Maximus had his follow-up yesterday and the vet says he’s recovering nicely from the surgery that removed 80% of his melanoma.  Look at the handsome fella.  He looks ten (dog) years younger!

Another Dark Matter interview is up, this one over at PopCultureZoo. In this one, I sit down with Joseph Dilworth Jr. and discuss similarities between the end of SGU and the beginning of Dark Matter, writing for comics, teams vs. single-hero stories, and plans for the series:

The first issue hits the stands January 11, 2012.  Start getting the word out!

Well, it didn’t take Alex long to hit the wall.  After only two days of eating Mallozzi-style, Alexander was feeling overwhelmed.  Amateur. Sure, he blames me – but I blame this:

P.S. Love the way the first five seconds of that video is frozen in time.

Bubba wishes to hazard a turkey sausage.

Since Alex was feeling a little under the weather, I decided to take it easy on his sad, fragile little stomach.  And so, for lunch, we ended up at Memphis Blues Barbecue for a nice, light salad.  And a side order of something called The Memphis Feast…

All settled in and ready to eat.
This guy.
The ladies.
The girls of Memphis Blues Barbecue. I've got a calendar idea. Miss July.
Miss August.
The Memphis Feast!
Sarah wonders what the hell the rest of us are going to eat!

Following lunch, we did a little shopping.  Alexander was on the hunt…

Looking for his favorite Stetson cologne. Sadly, it was only available in a three pack with two lesser (lesser) colognes.
I had to point out Tim McGraw collection. He informed me he already had it but didn't wear it because Sarah didn't like the smell (of what? Roadhouse and barn?). No kidding.

We returned home and, while they all relaxed, I seized the opportunity to do a little blogging.

With the help of my trusty assistant.

And then, it was off to dinner!  Because of Alex’s delicate constitution, we elected to go for sushi instead of instead of Italian.  Our destination – Akemi’s favorite Japanese restaurant in Vancouver (she loves the rice!): Miku.

All settled in and ready to eat. Again.
Showing off my chopstick kills. Look at how impressed Alex is.
The salmon sashimi. Gorgeous and delicious.
The tuna sashimi. See above.
The aburi salmon oshizushi. My favorite, with its smoky charcoal undertone and jalapeno and black pepper kick.

Alex seemed to have turned the corner by dinner’s end, so we ended up making the short walk to Bella Gelateria for dessert.

Ice cream for everyone!
A rare shot of me in action.

And then, of course, it was back to HQ for some late night laptopping.

Sarah and Lulu take turns updating their facebook profiles.

27 thoughts on “November 23, 2011: Maximus lookin’ good! My second Dark Matter interview! More Alexander and Sarah!

  1. Alexander’s search reminded me–I ordered some perfume from ZOMG Smells. Has anybody else tried their stuff? Tonight after I shower away the smell of turkey brine and pumpkin pie, I’m going to try the first of the scents I ordered from them: That Dream Where You’re Naked At School. Whether I like the scent or not, the name makes me laugh!

  2. Fantastic news about Max! He’s such a sweetie!

    Wow – great action shots of you! Ok, well blogging isn’t that action packed, but we can all imagine flying fingers. And Lulu is such a scene stealer!

    So many happy, stuffed faces, except Alex who looks like he’s been chewing on, well, wieners.

    Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving in the US!

  3. Alex looks quite svelte in that blue /white plaid shirt. Please wish him “Schlaf im Ruhe” on my behalf. (Yes, I cribbed that from “Stille Nacht /Silent Night”; my German is about three decades rusty.)

  4. You do look rather handsome in the turtleneck and jacket – yowza! Love the picture of you and Lulu blogging. 🙂 Make Alex drop in to say hi to us, wouldja? 🙂

  5. Loved all the action shots—Didn’t Alexander know about your appetite from when you were in Toronto?? 🙂

    And for those of you are interested—I reached the goal for NaNoWriMo, (50000 words–Yeah!!!!!)

    Have a great evening!!!!

  6. Wow, great assortment of pictures tonight. Alex is funny. Maximus looks great, thanks for sharing it all. I enjoyed reading the interview, now if they could just spell your name right, as long as they spell it correctly on the checks. And the new comic book, you say you buy 3 issues to see if you like a comic, since there will be 4 of them for Dark Matter, should I buy them all to see if I like it???(silly ?) Better check Sarah’s suitcase when she leaves, Lulu might be a stowaway. Have a great day!

  7. I want Lulu. Can I have her? She is so cute! And good for Maximus! He does look good.

    Alex has an accent. A cute one too. Does Sarah have an accent? Akemi has a cute accent too. You need to get one Joe. Poor Alex would not last one day with you in Tokyo.

    Just finished making a pecan pie, a pumkin pie, a banana cream pie, orange jello salad, and deviled eggs. Tomorrow it’s turkey, pork loin, instant mashed potatoes (they’ll never know), boxed stuffing mix (don’t knock it, it’s pretty good), gravy in a jar (I’ll add turkey drippings – it’ll be great), canned cranberry sauce (my mom likes that), corn casserole, fresh snapped grean beans, and sweet and wheat rolls.

  8. I wasn’t finished! Who hit the post comment button?! Oh well, my feet are killing me. Guess I am finished.

    Happy Thanksgiving America and everybody else, I’m thankful for you too!

  9. I’m glad Maximus is doing so well! The food looks great, but I could never keep up with so many fabulous meals in so short a time. But you’ve got me craving sushi again.

    re: the interview – ooh! ooh! ‘Easter eggs’ in Dark Matter for your fans?!

    Thanks for the sympathy, everyone. The aftermath of my migraine had me feeling kind of lousy most of today. And to top it off, I got rejected when I went to donate blood: blood pressure was too low. Maybe it had something to do with the migraine. Or maybe I was a little dehydrated after working out this morning. I’m going back Friday to try again.

    @crazymom: Great perfume name!

    @Tam Dixon: Sorry to hear about the migraines. I only get them about once every 3 or 4 weeks. But it is awfully hard to focus and get through the day when they hit. Coke helps me a lot, too! And snacking to keep my blood sugar up during the migraine.

  10. @das: shhh! don’t tell Joe they misspelled his name in this interview, too.
    And virtual shots should only give me virtual headaches, not real ones. I think.

  11. Love frozen in time Akemi and Alex! And handsome Maximus!

    Just not sure a grown man should be eating turkey sausage in public, though… 😉

    Also, Joe…who are you killing with those chopsticks? You’re really starting to worry me now. (And was Max’s tumor rumored? You are really confusing me tonight!)

    I made a really good meatloaf tonight, simple, but tasty. I don’t like meat mixes, so just went with 2 pounds of ground beef, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup of instant Irish rolled oats soaked in 1/2 cup of milk, 1 tablespoonish of chopped scallions, 2 minced cloves of garlic, a few splashes of Worcestershire sauce, a little ground pepper, a little Chili Pacific smoked wine salt, about a teaspoon of fresh chopped sage, and about a half teaspoon of fresh chopped rosemary. I don’t measure this stuff, so it’s all approximate. I went easy on the herbs because they’re quite potent, and the meatloaf turned out very flavorful without any overpowering flavors – just perfect! I also sauteed chopped brussel sprouts in olive oil, with garlic and scallions, and served it salted, with fresh lemon juice. Yummy! And now I don’t have to cook tomorrow! Woo! Well, except for some roasted beets, and probably roasted potatoes with rosemary.

    I’m trying to take advantage of the fact that we haven’t had a frost or freeze yet, so my herbs are still doing quite nicely. I just moved the pots against the house – that helps protect them a bit and hopefully some will survive until next year (the sage and chives do, as does the oregano, but I lost my rosemary last winter, and almost all of the thyme.) I have maybe a week or so to go…I’m trying to use up as much of my tarragon as possible because that will die down once it gets cold. Basil is about done (I did make caprese salad tonight also, just to use up what’s left), but everything else is still doing well. Except my thyme. It must have been too wet, or something…it just didn’t do well towards the end of August. Fortunately, I had 3 different kinds, so there is still some I can use.

    And buy, am I rambling. 😛 Sorry!

    Have a good evening, sir, and a great day tomorrow, everyone!


  12. @Ponytail:

    You had me at “Pecan Pie”! 🙂

    My dear wife finished baking a Pumkin Pie earlier and I have a White Chocolate Cheesecake in the oven right now. After that I have to wake at 3:30am to put a Turkey in the Smoker (we’ll oven-roast a second turkey starting at 9:30am; my son likes it smoked and my oldest daughter, oven-roasted)…my wife handles the sides (green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and baked sweet potatoes). I love fresh snapped beans, but since I’m not doing the sides, I don’t get the choice 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  13. Congratulations on your comic’s publicity. I can’t get that pic of the hulk sharks out of my head. What is Dark Matter’s “punching a shark in the uvula” moment?


    I’m glad to see Alex going along with you. I feel like he’s someone like me on a food tour with you. And by “someone like me” I mean one of the folks who is okay with eating whatever’s available. When I see a fussy eater, I picture them being extra stressed when the apocalypse hits.

  14. I am so mad at myself for getting a new job, I had really planned to do “in your footsteps” food tour this November/December. That BBQ looks fab.! Have you ever had any “Famous Dave’s”? It is one of the places my girlfriend really likes when she has a chance to get here from Thailand. The pics of the girls are Cutest EVVah. Who is that weird dreary fellow? Oh ja das verrücktes Deutch.

  15. Mmm, so many Thanksgivings. I am not cooking this year, just the two of us, so we’ll go out. Maybe. The neighbor has invited us, but I have no idea if she cooks well or not. I have a turkey in the freezer and will do my t-day for two later in December.

    The Memphis Feast looks amazing, and full of BBQ sauce I can’t have. Now if they did a honey-mustard version, I’d be all in.

    And here I was excited that a Noodles and Co. opened in our area. Had the Bangkok curry noodles for supper, very fresh, and always made to order. The white truffle mac n cheese is next! Milk proteins will kill my joints later, but I’m willing to suffer as long as I can find someone to bitch at.

  16. For the US folks, HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

    Um, if that lunch is your idea of going easy on your guest’s delicate constitution, well… you know. ROFLMAO. By round the corner, I assume you mean he accepted he is going to die so might as well do it eating?

  17. Mmmmaybe Easter eggs for the fans? Sounds like fun! The barbeque looked terrific as did the sushi. Not so much the turkey sausage. Nice hearing some upbeat news about Maximus.

    I commiserate on the migraines. I get them once or twice a week. Not much my neurologist can do but imitrex and muscle relaxants. Hang in there.

  18. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

    @das: That meatloaf recipe sounds good. I’ll have to make a note of it and give it a try. Still have some fresh herbs in the garden, but the basil is long gone.

    @LisaR: congratulations on NaNoWriMo!

    Now I’m off to bake croissants. Real ones from scratch. Plain and cinnamon pecan. Mmmmmmm.

  19. That crunches too much for a turkey sausage. Unless it is frozen. Or a very long vegetable being disguised as a sausage. Love the pose though. Now off to read your interview.

    I have preordered/paid for the 2 episodes available on that web site. Can’t wait.

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