Snow Monkeys win!  Snow Monkeys win!  And in impressive fashion no less, snagging the sixth and final playoff spot in the R.I.P. Stargate fantasy football league.  Ivon, Rob, and Mike Dopud were on hand to celebrate the victory with schnitzel sandwiches (pork and veal), three types of ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, and festive eggnog), and Akemi’s chocolate chip cookies!

This week, Akemi made western chocolate chip cookies. Next week, she's going to make Japanese-style cookies. And what are Japanese style cookies? Akemi: "Dry. Nobody eats."
The chocolate ice cream - dark, of course.

Good times!  Looks like for our first post-season match-up, we’ll be playing the one red hot I Have No Imagination minus Matt Forte (who looks to be out 2-4 week with a knee injury).  I’m feeling confident.

Let’s go!  All aboard the Snow Monkey bandwagon!

All aboard!

Whoa!  I thought I went all out for Alexander and Sarah’s visit a couple of weeks ago, but Carl and Karen evidently put me to shame last week.  And here are the pics to prove it:

Alex and Sarah drop by (announced of course) to hang with Mr. and Mrs. Binder. And stock up on toilet paper.
Delicious appetizers!

At one of Carl's favorite fine dining restaurants. Chili's, I think.
Nachos and burgers.
Then back home for dessert bought from the finest local supermarket...

How could I possibly compete with that?

Dinner of another sort last night, but I’ll have to save my write-up (and thoughts on Grifter, Iron Man 2.0, Wonder Woman, Shield, Detective Comics, Fear Itself, Aquaman, and Uncanny X-Force) for tomorrow’s entry.  Right now, I’ve got to get to work on responding to that question for SFSignal’s upcoming MindMeld feature.

25 thoughts on “December 4, 2011: Sweet, sweet, ice-cream flavored victory!

  1. Those cookies look delicious! Congrats on your Snow Monkeys! I’m dieting, must stop looking at this blog tonight, even the nachos look kinda good. 🙁

  2. Loving Robert Carlyle on Once Upon A Time.. really brings Rumplestiltskin to life!

  3. Nice job Snow Monkeys!!!! I like the cookies and the Chili’s pictures too. Go Carl and Karen!!!! Since my birthday is this week, I got my coupon for a free dessert. Yeah!!!!

    Have a great night!!!!!!

  4. …that’s hilarious!

    Alexander had a mad face in all the pictures at Joe’s but was smiling in all the pictures at Carl’s!

  5. I could eat that entire plate of nachos. Is Carl making all 4 of them share it? And as Lewis pointed out, what’s with that huge smile on Alexander’s face? Carl may have Alexander smiling, but you Joe, have gorgeous star Mike Dopud (WOW!) sitting on your couch, the classically handsome Ivon, and the legendary brilliant creator, producer, writer, director Robert C. Cooper at your house. Not to mention Akemi’s cookies. I’m going to your house!

  6. LOL if Alex and Sarah play it right, they can pit you all against each other for best hosts and have one hell of a round.

  7. Congrats on the Snow Monkeys win. Alex does look rather happy in those pictures ….It must be the great weather.

  8. Congrats to your Snow Monkeys! Good luck in the playoffs.

    I’m also enjoying the Food Bowl, Joe vs. Carl.

  9. Alex was smiling because he likes me more than Joe. Either that, or he was five hours from boarding a plane to Cancun for a week in the sun. And the restaurant was Islands, not Chilis. Chilis was a little too upscale for Alex.

    1. @Carl: That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of Chilis being labeled as upscale. 🙂

  10. Those cookies look great! Are those the eggnog chocolate chip cookies or just regular ones? That ice cream looks yummilicious too.

    My Dr Who marathon was awesome! I can’t wait until the next season. There is going to be a next season, right? Anyone?

    Still cold and rainy here in Memphis/Mississippi area. Hubby bought me a pair of gloves that I can wear and still use my touch screen on phone/ipad. I’ll give them a work out this week for sure! There is something about this kind of weather that makes my Raynaud’s worse.

    I hope everyone else is warm and dry. Have a good day all!

  11. @Brandon, I like Lenka, nice vid.

    I like Carl’s snacks too; buttery crackers and cheese are my comfort food I think I’ll get some for later. Is that tapinade?

    I’m going to give a lot of the credit for that Snow Monkey win to Rashard Mendenhall. Those guys have gone into “Scary Steeler” mode; don’t want to jinx it tho.

    Did you guys make ice cream sandwiches with those amazing cookies? One of my friends makes a mean Herhsey’s Cinnamon chip oatmeal cookies; crazy good.

    1. @Shiny: recipe for the cinnamon chip oatmeal cookies??? Pretty please with sugar on top!!

  12. P.S. I love that Young Carl Binder used to play guitar for Lenka; finally proof of time travel.

  13. Way to go Snow Monkeys!! Cookies(yeah Akemi) and ice cream look wonderful. I know you are not jealous of Carl, you just wanted to be there to share and take the pictures. Cheese and crackers and pepperoni, one of my favorite appetizers, good choice Carl and Karen. Have a terrific day!

  14. DP: What’s the difference between Blu-Ray and DVD? (Feel free to speak to me as if I’ve been living in a time warp the last 4 years.)
    Blu-ray is a different format than DVD. Blu-ray can hold more data. Most Blu-ray players will play both DVD’s and Blu-ray discs.
    If I really like a movie, I’ll purchase it on Blu-ray instead of DVD. It looks fantastic and it doesn’t have that pause in the middle of the movie.

    Chevron7: I loved your pictures. You know, I think I saw one of them on Bam Bam’s twitter a few days ago. I hope your wrist is doing ok.

  15. One thing struck me as odd about those new photos, i couldn’t quite put my finger on it until I realised that Alex smiles a lot more for Carl and his photo’s ! 🙂

  16. Chilis? Seriously? Not even TGIFS??? Sheesh.

    Chilis is right up there with Olive Garden and Applebees as places I won’t eat at. Not the food so much as consistently bad customer service and an indifference to folks with food allergies Which is precisely why I like Fridays, they care and they do their best to make sure we can enjoy their food.

  17. Congrats on the victory.
    Akemi is making dunking cookies? Can’t wait to see.
    Alex stocking up on TP? must be going back to Europe.

  18. @ Brandon Williford – Is that Carl in his younger days…or does he just slather on the Grecian Formula for wild, rockin’ weekends? I mean…we don’t see him in any of the pictures on today’s blog, do we? Hmmmmmmm. (Plus, I’m pretty sure the guy with the bushy-bushy brown hairdo and beard on the synth is David Blue. 😉 )


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