A terrific send-off dinner last night as we all gathered at Babur Restaurant for Carl Binder’s farewell feast.  The attendees included Carl Binder (writer, Exec. Producer, SGA and SGU), Martin Gero (writer, Exec. Producer, SGA), Jewel Staite (aka Dr. Jennifer Keller, SGA), Andy Mikita (Director, SG-1, SGA, and SGU), Mike Banas P.I. (ace editor, SGA and SGU), Jennifer Johnson (Associate Producer, SG-1, SGA, and SGU), Chelan Simmons (Mara, SGA’s The Tower) in addition to some Transporter people: Sarah Benab (Public Relations, The Transporter), Alexander M. Ruemelin (writer, Exec. Producer, Show Runner, The Transporter), and Trevor Finn (Exec. Producer’s Assistant, Transporter).

The Guest of Honor

They left the ordering up to me and, of course, I ended up getting WAAAAY to much food.  And, as a result, I ended up eating WAAAAY to much.  However, when I wasn’t concentrating on my meal, I did have some great conversations with friends, new and old.

Carl, having a blast!
The Germans! These two were a blast to work with. You can just tell by looking at 'em.
Awwww. Marty G. shows his appreciation. Carl, as always, is equally appreciative.
Jennifer Johnson and Mike Banas, P.I. It was great seeing these two again! Here's hoping we get the chance to work together again in the very near future.
Trevor making the moves on Sarah?! Alex is gonna kick his ass!
Alex and Carl, deep in discussion. Or complaining about something.
The gang. One side of the table.
The gang. The other side of the table.
Trevor helps himself to all the leftovers. Apparently, he's billeting an El Salvadoran family of 12.
The walk back walk kind of chilly and Carl, always the gentleman, ended up giving Akemi his jacket. For the record, I was equally cold but he made no move to give me his shirt.

We said our goodbyes outside the hotel.  When Akemi told Carl “I”ll miss you.”, she was practically in tears.  He’s become a favorite of hers over these past few months, now only second only to Bubba.

Another goodbye dinner of sorts tonight.  Followed by a goodbye lunch tomorrow, then another goodbye dinner, and a goodbye dim sum on Sunday.

So, the other day I went through the trouble of getting fingerprinted as part of this sponsorship thing I’m doing for Akemi.  As it turned out, it wasn’t my prints they needed.  It was hers.  When Akemi asked why, I informed her it was to cross-check the existing criminal database to ensure she wasn’t one of these crazed black widow femme fatales who hook up with trusting gaijin and then murder them in their sleep or while on one of those celebrity cruises.  I watched her very carefully when I explained this and, so far as I could see, she neither flinched nor looked nervous.  Innocent or cool professional?  Guess we’ll find out.

On the way back, we happened by a tiny little shop called Prairie Girl Bakery (Prairie Girl Bakery – Toronto’s best cupcake – featuring Mini …).  We picked up a half-dozen mini cupcakes (for their superior icing to cake ratio) and elected to sample one before heading out.  And then another.  And another.  And another. By the time we were done, we WERE DONE.  All of them.  We should have simply saved the cost of the box and requested the staff hand feed us instead.

The website proclaims it “Toronto’s Best Cupcake”.  Well, being a veteran of the Vancouver and Montreal cupcake-eating scene, I would go so far as to call them “Canada’s best cupcake”.  We tried a variety: vanilla bean butter icing with toasted coconut, lemon butter icing, chocolate cream cheese icing, peanut butter icing, Rebecca’s red velvet cupcake with classic cream cheese icing, and, the weekly special, chocolate with pumpkin pie spices and cinnamon butter icing. They were all great, but the toasted coconut, peanut butter, and red velvet stood out in particular.  My only quibble was that the lemon butter icing wasn’t lemony enough.

Decisions, decisions...

Anyway, once we were done, we prepared to head out.  But not before picking up two more – a fantastic carrot cake with classic cream cheese icing for Akemi, and another chocolate-peanut butter for me.  As we were leaving, we said goodbye to the gals behind the counter and told them we’d see them tomorrow.  They left, perhaps assuming we were kidding.

Of course, I should be mindful of past experience and not overdue it. Today, while we were out running errands, Akemi asked me – as she’s wont to do when we’re out walking – to tell her an interesting story.  I told her about the summer camp I attended way back in my youth.  Every day, the campers could take advantage of something called “tuck” which essentially amounted to a 30 minute opportunity for confectionary excess.  For exactly a half an hour after lunch, we could purchase any of a variety of sweets from a specific shop.  After the half hour was up, it was back to the drudgery of sing-alongs, nature walks, and the lake’s leech-infested waters.  On my first day, I’d enjoyed an ice cream sandwich.  Enjoyed it so much, in fact, that it was all I could think of in the intervening hours between tuck sessions.  The next day, I enjoyed another ice cream sandwich – and went back for a second, only to discover I’d exceeded my 30 minute window of opportunity. Well, I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice.  The following day, I knew that one ice cream sandwich would not suffice.  So I bought a few extras.  I was feeling fairly sated after the second one but started on the third anyway.  By the time I got to the fourth, I was pretty full – but the ice cream was melting and I couldn’t let it go to waste.  I tried to give away my fifth sandwich.  There were no takers.  So I ate it as well.  I haven’t had an ice cream sandwich since.

So, my question for you guys is: What makes you sick?  What food item did you so overdo, at some point in your past, that you can barely stomach it today?

66 thoughts on “September 23, 2011: Carl’s farewell dinner! Cupcakes! What makes you sick?

  1. First, you make me hungry, and then you ask what makes me sick. I don’t know what I’m going to do with you, Joe, LOL. Just kidding. Looks like fun times all around. And as far as your question goes, hmmm, well, I have never liked peas. Was made to eat them as a kid, and now they make me sick if I even look at them. Ugh. And I also don’t care for okra which made me a real big hit when we lived in SC. Ever hear of the Okra Strut? Well, let’s just say I never went, and I lived there for a long time.

    Have a great evening!!!

  2. Cheap Banquet chicken pot pies. Even @ 50 cents each – 3 was just too many

  3. Jello, but not because I overdid it. In third or fourth grade, the boys in my class realized they could do gross things with the Jello served in our school cafeteria.

  4. BTW, it’s over do, not overdue like a library book 😉 can’t tell if previous comment went through but mine was Banquet frozen chicken pot pies. @ 50 cents each, three was just too many

  5. Plums!!! UGH I was a teenager,13, maybe, and I had a migraine.I was with my parents and one of my cousins. We were visiting someone’s house that happened to have a tire swing. Now when we were first swinging on the tire the migraine wasn’t bad and being me, I always tried to fake not having one so my mom wouldn’t be worried about me ( hated always being sick it made me feel like the weak one among my peers – that doesn’t bother me anymore, weird). Anyway – there were plums left over from the day’s trip that my cousin and I ate on the way home… between, it being hot, swinging on the tire and being in a car – need I say more. I barely made it through the door. Haven’t had one since.

    When I was a Surgical Tech, after cleaning out someone’s arteries, it took me a while to eat scrambled eggs again, and if you have ever smelled ( Joe is it smelled or smelt?) muscle burn with a hot cautery unit – you’d be a vegetarian too. Meat cooking on a grill can bring back some horrible memories. If it’s marinaded that helps make it not so bad.

    Now as for cupcakes, my weakness, I LOVE CUPCAKES they are the perfect size, it’s all proportioned already, not like eating a slice of cake. Cupcakes are already wrapped and mmmmm I gotta go get some now.

  6. There are only 4 food items that I cannot stomach:
    1. Black licorice.
    2. Pecan pie.
    3. Pumpkin pie.
    4. Coconut.

  7. Yay – we are able to see a pix of you and Akemi together- “US.”
    SOunds like a great Aloha Party for Carl. Really enjoyed seeing all your colleagues…well most of them. But seemed there were names mentioned that were not captured in snaps. But…that is ok. Main guy shudda been Carl anyway. And very glad we now have one of “US.”

  8. no more stargate episodes and the movie so will never come,i loved all of stargate.not so much sgu, i hope that itt will rise again,=)

  9. ohh, my overate item, would have to be when I was a little one, and sitting at the table, we were having spaghetti, I took too much and put someback in the bowl, dad got upset with me, and I had to eat all that was on my plate plus and extra helping, so today I have trouble eating spaghetti, unless I have my jelly bread.

  10. Simple, most small candies. As a kid, I ate these kinds of treats all the time and went nuts at Halloween time often storing my pillow case full of candy under my bed to enjoy anytime I felt the need.

    Nowadays I’m not enticed in the least by these goodies at the supermarket checkout lane. Even when somebody offers them to me, like at a movie, I have absolutely no desire to partake. That doesn’t mean that every once in a long while, if they’re out on a table at a party I won’t sneak one or two, but the couple of bites that I get remind me of how I just don’t do the sweets anymore.

    I try to commincate this to my brother’s six kids, yes I said six. Whenever they come over, they’ve always got some kind of candy they’re munching on, or when we go to the store, that’s the only aisle they’re going down. I tell them about how I used to be just like them and eat candy ALL the time and now it’s just not appealing at all. The reactions on their faces equate to that of a dog hearing a strange sound and doing the head-tilt thing. Oh well…

  11. Chicken Filet sandwiches, It got to the point a few years ago that I consumed so much of those that I literally began to smell chicken filet 25/7.

    On a totally unrelated note though, I see you had a chat with the people at SPACE a few days ago, Anything interesting in development there? Or are you not allowed to talk about it yet? *wink smileyface*

  12. I’m sorry (or proud – not sure which) to say that, true to my control-freak personality, I have never glutted myself on any food to the degree that I could never face it again. That is not to say that I have never overindulged – there was that one night with the White Russians and Black Russians and music and dancing (and a memorable hangover) .. but I digress.

    Sorry, no dreadful food stories here. All things in moderation – mostly. 😉

  13. The dinner looked like a great time and those cupcakes sound fantastic! Your ice cream sandwich story was hilarious and it’s easy to see that your food “obsession” started early.

    For myself, I used to have two food nemeses. One was just plain Jell-O. Once as a kid I found myself with the stomach flu, IMMEDIATELY after having a bowl of Jell-O. Well, for many years I associated it with being sick and I was an adult before being able to eat it again.

    The other was parmesan cheese, after some friends made some popcorn which they coated with butter and the “dry” parmesan. It was actually very tasty – in fact so good that I ate way too much. So much that I felt sick, and it didn’t help that the remains in the bowl, with the butter and cheese looked like, well, “sick”. It was years before I could contemplate eating it, but now I actually love it again.

    Can’t say as there’s any food that I know of that makes me feel really sick anymore though. Well, except maybe liver. That stuff is just wrong.

  14. Carl looks so sad. If he starts crying, I’m gonna cry too. I about did cry when you siad Akemi almost was in tears. 🙁

    The next time it’s cold out, you take off your shirt if you have to and give it to Akemi. Then be sure and snap the obligatory Immigration photo . . . for the record.

    “What food item did you so overdue, at some point in your past, that you can barely stomach it today?”

    Joe, I hope you don’t think any less of me, but several years ago I decided to try the Nutrisystem diet. On this diet you purchase all your food through the mail. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, dessert all come in a big box delivered to your door by your favorite grocer in the big brown truck – the UPS guy. All you have to do is put the stuff you want to eat cold in the refrigerator and the rest, just find a place to stack it. Then pick something from each catagory, and decide what to eat that day. Their master chefs have already done all the cooking for you. You just open (or peel back the plastic film) and pop in the microwave and then enjoy! (Joe have you thrown up yet?) Breakfast and dessert was good. But the lunch and dinners got to me. Seemed like everything had tomato sauce, noodles, or pasta in it. After a while it was sickening! Today just remembering those dinners makes me want to barf. I can still taste them. I guess I ate that diet one month too long. Joe do you hate me now? (But I did lose 35 pounds. Who wouldn’t, eating that shit!) I feel sick… 😕

  15. …almost forgot… dairy products, I literally cannot stomach dairy, it physically makes me sick. What’s worse is that I love dairy!

  16. So, my question for you guys is: What makes you sick? What food item did you so overdue, at some point in your past, that you can barely stomach it today?

    Hmm… Tomato soup. When I was five, I spent the night at a friend’s house and we had tomato soup for dinner. Completely unrelated to that dinner, I then became very ill. Not the vomiting type of ill, the running a fever of 105 F kind of ill! ‘Not sure what it was but according to my mother, the doctor made a house call – this would have been the late 60s – and refused to let me be moved. I survived, obviously, but to this day I can’t even smell tomato soup without cringing!

  17. Carl looks so sad!!

    Eatting to the point of being done with something has happened a few times for me.
    1) got a 1lbs chocolate bunny for Easter as a kid and I downed it, in about an hour. Wasn’t even able to look at chocolate for a long time. Cured now though!!
    2) this one not my fault, when I was 16 and had reconstructive jaw surgery (which failed by the way) they only gave me jello and chicken broth every meal, every day! So for about 3 weeks 3 meals a day jello &.chicken broth was all I got! Needless to say I have to have a serious craving to eat jello and haven’t touched chicken noodle soup since!

    Hi Akemi! Hope you had an awesome day!

  18. Deni, thanks, but you’re a bit early– not til next week.
    Great pics!
    OMG, tell me how you are alive with all you eat? And not bigger than a sumo wrestler. I hate you.

    Food poisoning on beef liver as young teen, couldn’t , oh Hell I still won’t eat it. But was years before I could face even chicken livers.
    High school senior trip– IHOP and car sick. I would for years throw up or nearly do so at the SIGHT of the IHOP commercial and would have nightmares about the bouncing dot on it “i” in said commercials. Didn’t matter I knew it was car sickness not IHOP.
    Couldn’t drink a 7-up for a decade because I took a swig from a can and a slimey blob poured into my mouth. I nearly died. Years later I learned it was probably nothing more than the syrup not properly mixed but my imagination went everywhere. Sadly this was decades before we became a sue-happy nation or I’d have considered pain and suffering worthy of a mil or 2.

  19. Carrot cake. My sister had carrot cake at her wedding and ordered too much of it for the reception. We were stuck with the leftovers and I can hardly look at it anymore. So every time you write, “had a lovely carrot cake…” I wanna’ barf. :/

  20. @Ponytail…Really perplexed why you would think Joe or anyone would hate you for trying nutrisystem. WTH?
    Dr D, you are a sick person or very deprived or sad palate. NO PUMPKIN PIE? NO PECAN? Oy. (though I agree on licorice… tastes like horrible medicine to me).

  21. 1. It’s too, not to, when talking about ‘too much’. In fact, as Sparrow pointed out, there are other typos. Now, since I make my fair share, I usually don’t pick on you…usually…but I fear something is wrong. Are you feeling okay?

    2. You’ve told the ice cream sandwich story before. Not that we don’t like to hear your stories over and over…but…well…I fear something is wrong. Are you feeling okay?

    3. Trevor is looking deliciously pale. Hmmm…I wonder how he’d look in a long, white wig…

    4. Food that makes me sick. The only foods that make me sick when I think about them are those foods that – in my youth – remanifested themselves in the form of uncontrollable vomiting…usually with the aid of an accompanying stomach bug. They include Hamburger Helper (and anything that even remotely looks or smells like Hamburger Helper), and pink, cherry-flavored, cake with pink icing. Maybe it was strawberry-flavored. I DO know it was pink. Very, very pink. Yeah. Can never touch ’em down to this day.


  22. I used to love beets. Now I can’t stand even the thought of them after polishing off a bowlful as a kid. Funny how overindulgence will do that to you.

  23. @ Debra – wrote, “I took a swig from a can and a slimey blob poured into my mouth. I nearly died.”

    I’m about to die from laughter!!! 😆

  24. Hey…. Carl’s shirt was untucked!!!!!

    Was this the 1st time???

    Was it because he had to keep wiping his eyes from crying so many tears???

    Or did he drop his napkin early in the meal and had to improvise?

  25. Prunes! Ugh. I cannot and will not eat prunes. Just the smell and the look of them give me a tummy ache.

    Also…brussel sprouts! I remember I had them once when I was a kid, and I think I almost threw-up. The smell of brussel sprout makes my tummy ache.

    Once…I had lobster bisque at some restaurant, and was so rich and creamy that I up all night long with a bad stomach ache. To this day…I will not eat any creamy soups. They don’t sit well in my stomach.

  26. Funyuns! And Twinkies. This was two very seperate instances, but memorable nonetheless. Puked up a butt-load of each and have not had any since. Can’t even look at them without re-living those traumatic experiences.

  27. @ Debra – Joe eats the finest of foods, freshly prepared by the best chefs around. His dinners in Tokyo alone cost hundreds. I’m just saying, any “meal” that can sit on a shelf until you get ready to peel the cover and heat has got to be crap and crappy for you. It’s called processed food with more preservatives than Dolly Parton.

    Do you work for Nurtrisystem?? I’m not knocking the diet. It was a one time shot that worked for me until I grew sick of it and the taste. I’m just saying if I ever see another one of their dinners I will vomit until my intestines come out.

  28. I have never liked potato salad, so I never ate it to excess, but I despise the stuff. My mom used to make me eat one potato when she made it. Ick. Can’t stand the sight of it now.

  29. That’s an easy on for the longest time because money was tight my wife made me take peanut butter and jelley sandwiches to work because the were cheap to make now I can’t eat one without gagging on the first bite.

  30. Hot Pockets *shivers*

    Ice cream between two waffles is technically an ice cream sandwich.

  31. I’m with Das on the “recent food before vomiting” causing food aversion.

    I once had half a container of orange Tic-Tacs right before coming down with a three day flu. The acid-orange after-taste went on for days. Cannot stand to even look at the things now.

  32. @Ponytail OH, okay I get you. I thought you meant because of dieting. LOL no I don’t work for nutrisystem but I did try them and the food made me cry. And yeah I’d hate for Joe to know what I eat. OMG I like fried spam for crying out loud, and macNcheese from the box version. It’s not that I don’t love the great stuff, but I like a really wide variety. Southern and Jewish, what can I say.

  33. overdo food? I’m not sure that’s possible. I’ve eaten a few things that left me sated for awhile. But not so sick of them from overeating I no longer try them.
    Though there is twinkies. A regular childhood treat, my parents bought enough and froze them to ensure a steady supply. Until one day I became literally sick after eating one. I’ve loathed most cream-filled pastries ever since, and the sight of an unwrapped twinkie can still make me shudder.\
    Lovely pictures of a great crew enjoying dinner. Carl is as photogenic as always. Thanks for sharing, and glad to see you’re not stinting on the goodbye meals.

  34. To answer your Question: Pumpkin soup.

    Some years ago I came home from football workout and of course starving.So starving indeed that I wouldn’t settle for bread although it was quite late already. I wanted something warm and had a look into the freezer and the only thing I found was like one litre of Pumpkin soup.

    It took me ages to warm up the block of ice in the micro wave and when I finally had my litre of Pumpkin soup hot, it tasted like nothing at all and I kept adding flavours and ate ALL of the damn soup. Well at least I was satisfied and it was not until I went to bed that I REALLY started to regretting it. I spend all night in front of the loo.

    In the morning my mother sheepishly confessed to me that she had put the soup in the freezer although she hadn’t been sure if it was still good…. Well I guess I had to find out the hard way.

    Since then I wasn’t able to put a single spoon of pumpkin soup to my lips because memories of the experience keep coming to my mind

  35. I too, as a kid, found myself with the stomach flu after my older brother and I had a lettuce eating contest, I won, 2 heads to his one. For many, many years after, I could not eat lettuce without wanting to vomit.

    I did get over it when I reached my 30’s and rediscovered the joy of salad dressing and tomato’s….lots of tomato’s.

    Oh another one that makes me sick, boiled cabbage…..makes me want to run screaming into a busy street. My father used to cook it with any left over meat from the fridge. {{shutter}}.

  36. Back then I loved cotton candy! Now I can’t even look at it anymore because it gives me that super sweet taste in my mouth, which makes me sick 🙁
    As the Germans say, ” igitt ” 😀

  37. @Debra: Yeah, I know, but was doing my cards and figured I’d post on here or I’d forget next week! Besides, I think there are only 3 of us here. 🙂

  38. Forgot to say how nice it is to see your dinner guests again. Jewel is looking lovely. And Trevor needs the extra food, isn’t his wife eating for 2. Akemi looks very pretty and it is only the first day of fall, cold already? Thanks for Carls gallantry. I love the cupcakes, yum ,I would like to try and over eat those,yum.

  39. As a kid I used to love butter and would even it bites of plain butter. Now I can’t stand the taste, and even have to order dry toast when I eat out for breakfast.

  40. -Hot Dogs
    -Meat Balls
    -Pumpkin Pie
    -Garlic Chicken

    Every once in awhile I try one to see if it has passed. Sometimes it lasts for years, there has been a few items I don’t mind later on.

  41. I can’t eat mac & cheese. Besides the fact that I can’t stand the smell of cheese now, I watched someone’s horrible “accident” with mac and cheese when I was a kid, and haven’t touched cheese since.

    Joe, while I was living in Hong Kong for the past year, my friend introduced me to the best cupcake places in that city and I’m in loooove with red velvet cupcakes. Where are the best red velvets in Vancouver, oh mighty food king?

  42. “Us” is adorable. And what a gentleman Carl is!

    Good thing I have a pecan-sweet potato cake in the kitchen after drooling over the cupcakes!

    Gin. Long sea story from when I was in the Navy. Not a pretty tale.

    When I was six, we lived up in the high desert. One of the neighbor ladies was driving around a bunch of us kids, in some huge boat of a car, in the days before seatbelts. Her pinheaded wonders were bugging her for candy, crushing me into the corner of the backseat as they bounced all over. She got into her purse (driving one handed, yikes) and handed out cherry flavored Certs. I was heat- and car-sick, and it was one of the few times I threw up as a child. I dislike anything with artificial cherry flavoring since then.

    The family story is that one of my brothers got up after a party the folks hosted, and ate all the cigarette butts in the ashtrays and had to go to the hospital. Mom and dad never hosted a party after that, and none of the boys ever smoked. This was long before I was born, by the time I came along, they were back to being good Mormons.

  43. Debra –

    The tastebuds tell me that pecan pie & pumpkin pie are just about as tasty as vomit. I simply cannot stomach them.

    I have an eclectic taste for foods from all over the world – foods that you might think taste absolutely horrible but that I really enjoy – it’s just what the tastebuds tell me. So, definitely not deprived or sad palate. Not sick either.

    Just different.

    Those 2 pies are absolutely disgusting to my tastebuds. They have always been like that.

    On the other hand, I used to enjoy ham, until it became a type of “learned distaste”.

    One winter a while back, the whole family ended up with food poisoning from the ham we had for dinner one night. Everybody was up all night taking turns running to the bathroom and puking our guts out.

    Needless to say, I developed an aversion to ham.

    Only recently have I been able to add ham back to the menu but only in very small quantities mixed in with other food.

    Those 2 pies, however, still – to this day, since childhood – are some of the most disgusting food items I have ever tasted.

    The tastebuds. They’re different in all of us.

  44. In elementary school I ate three chicken pot pies. Long story short, they gave me food poisoning. To this day, if I smell one cooking it will send me running out of the room gagging.

  45. I overdid Pringles Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips on an airplane one time. I can have an occasional Pringle now and then, but there is absolutely NO CRAVING for them EVER again!

  46. Beef stew, bologna, and pinto beans. Ugh. Beef stew was the only dish my family made that included cooked carrots. I love eating raw carrots. I loathe cooked carrots. The texture of cooked carrots is disgusting to me. I associate them in my mind with beef stew, so I never eat stew, either. A bologna sandwich in every brown bag lunch my mother made me, four times a week throughout every year of grade school. Once a week, I could buy a school lunch, thank goodness. Pinto beans were a staple growing up. Served with rice, or cornbread. I was sick of pinto beans before I hit puberty. I like other beans, but no more pinto beans for me, ever.

  47. Hey Joe, some neutrino jokes for ya (re: FTL)…

    -We don’t allow faster than light neutrinos in here, said the bartender. A neutrino walks into a bar.

    -Neutrino. Knock knock.

    -Hipsters liked neutrinos before they arrived.

    -I wrote a speed of light joke…but a neutrino beat me to it.

    -A. To prove particles can travel faster than light Q. Why did the neutrino cross the road?

    -I’m going to tweet my neutrino joke yesterday.



  48. quoting Dr. D.
    The tastebuds. They’re different in all of us.

    this is true.

    i never over did a food so much that i developed an aversion to it, but my mom did.
    before i was born she worked in a chocolate store. the boss said that she could sample as much as she wanted during her shift. you can probably guess what happened then. after about 6 months of working there she got so sick of chocolate that she couldn’t even look at it or smell it for the next 3 or 4 years without becoming ill. mom quit the chocolate place after a short time & eventually regained her love of chocolate.

  49. Oh, Carl…. you are a lot of peoples’ hero right now. They are going to miss you something terrible, and we’ll miss you, too! Don’t be gone for long, okay? And let us know what projects you’re working on next?

    Everyone did look wonderful. It was kind of like the farewell dinner in the SGU finale, with familiar faces flanking both sides of the table. Are Jennifer and Mike another pair of lovebirds? Great chemistry there. Just like the sweet “Us” photo. 🙂

    Food aversions:

    I did make a Jello/sour cream/whipped cream desert and wasn’t smart enough to take the leftovers to work. To this day the thought turns my stomach. Bad choice: anything made when you have to finish it yourself.

    The rest are food allergies, and foods I like, but aren’t worth the alarming illness/consequences:

    Palm oil / dates (the oil is in baked goods, and even milk, fer crying out loud)
    Caffeine (yeah, it’s in lots of stuff, including….)
    Chocolate (sadness!)
    Coffee / tea
    Jalapenos or hot peppers (same result as caffeine)
    Any food that’s rich, high-fat, or fried (get horrible pains in my right side–crazy)

    I could eat anything when I was a kid. Even liked cooked spinach and liver & onions! But then I grew up and got wiser. 😛

  50. For me it wasn’t a particular food, but the Corningware cook-and-serve single serving dish it was prepared dish in which the food was presented.

    Years ago I made some kind of taco layer meal (I can’t even remember what it was now, except something Mexican style) in those dishes. After dinner I immediately was sick, and stayed sick for 2-3 days afterwards.

    It turned out it was from a virus, because people around me who didn’t eat the food suffered the same symptoms. However, my subconscious connected it with the food, and by extension with the Corningware.

    I could never again even look at those, let alone cook with them or eat from them. I had to throw them away. I’m fine with Mexican style food of all kinds, just not Corningware.

  51. And I garbled my first sentence. I should proofread.
    For me it wasn’t a particular food, but the Corningware cook-and-serve single serving dish in which the food was prepared and presented.

  52. I’m so suggestible that I cannot read everyone’s entry because it will make my “cannot eat anymore list” and I don’t want to ruin everything. Since coming home from the hospital the thought of every food is making me sick in between the nausea I have not thinking about any food at all. Not sure what exactly a gouge in my arm has to do with my stomach (and I’m not on antibiotics anymore so that’s not it), but I’m going to throw up if I talk about it anymore.

    As far as food I overdid that I just cannot eat anymore before this blog of new suggestions– tuna fish. I ate it so much while on Weight Watcher’s in the 80’s, that I cannot even tolerate the smell of it.

  53. We’d have our elementary school days broken up by an hour of “spanish class”, taught by a mean lady who spent the day going to different classrooms and not learning our names. Our Spanish teacher decided to hand out Jordan Almonds, which she claimed was her favorite. Those were the days before people knew (or cared) about germs and bacteria so she had the kids in the first rows pass the almonds back to the kids behind them, ensuring that each almond was covered in a rich coating of communicable diseases. I have never been so sick in my life and still have fond memories of racing through our front gate after my mom got me home so that I could barf in our driveway before blacking out. Jordan Almonds are evil, and I still don’t get why people use them at weddings.

    Wonderful to see the gang back together, and I do hope you guys will be bringing us new and fabulous telly sometime soon; I needs my sci-fi, dagnabbit.

  54. Hi from all of us at Prairie Girl Bakery for your declaration that Prairie Girl makes “Canada’s Best Cupcake”- – thanks for that!
    We loved your visit and hope to see you again soon.
    The PGB team

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