Well, hmmm.  Didn’t realize we’d be dropping an official press release this quickly.  I just assumed, one month from now, I’d start posting pics of Akemi and me back in Vancouver enjoying dinner at Refuel and have you connect the dots.  Guess this means I’m going to have to put that blog entry of dinner with Golden Boy Martin Gero on the backburner and dedicate today’s write-up to The Transporter…

After 11+ years working on the Stargate franchise, my plan was to take a year off – go to cooking school, work on a novel, and watch the entire run of Ralph Bakshi’s hallucinogenic Spiderman cartoon in one glorious sitting.  And then, in January, my agent informed me of an opportunity to work on The Transporter t.v. series based, of course, on the successful film franchise.  Being a big fan of the movies, I jumped at the chance and, before I knew it, my writing partner Paul and I were in Toronto, working on scripts, then prepping, then well into production. Like most first year shows, there were challenges.  But there was/is also enormous potential – in the form of an established brand and an incredibly dedicated cast, crew, and production team who will, no doubt, deliver a fantastic series when The Transporter premieres in early 2012.

As I prepare to sail off into the sunset (or, rather, fly back home with four small dogs, my girlfriend, and about a half dozen supervillain statues), I’d like to take a moment to thank a few people.

Thanks to Robert Cooper, one of the smartest, most creative guys in the biz, who helped us get the show off the ground and was always on hand to offer much-appreciated guidance along the way.

Thanks to Klaus Zimmerman and Fred Fuchs for their hard work and unflagging commitment to the production.

Thanks to Sue Murdoch for her tireless efforts on behalf of not only the show, but the people who make it happen.

Thanks to pilot director Stephen Williams, director Bruce McDonald for being such a great shooter and one helluva great guy, and my buddy, director Andy Mikita, for putting sleep on hold to guide this production.

Thanks to the cast and, especially, Chris Vance (our Frank Martin), one of the kindest, most down-to-earth actors I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Here’s hoping we do it again some day on another show – but, hopefully, not for at least another five years since he’ll be busy on this one.

Thanks to the dedicated crew (Derick, Angela, Simon and countless others) who made every day on set an experience so positive that I’d sadden at the prospect of returning to the production offices.

Thanks to the equally dedicated personnel working in the production offices (Mega, Trevor, Anna, Sonia, Patricia and countless others)who made every day at the office an experience so positive that I’d sadden at the prospect of returning to set.

Thanks to the gang in post and VFX (and a special hats off to the stellar Brendan Taylor).  Catch you on the next go-round!

Thanks to our amazing stunt teams led by Cyril Raffaeli and Michel Julienne who delivered action sequences like no other on television.

Thanks to my friend, Carl Binder, who dropped everything and came to Toronto to support us.

And, chiefest of all, an extra big thanks to the heart and soul of the series, the one guy I’ll miss most of all, Show Runner Alexander M. Ruemelin.  Keep fighting the good fight, buddy!

Finally, hats off to Steve Shill who now takes the reins of The Transporter.  The series is in very good hands and I have no doubt that, with all of the talent backing him up, he’ll deliver a show that will blow everyone away.

As for me?  Well, those 52 episodes of the 1967 Spiderman cartoon aren’t going to watch themselves!

93 thoughts on “August 30, 2011: Transporter thank you’s!

  1. Hey Joe,

    So, can you fill in the blanks between “have left over creative differences” and your post here?

    Hopefully this is a good thing for you, Akemi and the doggies.

  2. Oh my goodness…blink and things change so radically and dramatically.
    Well, as stated before, whither thou goest Joe…so do we – to follow your adventures, your life, your lil’ ones, and of course Akemi!

  3. Do you really think it would take us a whole month to figure that out? We almost had it cracked as it was.

    Good luck in all your ventures!

    And pace around a bit, do you know how many people get blood clots from excessive sitting during Spiderman marathons?

  4. Wait… What? As long as you’re happy, which is sounds you are, that’s all that matters. I’m sure this is bittersweet though. Well wishes to you, the puppies, and akemi!

  5. I’m sure that this is a good thing for you I’m sure this is for a good reason like you may get an gig even better than transporter maybe bringing the upcoming comic series into the live action arena good luck joe on you next adventure.

  6. I read about this first on twitter (I admit, I haven’t been around for a while) and rushed right over here, figuring it was you they were talking about. Sorry to hear, but I hope this means good things for you in the future (and perhaps a nice break! Or that cooking course.).

  7. I’m sorry to hear you left the project for whatever the reasons. I read that article earlier today on Deadline and noticed you didn’t mentioned here on your blog. Even after leaving the project, you are still a class act. Whereas most people would be negative and use their blog to vent, you are graceful and a top-notched individual who understands not everything works out…especially show business.

    I bet you are so happy to return to Vancouver. You missed your home.

  8. Well Joe, thanks to you for introducing us to all these new wonderful people! Thanks for all the great pictures of you at work. Goodbye Alexander M. Ruemelin. I bet we will meet again! Goodbye director Bruce McDonald. Nice meeting you. I will miss you! It was a pleasure! Goodbye Trevor! Good luck with the new baby! Goodbye Cyril Raffaeli and Michel Julienne. Stay safe boys! Goodbye super good-looking crew. You guys should make a pin-up calendar! See ya later Mr. Robert C. Cooper!! I love you!

    But, if it’s all the same to you Joe, I’m ready to go home to Vancouver too! Call Lawren and tell him to clean up that mess…we’re coming home!! YEAH!!!!

    Come on Paul, Carl, Akemi. Grab a dog and let’s go!

    (Joe, your job was stressing me out too!)

  9. so when are you going back to Vancouver? Are you going to have to take 2 plane trips to take the dogs? Does this hurt/help Akemi’s visa status?

  10. @Lou Zucaro

    Thank you for sweet comments for Joe. 🙂


  11. This one had me wondering quite a bit back when it was posted
    a few weeks ago.

    Today, we were paid a visit by surprise guest…

    Brad Wright was in town for all of one day. He’s got some projects
    in the works and will be back in September.

    Any possible connections to the current situation(s)?

    More at another time…but for now…good luck with everything Mr. Mallozzi.

  12. Joe, does that Charter Jet still owe you a free ride?

    @ Akemi – Thank you for being YOU! You are so sweet!

    Sorry, but I’m so excited…when do we leave! I wanna go home!

  13. I can see how yesterday’s blog dovetails into this rather nicely, actually. You were obviously setting us up for this post — perhaps later rather than sooner — in which you were not going to be That Guy who craps all over the people he’s working with, either coming or going. I’m sure that if the differences could have been ironed out, by all means they would have been. So, as much as I’m intrigued about what went down, I can also very much respect your (wise) decision to keep it private and civil.

    I’m happy your motley crew get to head back to Vancouver and at least be in an environment you know and love. Then, I’m sure it will be smooooth sailing!

  14. Tuning in late…sorry to hear it didn’t work out. Hears hoping Vancouver offers brighter prospects!

    And my daughter Jackie is praying you find something new soon.

    Safe Travels!

    JeffW (and family)

  15. Is it normal for both Exec Producers to exit due to creative differences? I had thought 1 would win out, and 1 would leave. This sounded like such a toxic environment that they had to clean house.

    Anyways, I doubt Joe will be getting any rest. No doubt his agent already scouring this hemisphere for a plum project for him 😀

  16. So bad news and good news. You are leaving The Transporter and more importantly Toronto!!!! Yaaaaaa

    The local restaurant businesses can rehire the staff they were forced to layoff when you moved.

  17. You belong in Vancouver, Joe. That’s been apparent from the very begining of this sojourn. Sorry things didn’t work out, but I, for one, am happy to see you, Akemi and the pups heading home. Call Refuel and tell them you’re on your way. Safe journey.


  18. Well, the ignoring my constant nagging you about not coming back clued me things were not happy. They’re idiots. End of story. You’ll be happier back home, so will the doggies and Akemi. Something better will come along and with people who recognize talent and allow creative needs to be met. I am pissed. They can bite me. May Karma visit them regularly.

  19. Seconding the reference to your conduct as a “class act” – we knew something was a bit off in your world (besides Max’s health) but never what, never any pointing of fingers nor griping at either situations or individuals. Stand tall, sir – well played!

    When will you be going back to Vancouver? We’ll need to get used to later posts – no problem – we’ll be there.

  20. Soooo you had to quit Transporter to go work on the Stargate Movie ?

    No fun to leave a place which such nice/fun people around you! Take care Joe and I am sure you will find a new job, perhaps in Vancouver?

  21. Joe,

    My heartfelt congratulations/condolences on your return to Vancouver and departure from the show. And though it’s been said, you sir are the very definition, manifestation and personification of a class act. I salute you from afar in Austin, Texas. (BTW, you should come down for Fantastic Fest in a few weeks! Check out And we have macarons! See

  22. Whoa! Bit of a shocker. I hope you and Rob are still buds. It must have been a tough situation all around. But it sounds like you made great friends and professional relationships that will continue into the future. And it must have been an “interesting” learning experience starting a series from the beginning.

    I was wondering what Brad was up to, and I hope that involves you and Paul. If not, maybe you’ll finally get some time off and enjoy a slower paced life for awhile. Or finally start that novel 🙂

    If your taking requests, I’d still love to see you write a comedy. I’m thinking that we could all use a good witty laugh during these tough days.

    Glad you, Akemi and the kids will be heading home soon.

  23. With you being one of the best, funniest and most creative TV writers/producers I’ve ever seen, I fail to see what creative differences it might have been. Shame we will never know, as is usual in such cases… All I can say is: their loss.

  24. Congrats on leaving early. IMO it’s best to stop before it gets worse.
    You really have had a fair number of quirky blogs, lately!

    I’ll still be watching. You’ve already hooked me in.

    So, when are you starting the new Stargate show? 😉

  25. Joe, I am so sorry you have this conclusion to your time in Toronto. I know that you didn’t work so hard and so many long hours to this end. I know it must hurt. I am so sorry that you are dealing with that as well as other stress in your life. I have had this happen to me (working so hard to reach a goal and then the opposite of my goal was reached) and it is a very painful situation. The good news is that this now frees you up for other opportunities and to go to where you are surrounded by your friends and people who respect you and your work. I know that you will have many more opportunities in the future. (I really would love to see you at Sanctuary—their unique stories would be up your alley I think). Maybe you can take the time and drive across Canada to get home, making a stop to see mom and sis. Akemi needs to see more of Canada. We’ll be on the road with ya!

  26. Damn, Joe, I had so hoped to catch a coffee or a meal with you while you were down this end of the country. Was just waiting for you to get to the “Smoooooooth sailing” part. Well Toronto’s loss and Vancouver’s gain…


  27. 9.8 out of 10 on a classy bow-out. Heck, make that a perfect 10. Nary an unkind word about the production you’re lreaving. We’ve no doubt that once you’re glutted on ReFuel and Spiderman, you’ll find something else to work on. If you already don’t have something lined up. Um, congratulations on your upcoming freedom? I take it your partnership with Paul M. is still intact, so looking forward to hearing and seeing more of him. Best of luck and I hope its a smooth pleasant flight back to Vancouver.

  28. Um… I’m stunned. Did not expect that. But I guess it can’t be helped if writers can’t find a common base I guess parting is a good choice. I hope your next job will be more fortunate for you and that again you will find a great hob for you, hopefully even in Vancouver.

    Good luck!

  29. Sorry to hear things didn’t work out long term, but it was apparent from some of your posts that you were pretty stressed out a lot of times while in Toronto, and one thing that I’ve learned within the last few months is that life is way to short to spend it like that. Luckily with a talent like yours it should be always possible to find good work.

    I’m looking forward to reading about your next adventure!

  30. Sorry to hear about this, Joe. I know you, Akemi, and the pups will be happier in Vancouver. And you are most certainly a class act. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures from Vancouver.

  31. YAY!! Back to Vancouver! I’m sorry Transporter didn’t work out for you, but you’re a talented fella. You’ll find something. You were all happier in Vancouver anyway. And frankly, so was I. =)

    Thanks for introducing us to all of these new people. I’ll be sure to check out Transporter when it airs.

    Yesterday’s post now make a lot more sense.

    How goes Akemi’s visa situation? And word form the attorney?

  32. Dear Sir,
    maybe you should think about it before 2012, look at this new this morning on Radio-Canada:
    “Vancouver perd son titre de ville où vivre est le plus agréable
    Mise à jour le mardi 30 août 2011 à 18 h 57 HAE ”

    As we say: un homme averti en vaut 2! It seems that you should think to move in Melbourne Australia for the town to live in !!!

    Have a nice day !

  33. But Joe, I like how you write what you write and Paul and well ok, *sniff,, their loss. Welcome back home, whenever you get there. Lots of opportunities for you, or just take the time off you need to regroup and REST. The pups will be anxious to see home(they don’t forget). What a nice way to say thanks to all the great people you worked with, and may again. The heel clicking three times (WOZ)could not come at a better time (positive thoughts). Sending you all the energy~(hugs)~ I can muster to help you with all this stuff. Akemi will be glad to take her bento boxes(so cute) to Vancouver, best of luck on all you are doing to keep her with us, I mean you.. Thanks for continuing to share your days and nights and food(yum) and Akemi and pups with us. Have a better day!!

  34. @ Ponytail – I kinda liked shook better. 😉

    @ Joe – I wish you the best in whatever you get your little fingers into next. And whatever that may be, I’m sure it will be better for you than these turbulent months you’ve spent in Toronto. You were not happy in TO, and it showed in everything you posted here. Too many changes all at once, and on top of everything it sounded like you had far more work pressure than you ever had on Stargate. Of course, Stargate was an established franchise when you jumped on board, and with Transporter just getting off the ground I suppose it might be hard for a new team to find their rhythm and work together smoothly, but I suspect it was more than that. You need to go back ‘home’, to the city you love, and I think whatever you find to do there will be as rewarding for you as Stargate was.

    Wishing you and Akemi the best. I’d also like to add that she’s stuck with you through some of the most miserable months of your life, between the move, personal matters, work, and doggie issues, and that speaks volumes about her character, and her affection for you. Take good care of her, Joe. 🙂


  35. OK after my comment I checked the link on your blog. So you are leaving the show. I hope that it will be a good thing for you but it seems a little bit surprising no?
    Did you have a one year contract only?

  36. It appears someone named “Lisa” has a strong opinion about the changes over @ Transporter, based on her post at Deadline.

  37. ((((((Joe))))) Well…looks like things work out the way they do. You gave it your shot and tried to make it work. If wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be. You’ll be back home with Akemi and your puppies. You’ll get to take care of poor Maximus.

  38. I’ll just second what das said.

    And add “there’s no place like home…”

    All the best to you and Akemi! I’ll look forward to reading the next chapter in The Book of Joe.

    @das: Just finished reading Smoke. You’re right: Cain pouts really good and he’s cute is a sexy, pale, badass kinda way. Also it was a good story and I like the style.

    back to Joe: Once things quiet down in your life, you should read it. Only 150 odd pages, so it’s a relatively quick and very enjoyable read. And speaking of comics – what’s going on with yours? Now that I finished Smoke, I’m going to need something else to read.

  39. I would say “sorry to hear that you’re leaving The Transporter” but it seems pretty clear this is a good thing for you! And while I admit part of me would love to know the juicy backstage gossip about those creative differences, I’m glad you showed your class by not going there in your blog.

    Good luck with the move back to Vancouver, and enjoy those Spiderman episodes.

  40. Good luck Joe on moving back to Vancouver and hope you find a new project soon that we can all follow.

    I’m a bit shocked at finding this all out. Just started reading this blog regularly around the SGU cancellation. Was really looking forward to the transporter after all your months of teasers and build up.

    Considering Joe thanked just about every major person in the production, it’s amazing that there are other people still left behind the scenes messing with the production. Really sad considering how well the cast and crew worked together.

  41. Wishing all good things for you, Akemi and the doggies. May God bless your comings and goings.

  42. Sorry it didn’t work out! Hopefully, someday you’ll be able to fill in the blanks on the “creative differences” for us, although I can understand if you can’t comment now.

    I’ll be sad to see you leaving Ontario. Starting a new job in a new city is stressful, and I’m sorry that you weren’t able to stay long enough to really get settled and get to know the city better, but you’ll probably be happier in Vancouver. Good luck with the move and your next phase in life.

  43. Oooh, now I get it…gosh, I’m slow sometimes. That said, I’m really happy you’re going home with your loves, and I have no doubt whatsoever that the future holds only great things for you. Onward and upward! Love to all of you 🙂

  44. Vancouver bound, woo hoo! I do hope that you plan to make more terrific TV; there is absolutely nothing to watch these days, and with Eureka going off the air and no no SG it’s looking bleak out there.

    I’m glad you’ll be getting time at long last to write whatever you want, that sounds lovely.

    Before you get comfy with the Spideys may I suggest Misfits on Hulu completely mangles the teen superhero genre in the most refreshing way. That new Keifer Sutherland show Touch sounds interesting too.

  45. I totally agree with what Das said. I know you will be so glad to get home! I hope the doggie transport back goes smoothly.

    What about Max’s treatments? Are they referring him to another Facility in Vancouver?

    Have you thought about taking flight lessons? I know a couple of pilots and they seem to enjoy getting in their Cessna’s for small trips. On to the next adventure!

  46. Here’s to the lack of endless rounds of notes and re-writes, lack of proper prep time, and extended periods when there is no life outside of work. Sometime’s it’s just better to walk away. Now you can concentrate on
    Akemi and on getting Max’s treatments finished, and on catching up on missed rest before heading home. Enjoy your down time. I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of novel you will write. And your blogs about food, both home-cooked and eaten out, back in Vancouver.

  47. Sorry about this, maybe in a weird way this could lead you to something better. I’m very curious about those creative differences, what was your vision for the show that did not fit with theirs? And I’m kinda hoping you work with Brad again since hes got some projects planned.

  48. The comment from “notthatcindycrawford” is actually from me (SiSi). Apparently I have more than one login to WordPress . . .

  49. Geez man! Could there ever be anything more vague than “creative differences”?

    My best wishes for you whatever your preferred path from here is. I have to think that you will be relieved to be back home in your own house and not living in apartments, fighting through road construction, and avoiding drunks in the park when you walk your dogs. 🙂

    Just in case you needed to know this, here’s a guide including reassurances about potential warranty issues for having your TV watch itself:

    Good Luck Dude!

  50. Joe, I’m sorry that this didn’t ultimately work out for you and Paul. But you both have such enormous talent it won’t be long before you have about 10 new projects going simultaneously. We’ll pray for safe and comfortable travels back for Max and the other pups.

    Maybe you’ll have time to renew Book of the Month club!

  51. RE: Creative differences.

    I’m not interested in the details, and due to previous ‘vague’ comments you’ve made about returning soon to Vancouver I’ve long been under the impression that this was your decision to make, but if I’m wrong I just hope no one stripped you of your dignity in the course of your working on this project. (But is so, we want names and addresses…home addresses…so we know where to send the bags of steamy doggy do. 🙂 )


  52. Hey Joe, I agree with @Tam Dixon. Check out your local flight schools and take some lessons. Flying will take over your life and drain your wallet/bank account faster than you can say “takeoff”! And yet, what a blast it is. 🙂

  53. Das: I have access to large amounts of kitty do. It won’t be steamy though 😉 .

  54. Sad to read this Joe but I know you will do fine. I had just posted on Jewel Staite’s food blog a note, for her to get together with you. She is in Toronto working on a new project and blogging about places to eat in town.
    I hope you can get together before you return home.

  55. aawww man
    Well I can’t believe it. Wow. At first read I thought you were pretending to write from 5 years in the future… but checked again and nop, that was no joke but the real deal.
    Yet when I look back to some of your early Toronto posts, it was clear the frustration was there. You had some words about the frequent rewrites. Indirectly, I think it had an effect on your dogs that were stressed by the stress of their master. Retrospectively, the move to Toronto happened so fast, too fast IMO. This sucks because you were invested in it.
    On the other hand you still have your apartment in Vancouver right ??
    Resource, refill, heal your pride (I am sure it was casualty as well here), take care of Maximus.
    Opportunities happen, just be ready for it.
    Take care.

  56. Still a number one class act aren’t you Joe? We’ll miss Trevor, Bruce, oh heck, the whole lot of them, but we’ll follow you. Hugs to pugs and special squeezes for Akemi. Enjoy going home.
    Nola s.

  57. WOW!!! Safe journey to you and yours. And can’t wait to hear more of your reviews of your meals here in Van. Always make me hungrey.

  58. My goodness, this is news!
    Seems strange to say Joe, but I am happy for you and Akemi and the furry foursome and Paul & family because you will all be returning to the part of the country you have come to love. Vancouver and Refuel have been pining.

    No reader here has missed the obvious signs of stress to which you’ve been subjected. Time to reset, step back and refocus on a new set of priorities.

    As has previously been voiced here, you and Paul do not lack in the area of creative, thought-provoking writing chops. I mean, really. I do hope you can connect with Brad Wright again. Dare I hope for a rekindling of Stargate sparkle sometime in the near future? Yes, I dare hope.

    I’m sure we will continue to support and encourage you, but first, get some rest!

    All the best to you Joe & Paul…
    Stargater for life,

  59. joe, no matter what… i’m just glad you’re coming home.

    i don’t live in vancouver, but through the stargate stars, i’ve grown to adore the city almost as much as my own! :p

    i’m glad you’re coming HOME. 🙂

  60. Sorry to hear you and Paul are leaving Transporter, but I second (or third/fourth/etc) everyone who commented on a genuinely classy way to announce it and thank the folks you’ve worked with.

    And I’m glad that you and Akemi and the dogs will be back in Vancouver.

    – KB

  61. eh, all for the best I imagine. Seems like anime and science fiction is where your heart is anyway not to mention getting to leave Toronto for the friendly confines of Vancouver. Good luck to them. Now, get back to trying to secure rights to that anime property you wanted and go for it

  62. Road trip! Follow the yellow brick (or trans Canada) home. Everyone living in Canada needs to drive across it at least once. You, Akemi and the kids will enjoy a much deserved break before the next adventure.

  63. Joe,
    Sorry to hear about you leaving Transporter, but you and Akemi sounded miserable in Toronto if your blog is any indication. Going home will be the best for both of you.
    Whats the over/under on Cousin Eddie er…
    Randy Quaid squatting in your Vancouver

  64. OMG!

    I can’t believe this…. Did NOT see this coming.. THis is kind of sad for me… I was really looking forward to this series…..

    However, Im sure you have a reason, and if this is better for you personally, then maybe its a good thing.. best of luck on those spiderman episodes 🙂

    Major D.

  65. OMG Joe I’m shocked, saddened, sorry to hear that things haven’t worked out the way you and Paul hoped.

    I wish you, Akemi, the dogs and Paul and his family well in your next endeavour. I also wish the production well. I’m really looking forward to seeing it and loved reading your thank-yous.

    I try to be a glass half full person..try….you’re coming home to VANCOUVER!!!!! Back to your awesome house, eating at your awesome restaurants and catching up with everyone…



  66. I don’t post often but I read your blog daily. I don’t know whether to be sad or glad for you, Joe.Glad that whatever creative difference came about, you and Paul decided to stick by your values Sad, that you won’t see this project through to the end of production on its first year.

    You’ve been really stressed though, so I think ultimately moving back to Vancouver will ease your tensions considerably. Maximus and dogs will be back in their familiar yard and with own doctor. You and Akemi will be happier to be around your old haunts and friends. Take that year – go to cooking school – enjoy yourselves. You only go around once. Good luck to you, Akemi with her visa and Paul too.

  67. Okay, so I guess I’ll just be watching your episodes then. When does your last one air?

  68. No offense Joe but you and Skinemax were never a good fit. I think a show with humor and over the top action that the whole family can enjoy is more your style. Something like uh the transporter movies.

  69. I’m w/ Ponytail. When do we go home? You’ve taken us all with you to Toronto, and I’m not sure any of us were happy there (anyone…? Anyone…?), so let’s head back to Vancouver, where I’m sure wonderful and exciting adventures await us all! Can’t wait for pics of the pups and Akemi after the move (and you too, of course).

  70. Sorry to hear that the show did not work out for you Joe, but hope the move is as pleasant as possible. Also I am continuing to hope the best for Max in his in treatments!

  71. Wow, Joe. That’s pretty heavy stuff. I’ve left a job before for reasons of integrity and conviction and now, 9 years later, I’m still extremely happy about my decision. Judging by your post from yesterday’s entry, you won’t have many regrets about this split as well. Yes, it sucks to leave something your spent so much effort on and invested so much time in, but with your body of work and expertise in the field, you should have no problem finding something(or even starting something new!) back home in Vancouver.

    Here’s hoping that being back home makes life easier for Maximus and you can find a new place to get him his last treatments!

    Good luck, Joe. Can’t wait to see what your next project will be!

    -Mike A.

  72. Joe,
    Wow, some news. “Left over creative differences” what a euphemistic metaphor. Sounds like you and Paul are leaving on the high road. Best wishes on your upcoming project.
    As the months elapsed I have become a more frequent reader of your blog first as a SG1 fan to pick up missing tidbits to a (hopefully not an obsequious) fan. Thanks for sharing your many aspects of your home and professional life. Your musings have been entertaining, informative and educational. It does seem like there have been many competing events for your time all with a large heaping amount of stress. In reading the last entry I guess we know why Vancouver lost its no. 1 rating in livable cities since your departure. May it soon capture its reigning spot with your return. I still have the list of Restaurants of which I have yet to visit to include the sushi shop where you guys filmed Citizen Joe.

    Now I have a new list from Toronto that will have to wait.

    As for the show, I will venture to HULU to see the first few shows. Does this mean you and Paul are ending your long partnership as well?

    At least going back to YVR will not be as troubling as the journey from. Good thought for Max, as he endures his treatments, and the others of your pack. Fingers crossed for Ameki and her visa. With her skills and good heart she seems to make life easy for you.

    We’ll read again, don’t know where, don’t know when…

  73. I remember your “pissed off” post you left (about life in general, nothing specific). We know how things were not working out in Toronto and how everything wasn’t working together in harmony. I’m glad that you are going to be going home now (and so will Maximus), but how will this affect Maximus’ treatments? I’ll post more later. I’m creeping my way up the posts.

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