice of him and I return the favor by not mentioning the name of the restaurant – but suffice it to say I don’t think I’ll be taking him up on the offer.

21 thoughts on “December 7, 2011: The Return of the Book of the Month Club! Worst Dish of 2011!

  1. That plate looks like something a bachelor would cook up with leftover looks like scallops over leftover tortillas im no foody but that looks groose .

  2. What the hell is that dish? What was it supposed to be? Are those scallops on the top? I can see why it was your worst dish of “2012” (check your title, Joe)!

  3. C’mon… who doesn’t like marshmallows served on top of the main course?!?

  4. Stephanie Brown, the lesser known Robin who originally wasn’t supposed to stick around past a certain storyline, but was so popular with the fans that she found her way to a starring title.
    — great pick, Joe!

  5. Batgirl? Ugh. Not sure I’ll be joining you on that one. I just don’t care for female leads…it’s the misogynist in me, you see. 😉


  6. That is the poster child of weight-loss. People can print it out, put it on their refrigerator and lose weight very quickly because of the nauseating feeling it would induce.

    I’m so glad that 2011 is turning out to be a better end than it was a beginning. However, 2012 may just be the beginning of the end.

    I’m still interested in the recipe of the squash soup if Akemi is willing to share.

  7. Gross. It looks like barf on a plate. I hope it at least smelled better than it looks!

    And are those marshmallows? I thought scallops at first, but they look so uniform.

  8. @Joe on the worst dish of 2011:

    I’m not really sure what the aim of the dish was…I see scallops, large flat noodles, a bit that looks like tomato, possibly some other type of meat and cilantro (or do you follow the British convention and call it coriander?) My first thought was Thai Noodles, but the size of the noodles doesn’t fit (at least with any Thai place I’ve been to).

    Italian perhaps? It kind of looks a little like the stews I’ll sometimes see in Milan in winter; nothern Italian would also explain the minimal tomato bits…

    What made you order it? False advertising? A set course in a meal? Or was it a supposed “language difficulty” like I had in Milan recently?

    I’m stuck awake because my kids woke me having an argument about their bedcovers…that’ s the reason for the “stream of thoughts”…

  9. My first thought was marshmallows too! That dish doesn’t look good enough to be fed to the pigs. Not that we had pigs with very discriminating palates, mind you.

  10. Loved Teen Titans (TV show with the theme song that always reminded me a bit of ‘Secret Agent’)! but was never much of a Batgirl fan. However, because I love and respect you, Joe, I will pick this one up and give it a shot.

  11. Who would do that to scallops? They died for no good reason. A good reason being a delicious dish….. oh, the horror.

  12. What was it you actually ordered at that restaurant? I can’t even begin to guess, unless your order was From the Bottom of the Black Lagoon Tarte!

  13. Egads. Did they take lasagna noodles and just plop them in gravy? That is one scary looking dish. Worst thing I ate this year was burnt tofu on boiled garden weeds. They claimed it was kale but they lied.

    I so wanted tasty potstickers yesterday but I just made an omelette with a baby tomatoes and a little parsley for dinner.

    What was the best dish of 2011?

  14. That is one scary looking plate of food. In sympathy for the fate of those poor scallops, I’ll go out and have some seared scallop sushi tonight. And raise a glass of sake in their honor as well.

  15. Those may be scallops on the top, but they look like marshmallows to me. Ugh.

  16. Those scallops look like they came out of a can. Come on Nola Shingledecker. Pigs would love that dish. That’s what they eat . . . garbage and slop. Your mom’s santa creation is very nice.

  17. JeffW has a point. the noodles do look like one of those bland thai dishes (yes some Thai food is bland, I had a roommate who idea of a snack was white rice and fish sauce) with a starchy sauce. Sorry the name escapes me as it is of a more chinese influence. I am such a seafood freak I do not think I could let the scallops go to waste.

    I am liking the Lagos Santa, a precursor for my Christmas.

    Oh, it is called Raht Nah.

  18. Wow. Only 19 comments? I think that noodle thingy scared everyone away. Better post some chocolate pictures, quick! 🙂


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