I’ve been averaging between 65-70 emails a day since joining the production.  Yesterday, I doubled that with over 165 emails and counting.  Since posting my last blog entry, I’ve received a slew of supportive missives from friends in the industry, former co-workers, my mom (!), and even a (Trevor-style) card from Akemi hastily assembled last night while I was showering –

Thanks to everyone who took the time to write, either through email, text, or in the comment section of this blog.

Well, now I can finally set t.v. aside for far more important matters like Maximus’s radiation therapy, Akemi’s immigration issues and, perhaps most important of all, the upcoming fantasy football draft.  I guarantee that, following what turned out to be a disappointing freshman season, my Snow Monkeys WILL make the playoffs this year!

Wanted to take a moment to offer pics of some of the super, talented folks behind the scenes of The Transporter.  My work may be done for now but their hard work continues…

Director Bruce McDonald and my writing partner Paul. Bruce is a legend in Canada, but it clearly hasn't gone to his head. He's the kindest, most collaborative guy I've ever had the good fortune to work with. Once he's finished up directing this latest block, I'm going to convince him to come by for a blog Q&A in support of his latest film, Hard Core Logo 2, premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival this month!
Location Scout Craig Jackson. A guy with a wicked sense of humor that I wish I'd gotten to know a little better.
Anna Beben, Production Manager. My fellow foodie and I will finally get around to doing that dinner. Anna, call me! I've got tons of free time now!
Visual Effects Supervisor Brendan Taylor. My sounding board, confidante, and number one commiserator. I remember watching his demo real for Hanna and being blown away. You should check it out. Ask him!
Production Designer, Tim Bider. I have never met a more photogenic member of an Art Department. A soft-spoken, sweetheart of a guy.
Tim Owen, Location Manager. His easy-going nature and understated humor make him a welcome addition to any tech survey. Or frenzied four hour location meeting.
Publicist Beverly Warren. If I was a woman working on this show, I'd be Bev. True.
Art Director Daran Fulham. I miss running into him two or three times a day while he was living in the same building Him, outside for a smoke. Me, walking one of any number of dogs. I suspect he just got fed up and moved.
Patrick Arias, 2nd AD. Master planner and expert manager, during prep week Patrick shuffles schedules and meetings like a circus performer juggles flaming chainsaws and bowling balls. Dangerous, yes, but truly a sight to behold.

Finally, a link sent my way from not one, not two, not three, but four different sources.  Appropriate given that, earlier today, I stopped by the production office to drop off my office keys – and a huge goodbye chocolate assortment for the gang…

Heavy Chocolate Consumption May Be Linked to Heart Health: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/08/110829070555.htm

35 thoughts on “August 31, 2011: And a huge thank you to all of you! The faces behind the scenes! Time for another chocolate run!

  1. Joe, you are in a league by yourself. And, chocolate is the way to pave good health, good vibes, good friends, and just…GOOD!.
    Happy for you, Akemi, and the lil ones. As others have said, can’t wait for “US” to go home to Vancouver. Thanks for sharing the photos. As a couple and I would say – some chocolate would be nice as well.
    Take care of Max….see ya on the flip side.

  2. Hey joe I’m understand that you cannot go into details as to the whatled to your exit from transporter series but especialy after stargate how are you feeling about all of this if it were me I would feel crushed even in the short time you were there you get attached to not only the job but the people you work with I’m sure akemi has been a huge shoulder to cry on I hope your ok

  3. i went to corn feast at refuel today.
    fried chicken, braised pork belly, corn fritters, spot prawn corn dogs, cornbread, 3 kinds of butters, corn on the cob, peach crumble with corn sorbet and vanilla ice cream. and beer, of course. oh, and corn salad and creamed corn

  4. Ah, Joe, you’re a class act! Good luck to all the incredible people you’ve met and worked with in Toronto! It has been fun to see new faces.

    Can’t wait to see what you do next, Joe. As many have said, we’re all along for the ride. 🙂


  5. I hope you actually relax a little during your period of unemployment. My mom got laid off about 13 years ago after working at various jobs for what 40-odd years and she took a full year off. I went a little nuts having her around all the time but she deserved it. She never took holidays (and still doesn’t) because she was a single parent and now she works at Tim Hortons for minimum wage she runs 67 this year!! I think you work very hard so please tic things of your list!

    I hope (maybe a 30th B-Day gift) that I would have met you before you head back to Vancouver but if not that’s ok!! Just remember no matter what your doing I’ll still come by and read your blog! In case your wondering my B-Day is Friday Sept 16th and I will be in Toronto as I have to hit up my Orthodontist at Sick Kids!

  6. Look at Tim Bider all dressed up and looking ever so handsome! I’ll miss him too. So Bruce McDonald may do a Q&A? Cool. When that happens, I’ll see if I can compose a few questions for him without drooling all over myself or sounding like a high school girl with a crush!

    Did you hear from Lawren? How did he take the news? I was thinking you may be living in your basement for the rest of the year until your agreement with him is over. Or he may be living in your guest bedroom after you return…

    Did you hear from the gang at Refuel? I bet Chef Rob and Chef Ted are planning your “welcome back” meal. Maybe they can arrange for some foie gras protesters to greet you outside the front door, for old times sake. 🙂

    Akemi is a master card maker now too! Trevor taught her well.

    I will be thinking of you and Maximus Thursday. Good luck.

  7. It did not go unnoticed.

    ..but I won’t say anything about it..in public.

    No words Mr. Mallozzi…”no words”….hmmmm??
    ..not a single..or even a slight mention.

    ..{a single eyebrow raised}.

    There will always be time.
    ..and time will tell…it always does.

    Ramming speed…indeed.

    [ be wary. wear a disguise. be ugly. get ugly.]

  8. You impressed a large number of people you worked with, and gained friends. I say this trip was a success in many ways.

    Are you leaving tomorrow?

  9. Mini DARK CHOCOLATE Chips in my CHEERIOS **EVERY** Morning! — I ain’t dead yet…! 😀

  10. Hey Joe!

    Congrats on your great work with Transporter, and I’m sure those episodes will be supercrazyawesome! I wish you the best in all your future endeavors (professional and otherwise. Give Maximus an extra pat for me).

    Will this slowdown in your schedule mean your return to your episode by episode reflection on your time working on the Stargate Franchise? I’m very interested to hear about the remainder of your years there, especially Atlantis!

    Thanks, and good luck!

    Connor P

  11. Good luck Joe with whatever comes next. As my Nana used to say “What’s for you will no’ go past you.” And I believe that.

    Anyway while work is important, its the people (and pets) in your life that really matter.

  12. Given how you seemed not to like TO as much as Vancouver, the time spent in TO must have seemed long and anxious for you, especially with Max’s illness. But WOW!! to me it seems as though you just moved there and were finally getting settled.

    I hope that Max’s health improves.. no doubt he and the rest of the gang will enjoy having “daddy” there more often. Good luck to you!

  13. What a sweet card Akemi, and your bento boxes are such fun to see, cheery. Better days ahead for all.

  14. Joe, chocolate is always a good thing. 🙂 And tell Akemi I liked the card too.

    Will echo everyone else and tell you to make sure you take some time to relax.

    We are in Arkansas today. Will get to our final destination and hubby’s new job this afternoon.

    Have a great day!!!!!

  15. Joe Good luck in the future take care of max and just relax and enjoy the cartoons.. you maybe even can get in a ken Loach movie, my personal favourite i called ‘The Wind that shakes the barley”

  16. Well…Joe…another chapter of your life has been written. So now, on to something else. Now…it’s time to concentrate on those who need you most. Akemi is such a sweet girl. She is so good to you. I mean…no one else can do bento breakfasts like she can. 😉 Love the card! 🙂 I sure hope Akemi can stay. I hope Maximus’ tumor shrinks completely. Sounds like he’s real trooper. Hug and kisses to Maximus and the other baby doggies. 🙂

  17. Beautiful card, Akemi! It looks 3-D; at first glance I thought the pugs were sitting on a huge card covered in stars. Yay to Bruce McDonald and Hardcore Logo 2; the new guys are too young for me tho, I’ll stick with the lovely Hugh and Callum.

    Wha?? Finally a picture of Paul, and he’s a handsome mo-fo? See that makes me believe that he exists even less; you probably got some model from Central Casting to pose for the pic. I saw that guy in the fall J Crew catalog.

    Looking forward to your new adventure’s Joe. I don’t see you being a man of leisure for long, so enjoy your free time; maybe it’s time for that big road gastronomic road trip!

  18. Well it was cool work, you met great people, and you are not an asshole. But I am wondering what your opinion differed on in regard to the show’s direction. Plus it’s now Cinemax, not HBO. To me that’s a downgrade. Now off my priority TV list meaning I’ll maybe watch it eventually.

    Take it easy (literally)

  19. Why so surprised? OF COURSE your mom sent you a little message of support; that’s what moms are for! That, and reminding you to wear clean underwear just in case you get hit by a car, among other things.

    Thanks for the behind-the-scenes pictures – it’s nice (and typical) of you to acknowledge their hard work.

    Enjoy that time off!

  20. Fantastic card!
    Heading home today?

    LisaR: I hope you don’t have to go through Memphis. It is HOT here today! Plus, the traffic can get pretty bad going through downtown. If you do go through Memphis, try Leonard’s BBQ off of Mt. Moriah Road. They have a buffet that is so good!!!!

    Leonards BBQ
    5465 Fox Plaza Drive
    Memphis, TN 38115

  21. I hope the asswipes have to pay your moving expenses and your full contract. I hope your episodes get the highest ratings and they tank until they offer you their greatest apologies for not making it a great working experience and begging you to return (which you will more graciously decline than I would), and then, only then, their ratings go up (because I don’t want to punish those not involved). Sorry, too much Klingon in me to not be mad for you. You totally have to upheaval your life for 4 freaking months? Creative issues so freaking big the full contract not done? Did I mention they can bite me?

    But you back home, well at least that is soothing. It sucks why, but that you’ll land on your feet, make it a great thing, well, that’s expected. Give a little time for you to rest, take care of Maximus and Akemi.

    Cute card Akemi. ((hugs and love))

  22. Wow! I miss one day…..

    Chocolate versus Stress = Chocolate wins.

    If your ever passing through Tacoma (it’s between Vancouver and Hollywood – so it could happen) we have a new foodie destination – “Marrow” on 6th Ave.

  23. On a purely selfish note, at least now I won’t feel guilty if I don’t watch Transporters. I wasn’t really interested in the show, but I wanted to be supportive and see what you were working on…now I can stop having that debate in my head!

    And hi everybody, I’m back! I got kind of distracted by back pain and codeine for a while, and it was too much trouble to remember how to log in here. Now I’m four weeks post microdiscectomy and laminectomy, doing great, and almost finished with codeine withdrawal. Woo-hoo!

  24. Have to agree with Sparrow_hawk, moms know what needs to be said. Love the pics, as always. Akemi has become quite adept with the card-making.

    Awfully nice of you to bring chocolate as a parting gift, not many would be so thoughtful.
    Nola S.

  25. On to better and bigger things. And to take care of Max and help Akemi stay in Canada! It was meant to be (I know, people say that all the time). So sorry things didn’t quite work out the way you thought they would. Now back to Vancouver. You deserve a break. Then go out and create something wonderful after you rest.

  26. I think that’s the only time I’ve ever seen Paul smile. See you when you get back to Vancouver!

  27. Wow, been gone a while, no internet and travels, left me disconnected but back with a vengance, and have spent a nice week reading your blog… but first lets deal with the dog. Very sorry to hear the trouble Maximus the lil critter has been having, (to me critter is good, if not, delete) finally joined the ranks of the wordpress elite, as advice has been headed from good sources that really, as a writer a blog can’t hurt (well, it can… but less about that)

    Look forward to reading mores in the new year, and keep up the hard work Maximus!!


  28. @Tam Dixon: We drove through Memphis yesterday. (9/1) The traffic was awful, but hubby found out that the Mississippi State vs Memphis football was happening so bad traffic was understandable. 🙂 Thanks for the tip on the barbecue restaurant. We’ll try it out whenever we get back up to the area.

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