Today, Akemi and I hit Yaletown (Lulu and Maximus in tow) where we met up with blog semi-regular (apparently, she’ s been all sorts of busy) Nadine and her dog Bella.  While we strolled and macaron shoped, Nadine pitched me the merits of The Hunger Games, Lev Grossman, and Comic Con.  A pleasant few hours on an atypically sunny Vancouver day…

Above: Bella, ready for business.

Nadine, also ready for business.
Bella, at this point ready for treats.
Maximus makes a friend.
Bella aint so sure.
Maximus was great. There was none of the starting and stopping characteristic of those Toronto walks. He kept up and seemed to enjoy himself.
The three of them, from left to right: Lulu, Bella, and Maximus. Apparently, at one point while I had popped in to pick up some macarons, Akemi ordered the dogs to sit so she could give them a treat. Bella sat down immediately, then glanced over at an obstinate Lulu, still standing. Bella reached over and batted Lulu with her paw, causing Lulu to sit down. And they all got their treats.

And, the night before last, Akemi and I hit Refuel to catch up with a couple of my old Stargate buddies…

Longtime Stargate VFX Supervisor Mark Savela
Ken Kabatoff, presently on Falling Skies
Warm octopus and chicory salad with potato vinaigrette, romanesco. Delicious. The octopus is incredibly tender - actually, the tenderest "tako" Akemi has ever enjoyed. She was amazed!
If you didn't know, Mark and Ken have been making the rounds, pitching an original SF series called Echoes. The trailer is awesome and features the likes of Mike Doud (SGU's Varro) and Jennifer Spence (SGU's Lisa Park).
The pork shoulder on king mushrooms. An addition to that night's menu and another incredibly tender, aromatic, and tasty dish. Akemi in particular was won over by the mushrooms.
The Crispy Duck! It doesn't get any better than this. One of my favorite dishes - anywhere!

Mark and Ken are still awaiting word on Echoes.  Here’s hoping it goes.  We need more scifi on t.v.!

44 thoughts on “October 13, 2011: Dog Day Afternoon! And Crispy Duck with Mark and Ken!

  1. “Mark and Ken are still awaiting word on Echoes. Here’s hoping it goes. We need more scifi on t.v.!”

    Yep, we sure do!

    Great to see Maximus is doing well. 🙂

  2. And mustn’t forget FRINGE. One day I’ll get you watching it, I swear 😉

    You got some adorable pictures of the dogs! I’ll have to save a couple… Though I suppose you have practice getting good pictures of the pups.

  3. Apparently, at one point while I had popped in to pick up some macarons, Akemi ordered the dogs to sit so she could give them a treat. Bella sat down immediately, then glanced over at an obstinate Lulu, still standing. Bella reached over and batted Lulu with her paw, causing Lulu to sit down. And they all got their treats.

    love it.

  4. Bella and Nadine are both incredibly cute! Max does look happy, and Lulu’s always adorable. Love the pic of the three dogs together. 😉 My daughter’s dog, Gumbo (who now is our dog), has had vomiting and diarrhea since yesterday. We tried all the usual home remedies, but the vet’s coming out tomorrow because this one aint going away. I’ve been cleaning up vomit all day. This is one of those dogs that will eat anything and everything. He tried to eat a dead baby bird once. He’s a counter surfer and a trash monger, too. He hasn’t gotten into any of that since he’s been with us, but who knows what he found in the yard…oy. He’s not the brightest bulb in the bunch, either. If any of the other dogs have to puke, they do it on the tile. This guy? He hangs his head out of his doggie bed and goes for it on the seagrass carpet, or walks over to one of the large dog beds and decides that’s a good place to puke. It’s a little after midnight and the dryer is still going from all the laundry he thought I needed to do. I told my daughter that next times she gets a dog, she should let me pick it. 🙂 That crispy duck looks delish. Have a good night, all!

  5. Am I the only one to see Gozilla in this picture ?
    You can clearly see its shadow lol 😉 (hey I am always nono on Fridays like they say in Quebec ;).

    I want to see Mark Savela’s #Echoes on Space soon !
    I am certain its awesome (I think SpaceJen is in there too with some other SGU cast).
    I am extremely unhappy that Mark Savela is not getting rewards and jobs for his work in SGU and Echoes. That would just means studioes don’t hire the best but are restricted by politics hires and this sucks and is very unhealthy.
    Hopefully #Echoes will find a backdoor to Space and will expand from there to the world just like Lost Girl is doing now!

  6. I agree we need more sci fi on tv to bad he couldn’t let you post the trailer or a plot summary.

  7. Nadine & Bella are great, aren’t they? Yes, she is the Fringe Recruiting Queen so watch out. Glad you all enjoyed a beautiful day. Adorable story about Bella and Lulu.

    I’ve got fingers and toes crossed for Echoes, but seriously, it cannot be just a Canada-only show. I need to be able to see it!

    I bet the people at Refuel were glad to see you again.

    I’m in the process of reading the Hunger Games. I’ll have to second that. It’s difficult for me to read anything, but I’m already into book 2. But I cannot read it before bed; it gives me nightmares. I’ll easily influenced. But as far as casting is concerned, my Haymitch will always be Lou Diamond Phillips and not Woody Harrelson.

    @Deni: I’m sorry to hear about your dog. That sounds like an incredible mess. A vet who makes house calls? Cool!

  8. So happy to hear Maximus is having good days! LOL bad Lulu got put in her place. Food looks great.
    Don’t forget walking dead returns Sunday 🙂

  9. Hey Joe,

    I know…it’s been awhile since I’ve left a post. I’ve read bits and pieces as they come in my email. My eyes still aren’t well enough to read anything of length. I have far too many doctors and I am squeezing my eye surgeon in so I can have my online life back. I’ve missed so much…but it will be ever so fun catching up when my eyes are better. I’m saving your blogs.

    Plus you have two of my three favorite topics…the dogs and Mark Savela. Perfection would be if you would throw Patrick Gilmore in the mix. But I am all smiles to see next pics of the dogs and Mark. Love the huge glass Mark is holding…makes the picture great.

    Love your food…it always makes me feel like I live in “no-where-ville”…well…of course if do.

    Hugs to you all.
    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

    Hmmm…it is still thinking about authorizing me. Copy message…try again… *giggles* I believe I fixed up…if you end up with two of these…please feel free to correct my craziness.

  10. PBMom and Nadine: Gumbo thanks you both! Yep, a vet that makes house calls. I got lucky a few years ago and got my dogs on his patient list (he generally doesn’t take new patients). I really like his calm demeanor around the animals (and he’s great with cats, too), but for Elway’s seizures or anything more involved, I stick with my regular vet. He can do labs, but not ultrasound or x-rays, etc. The biggest plus is that he will come out and check all my animals for about half the price of an office visit at my regular vet. No overhead, I guess! Meds are about the same price, if not a little less expensive, so yeah, I like him! And yeah, WHAT A MESS this has been, ugh. 🙂

  11. you sound much happier back home in Vancouver. And I’m glad to see that maximus seems to be both happier and doing better there. You keep showing those reFule pics and I’m going to have to plan a trip just to eat there. The clincher was the octopus. It’s a great dish, but finding someone who can cooke it well is a challenge.
    Great to see Nadine. Always wonder what some of the others here look like. Off on holiday starting tomorrow, dragging my unspesecting Winnipeg friend off to places she has no idea we are going to visit. Be in lurk mode a bit longer, but after that, I hope things will settle out so that I can do a better job of hanging around. Thanks for the pics. Doggie pics are always worth double points.

  12. Dog and food pictures—always a good treat. And seeing good friends too. Sounds like fun all around. Agree with everyone else—we need more sci-fi on tv.

    Have a good day!!!!

  13. Maximus makes a friend.


    Akemi ordered the dogs to sit so she could give them a treat. Bella sat down immediately, then glanced over at an obstinate Lulu, still standing. Bella reached over and batted Lulu with her paw, causing Lulu to sit down.

    Too damn funny!

    That’s a smart doggy you have there Nadine!

  14. Doggies! You made my day! 🙂 Love seeing Lulu and Maximus! Bella is beautiful! What a sweetheart! 🙂

    Octopus??? I’m positive that I’ve never had octopus. But, I’m willing to try. I like squid. That crispy duck looks yummy. 🙂

    Good luck to Mark and Ken on Echoes. Hope all goes well. 🙂

  15. I quote you : “We need more scifi on t.v.! ”

    YOU BET !

    There is no more syfy on tv; only vampires, zombies, living deads etc. and that only because space stories need special effects and more sets . Always money. Tv is so bowring these days. By chance we have House, The big bang theory and Castle …

    When will Lord Malozzi come to save us ! Ho dear God ear my supplication ! Have mercy on us and send us our Saviour Malozzzzzzzzi !

  16. Darling dogs and yummy dishes! The comfort food of blogs.

    I miss good octopus. Inland Utah just doesn’t do it on the seafood front. We don’t even have a Long John Silver’s nearby.

  17. I wish I could have seen Bella and Lulu. Too bad you didn’t get that on film!

    I got a laugh listening to my karate teacher yesterday. Picture him as a healthy 50ish Elvis. He kept saying “yoi yall”. Japanese Southernized!

  18. More scifi on TV – ABSOLUTELY!!!! And more Mike Dopud 🙂
    Good luck to Mark with Echoes.

    Dogs know their true home. Being there can do wonders for improving health. Glad to hear they, and company, are happy again 😀

  19. If I may as, since Ken Kabatoff is working on Fallen Skies, does this mean he gets to work with Stephen Spielberg in person, or is this done through teleconferencing these days?

  20. Cute pup pics! And hope the Transporter actor is OK, that production is having a bit of bad luck, that’s for sure.

  21. Cute doggies!!!! I’m glad Maximus is doing so well now that he is home again. And you, too.

    That pork shoulder looks exactly like what I ate in Germany: Schäufele. It was unbelievably delicious. Crispy skin and moist, tender meat.

    Keep us posted on “Echoes.”

  22. Nadine, you have an awesome dog. Smart, with an attitude. Had to laugh out loud. Great story, Joe. 🙂

    Deni, how is Gumbo today? What did your vet think? With vomiting and diarrhea, it would be good to rule out pancreatitis. But since Gumbo is a hoover dog (eats anything not nailed down), it could be anything. 🙂 Will the vet give him/her fluids?

    Hugs for everyone’s fur crew.

  23. What exactly does it mean when they say “production shut down”? Is everyone sent home without pay? Isn’t there other things that can be filmed or done while the actor gets better?

  24. Only thing missing from the blog today was chocolate, yum, thanks for sharing. Good to see Mark, and anxious to hear more about Echoes,cool.

  25. @Nadine: Just gotta ask, what year was your Bella born? I have a 2009 Bella (German shepherd) and know a few other folks with 2009 Bellas (various breeds and living situations–I’m out in the country; others are city/suburb). We’ve come to the conclusion that 2009 + the name “Bella” = trouble. All our Bellas are extremely busy (aka diggers, chewers, thieves, generally mischievous) and perhaps too smart for our own good. None are bad dogs, just in desperate need of a job. Your Bella seems polite and well-behaved, so I was wondering if the theory has an exception. 🙂

  26. @for the love of Beckett and Tam: Hey guys! Thanks for your kind words and concern. Gumbo got some metronidazole and is back to normal already! But dig this, all my dogs got an exam (ears, eyes, heart, lungs, belly, that sort of thing), 3 of them had their nails cut (I’m too chicken to go short), got the meds for Gumbo and some for Summer, got Frontiline for the dogs and the cats, a fecal for Gumbo, all for $134. Can’t beat that! Then, one of the teeth I’ve been getting a ton of work on broke. No dentist anywhere in this two horse town till Monday. It’s been that kind of a year!

  27. We need more scifi on tv…..I know a great graphic designer who needs to make a billboard based on that statement.

    I miss good space shows…. 🙁

  28. Refuel looks great….especially the octopus…so you’re still a fan…I didn’t know Ken was on Falling Skies…looking forward the Season 2 of that…the pup look cute as always…glad Max is enjoying being back in Vancouver

    Cheers, Chev

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