A few videos that caught my attention today.  First up – you’ve heard of shadow boxing?  How about shadow swordplay?  Very cool.

Next up is a trailer for a script – yes, a script! – that was just snapped up by Universal Pictures.  This was a first sale for writers Brandon Bestenheider & Allen Bey who co-wrote Grim Night.  It tells the horrific tale of one night every year in which humanity must defend itself from the ominous “Grim”. Bestenheider and Bey helped the pitch along by investing a little time, money, and energy to put together this nifty/creepy teaser-trailer.

What’s so brilliant about this game plan is that it satisfies the biggest network/studio concern at the script stage: how is THIS going to work?  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received script notes based on someone imagining the worst possible execution of an idea.  As Rob used to say: “You’re imagining the bad version.  We’ll do the good one.”  And an effective teaser trailer goes a long way toward giving your audience a firm sense of what they can expect.  It’s the sizzle.  Now, all you have to do is deliver a great steak!

Speaking of which – had lunch with Ivon today to discuss some of our series ideas.  We’ve got 3-4 terrific notions that need to be fleshed out and incorporated into a proper pitch package.  After that all we have to do is approach our potential partners, get them onboard, and it’ll be smoooooooooooth sailing.

Hey, look at who I ran into the other day –

It’s my buddy Mike, formerly of Stargate, presently of the R.I.P Stargate fantasy football league Tim’s Dreamgirl who currently holds a record of 3-4 and is sitting one game out of the final playoff spot.  I like Mike and hope his team makes the playoffs.  But, I like my team, The Snow Monkeys, more and they face a huge challenge this weekend when they go up against the undefeated I have no imagination.  Despite the fact that it looks like Jahvid Best will be out for another week and that Peterson and Thomas are injured, I smell upset!


Tonight’s dinner…

Brandy flambed spot prawn with crispy prawn roe.

Akemi's super dense, super rich chocolate souffle!

23 thoughts on “October 26, 2011: Vids! Pitches! Snow Monkeys! Dinner!

  1. I never thought about buying a second copy of Dark Matter. But hey, probably a better investment than anything else these days. I’ve never been into comics, so I’m hoping you’ll have a Q & A once it comes out. I’m just not sure how you can create characters that are well fleshed out without sacrificing plot in just four issues. How many pages will the issues be?

    I’m giving up on downloading anything on the blog until I get home, which will be starting tomorrow. I really hate leaving. I’ll be back to endless doctor appointments, and a frustrating commute by Monday. Bummer.

    On the other hand, I came up with a web based show idea. The reality of getting someone interested is equal to zip, but it’s the journey, right? A friend of mine who wrote and produced her film a couple of years ago mentioned she has contacts, so what the heck.

  2. That trailer is pretty darn awesome. It’s not typically my kind of thing, but based on that, I’d watch it.

  3. Hello Joe:
    Its been a long time since I have been on your blog and I have been reading as much as I can to catch up.

    So last week I came across a video on youtube with Jow Flannigan of SGA , in the interview he was talking about how he feels that it is very possible that something will be coming back with SGA. he said he is still in touch with most people fro the show and that he is pretty sure either a mini series or possibly a movie will be made. This interview was just done about 2 weeks ago.
    Do you have any idea what he is talking about, or is it just wishful thinking on his part ? Now that you and Robert Copper are not doing the transporter show anymore , maybe it is freeing you up to get thingsgong sagain ? He went on to say that everywhere he goes in the world , he always is being told by the fans how that SGa should have never been cancelled and that there are so many storylines that were left unresolved. So it would make sense to me to just pick up where EOG left off. Can you comment ?

  4. Is it just me…or does Joseph’s term “smoooooooooooth sailing”
    seem like it might be a great title for something that is
    a set up for something that ends up becoming a totally
    off the ball disaster?

    ..and just maybe…the story could be set in..let’s say..*Toronto*.

    {..giggle giggle..wiggle wiggle.}

  5. Chocolate soufflé is literally one of my favorite things on the planet. I am jealous sir.

    Here’s probably a weird call-back for you: Who was known as “Small Cheese” behind the SG scenes? I’ve seen some director-type chair backs from the franchise and one says “small cheese” and I was just curious who this referred to.

    My educated guess would be David Deluise. Big Cheese would have been Peter since he was the director and David, as the guest star, would have been Small Cheese. Makes sense to me…


  6. Hey!
    Very very cool videos ! Love them.
    Yesterday, I watched Morpheus (SG1, S10E02) with your commentary, it’s great. Andy Mikita sounds like a very nice and smart guy.
    By the way, I’m very angry too (to be polite) by the cancellation, even if it was already 10 seasons. This 10th season was so good. It was almost like a renewal for the show. But I’ m still hoping… ” L’espoir fait vivre”
    Have a nice day.

  7. @dasndanger
    Thank you for your advices. I will try these solutions.
    Have a nice day.

  8. Send me some of those prawns and a bit of the souffle – two of my favorites!

  9. I caught the trailer for Grim yesterday. I hope it meets expectations as a final product. It’ll be killer!

  10. This is a totally unrelated question, but one I feel worth asking. Are you in any way working with SGULIVESON on a project referred to as Stargate; Infinity? The individual in question has made the claim that you are, and also made further claims that SyFy and MGM have given him a green light to continue the SGU series. I thought I would go straight to the source and find the real answers. Hope to hear from you soon! Give my best to Akemi and the pups!

  11. The shadow sword play was way cool. The artist made it look effortless, in my next life I want to do nothing but martial arts; maybe travel the world rescuing villagers and battling baddies. This other life might have to take place 500 years ago tho.

    Happy to see you guys cooking again, nothing beats it. Can you eat souffle with ice cream or would that be heresy?

  12. Grim trailer, very creepy. Ripe for parody though… I kept expecting a punchline.

    Yum, chocolate souffle. I have yet to convince my relatives that chocolate pudding and cool whip are NOT the same dessert as a souffle!

    No root canal yesterday after all. We’re looking at an extraction and an implant. Joy, joy, joy.

  13. Maggiemayday: by implant, does that mean they screw the fake tooth into the bone? Please say no.
    Crescent vs. croissants is what my relatives get confused about. They open up a can of crescent rolls and keep calling them croissants. Big difference folks!

    I’ve never had a Souflle 🙁 . I always get too full by the time dessert comes around. Hmmm, shrimp looks good.

  14. @maggiemayday

    No root canal? Yay!

    Extraction & implant? Boo!

    Hip pocket nerve says: Ouch!

    I’ve never had a root canal (thank heavens!!! And frantically touch wood!!!), but I’ve had teeth extracted, and from what people say, a root canal sounds more painful, and seems like a more complicated procedure. So maybe it’s for the best???

    Anyway, you have my sympathy. I hope things work out for you.


    Good luck with your web-series idea! Gonna share the outline, or is it too soon?
    Great that your friend has contacts that she’s willing to share; maybe you can get help from other Stargate forums/blogs? Or from other producers of web-series/fan-series/etc? Maybe check out if there’s any grants available, or assisstance through arts agencies?
    Film and acting schools are full of people who want a chance to practice their profession; maybe give them a try.
    It sounds very exciting, & I admire you for having a go!

  15. Hey Joe

    Finally went over to a local comic store to get a copy of Dark Matter saved. And guess what! I wasn’t the first, I was third!


  16. @maggiemayday: Going through the same thing here and it’s no fun. Hang in there!

    Hiya Joe! Can I borrow Lulu for the weekend? 🙂

  17. @maggiemayday That still sounds painful. How is the rest of you holding up after the fall?

    COOL Shadow Swordplay. It is poetry in motion for sure.

    Went to see a friend who is having surgery today (before he went in). Guess what room and bed he was in? The one I had when I first went into the hospital in August before my surgery. This is a 1300-bed hospital. What are the odds of that happening? So funny.

  18. Brandy flambed spot prawn with crispy prawn roe.
    the prawns look interesting. not so much the roe.

    that chocolate souffle looks amazing.

  19. I see that you are reading Dawn of Prophecy. How do you like it? I haven’t read it, but The Belgariad is a series that my brother has recommended to me.

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