Yeaaaaah!!!  Can you believe it?!  My Snow Monkeys beat the top-ranked and undefeated team in fantasy football league.  By the narrowest margins mind you (one point something) but a win’s a win.  Pending scoring adjustments.  For now, let’s celebrate!
A little welcome back gift awaits Lawren compliments of Akemi.
Lawren keeps track of his team's play.
Jelly keeps track of Lawren keeping track of his team's play.
Ivon's team, The Running Dead, is poised to claim a rare win and vault into playoff contention.
A day of highs and lows for Lawren. Lows = his team's play. Highs = the company, of course.
Ivon brought over dessert. I was initially dubious. As it turned out, the little lemon things weren't terrible.
I preferred Akemi's sweet potato cakes.
Not to be outdone, Lawren baked up some spookerific treats of his own.

For the third game of the triple-header Sunday, we headed over to Rob’s place…

Rob, decked out in appropriate attire, mans the oven.
Veal schnitzel sandwiches with cheese, spicy peppers, grilled onions, and parmesan sauce. I told Rob he should get his own food truck!
While we were on the edge of our seats, watching the Snow Monkeys pull of an improbable win, Rob's kids were upstairs - totally oblivious - making what I assumed where celebratory cupcakes but turned out to be Halloween cupcakes. For tomorrow. 🙁
I particularly like the detail on the severed finger.

21 thoughts on “October 30, 2011: Sweet furry victory!!!

  1. I honestly don’t get fantasy football. I guess it just goes to show how absolutely dull and boring real football is. 😀


  2. Not to dis the guys’ stuff,
    AKEMI’S sweet potato cakes look like winners!
    Yay, for your Snow Monkeys!
    Guess, we need to get a crying towel for Rob…for tonight’s game.

  3. I honestly dont get why football is called football…The guys in the field throw the ball, right?

  4. @ das
    Me nether! But I don’t even get football itself…

    @ Joe
    Those cookies are plain awesome. I also think that cut of finger is a winner, except for the ninja, I mean, come on. No one beats the ninja!

  5. Congrats on the win!! And the pictures of the food—-great as usual. Now, I have to brag. Guess who I got to meet last night??? No guesses? I got to meet Lou Anders. He was a guest at the NaNoWrimo kick-off party I went to. And Joe, he had very complimentary things to say about you.

    Hope everyone has a great day!!!!!!

  6. Congrats on the Snow Monkeys! 🙂 My NY Giants just barely beat the Dolphins yesterday 20-17. They are now 5-2 of the season. I just hope they can keep it up. Their defense needs work. They let too many touchdowns slip by.

    Akemi’s sweet potato cake look scrumptious! I’ve had those before. They just delicious! 🙂 Love the martial arts cookies! Very cute! ^_^ Rob’s veal schnitzel looks really yummy!

    Love how Jelly is keep an eye on Lawren. 🙂

  7. Ninja cookies! Halloween cupcakes! A veritable panoply of culinary delights!

    Okay, I’m done now.

    @akemi: I love sweet potato cakes! Can you share your recipe?

    @das: I don’t understand Fantasy Football either. Or other Fantasy sports. How do you determine who wins? Hey, did the Drizzt graphic novel ever arrive? How is the artwork?

  8. Hi Joe, I ran into a friend of yours yesterday. Had a conversation with Jewel at a convention here in Orlando that she appeared at. I asked her what you were like in person as I’ve been reading your blog faithfully for years and she said you were a great guy and a snappy dresser. Nothing but good things to say about you. Although she did say something to the effect that that was all she could say… something about incriminating photos of her in your possession. She laughed when she said it so I’m pretty sure she was kidding about that. 🙂 Anyway, she says Hello. – Jennifer in Orlando

  9. Great pictures! The food looks pretty good. Akemi is a food artist!

    It looks to me that Jelly is asking Lawren to get off her couch.

  10. Das: I’m sure Mr. Das will love pot roast sandwiches this week!
    I don’t get fantasy football either.

  11. I third the sweet potato cakes, they look delicious! I tried my hand at a food truck inspired sandwhich on Sat and it turned out great even with my own lo-cal twist of toasted lite bread and roasted chicken with mustard, and slaw. I added a little mango chutney to the slaw for extra kick.

    I’d like to try to make poutine but I think I’ll save that for Thanksgiving; gravy isn’t one of my food staples these days.

    Can you share your current Snow Monkey roster with us?

  12. I’m guessing Fantasy Football sprung up from the minds of a bunch of frustrated armchair quarterbacks-cum-control freaks. 😉

    @ Sparrowhawk – For financial reasons, I’m holding off on the Drizzt omnibus for now. I still have 3 comic book series to catch up on (Moriarty, Mystery Men, Sherlock Holmes Year One), and the Castle graphic novel, and Cold Vengeance (I’m saving Pendergast for special!), and Black Sun Rising, and Ghosts of War…and…ack! I am both broke, and very backed up right now! (In my reading, that is… 😉 )


  13. Very weird games and situations yesterday. Through the strangest of journeys, it looks like I’m going to be 6-2 in both my leagues.

    Wes Welker is human after all. He scored less than 10 points this week. Oh well, he’s still my favorite player.

  14. Congratulations to you and your Snow Monkeys. I’m just glad the Lions won again. Those are some awesome Halloween cupcakes. Love the severed finger!

  15. Love the cupcakes, great job kids! I think the travel channel took your food truck idea, they are doing it, havent watched, rather see your adventures, ha. Hope you have a Happy Halloween, in case they have it in Canada, never sure. Go SNow Monkeys!!

  16. Jelly is in love with Lawren. It’s written all over her face. Look at Lawren playing it cool. Lawren made those cookies? No way! Really? Get out! He did? He cooks too? Come on! You serious? Wow! Did he make them for Jelly?

    Looks like Robert Cooper’s kids got his chef gene. Those cup cakes are so colorful and beautiful. It is a shame to eat them.

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