Reflecting back on SG-1’s tenth and final season…


The Lucian Alliance return in fine, occasionally over-the-top fashion – in contrast to their later appearance on Stargate: Universe.  Damn, what I would have given to have snuck Tenat or Jup into the team that invades Destiny at the end of SGU’s first season.  I imagine Brad’s head would have exploded if our favorite rubber-faced aliens had ambled through the gate.  Cue sing-song delivery: “Helloooo Coolonel Yooouuung!”.

Major Marks who was, essentially, first officer aboard Odyssey was, episodes earlier, promoted to Major.  Why?  Well, we didn’t want the ship’s captain calling someone else “Captain”, so he got the bump and was hitherto referred to as “Major”.

In this episode, the Odyssey is forced into a mine field – which became a sort of running joke because, while pitching the scene, either Brad or Robert suggested “A dangerous mine field.” (as opposed to, say, any other kind).  From that point, whenever someone in the room pitched out a mine field, it was always: “A dangerous mine field…where the mines are really close together!”

THE QUEST (1010)

I love episodes in which unlikely alliances are formed – and none more unlikelier than the ones in The Quest I in which SG-1 must team up with two of their greatest enemies – Baal and Adria – in their quest for the Sangraal.  Overall, I liked this episode a lot but there were  a few little things that really, REALLY bugged me.  The first was in the scene in which the Ori soldiers descend on the town while SG-1 is hiding in the tavern.  In one unscripted beat, an unarmed villager (apparently suicidal unarmed villager) charges toward an Ori soldier and gets blasted.  Bad enough, but the blast catches him in the shoulder, initiating a ridiculous backward flip before hitting the dirt.  Another bump I had with the episode was the time distortion field.  I LOVED the idea – so much, that I didn’t heed my writing partner Paul’s warning that it would be difficult, if not impossible to pull off.  I dismissed his concerns and figured we could cut around any movement on the part of the frozen travelers – which proved easier said than done.  A blink here, a waver there, and I found myself pulling my hair out in the editing suite.  The final issue I had with the episode was the dragon.  Overall, pretty cool but what was with those gimpy legs?

This was also the episode in which the beautiful Morena Baccarin, playing the role of Adria, experienced problems with the colored contacts, necessitating our crack VFX crew touch up her eyes.  Did you notice?

23 thoughts on “October 12, 2011: On SG-1’s Tenth Season!

  1. Joe,

    Waiting for the macaroon report. I am sure you have heard of Laduree, the greatest of all macaroon makers. Akemi must be having a great time with this little competition.

    A non-gross non-oily but yet geeky nerdy follower of your blog,

  2. I did not notice at all (the VFX touch-up of the eyes). I LOVED the dragon. I love anything with a dragon in it.

    Hope Akemi’s mouth is feeling better.

  3. I have to say that “The Quest” had me laughing pretty hard when they’re all trying to come up with names for the dragon. It was funny enough when Vala suggested Daryl (although I’m still not sure how she knew the reference 😉 but when Mitchell calls it Daryl, Vala’s reaction of happiness that her name was chosen was just fantastic.

  4. wow….I finally got a first post (yesterday) Company of thieves was my second favorite episode of SG1 (first being 200). The only part I didn’t like was Emmerson being executed. That is where the “chair” reference in Ark of Truth comes from.

  5. I can’t wait to see your memories of Family Ties (S10E18). I’ve been a fan of Fred Willard ever since I saw him on Fernwood Tonight/America Tonight with Martin Mull. He played such a perfect father to Vala. Loved the ending: “Can you feel it working?”

    I’m also a huge fan of Unending (S10E20). Where did Sam’s interest in the cello come from?

    “I’m gonna go crazy, and I’m taking you with me.” ~Vala

  6. Best part of Company of Thieves: When Daniel takes command of the Odyssey. I’d been wanting to see that for a while and when he (nervously) sat in that chair I let out a bit of a ‘Yeah!’ cheer. Also I think The Quest two-parter along with the pay off in The Shroud to be the highlight of season 10. Fine work there, Mr. Mallozzi…

  7. Yeah, forget Stargate, where’s the Macaroons!!?

    (hmm.. maybe I’m not oily and greasy. .. you’ve changed me, Joe… grrr.)

  8. Any time Morena is on the screen, I’m a happy camper. I mean, I loved her as Inara, but for some reason, she really was awesome as Adria. Either she’s that good of an actress or she really loved that role. Probably a little of both, I’m sure. She’s real purty, too. 🙂

    You realize you’ve had almost half the cast of Firefly on Stargate, now. Jewel was Kaylee, Morena was Inara, and way back when, Adam Baldwin(a member of SG13 I believe) was Jayne! All of them have proven their range as actors as I haven’t seen any overlapping of character traits from series to series. Shows how professional they really are.

    Loved Company of Thieves, too. Lots of twists and turns. I loved it when Teal’c almost flipped on Mitchell after all the torture. Really great character moment.

    Umm, ok. The TV was left on from earlier when I started typing this out and a familiar face and voice just showed up on screen. Mike Dopud! I was watching a rerun of Entourage and Blue Mountain State came on, which is when I started viewing your blog and posting on it, I refuse to watch the show since it’s predicated on getting drunk with douchebags and sluts. Then I heard his voice and I thought, “Varro”? I looked up and sure enough, it’s Mike! He was playing a porn producer in this particular episode. Fitting for the show, I guess, but it’s good to see him on the small screen again!

  9. Loved, Loved the time distortion field. One of my favorite scenes in the entire series. So, thanks for pulling that off, even though the editing/acting of it was difficult.

  10. Loving your trips down memory lane, and thei peeks they give us into the background of production. Would you consider doing the same thing for SGA? I know you’ve covered the series in many previous posts, but wondering if you might do a recap. Given the passing of time, I’m curious if you’ve changed opinions on any of the episodes, or decisions made during production.
    Thanks as always for the daily dose.

  11. Joe, it just occured to me that you were being funny about Adria’s eyes. If I remember correctly, one of the team mentions to her about something being different with her eyes and when we look at them, they are on fire.

  12. Hello black muscle shirt! Very nice pic of Chris Judge. Now I see why my sis is such as SG1 fan.

    I hope folks are watching Morena on Homeland, she’s terrific in it. Here is a nice song for you on a rainy day, it comes with some random street visuals but it was the only version I could find on YT.

  13. Lisa R: I must have missed your post the other day. My sympathies on your loss.

    PBmom: I’m glad you had a nice visit. It reminds me of why I live AWAY from my family though 😉 .

    Thanks for the memories Mr. M.!

  14. Hi Joe,
    Fine memories of SG-1. Keep them coming! Gonna have to get my copies out and relive the glory days.

    Happy Birthday to Christopher Judge today (13th). Born same day AND same year as me! I am in good company.

    Have a great day, one and all. I know I will!
    Patty O

  15. This was my favorite time of the entire franchise. I have also heard that Big Finish is doing some audio dramas of this time period of SG-1. Joe have you ever considered writing an audio drama of any Stargate?

  16. I did not notice any problem with her eyes, but I did remember “the problem with her eyes” mentioned either here or in The Shroud, and I never understood the line. Now I know!

    Since an Orici can make her irises glow, and a Goa’uld can make the whites of his host’s eyes glow, I was hoping for some really cool effects of this in Dominion when both were merged. 😀

  17. hope that there somehow will be a new season of sgu in the future! don’t give up trying to get the show out

  18. The Quest part 1 was the episode were a show was the first to have a long mid season pause (among the show that I watch).

    Was it a Sci-Fi request ? or just that you need time to film the remaining episodes ?

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