Continuing my memories of SG-1’s 200th episode…

This episode gave us the opportunity to do something we’ve always wanted to do: blow up Stargate Command.  It’s part of the story Martin Lloyd pitches the team. Mitchell, however, points out a potential problem.  They’re alive in the next scene.  How is that possible.  To which Martin replies: ” I’m thinking I can back-sell it and say you were beamed out at the last second.”  Teal’c’s rejoinder neatly sums up the feelings of many on the production: “Is that not too convenient?”.  Yep, nobody hated the Earth ship beaming technology more than I did – with possible exception of actor Ben Browder.  In the original version of this scene, the fun we poked at ourselves was a little more pointed:

DANIEL: Beamed out.
MARTIN: By the Prometheus.
TEAL'C: Convenient.
MARTIN: True.  But c'mon, you got Asgard technology, why not use 
it?  As long as it doesn't become a crutch.
DANIEL: Small problem.  The Prometheus was destroyed.
MARTIN: Really?  By who?
MITCHELL: Kind of a long story.
MARTIN: In battle?
MARTIN: Wow.  So how'd you get out of that one?
DANIEL: We, uh... we were beamed out.
Soon after, Martin fields yet another call, this one from the network.  "So, trouble with Nora"assumes Mitchell, to which Martin replies: "No, Nora—she's great." A shout-out to the late Nora O'Brien who was our network point-person for many years before she moved on to another position with NBC.  A sharp executive and just a lovely woman. 

SG-1 does Star Trek

We all grew up with the original Star Trek (except Rob Cooper who preferred The Six Million Dollar Man) so we (and by we I mean Brad) couldn’t resist the opportunity to do an SG-1 version of the television’s most famous SF series.  Paul McGillion was originally supposed to do the one-line cameo of the ship’s beleaguered Scottish engineer, but when that fell through, series co-creator and Executive Producer (not to mention former stage actor) Brad Wright stepped into those shiny black boots.

The younger, edgier team

Look closely and you can catch Glee’s Cory Monteith as one of the young and edgy team-members.  “Young” and “edgy” were buzzwords we kept on hearing a lot of (and continue to hear a lot of in the business), so Rob Cooper served up his version of what a younger, edgier Stargate would look like complete with stylized shots and dreamy cast members.

Vala continues to pitch out ideas, offering up an SF version of Gilligan’s Island (“We were in a cloaked cargo ship on a simple, three-hour reconnaissance mission…”) that was one of the scenes we lost for time at the script stage…

VALA (VO): We were in a cloaked cargo ship, on a simple three 
hour reconnaissance mission...
TILT DOWN to reveal a planet.
VALA (V)): But on the way we encountered a severe electromagnetic 
storm and lost all power.  We were forced down on an uncharted, 
deserted planet...
We see the cargo ship washed ashore on this deserted island, 
looking very much like the damaged S.S. Minnow.
VALA (VO): We washed ashore and were forced to survive for weeks 
in the most primitive of conditions.  No phone, no lights, no motor 
cars.  Not a single luxury.
Landry comes out of a hut, dressed like the Skipper.
VALA (V): General Landry was with us on the mission, and let me 
tell you, he was in a foul mood.
LANDRY: Mitchell!
Mitchell runs out, dressed like Gilligan.
MITCHELL: Yes, sir.
LANDRY: Where's Carter?  She was supposed to be done by now.
MITCHELL: Oh, uh...(looks around) She's not here.
Landry whacks him with his cap.
LANDRY: I can see that.
DANIEL: Over here...
PAN TO Daniel (as the Professor) and Carter (as Mary Ann) carrying 
a large device out of another hut.  Vala (as Ginger) trails behind them.  
The device looks like something constructed from bamboo and coconuts.
CARTER (to Landry): I think we may have something, sir.
VALA:Not a moment too soon.  I must get out of this place.  I have a 
photo shoot this afternoon.
Landry stares at the device.
LANDRY: What is this thing?
CARTER:Well, I managed to construct a basic subspace transmitter 
out of coconuts, bamboo and our old subspace transmitter.
DANIEL: A long shot, but it just might get us off this island.
MITCHELL: That's great!
Mitchell eagerly moves in for a closer look, but trips, 
falls and smashes the damn thing.Before Landry can whack him 
with his cap again --
TEAL'C emerges from the trees, dressed like Mr. Howell.  
He casually puffs a pipe.
TEAL'C: Was I not traveling with a companion?  
A female by the name of... Lovey?
MARTIN: Alright, enough already.


I had really enjoyed Farscape and, with both Ben Browder and Claudia Black on the show, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to do a little tribute, SG-1 style. Originally, Ben was supposed to play the part of Crichton and Michael the part of Stark, but they suggested it might be more fun to switch up the roles.

SG-1 supermarionation!

Brad Wright, Robert Cooper, Paul Mullie and Carl Binder are huge fans of Team America: World Police, so I suppose it should come as no surprise that they jumped at the chance to do their own, SG-1 version. As it turned out, years ago Paul and I had worked with The Chiodo Bros. who had created the puppets and effects for Team America (as well as work on a Davey and Goliath claymation parody for The Simpsons and the Willice and Crimbles parody segment on The Simpsons).  We called them up and they ended up delivering kick-ass puppet versions of our team – and supporting players.  So, okay.  Fess up.  Which one of you fans is now the proud owner of one of these?

In the writer’s draft of the script, yet another idea is pitched out…

MITCHELL: Death is always dramatic.
Daniel lies on the bed.  Carter, Mitchell, Vala and Landry stand around him.  Vala reaches out and touches his hand -
VALA: Goodbye, Daniel.
The heart monitor FLATLINES.  The rest of the group can barely control their emotions.
Suddenly, a bright GLOW starts to emanate from under the sheets on the bed.  Slowly, Daniel's body TRANSFORMS into a glowing ribbon being like in Meridian.  As it rises above the bed, the sheets collapse.
Amazement plays on the faces of everyone in the room.  The glowing being hovers high above them for a moment then -
MARTIN: No, no, no.
Martin shakes his head.
MARTIN: We did that twice in the series.
DANIEL: You only made three episodes.

How many times did we kill off Daniel again?  Whenever we offed guest stars, we would invariably send them off with the heartening: “This is science fiction. Nobody ever dies in science fiction!”  And, many time son Stargate, that was proven true.

Then, someone pitches out the fishing segment.  Martin’s response: “And what’s the twist…no fish?” is, of course, a reference to the twist at the end of Moebius I and II.

The wedding

How couldn’t we?  There was something there for the shippers – and something there for the slashers as well when O’Neill, waiting for Carter, turns to Daniel who utters the memorable: “You know, if she doesn’t show, people are gonna think that you and I –“.  My favorite part of this segment is Jack referring to Carter as, well, Carter.  Not Sam or Samantha but Carter.  I guess old habits die hard.

Martin’s response to the pitch ” Yeah, right, if I want to torture the audience on purpose!” echoes a quote from a fan letter we received that was critical of the ship.  A classic line.

The episode ends with a bunch of interviews teeming with inside jokes.

SNOW MONKEYS WIN!!!  Unbelievable really given that we were up a mere 15 points heading into the Sunday night game against an opponent with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR players still to play.  Fortunately, all four players were members of the New York Jets and, even more fortunately, they were playing the fearsome Baltimore Ravens D.  All four opposing players managed a mere 11 points, allowing me to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.  Despite the fact that we played Ryan Fitzpatrick, failed to play Dez Bryant, and our star RB’s (Peterson and Best) and WR (Roddy White) put in subpar performances, we still came out of the weekend with a 3-1 record.  You know what this means, don’t you?  My Snow Monkeys are a team of destiny!

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  1. Uh-oh….some of the text is lost on the right side. Word wrap not working so it is more sentence warpped. Pun intended. But even without full text, this is wonderful stuff….more, more!!

  2. Man how I wish that I was the proud owner of an SG-1 supermarionette! Although I’d be more likely to use them to act out scenes of ‘Thunderbirds’. Not that I didn’t love TAWP but, c’mon, if it wasn’t for ‘Thunderbirds’, TAWP wouldn’t have been nearly as funny.

    I still get creeped out when I picture the marionettes sweating. Blech.

  3. One of my favourite quotes from the interviews at the end of 200 was the Isaac Asimov quote “Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinded critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all.”

  4. Thanks for again for all this. 🙂

    Should have done the Gilligan’s Island clip, would have been great. 🙂

  5. I once did a rewatch of SG-1 just to count how many times Daniel died. For kicks (since I was posting my count to FB), I counted all deaths, including virtual (and presumed). My count (for purely entertainment purposes) ended at 19.

  6. Haha, LOVED the Gilligan’s Island reference! That definitely should have made filming! thanks for sharing the dialogue!

  7. Gilligan’s Island????

    Perfect fit!!!!

    Hmm… I’m thinking Ba’al as a Russian Cosmonaut

  8. I wish I had one (marionette). I had forgotten those were in this episode. What great memories and thanks for giving us some inside scoop not even on the DVD’s (the original or the 10 season complete package of which I am the proud owner).

  9. Fargate
    Originally, Ben was supposed to play the part of Crichton and Michael the part of Stark, but they suggested it might be more fun to switch up the roles.

    Given that Vala was the one pitching the Fargate storyline, it fit perfectly that she’d have Daniel in the role of Crichton to her Aeryn.

    I loved Martin’s line about not knowing what show she was referring to.

  10. Got quite a laugh at the Gilligan spoof. Thanks for sharing. Coconuts… very funny. And I love the visual of Teal’c as Mr. Howell. Thanks for that.

    Like the younger edgier Daniel… “I’m translating as fast as I can… I don’t think Mitchell likes me anymore.”

    Love, love, love the puppets!

    A great episode, a great show. So far, my all time favorite series! (too bad they didn’t renew the series when they cancelled the movie)

  11. Of course, I have a “Don memory” of “200”. I passed congratulations on to him from the DSD Fans Yahoo Group for his “wooden performance”.

    And my all-time favorite Hammond line: “I’m the general, I want to see it spin!”

  12. First of all, I WISH I was one of the lucky owners of the marionettes. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed “200” and appreciated the clever writing and the indulgence taken to include the fan’s suggestions and fantasies. Thank you!

    How is Maximus doing now that you all are home? I hope he is less stressed and more comfortable. How about Jelly? Her hip doing well also?

    Mostly I hope you are able to take some time to relax and de-stress from the last few months. You had me frantic and tired just reading it!

    Oh, and its too bad the Daniel dying scene was cut. Very funny lines.

    Thank you again for all the hard work you do.. since all great shows start with the dialogue.


  13. I still want to see the ‘Brokeback Mountain’ outtakes for the wedding scene….

    I have open up a support thread on the wordpress forum re email notifications everyone is having a problem at the moment…

    Oh and if anyone is interested in a story about Burn Notice filming and google maps here is a link to my blog….

    Kriss 🙂

  14. Just a quickie (’cause I really should be in bed…)!

    Just winding down tonight to the pilot episode of Psych, which I haven’t seen in like…forever. I’m not even sure I ever saw the pilot. Anyways…watching the pilot and guess who shows up? Chris Heyerdahl, as ‘long hair’. 😆 He looked pretty hot, too…for a skeevy guy. But then again, I’ve always had a thing for those skeevy types… *wriggles eyebrows at Carl* 😉

    Also, Don Davis was in this episode. Nice to see him, too. 🙂


  15. Cory Monteith was also a Genii in Stargate Atlantis. I didn’t even realize that until rewatching the episode recently. Now I have to go and rewatch 200 too. Just think of all the actors that have passed through that Stargate to become stars of their own shows.

    Teal’c as Mr. Howell? Why didn’t we get to see that one? Argh. At least you could have filmed it and put it in the DVD extras. That would have been perfect.

  16. So happy that the snow monkeys won. *slight sarcasm intended* I lost, by one, measly, point. I had Austin Collie playing tonight and all he had to do was get me four lousy points. That’s 3 catches for 10 yards, one catch for 30 yards, 2 catches for 20 yards, ANYTHING! What does he get? Three points. If he got four, I would have tied and it’d gone to our bench players in which I had him beat by about 40 points, thanks in large part to “injured” player Beanie Wells, that jerk. Aaargh! This FF stuff is so frustrating!!

    Been watching some of the SG1 director’s series shorts on YouTube. I really don’t know how you guys got a lot of work done around there. Between Chris Judge, Amanda, and Shanks being such goofballs and that only compounded by goofy guys like Martin Wood and Peter DeLuise and who knows how many others behind the cameras, it’s a real wonder how there aren’t massive amounts of great blooper reels out there. And that’s not even counting RDA’s shenannigans!

    Sidenote: Amanda’s giggle is just about the cutest thing around…

    Hmm, that gets me thinking…which female cast member had the most sway with you changing her lines by using her feminine wiles? Amanda with her giggle? Rachel with her smile or singing? Teryl with her downright cuteness? Torri batting those eyes at you? Who was the best at getting you to change their lines? 😉


  17. I really like The Gilligan’s Island spoof. I always found it funny how Carter could MacGyver anything, even the most bizare alien tech, out of whatever she had at hand. O’Neill even pointed it out several times during the show.

    Daniel’s line about them being beamed out of the Prometheus before it was destroyed is just pitch perfect. Snark!

    So, out of curiosity, do you not have anything to say about RDA’s appearance or the little gem called “Teal’c P.I.”?

  18. I had my worst week of Fantasy Football yet – only scored 64!! I actually benched Tony Romo (28.05) to play Ryan Fitzpatrick (9.95) – ugh!!! My star performer this week was Darren McFadden with 12.30 – yep, that bad.

    Haha….Gilligan’s Island clip sounded funny…trying to visualise it..

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. thanks for the photo yesterday…may those chairs look comfortable…I think I’d fall asleep in them way too easily if I owned one

  19. I guess I’m with the majority here in wishing the Gilligan’s Island skit had been included – priceless!

    @Shannon – 19??? Oh my goodness!

  20. The Gilligan spoof was cute. Wish it had made it. Oh, and I do wish I owned one of those puppets.

    Have a great day!!!

  21. I think the Fargate part was my favorite! So much fun! 🙂 Love how Michael and Ben switched roles! Too funny! I remember how people (including me) thought that Ben and Michael look like long lost brothers. I love it when show picks on itself. Makes it more fun to watch as a fan. When Amanda showed up as Chiana, and I think I almost died laughing. LOL! 😀

    Also loved the Team America puppets! They were sooo cool! I remember watching the BTS on how they were produced.So fascinating! 🙂 Loved when they would go dead, and give (what Martin Wood would say) the ‘donkey face’. LOL! 😀 Funny! Thought it was interesting how the actors had to come in and perform for the puppets. What happened to the SG-1 puppets? Who got to keep them? Were they auctioned off?

    Didn’t like the edgier SG-1. I don’t go for those tweeny over-dramatic type shows.

    Too bad you couldn’t most of the ideas you had for 200. Would have loved to see the Gilligan skit. The death scene skit would’ve been very funny with Daniel dying…again. 🙂 May be 200 should’ve been a 2-parter.

  22. Tiens! Tiens ! Fargate memories 200th…

    D’où cela vous vient-il?

    Bonne journée

  23. I’ve only seen ep 200 and I was pretty darn trippy. Love the puppets, I’d love to own ’em; no limited edition sets were made? Darn.

    I still do a mean jangly-legged puppet walk thanks to years of watching Thunderbirds.

  24. To bad 200 couldn’t have been a 2 parter, or 1 1/4 parter so the Gilligan story could have aired. Loved that idea. Thanks for sharing it here. 200 was fantastic – brilliant! 😀

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