I’m a creature of habit.   There’s nothing I enjoy more than the comfort and familiarity of routine.  Back when I was in Vancouver, working on the well-oiled machine that was the Stargate franchise, I lived a fairly structured existence.  Here in Toronto, it’s somewhat different.  Working on this first year production of Transporter, my schedule is now a little more…frenetic. As a result, it’s been very difficult to establish any sort of routine.

I miss many of the things I used to do; many of the things I used to have time for.  Among them…


I used to eat out all the time.  And when I say “all the time”, I do mean ALL THE TIME – every meal of every single day.  But when my home life changed several years ago, I began to explore my culinary side – shopping for fresh produce at my local market, seeking out inspiring recipes, and endlessly tweaking preparations in my quest for a go-to list of favorite dishes.  In time, I perfected such plates as my port-braised short ribs, chicken breasts with morels and Metaxa cream, sweet potato chipotle pie, and caramel popcorn ice cream.  Unfortunately, since moving to T.O., my cooking opportunities have been few and far between.  By the time I roll in from work, Akemi (bless her heart) already has dinner on the table – and come the weekends, the last thing I want to do is spend 3-4 hours preparing a meal.


Back in Vancouver, I used to schedule two-a-days – one work-out in the morning, and another at night.  I didn’t always get around to doing both, but I could always feel good about getting at least one under my belt.  In the a.m., it was cardio; in the p.m., weights.  Here in Toronto, it’s a lot of neither.  I wake up already tired and the last thing I want to do is work out first thing in the morning.  Working out at night is doubly difficult because, not only am I still exhausted, but the gym in our apartment building closes at an all-too-early 8:00 p.m., which barely gives me time to digest dinner before hitting the treadmill.


I mean, sure, I still socialize, but not to the extent I used to back in Vancouver where my circle of friends was much wider and my knowledge of the local restaurant scene much wider.  And there’s also the fact that, for the first time in several years, I failed to host my annual chocolate party.


Damn.  I used to average two books a week, setting aside a couple of hours every night before bedtime to hit the stack of paperbacks sitting on my nightstand.  I was a voracious reader.   Now, my reading is limited to online news, the occasional trade paperback, and scripts.


I include this one at Akemi’s request.  Apparently, back in Vancouver, I was a veritable laundry-demon, washing and drying clothes as fast as they could be worn and shed.  Here in Toronto, Akemi has assumed laundry duties.

No doubt feeling outdone by Carl’s wife’s, Karen (see yesterday’s blog entry), this morning, Akemi sent me off with another bento breakfast creation…

I think it's a bird?

36 thoughts on “August 16, 2011: Missing my routine!

  1. I recently found your blog by googling for Stargate. Was reading it for your reminiscence on the SG-1 seasons. I have to say, I’ve come to enjoy reading it daily… just because.

    And yes, routine is good.

  2. Hi Joe

    I used to read your blog craving for a little SGU info and its taken me months to come to terms with the fact it is never going to happen.
    Anyway I then thought.. OMG who wants to read about a man, his dogs and his exploration of food.. I have better things to do in my life.. right..
    Well you should know that you have officially entrapped me and helped to waste plenty of evenings in bed reading what you have been up to that day!
    I think if you stopped writing one day I would get on a plane to find you and check your still alive.
    Still wish I had your job – so no need to complain about the rough life you live 🙂
    Anyway keep well and a million kisses for the pups.

  3. And a darn cute bird it is, oh add to the list that you can not let this bento box maker go back across the water in Oct, have you figured that one out yet?
    Your system has been all out of kilter since you came to TO…soon my friend, soon. hug the pups and Akemi, that counts as exercise, just don’t squeeze too hard.

  4. Stop making a excuses. Get back in the gym. You don’t want to suffer from hypertension like me, so make it happen. I read some where that excuses are like butt holes; everyone’s got em and they only produce crap.
    hate to talk about your bento box after mentioning poop, but you’re a lucky dude; some of us are 34 year old virgins living home with Ma. So eat it, even if it is whatever the heck that thing is because nothing in it is recognizable; Which means it’s probably delicious, and I’m jealous having just eaten fried chicken and fries—I’m a disgusting slob.

  5. i’m with you,
    i’d comment,
    but i don’t have the strength
    except this,
    akemi’s the best!
    50 days of 100+ temps will do that to you
    does God still make clouds?
    or rain?

  6. Losing your routine may be contributing to your stress level. Socializing when friends come to town is good, but probably isn’t enough. Reading scripts is too much like work. Working out might boost your energy levels, even if the effort to do so is exhausting at first. Of course, I’m a good one to talk, I rarely make it to the gym, but I walk a great deal which helps. Personally, I view cooking as a chore, so I have no encouragement on that front.

    Nola S.

  7. Come on, it’s a dog with its tongue sticking out to the side!

    I was working out steadily in preparation for my upcoming vacation to China. So steadily that I hurt my knee and am now doing the ice/Advil thing. Sigh.

    Just remember, the more miserable you are now, the more happy you and Akemi will be when you get back to Vancouver, your house, your stuff, and your routines. Although seriously, you’re a tad young to be so stuck in your ways, are you not?

  8. I think it’s a gremlin! A cute little gremlin.

    Sounds like you’re really missing Vancouver and the “well-oiled machine” that was Stargate. Do you look back and think perhaps some of those kerfluffles you lived thru during the SG days were somewhat not as bad in comparison to what you’re dealing with now? I hope you’ll find balance again, but I also hope you don’t miss out on new experiences in the future because you will always be longing for a situation and a life like it was back then.

  9. My list:




    😆 😆 😆


    Oddly enough, more than usual. I’ve had people over to sit around the firepit and chitchat, enjoyed a beach cookout with friends, and dined out with other couples. Not sure why I’ve been more social. Come to think of it, it’s mostly been since going to the comic con in Philly, where I met up with both real life friends and internet friends – not to mention meeting Julia and Alaina. Maybe they put a spell on me. 🙂


    *looks at stack of comics, graphic novels, and books…and 😆 *


    I’ve been the laundry queen lately! 😀 It’s ever since Mr. Das changed jobs, and his work shirts went from white to blue. Before with the light shirts and most everything I wear on the dark side, it took all week for enough clothes of one color to accumulate for a load. Now with his darker shirts, clothes pile up quicker, making it possible to do a load every couple-few days. My laundry room has never been tidier! 🙂


  10. I was just wondering the same question as Airelle – any news on Akemi’s status? I hope everything will turn out well that she can stay or at least quickly return.

    I’m sure that once things settle more with the production that your life will have a bit more order again. Hopefully that’s sooner than later! I agree that it’s important to push yourself to exercise even if it’s at least a little and maybe even especially if you feel tired. I know there are days when I come home from work and feel very tired and sleepy. If I push myself to do a work out, I wind up refreshed for the rest of the evening. If I don’t, I continue to remain tired and lazy instead. Then again, there’s the saying “Persistence pays off in the long run, but laziness pays off right now!”

  11. Consider the stress and lack of routine a part of the birthing process for your new series. I’ve every confidence you’ll settle into something approaching a routine eventually, though various issues will make that difficult for a few months. On the plus side, once the show goes into hiatus, you’ll be able to catch up on some sleep, then hit the gym, working up an appetite and cooking pu a storm. While pampering the dogs of course.
    The fact you continue to post daily does not go unoticed or unappreciated. Just hang in there and know you have folks cheering you on.

  12. @ Joe: It’s Sergeant Frog!!!!

    I hate to have my schedule disrupted, too. Makes me downright cranky. Needless to say, I’m cranky a lot.

    @das: I thought you were just trying to get our attention. 😉

  13. Yeah Joe…I hear ya. I’m a creature of habit too. 🙂 I like things to be familiar. I too like a routine. I feel that I am together, and that I am at ease knowing that I got things under control. I also like a schedule. I always plot out what I’m gonna do the day before. Then…I go to bed knowing I have a set plan. But, as soon as someone puts a wrench in the works, or disrupts my set schedule. I go into panic mode. Or, I get all stressed and I feel my whole day is ruined.

    @Akemi Love your bento boxes! So cute! What are those things onthe sides? Are they figs? Very cute! 🙂

  14. quoting Bailey

    I think it’s a gremlin! A cute little gremlin.

    i was thinking the same. keep it away from light, don’t give it water or get it wet & don’t feed it past midnight.

  15. Hey joe you could always get some exercise equipment installed @ the production office (company perk) that way you could exercise while you work an it definatly a panda and don’t frett you will find a new routine. And also I’m with kira smith I’m totally hooked on you best blog ever.

  16. Hi Joe,

    Similar routine here, sort of. Pretty close. And also missed. It’s time to get back into the groove!

    My main website is complete. 😀 For now. An early-pre-release of sorts. Enough to get the information across for search committee members at the university. I’ll put re-releases of the site online in the future including more pretty stuff, pictures, music recordings, videos. You can think of the site as my online business card.

    I’m going to update the links section in my blog to include the link to my main site. 🙂 I need to get rid of those generic wordpress links anyway.

    Dr. D. (aka Sean)

  17. The one habit I’m glad you didn’t give up is this blog. I would really miss it. It’s the only blog I read every day. The exercise — can you put a treadmill in your office and while running ideas, run your body? I’m into multitasking. As far as cooking and laundry, let Akemi help. Once you get a break from the series, you’ll be able to do those things again. Same with the reading. The exercise might help your fatigue levels and burn off some stress. Even if it is just 30 minutes. I’m back in the water swimming as of Sunday, the first time I’ve been in the pool since the spider bite and subsequent staph infection last month. Couldn’t believe I’m starting from square 1 again. With Patrick leaving at 7:22 for school, I now have 40 minutes more than I did last month. I got changed into my clothes to sit down and work for the day, but I went and put on my swimsuit instead and did some laps. Plan to do that every day except Thursday. Thursday I’m going down to the Terra Nova bus that is going to be in town.

  18. I just got back from the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. Picked up a few signed pictures of SG-1/SG-A folks. Got Daniel Jackson, Walter Harriman, and John Sheppard. 😀

  19. Coucou!! Me revoila! désolé pour le retard mais je suis rentré des vacances il y’a quelques jours et je n’ai pas eu le temps d’aller sur internet!

    Contente de vous retrouvez!! Comment ce passe le tournage? et comment va Maximus?

    J’adore les plats que vous prépare Akemi, il est très attentionné, c’est adorable!! :)!

    Aller, gros bisous!

  20. So I was watching Final Destination 5 and … guess who was in it ?
    Mike Dopud ! 😉
    Mike is everywhere, you can’t escape him hahaha.
    I am so happy for him to find work after SGU. I wish him to get a lead role in a major TV show, he deserves something great that earns him good money. He is one hardworking actor for sure.

  21. I was developing a good gym routine, but it involves the bus, which makes an hour in water aerobics more like a three hour trek. Between my hospital stay and now frantic Burning Man prep, I’m barely making one visit a week. I miss the old ladies. Oh. Wait a minute. I AM one of the old ladies. At least I get my hair wet when I’m in the pool.
    Chatting with very odd, random strangers at the bus stop does not count as socializing does it? Seriously, I have no friends my age in town, and the young ones here are all party-hounds. I know that’s why I enjoy Burning Man so much, it is like a huge family reunion.

  22. Hi Joe,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years, but I’ve never commented before. Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write every day even when you’re too tired to cook, work out, or read! I’ve been that exhausted from my job, and it’s not fun. But just think what a great show you’ll have after all this hard work!

    Thanks also for introducing me to some great books and writers over the years. I never read much science fiction before your recommendations and book club, and I wouldn’t have chosen some these books on my own, so that you for expanding my reading horizons. Of course, you’ve also expanded my reading expenses, but that’s okay! I can sacrifice in other areas.

    Hope things calm down soon and you can find your groove/routine.

  23. Hello Joe,

    I still say: weight bench, 2 50lb dumbbells for bench pressing, and 2 25lb dumbbells for curls. You can fold it and store it under the bed so it won’t take up space. Problem solved. 😉

    Best wishes,


  24. You may not have access to those particular treadmills after 8pm, but you could walk/jog/run on the city sidewalks. The evenings are usually decently cool now.

  25. Breathe, grasshopper, breathe. In….out….in….out.
    Then cuddle with your loved ones…ALL of them, and this means Akemi!
    Have some chocolate.

  26. @ @iom666, Mike Dopud is in Final Destination 5? My sister in law made me sit through 3 of them in one weekend, she was breastfeeding while people’s heads exploded on the DVD; the girl loves her horror fliks, me not so much. But if it has Mike Dopud then I’ll add it to my NtflxQ.

    Joe, can ask your realtors for a key to the gym so you can workout after hours? Just don’t open the door to anyone else when you are locked in there alone!!! Especially if they have a hook for a hand, are a hitchhiker or are wearing a hockey mask. Whoops, I was trying to make working out alone in a gym sound fun and convenient, not scary. Blame Stephen King; I am totally sucked into American Vampire.

  27. I hear ya! I love variety at work but I need a schedule at home. It calms me. Hang in there because you get a break soon right?

    Thank your lucky stars for Akemi!!! I’m glad she is there for Max too. Very cute Bento box!

    Pbmom: I love swimming. It works out the kinks after I wake up all tired/stiff/sore. Sometimes it’s hard to jump in the pool during the winter but it’s worth it! Plus, it’s not hard to find a lane when the temp outside drops 😉 .

  28. Hey, Joe! Did you ever read any Terry Pratchett books? What you need for your clothes is “The Luggage“!

  29. @Bailey

    Take care please. (๑・◡・๑)

    @Sue Jackson
    Thank you. Yes;) It’s figs.

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