A couple of more clips from the vault – behind the scenes on Stargate: Atlantis’s Midway.  Andy Mikita directs the wraith…

I’m pleased to report my Snow Monkeys kicked the crap out of Ivon Bartok’s The Running Dead in fantasy football action today, climbing into a three-way tie for second place in the R.I.P. Stargate League.


Let’s celebrate with some mailbag!


D writes: “What were the “planet-builders”going to be like?”

Answer: Although we had a general idea of who/what the planet-builders were (incredibly powerful aliens capable of generating living worlds – obviously) we were still months away from discussing and detailing their background and purpose (beside their grand scale scientific research).  Just prior to the cancellation, Brad was pitching out a story in which Destiny would finally encounter the planet-builders.  Unfortunately, we never got the chance to develop the story.

Tam Dixon writes: “You seem to be full of energy. How do you get settled down enough to sleep?  Max and Jelly doing ok?”

Answer: Reading for about an hour or two prior to turning in really helps me unwind – often despite the subject matter.  For instance, at present I’m reading Stephen King’s Dreamcatchers, a terrific page-turner.  As for the dogs – they’re well.  The older dogs have slowed down considerably of late but are doing alright.  Maximus is a whole new dog since coming back to Vancouver!

Paloosa writes: “Will you be trying to develop TV series, or even delve into feature films?”

Answer: Ideally, would love to set up an original series.  Eventually.  Am talking to a few individuals/production entities about developing some established properties.  Also have also talked to a couple of studios about show running opportunities on future projects.  Regardless of what, exactly, my next job will be – I’m not interested in starting anything until 2012.  Taking the rest of the year off.

Paloosa also writes: “And I too was wondering about Paul. Is he still in Toronto? Is he working on other projects as well?”

Answer: Paul is enjoying his time off and will be returning to Vancouver in a couple of weeks.  When it comes to work: wherever I goes, he goes – and vice versa.

noellam writes: “Does your new show idea have anything to do with food?”

Answer: We’re discussing a number of show ideas and, yes, a few of them have a lot to do with food. 🙂

Akemi writes: “I ate a lot and put on a weight. :(“

Answer: I’ll say.  Check out these before and after pics from our Food Truck Tour.



48 thoughts on “October 23, 2011: Behind the scenes on Stargate: Atlantis! Snow Monkeys win! Mailbag!

  1. Joe, that is just not nice what you did to Akemi with that photo. Shame on you. She has not put on weight at least from the real pictures we’ve seen. I bet she thinks 5 pounds is “putting on weight.” Akemi, you are beautiful just the way you are.

    RE: “Maximus is a whole new dog since coming back to Vancouver!”

    I think Maximus is not the only one feeling that way.

    Thanks so much for the Atlantis BTS vault edition. Das is going to love it most, I think.

    Congratulations on the Snow Monkeys victory even though I still have no idea how that all works.

  2. Joe, where do you get all that energy?? I’m still trying to get back some myself. Loved the clips and pictures.

    Have a good night!!!

  3. I hope Akemi has a good plan to get even with you for that before and after picture! Akemi, if you need any suggestions for revenge I’m sure lots of us would be glad to help!

  4. Awesome win for your Snow Monkeys…sorry Ivon….me on the other hand forgot to check my team before leaving for the convention and ended up with 4 players on a bye week..including QB Ryan Fitzgerald, while Tony Romo scored 19 on my bench…ouch…I currently am on 17…yeah

    cheers, chev

  5. 😆 Oh my gosh! What did you do to sweet Akemi?! She keeps going on food truck runs with you and that might happen! That’s pretty funny Joe. Now let’s see you…

    Hope you enjoy sleeping downstairs in the doggie beds tonight.

  6. Thanks for the Wraith, Joe!

    Awww. Now why did you do that to Akemi?

    Hey! Did you or anyone see Robert Carlyle on that new show “Once Upon a Time”? Just started tonight on ABC. If so, what did you think? Personally, I’m not sure about the show in general, but I liked his character: mysterious – not quite sure whether he is on the side of dark or light – just the way I like ’em.

  7. Speaking of the Armageddon Convention…I had the enormous pleasure of meeting the lovely, gorgeous, talented, funny Alaina Huffman this weekend. She was incredible! You’re very lucky to have worked with her Joe.

    Cheers, Chev

  8. Catching up with your blog…you’re going to be working on multiple shows with Ivon? Is one a documentary? Will one be on location in Tokyo…at the Starbar? LOL

    Enjoy! Best wishes

    Cheers, Chev

  9. Midway was/is one of my favorite Atlantis episodes, thanks for sharing the behind-the-scenes clips.

    Fatlantis pics in your inbox for Akemi. 🙂

  10. Aww, that’s not very nice.

    There’s one important thing you obviously need to know about women in order to live a “happy” life with them.

    Do NOT comment on their weight (or make their pictures fat). Even stating they’ve lost weight can get you into trouble if you’re not careful.

    Sorry Joe, but you’re asking for trouble with that picture. I guess you’ve never heard the term “a happy wife (or gf) = a happy life”. EPIC FAIL.

    The correct response would have been…”Akemi – you are as gorgeous as ever.” Otherwise, you’ll end up going solo to your next foodie binge and that’s no fun. 😉

  11. @ Akemi – I believe they make laxatives in powder form. Sprinkle a lot on Joe’s food and mix it in. He’ll never know what hit him.

  12. Joe,

    So glad Maximus is doing better being home, that’s great news.. I am however concerned for your well being…

    Posting that after picture of Akemi makes me fear you have a death wish.. after all- she knows where you sleep!


  13. Bad Joe! I bet you get coal for Christmas, mister. Poor Akemi! 🙁

    Get him back, Akemi! And take pictures, too. 😀

    Joe, Alexander needs to come beat *you* with a rolled-up magazine. (He and his Sarah will need a vacation in Van when production is over anyway!)

    Loved the Atlantis videos. More, please! And behind-the-scenes stories about the episodes, when the SG:1 chronicles are finished? 😀

    Would one of these projects you’re working on with Ivon have anything to do with Captain Starship?

  14. 1. Hmmm…you seem quite proud of your altered Akemi picture. Maybe you like your women with a bit of meat on their bones…



    Joey, are you a chubby chaser?? 😉

    2. Poop, still can’t watch the vids from home – will have to wait until I get into work. Heh…maybe I’ll get to work early for a change. 🙂

    3. Have a friend from England visiting. We watched the rugby World Cup final together, and New Zealand won! WOO!!!! They didn’t choke this time! It was a good, exciting game – just one point in it. France put up a good fight, but in the end the kiwis came out on top! Double woo!

    4. Been sitting around a lot of fires lately – every night the last three nights. This morning the embers were still hot, so I started up another fire and we ate breakfast outside, enjoying the clear blue sky, the warm of the flames, and the crisp autumn air. Just perfect! It was like camping without having to deal with all the daddy longlegs in the bathhouse. 😛

    Okay – gotta run. Falling asleep on the keyboard. It’s been a fun, but also a loooooooooong, weekend, and I’ve hardly slept at all. Nites, sir!


    PS: Joey – now we MUST see a fat Joey picture, it’s only fair!

  15. Behave yourself.

    Glad to hear Max is feeling better.

    See that you’re reading Terry Goodkind. Any thoughts? Do you like this series better than some of his earlier works?

  16. To: Hope you enjoy sleeping downstairs in the doggie beds tonight.
    I’d like to add “with one eye open.”

    Go get’em Akemi. Bad Joe.

    Glad the dogs are doing better!

  17. oh, Joe. You have done it now. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes when a certain someone reads your blog. Maybe you can hid the computer for a few days.

  18. Love, love, love the BTS stuff. I guess that’s why I’m an engineer, I love how stuff is made and how stuff gets made.

    Is there such a thing as “mixed emotions panda”? I won in my money league, but lost in my other league. I am no longer undefeated in that league. 🙁 🙁 But I am 5-2 and 6-1. Quite respectable, thank you!

    So if Ivon were to have won, would you have let him gloat on this blog? Methinks not. 😉

    A project using established properties….I like where this is headed. Is there someone sur-named Berman involved? I had heard that there were some people looking to start up a new show with that franchise. You and Paul would be a great fit…I’m just sayin’…

  19. Just heard that if Vision is elected again, they will be continuing to add 17 new food carts every year for the next 3 years… Better hurry up on getting through them all or you may never finish!

  20. I just saw the photo & your answer to Akemi – that’s not cool Joe…why do guys think it’s OK to tease women about their appearance? Akemi is gorgeous (I know you know that) & I hope she’s plotting to get you back for that…if you need help Akemi all of the blog community here will be happy to contribute.


  21. Coucou! Comment allez vous? Moi très bien mais je suis très occupé en ce moment, j’ai n’ai même plus de week end tranquil lol!

    Cool! Merci pour ces BtheS ..alala que de souvenirs, sga me manque terriblement…impatiente d’être à ce week end pour voir Joe.F et Torri :)!

    Ohhhh qui à fait ce vilain photoshoop? lol c’est pas très gentil pour Akemi^^…Dites moi, est ce qu’Akemi parle un peu Français? 🙂

    Bonne journée!

  22. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Joe don’t be so mean to Akemiiii!!!!
    Sorry Akemi I still had to laugh. xD
    Funny shopjob indeed.

  23. It wouldn’t matter if Akemi DID look like that, she would still be beautiful!

    Thanks for the Atlantis flashbacks!

  24. Thanks for answering my questions. Somehow, I don’t think Stephen King would help me sleep.

    That was so mean (Akemi picture)! You had better hope that Akemi doesn’t read Ponytail’s post. Too funny!

  25. Liked the clips too. Were the Wraith there for Das? Weird seeing the Wraith smiling and talking normal. I suppose that just means they were good actors.

  26. @Akemi… while Ponytail’s suggestion may be effective, you want Joe to know what hit him. I suggest the lovely umbrella you are holding in your picture!

    Joe, if mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy. Geez man, you’re smarter than that!

  27. Aw, Akemi is very cute even with a fuller figure! Love that coat, is that genuine snow monkey pelt? I’m just teasing, it’s very chic, like Mad Men.

    Wraith, Wraith, Wraith, sigh! Who’s idea was it to make the Wraith so darn sexy?

  28. One more thing (sorry, a bit scatterbrained today), I’m so glad the pups are doing well! I know being home helps but I can’t help but think the vaccine has had a positive effect. Yea!

  29. re: Akemi’s photoshopped pic

    Guess who’s going to be in the dog house for all of next month, joe… heh

  30. Haven’t posted in awhile, also spent the weekend away from home. Now catching up with your blog and bts videos made me really nostalgic. Especially seeing David Blue in the end of “Time” screening. Miss those guys. The cast and crew of SGU were one of a kind, something special. Thanks for the memories!

  31. Couldn’t watch the Wraithy vids at work – internet was down. WAAAAAAAAH!!!! 🙁

    I might try hubby’s laptop (get yer minds outta the gutter!), or maybe his desktop. He doesn’t use them much and they are in need of upgrades, but maybe they will allow me to watch the videos.

    Busy day – still busy, gotta run…or take a nap. I think I’m gonna collapse either way. 😛


  32. @Akemi No one’s hating you for putting on weight. We all love you just the same. Most of us put on weight too, but at least we can hide behind our computer screens. Mean Joe.

  33. @Akemi: How could anybody hate you? Don’t be silly! Gaining weight is a good thing, sometimes. It shows you’re enjoying life!

    Hi Joe!

  34. You wouldn’t be so mischievous if you had a backlog of rewrites to keep you solemn.

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