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The fantasy football postseason kick off tonight.  As you know, my Snow Monkeys snagged the last playoff spot by destroying their week 13 opponent.  Now, they face a much more formidable foe.  The last time these two teams met was back in week 8 when my Snow Monkeys defeated the then undefeated I Have No Imagination by the closest of margins.  Since then, both teams have fallen on hard times, but I have confidence in my Snow Monkeys – this despite Rashad Mendenhall’s inability to score a rushing TD in tonight’s game.  I have a feeling it’ll be a close match, one that will only be decided on Monday night when my swarming Seahawk’s D puts us over the top!

The dogs in holiday mode. Not pictured - Bubba who was out Christmas shopping.

Finish your Christmas shopping yet?  Started your Christmas shopping yet?  Unfortunately, I’m going to have to head out and brave the crowds a few more times before I’m Montreal-bound.  My sister keeps pestering me for my Christmas list and I keep telling her “Something food-related”.  Macarons, pistachio cream, odd terrines and pates – that’s the way to go because I’m a tough person to shop for.  Check that.  Near impossible to shop for.  I mean, I’m actually relieved I don’t have to shop for myself because I wouldn’t know what to get me.

What about you guys?  How’s your wishlist coming along?

My latest purchase:

I like the look of this one.  Kids are, at their core, insidious and creepy.  Just like clowns and certain mascots.  Anyone read it yet?  If so, give me your review in twelve words or less.  No spoilers, please.

Damn.  I’ve never seen a dog take to the bathtub the way Bubba does.  He’d probably spend the entire day in there if I’d let him…

29 thoughts on “December 8, 2011: Snow Monkeys! Holiday mode! Two Dogs in a Tub!

  1. I don’t think it is the bath he enjoys; it is the balls in the bath. How fun! I think I will try that the next time I take a bath.

    i have finished my Christmas shopping. I did it all in one afternoon all online. It was just so easy and didn’t have to brave any crowds at all.

    One thing I order for my hard to buy for relatives is a magazine subscription. There are so many options that can appeal to so many interests. I just pick one, and they might enjoy it or at least learn something new. Every month when they get it, they can think of me!

  2. Made your truffles last night Joe. Thanks for posting your recipe a while back. I used some 60% cacao and rolled some in cocoa, some in finely chopped walnuts. Turned out pretty well, I think, though I need to work on my rolling technique (I’m thinking I tried to work with it too soon after taking it out of the fridge). Any suggestions?

    Looking forward to experimenting with different additions to the recipe now!

  3. Christmas shopping? Are you kidding? I haven’t even started! I know one gift I must get from for one of my daughters, and my husband wants a new big flat screen television, but other than that I’m stumped. I refuse to go the gift card/certificate route – that’s a cop out. This weekend, after administering college entrance exams on Saturday morning, I will brave the online stores and shop till I drop!

  4. barely got the decorations up at work, much less christmas shopped. unless you count the candy that I put up as part of the decorating(coworkers warned on pain of pain not to eat said decorations until closer to Christmas). Best of luck on the Snow Monkeys performing beyond best expectations. Now, off to the comic store for that BotM club selection…

  5. I enjoyed Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. My 12-word review?

    Grandfather’s bizarre tales. Invisible monsters. Spooky woods. Creepy pictures. Real or imagined?

  6. Love the video! You could put a little Netipot solution in the water and they will clean out their own nostrils. Bubba would be a good dog on our “bob for apples” team at Halloween.

  7. DAMN! Bubba loves him some bathtub!

    Unfortunately we had to cancel Xmas this year. My wife just lost her job on Monday. I have one present bought for her and one for the boy and that’s where it’s going to have to end this time around.

    What’s that old saying? “At least you have your health”? Yep. Health will look fantastic all wrapped up under the Xmas tree just waiting to be opened. But I’m not bitter…

  8. Miss Peregrine’s was a delightful yarn that will keep you guessing.

  9. We usually have to get birthdays done first (mine and my older son’s are this month) before we start Christmas. I got my birthday present from my parents yesterday—a new Kindle Fire. Can you say I was surprised?? We also found a place to live so we can get out of this corporate apartment. Can you say ‘moving in during Christmas weekend’? Yes, that’s what we’ll be doing because that’s the only time hubby can get off. They are keeping him that busy at work.

    Hope you have a great day!!!

  10. Hi Joe,
    I read Miss Peregrine a couple of weeks ago after watching the book trailer here:

    Best book trailer I’ve ever seen. If it had been for a movie, I would have shucked out premiere prices for a seat.

    I thought the book was extremely creative, and I’m all for an author/publisher trying something new. At times, the tie-in of the narrative to the photographs felt a tad forced, but overall, I enjoyed the story.

    Ooops, was there supposed to be a word limit on this? 🙂

  11. Love the video of the pups in their little bath. 🙂 Reminds me of Elway when he was young, he’d do the same thing with the ball in his kiddie pool. One day, he noticed the fishies and mermaids on said pool and was bent on catching one, scratching at the bottom of the pool and sticking his face underwater. Funny how some dogs love water and others hate it. Our Lab, Jake, would take a flying leap into the hot tub (filled with cold water) on a daily basis. A few years ago, when all those hurricanes hit Florida (you Floridians will remember which ones, I forget), our city was flooded in many places. There’s a field across the street from us, I think it’s actually supposed to be a water retention area, but whatever the case, it was under at least 10 feet of water. It took Jake and Elway no time in discovering it and jumping in, chasing the birds along the “shore”, having a blast. We dubbed it “Lakey Jakey” and it was sure fun while it lasted! The Greyhound decided she wanted in, Mr. Deni let her go, and she sank like a rock. I’ve never seen my husband strip so quickly. He actually had to rescue poor Flannery. She was fine, but taught him a lesson! Why am I telling you all this? Oy. Have a great day, Joe!

  12. I had a dachshund who just loved to be bathed! My lab, not so much.

    Good luck to your Snow Monkeys! I hope they continue in the playoffs so we can continue to see fun Snow Monkey pictures on your blog. Oh, and so you’re happy, too.

  13. @JimFromJersey: I am so sorry about your wife losing her job. We went through that last year when my husband lost his job after having surgery in November. It took him 10 months to find one. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

  14. We have already purchased and exchanged gifts. I got two fabulous amethysts rings, one could choke an elephant. Pale purple cushion cut in rose gold with natural ruby accents (it was on sale). Hubby got two drills and a Jawsaw (electric vertical chainsaw). ((He already sawed through the power cord)) We both got good winter shoes.
    Acquired kid one got a used car, and some bras (she’s hard to fit), and will get an oversized sock monkey. Kid two got a wall projector for movies in the yard, and he’ll get a sock full f treats. They gave each other a divorce, which is why we got her the car. My SIL got a bag of groceries. My brother might get a gift card to a restaurant (sigh, he likes Puke-a-rama). The battered women’s shelter got excess clothes from my closet, and the homeless shelter got food for the big group meals. I only have to make cookies for the neighborhood and I’m done.

    Oh, and I get hernia surgery next Wednesday, and am missing Santa Rampage in Vegas this evening because I am not up for hours of drunken carousing on Fremont Street, Dammit.

  15. Hi guys! I’m still following this blog, I’m just very busy and don’t have time to post. (It takes me forever to type in english.)
    I didn’t even start to shop for Christmas. I’m begining tomorow. Since my brother and I are going to Thaillande this summer we decide to give each other travelling bags!

    The dogs in the tub are very cute. I didn’t even try to give a bath to my cat. He would get crasy. But he actually did fall down a few times in the fish’s pond of the neighbourg. Oups!
    Have a nice day.

  16. Hey! I saw that book a few weeks ago and considered picking it up. Would you mind bringing it with you for Christmas?

    Since Joe is no help in offering Christmas gift suggestions, I reach out to all of you, readers of his blog. I have gone the macaron/chocolate/foie gras paté route in the past. I even gifted him foie gras macarons, foie gras chocolate and foie gras ice cream one year. I believe the ice cream is still in my freezer. I need new ideas Please forward any suggestions to

    1. Andria,
      Maybe the Stargate DVD boxed set…oh wait…maybe not.

      Joe, close your eyes and don’t read the rest of this. Just approve it. Trust me.
      Christmas spoiler alert…

      How about something dog related? Some nice smelling designer doggie shampoo? Snuggly sweaters for Jelly and Maximus to keep their old bones comfy? A box of gourmet dog treats? A rescued pug from a shelter?

  17. Got the boxes ready to mail. So I guess my shopping is done. Got myself a bit of a head cold or something, feeling crappy, but the amoxy stuff seems to be working. I can swallow with out feeling like needles in my throat. I hate being sick on holidays. Its good that your dogs like a bath, mine would run when I got the “bath” towels out. No decorations up yet.. If I remember your sister always gets you stuff you like at Christmas..Just being there with family is a present. Have a great day!

  18. @ Maggie Hubby got two drills and a Jawsaw (electric vertical chainsaw). ((He already sawed through the power cord))__
    ROFLMAO, you didn’t have to rat him out! BWAHAHAHAA.

    I have been so swamped with personal things and getting daughter ready to study abroad that I have done little. Money so tight (see previous sentence) not doing much. But I am doing a little from here: Both the fair trade and gifts that give more. Anyone who isn’t happy to get a gift in their name helping supply water, stoves etc for those in need probably aren’t on my list.

    But I am glad Chanukah is later this year because I am really really behind.

  19. Awww, puppies in the bath! So cute.

    I’m about half-way through my list, but it has to take a break for the next week so I can get my finals papers done on time, sadly. I can’t believe there’s only 15 days till Christmas.

  20. JimFromJersey: I’m so sorry to hear about your wife’s job loss. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya!

    Deni: I loved your story 😀 .

    I went to sparring class yesterday and was laughing out loud at one point. There is an lady there that could be Uma Thurman blond body double, who I will call “Emily”. There is another lady who is in her 60’s and only stand 5 foot tall. I will call the older lady “Dana”. Emily is a very tall lady with long legs/arms. She is super-fast with the hook kicks and has a long reach. I was watching Emily (30ish) spar with Dana. I was surprised to see what a powerhouse Dana was. She got so close to Emily, that Emily’s kicks were ineffective. Laughing Emily said “It’s like fighting an ant.” Fun was had by all of us but I’m feeling my age today. Arg, I need more Aleve!

  21. I am pretty much done with my Christmas shopping. Just need to visit Walmart to get boxes or bags to put all the crap in. I went to Sam’s Club tonight after work. I get down to my last 9 rolls of toilet paper and panic. So I had to go and get another 36 roll package. While I was there, I spent another $150 picking up more crap for Christmas.

    With my current Beagle and my last golden retriever, all I had to do was say, “do you want a bath?”, and they would both just magically disappear. Neither liked bath time. Sometimes I would say it just to scare them and let them know who’s the boss.

    @ JimFromJersey – Sorry about your wife’s job loss. Not very good timing. One year right at Christmas, one of our facilities fired an employee named Jesus Santa. I called them and asked how they could be so heartless to fire both Jesus and Santa at the same time. I think your wife should relax (if she can) for the next couple of weeks then get out there and get another one. Hopefully she will find something good fast.

    @ Joe and Debra – great dogs in tub videos. Joe maybe next year your football team could be named Two Dogs In A Tub after Lulu and Bubba.

    @ Maggiemayday – you and your husband are hilarious!!

  22. Book review: I had high hopes, but was ultimately underwhelmed. The tie-in with the photos felt forced, and the story itself felt more like a Juvenile than a Young Adult, which wasn’t a good thing.

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