Sadly, all good things come to an end, be it a great dinner, a favorite t.v. show or a cross-country visit from good friends.  Alexander and Sarah are (eventually) Paris-bound via Toronto via Los Angeles via Berlin via Toronto.  Their last day with us went like this…

Sarah makes pain perdu.
Et voila!
Maximus taking it easy after his big operation.
Alexander at work. He never stops!
The special message Akemi gave Alex (that roughly translates to "Don't work yourself to death"), forever tacked onto the back of his laptop.
Bubba kicks back.
Dim sum at Sun Sui Wah
Surprisingly, Alex wasn't a fan of the beef tendon.
Seeing Alexander and Sarah off.
Best of buddies!
Auf Wiedersehen! Au Revoir!
Jelly is bummed.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Here at Casa Mallozzi, we celebrated with food and football!

Rob presents...the meatpies in three delicious varieties: curry lamb, jerk beef, and chorizo and onions!
Ivon in football mode.
Maximus missing our guests.

18 thoughts on “November 24, 2011: Au Revoir! Auf Wiedersehen! And football!

  1. As much as I’ve eaten today, Rob’s empanadas look delish. Now I want one. Hell, I’ve been wanting one for days, and tomorrow I’m back on the wagon (diet), so that’s that. Thanks a lot, Joe. 🙂 Max and Jelly are squishable cute. Dolphins lost (duh), Mr. Deni is NOT happy. Good night, all!

  2. Did anyone feel the earth move? It should have; I actually COOKED. On the stovetop. Also in the oven. And the microwave.

    I admit that frozen and canned convenience foods were involved.

  3. Bye Alexander! Bye Sarah! Looks like the pups are moping – they seem to enjoy your house guests and don’t want them to leave.

    As usual, the food looks great. Especially the meat pies. Didn’t get them from Mrs. Lovette did he?

  4. Thanks All for all the migraine well wishes. Migraines are fairly common to me and I’ve gotten used to dealing with them. I can’t imagine how it used to before imatrex. Whew! It could always be worse. Every day that I wake up without a migraine is a blessing.

    Ponytail, JeffW & Das: the food y’all described sounded awesome!

    Mr. M: you look like you having so much fun with your friends. That Memphis Style BBQ looked pretty good. However, I don’t remember ever having cornbread served with the BBQ here in Memphis, TN. Come to think of it, they serve cornbread with pretty much any meal BUT BBQ here. Now you have me craving BBQ though. How am I ever going to be a vegetarian looking at the food pictures on your blog?! Does Ashleigh have a blog? 😉

    I’m glad Max is doing so well. He seems to be squinting his right eye. Is that where the tumor is?

    Please thank Akemi for teaching us what Karoshi means. I’m trying to work that into sentences at home now 😉 .

    Yay for Gilder cooking!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. That pain perdu aka french toast looks amazing! I bet it tasted just as good. And Rob’s meatpies look good too. I’d love to try one of those. Lulu in the background would too. Did she ever get a bite? Hope you were smart and went with Romo today. I ate so much today (and worked so hard in the kitchen in shoes that were pinching my toes!!), I had to take an evening nap. All better now.

  6. I love how the entire visit Alex had the exact same expression on his face for every picture!

  7. Just had lunch, but now I see the pain perdu and meatpies… I’m hungry again. Have been reading your Dark Matter related interviews. I’m also hungry for that. Looking forward to reading it. When there has been a lack of good reading material, I get hungry for a good read. Haven’t read a good comic that I enjoyed for a while now or a book – and it doesn’t help that I have to smuggle books I want to read in and out of the house before somebody bins it (it’s because most of us are book addicts and books means no house work or food or clean clothes, etc).

  8. 1. I’m gonna miss Sarah and Mr. Frumpy Face. 🙁

    2. Can Rob come cook for me? He can cook, and I can sit in the kitchen and tell him all the stuff you guys should have done with the Wraith. I have a WHOLE list! Well…more like a file box… 😛 **

    3. Ivon is always on that couch. I’m starting to think he’s superglued to it. 🙂

    4. @ Deni – Joecito! 😀

    5. @ Sparrowhawk and Tam Dixon – Second day meatloaf was good, just not as good as when it was hot out of the oven. I’m thinking maybe I went too light on the herbs. I’m also thinking it would be perfect with gorgonzola cheese baked inside. I LOVED using the oats, btw. First time meatloaf hasn’t felt like a brick in my gut or repeated on me, so I think it’s the oatmeal. Or maybe the sage, which is a digestive aid. Next time I’ll use more herbs (not much – I’ll increase by 1/2 teaspoon increments and see what happens), and definitely adding gorgonzola (maybe as a middle layer). I would also decrease or eliminate the salt if I add the cheese since it was perfectly salted, and the added salt in the cheese would be too much. Of course, adding the cheese might turn it into the stomach brick that this one was not, but I think the flavor would be well worth it.

    Have a good evening, Joecito! 😀


  9. PS on the meatloaf. On second thought…I think if I add the gorgonzola I’ll leave the herbs as is. Might be too many strong flavors otherwise.


  10. Wow. Over did it yet again at Thanksgiving dinner: roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, butternut squash, string beans, flaked bread rolls, cranberry sauce, walnut/cranberry sausage stuffing. Topped off with decadent triple dark chocolate fudge cake with choice of vanilla or raspberry sauce, double-deck carrot cake with cream cheese and walnut frosting, and fresh baked apple pie. Whew!

    The best part is, I did not cook or bake anything. Just ate and enjoyed the company of family and family friends. A bottle of Beaujolais paid my way. Free entertainment courtesy of my young grand niece and grand nephew and a new baby. Bless their youthful enthusiasm!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrants!


  11. Sorry they left but hey, Paris? Child on way to France to study. Maybe she can pick up Lulu and they can play host to your frenchie and mine?

  12. Hey Joe

    Just noticed Sarah’s picture from yesterday’s post (the bottom pic). She slipped you the ‘finger’. I missed most of yesterday’s football, the first two because of work and fell asleep at half-time for the last one…


  13. Awww, poor Maximus. He looks utterly bereft.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Joe! Looks like it was fun.

  14. Lovely Thanksgiving here, and my Cowboys win in the last 3 seconds! Excellent food, family and friends and a good game to boot. Today the two grandmas, my daughter, and my granddaughter go for our annual pilgrimage to see the Nutcracker ballet. Tis the season!

  15. Happy T-giving to all! And safe trip(s) to Sarah and Alexander, they are going to rack up some awesome frequent flyer miles.

    The pain perdu looks mega delicious, would love the recipe. My french toast never gets so fluffy. Such beautiful juicy empanadas, I will be dreaming about those tonight, sigh. This area of the Mid-Atlantic lacks Caribbean restaurants, I’m probably a good five hundred miles from a decent empanada.

  16. It seems a little weird that you are not busy planning a trip to Tokyo this time of year.

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