Come on, come on, come on. Puleeeeeeze. I really need this win.

Well, this is it.  My fantasy football season comes down to one game – tomorrow – Snow Monkeys vs. Reagan’s Raiders.  A win allows me to snag the sixth and final playoff spot in our R.I.P. Stargate League.  A loss and I my efforts were all for naught and everyone I’ve invited over tomorrow to watch the games will be asked to leave before I serve the schnitzel sandwiches (pork and/or veal) and ice cream sandwiches (vanilla/chocolate/eggnog ice cream on chocolate chip cookies) Akemi and I are planning to serve.  I’m rolling with Romo tomorrow and my three top WR’s (Dez Bryant, Roddy White, and Hakeem Nicks in the flex).  I’ve got the recently acquired Rashad Mendenhall in the RB1 position and the Packers’ Crosby handling kicking duties.  The Pats are my defense against the much-bullied Colts.  My only question mark is the RB2 position.  Who am I going with – Helu, Spiller, or Hillis who are all facing tough match-ups, or do I roll the dice on the injured Kevin Smith or take an even bigger gamble on Miami’s Thomas? [Praying snow monkey pic available as an oil on canvas here:].

Off to a super-special dinner with my friend Denise tonight.  Will tell you all about it tomorrow.  In the meantime, let’s hit the mailbag:

Debra writes: “I want Akemi’s soup recipe. Does that count as a question?”

Answer: Sure.  Roast a kabocha squash in the oven with a little butter, water and maple syrup until tender.  While it’s cooking, sweat some shallots and garlic in a pan until translucent.  Put the squash (sans skin of course) and shallots and garlic in a pot with some 2% milk and bring to a boil over low heat, then transfer to a blender and puree.  If you feel it’s too thick (which I never do), simply add a little more milk.  Top with a little curry oil to give it an extra rich flavor.  As Akemi says, she doesn’t really have a recipe, “It’s more about”, so she doesn’t really have any measurements to relay.  She promises to pay closer attention next time.

cherluvya writes: “I have pretty much given up on films and really am enjoying series TV.”

Answer: I’m with ya.  I stopped going to movies after I got my home theater, then pretty much stopped buying dvd’s when Blu-ray came out (And, yes, I blame Blu-ray for the collapse of the dvd market).

Michelle writes: ”

I’ve been watching Breaking Bad for a few weeks now (on Netflix streaming), after all the buzz I’d seen on line for the most recent season. I’m toward the end of Season 2.  Honestly, it’s one of the most finely crafted shows I’ve ever watched, and I’m completely hooked. Everything about it is so carefully constructed, so internally consistent, and so very brave. When they go dark, they go humanity dark, not Hollywood dark. Every consequence plays out in tragic glory for as long as it takes.”

Answer: Your thoughts echo those of whoever it was that recommended the show to me just recently (either Lawren or Patrick Gilmore).  Every set-up has a pay-off, every action a consequence – a rarity in series televison.

Michelle also writes: “On such an epically tragic path, too. I didn’t watch The Shield because the main character was such an a-hole from day 1…”

Answer: That’s what hooked me, that final moment in The Shield’s first episode, a huge twist that serves as the launchpoint – and inevitable descent – of our protagonist despite his attempts at redemption.  Your point is well-taken.  It’s one of the reasons my writing partner, Paul, had such a hard time getting into the show.  When he eventually did, I asked him about his change of heart and his response was that he felt the character of Vic Mackie we got to know in the series was a completely different guy from the one we were introduced to in that first episode.

Ponytail writes: “Why is it when you ask for questions I can’t think of any?”

Answer: Dunno.

daubermaus writes: “What is your favorite food blog?”

Answer: I don’t really do food blogs.  Do I, however, occasionally check out the chowhound boards, especially if I’m looking for good restaurant recommendations while traveling.

for the love of Beckett writes: “1. Is the Stargate Christmas Reunion for a project? Will you be officially filming anything? Will principal actors of SGU, Atlantis, or SG-1 be there?”

Answer: No, it’s just a casual get-together of former Stargate personnel.  I have no idea who’ll be attending.

“2. Is this the same project in the works that Stargate actors have referred to? We’d rather hear it from you than Twitter!”

Answer: Haven’t heard anything about a Stargate-related project in the works.  Sorry.

“3. Still have birthday Christmas prezzies for you and Akemi. May we use the address for your agent in Vancouver?”

Answer: I don’t have an agent in Vancouver.  The thought is much appreciated but your regular participation here is all I could ask for this Christmas.  And a series greenlight for Dark Matter.  Both would be nice.

iom666 writes: “I still hope to have the opportunity to shake your hand in person if you come around Montreal for Xmas. It would be like meeting Roddenberry or Asimov”

Answer: I think it would be more like meeting the guy who shops at your local comic book store who also read Asimov and watched Roddenberry.

Thornyrose writes: ” As for questions, well, how about your ultimate favorite Christmas and/or New Year’s dinner menu snacks, and beverages, perhaps with recipes?”

Answer: Presently working on an eggnog ice cream for the eggnog ice cream chocolate chip sandwiches Akemi and I are making for tomorrow’s football afternoon.

antisocialbutterflie writes: “I can deal with angst but it has to be counterpointed with a fair dose of humor (though it can be the dark variety).”

Answer: Breaking Bad has plenty of dark humor to counterpoint the show’s bleaker elements.  The scene in which the DEA uncle takes his bewildered nephew to witness the consequences of drug abuse is one of the finest sequences I’ve seen on television this year.

gforce writes: “Santa Joe, my sincere wish for my Christmas present is a third season of SGU to finish off the story. Can you make that happen?”

Answer: Alas, I can’t.  The ball is in MGM’s court.

SiSi writes: “I see that you are currently reading a Patricia Highsmith book, and I don’t remember seeing mysteries on your reading list before. Do you like mysteries as a genre? What mystery authors or books do you like?”

Answer: Although most of my reading is of the genre variety (SF, horror, and fantasy), I do like the occasional change of pace.  I recently read The Secret History (a gift from Rob Cooper’s wife) and, yes, Patricia Highsmith’s Deep Water.  In fact, I enjoyed the latter so much that I picked up Strangers on a Train.  As a kid, I grew up on mystery books: Agatha Christie and Ellery Queen.  No kidding.


21 thoughts on “December 3, 2011: Snow Monkeys’ last shot! Mailbag!

  1. Hey, Joe, how do you do those ice cream sandwhices?? That would be a yummy treat for my birthday which is next Wednesday. (12/7) Oh, and if you take pictures at that former Stargate personnel party, that would be a wonderful birthday present. 🙂

    Have a great night!!!!

  2. Hmm… Joe, any comic stores you’d recommend in the Greater Vancouver Area? All I can seem to find are gaming (Magic The Gathering, Warhammer) stores. 🙁

  3. Thanks for your reply, Joe, but really my request for and SGU third season was more in jest (although I wish there was a possibility, but alas…)

    Now, about that pony… 🙂

  4. Oh, also do you have that weird “snow” thing turned on for your blog page again? Either that, or I’m having a stroke.

  5. You ever read Fred Saberhagen? A friend forced me to read (okay NAGGED me nonstop) An Old Friend of the Family. I was hooked. His writing was so entertaining and captivating. RIP Fred.
    LOL, hey if you lose, you can simply let the folks stay for a sympathy meal.

  6. OH! and thank you for the recipe. I do better with precise measurements so printed it out so the dear daughter can make it for me 🙂

  7. Jesus Joe, no wonder why you’re losing. Crosby isn’t a football kicker, he plays hockey!!

    Hey just got a Kindle touch, absolutely LOVE this thing! First purchase was the Hunger Games trilogy, halfway through book one and still very captivated. I’m thinking about getting some learn to speak Japanese audio books next for my inevitable trip, once things get back to normal over there.

  8. Thanks for the Squash Soup directions! I think I can wing it. I used to help my aunt make the traditional Italian dishes we have for Christmas Eve. She didn’t work from any recipes so one year I took notes on everything she did and wrote it all down for posterity. I’m glad I did, ’cause now I make stuffed calamari every Christmas Eve for my family.

    Good luck to you and your Snow Monkeys!

  9. Thanks for the Q & A bag today! One question for ya though: How do you attribute the death of DVDs to Blu-ray?

    We are expecting a big gully washer today, so I’m using all my Amazon Instant Video credits to stream the six season of Dr Who. We will stay in and have a Dr Who marathon!

    That egg nog icecream sounds like the best bet. Have a good day!

  10. It seems that I might have to give Breaking Bad a chance then. Now the trick is finding time. Thanks Joe.

  11. You’re going with Romo? 😯 Are you sure about that? The Cowboys have won 3 in a row, haven’t they? How much longer do you think they can keep up those winning ways? They are due for a loss.

    Thanks for answering my question…maybe. “Dunno”? I thought you knew everything?

    Since the pressure is off, I NOW have a question. Can you make your blog do anything else besides snow? Rain? Sleet? High winds? Lightning!!!! That would be so cool!! (with thunder!)

  12. What’s the difference between Blu-Ray and DVD? (Feel free to speak to me as if I’ve been living in a time warp the last 4 years.)

    @Tam Dixon – A Doctor Who marathon is my definition of luxury. At least for watching the episodes the first time.

  13. Hello Joe and everyone,

    Good luck to your Snow Monkeys… My team Brody’s Bar aren’t even in the hunt. I’m currently in San Francisco and going to my first 49er game so I’m pumped.

    I’m managing ok travelling with my broken wrist …here’s a pic of my cast

    Some more pics

    Meeting Ivon
    Meeting BamBam
    me at Alcatraz
    Goofing around with the iPhone

    Enjoy! The two guys are amazing..such a pleasure to meet and chat with..BamBam sure knows his food..he sent me to Coast, Hy’s, Paggliaci in Victoria and Society…service and food were impeccable..had the best time!!! You have wonderful restaurants Joe.

    Cheers, Maryanne

  14. I’ve been enjoying a new western currently on the AMC cable channel, called “Hell on Wheels”. You should be aware of it as it’s the same channel that shows The Walking Dead series (cannot watch horror). Christopher Heyerdahl plays a spectacularly dark and complicated security fellow who used to be an accountant. Colm Meany is one of the leads as the Union & Pacific railway boss, played with his usual knack and aplomb. You just love to hate him.
    It is dark, gritty, even raunchy, but well written and acted. I’m drawn into each episode and almost feel the yucky mud between my toes. I wish the series good luck!
    @chevron7 — BamBam and Ivon are class people; be careful with your cast and feel better soon!


  15. @chevron7: Great pictures! Nice to put a face with the name! Glad you’re getting along ok with your cast, you poor girl!

  16. My Steelers are up 28-7 at halftime, and you will be glad to know that R. Mendenhall has 2 TD’s so far. Glad we can help you out in your time of need Snow Monkey.

  17. @ chevron7 – Awesome pictures of you, Ivon, and BamBam! Sorry about your wrist. Bad timing for breaking it. Glad you are still able to enjoy your trip. Hope it heals quickly.

    Got to go. I think a certain stinky butt beagle needs to go outside. Pee-uuuu!

  18. Please tell me what is Mr. Mallozzi email adress, i want to ask him something too.


  19. @Chevron7 Love the pictures. Sorry I have to be so short here. My drugs are kicking in. Jeff decided to give me his cold. I begged him to hold off another two weeks so I could actually cancel the kidney biopsy for real, “No, can’t have, I have a cold.” but I woke up with it as did the boy.

  20. Where can I send mailbag questions? I’m wanting to ask: “OK. What’s up with all the Jello in Stargate?” Thanks! 🙂

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