There’s an old Southern saying that goes: “Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”.  I remember hearing it ages ago and not thinking much of it at the time – but over the course of this past week, I’ve been thinking about it.  A lot.

I’m a pretty reasonable guy.  Most people who know me will tell you as much.  I treat people with respect and expect the same in return.  I’m not confrontational, preferring to settle disagreements in a mature and courteous manner.  All in all, fairly amiable and even-keeled.  However, certain things do set me off: 1. non-stick rice, 2. Toronto traffic, and 3. people who treat me like I’m an idiot in the mistaken assumption that my reasonable, respectful, mature, courteous, amiable, and even-keeled nature will prevent me from losing my shit.

If these past few months have taught me anything, it’s that life’s too short.

So, screw it.

Enjoy the dog pics…


69 thoughts on “August 13, 2011: A Quaint Southern Saying!

  1. Sounds like you had a shit day/week, but thanks for the lovely dog pics! I’ve been dealing with much of the same, to wit: my “highway robbery” dentist. They keep making these “mistakes” in my billing, then putting me on the wrong insurance plan and charging me more (to the tune of $2,000!), then adding stuff that isn’t covered by insurance and telling me how necessary it is. But you know, I always figure that revenge is sweet, and they’ll have to put up with my incessant phone calls to “straighten this out” (in my most obnoxious tone) while I’m sitting at my desk, relaxing, having a cafe con leche and gazing out the window at my cats playing. Try to have a good night! 🙂

  2. You OK?
    (Well, maybe a stupid question, but I do hope things get better.)
    – KB

  3. Joe, I am very familiar with that saying having grown up in the South. And I am also familiar with the feelings behind it as we have gone through a lot in the last few days. The dog pics are cute!!

    Have a good evening!!!

  4. sounds like you need a hug, joe.

    or copious amounts of chocolate.

    or alcohol.

    or getting a hug, while eating spiked chocolate.

    or a gun.

    go with the spiked chocolate. :p

  5. 1. Good pics. Thanks.

    2. You know one of those things life’s too short for? Ulcers. If you need to lose your **** at somebody, and you’ve already allowed time and consideration to making sure you know what’s truly going on – then just do it, and enjoy it. Sometimes it’s necessary.

    All the best.

  6. Sorry to hear of the crappy week/day. Did enjoy the doggie pix which are always welcome.

    Now to collect things – chocolate, alcohol, and HUGS to offer. Majorsal had good suggestions. Sleep may be something good to have as well.
    Hope things improve.

  7. @Chevron7: Didn’t read the blog late last night so I didn’t see your post until PBMom mentioned you. Nice to have you back! 🙂

  8. I need to send you some of my pre-menopausal mood swings. Irritants will learn real quick not to mess with you. Have a restful Sunday and a better week ahead, knowing you have a pack of fans behind you.

  9. Life *is* too short – sorry you’ve had to put up with stuff. Some excellent suggestions have been made. I’m going with the chocolate one – better for me than alcohol. Great pics of the pups.
    Nola S.

  10. well crap Joe, Hope you have a better tomorrow! Scream into a pillow if it helps… ,,they make rice that doesn’t stick?!?
    Love, love,love the dog pictures, always a welcome sight.

  11. Thanks for the dog pics. I expect people who treat you like an idiot will get exactly what they deserve. And if you’re not feeling up to it, just pass along some names and your loyal minions will take care of everything.

    Hope things get better.

    Just one question: what the heck is non-stick rice?

    @PBMom: perfect. I agree about the last dog picture. And even the second one has a “don’t mess with me” vibe.

  12. When I was feeling the same way a couple of months ago I had planned on starting a group called, ‘When pacifists lose their s**t’.
    New members welcome.

  13. Guess we’ll get the story behind tonight’s post some day. But I like Marjasol’s list. Chocolate, good company, some good books, and a little karma should improve matters. Hope the rest of your weekend goes better tomorrow.

  14. i agree with what others have said; eat some chocolate, hug your girlfriend or go walk the dogs. whatever you need to do to de-stress.

  15. Glad to see both Nola (my “neighbor”) and Chevron 7 back!

    I think I’ll keep this post in mind for my next appointment with the gastroenterologist. Let’s just say he needs to be convinced of something.

  16. Sorry Joe , I can’t really be sympathic to your plight , You got THE job , you got THE awesome dogs , you got THE awesome friends , you got THE girl or girls , you got he happy house, you got good health. asshole happens if you let them eat your time and life YOU are giving them too much power , in your situation you can surely avoid or ignore them.

    I hope your dogs get better , Your allowed to be not nice too 😉

  17. The cost of idiot induced stress is $2000 per minute. That’s the same average cost for emergency ulcer surgery – coincidentally.

    We launched our webcomic recently and spent the first week dealing with some idiot claiming to hold the copyright on army and zombies, oh wait army and red Z army patches, yeah….

    I’m praying for Max and eating chocolate for you, let me know if you would like that reversed. 😉

  18. I hope that you get some needed rest this weekend. Love the dogs! They always are photogenic, even while one of them is sticking out the tongue.

    I hate non-stick rice too. No flavor. And you are a reasonable human being or else we all wouldn’t read your blog. Now go have some chocolate and some beer. Is there chocolate that goes with beer really well?

  19. @Narelle: You should start that group on Facebook. I’ll join.

    @Sparrow_Hawk On second look, all those dog pictures have a certain vibe to them, don’t they?

    @Sheryl_Berwick Wanted to say welcome back to her, too.

  20. Well, one shitty day/week deserves another. Now Elway’s spending the weekend at the ER with seizures. 🙁

  21. Thanks for the dog pics. Why is Jelly standing away from Lulu and Max in the one photo?

  22. I lost my shit Friday, on both a certain employee, and my dad. It goes like this: Service slips and time cards from the previous week must be handed in no later than the end of the day on Tuesday so that I can 1. check to make sure all the service slips are in order, 2. prepare the payroll, and 3. make sure there is enough money in the account to cover that payroll on Friday. So when does this shithead hand in his time card and service slips? Friday. At noontime. Keep in mind that I have other work in the office to perform, such as handling accounts recievable/payable, insurance stuff that came up this week, taxes (due Mond…oh, CRAP! Due BEFORE Monday… 😛 ), filing, stocking new inventory…oh, and on this particular Friday a fax/copy machine that ran out of black ink right in the middle of an incoming fax, and I was out of spares. The nearest place to get ink was about 8 miles – and lots of traffic – away. So, here I am, about an hour after getting his time card, juggling a truck driver waiting for a check, a fax machine down, and sorting through paperwork that I should have had on Tuesday, when this little shit comes storming in the office, demanding his paycheck! I told him it wasn’t ready. Started with an “F*** this shit!” rant, ending with, “Well, are you going to deliver it to my house?” I said, firmly, “No, if you had your timecard in on Tuesday like you’re supposed to, we wouldn’t have this problem.” At which point he blew up at me – again – making threats about not working, and stormed out of the office.

    So, I went over to my dad (who was enjoying a nice sit on the patio, under an umbrella, sipping icy water), and told him (okay, I was upset, so I told him… loudly) that this crap with this particular employee had to stop, and that dad had to stop blaming me for it.

    See…I forgot to tell you…that morning I had received an angry phone call from dad about payroll not being done. When I asked if the employee in question had turned in his timecard and slips and was informed that he had not, I suggested that – perhaps – instead of yelling at me, maybe he should be a bit firmer with said employee about turning in his paperwork in a timely matter. That didn’t go over well then, and it didn’t go over well when I made the same suggestion later, and was – AGAIN – blamed for it. OH…and on top of it, dad said I was just like this little shit of an employee. Yeah, I lost it. Everytime we have a problem like this with an employee, dad turns it into my fault in some way, and so the employees never respect me and my position in the company, and they talk back to me. Well, not all of them, of course, we do have a couple gentlemen working for us. But this little shit is not a gentleman, he’s not respectful, he’s a giant pustule on the backside of mankind. Oh, and he’s a half-decent mechanic, and the only one we seem able to find right now.

    So, I guess – in dad’s mind – better to blame me than to blame the guy who is a more ‘valuable’ asset to the company. ‘Cause, ya know, office help is a dime a dozen.

    Yeah, let’s see him get someone in the office who will put up with the office. One day I should take pictures…perferably when a bigass snake is drapped across the file cabinets, or there’s another horror movie-esque ant infestation in the fax machine, or how about a dead field mouse floating in the toilet (ugh), or something. Yeah…let’s see someone put up with this crap the way I have for 25 years (you would laugh at my wages, too – let’s just say that Mexican dishwashers make more than me).

    Hey, guess what?! I feel better, Joe! See? Your rant helped me get this all off my chest – so maybe you need to rant a bit more, too! Or…maybe you just take majorsal‘s suggestion and get a hug, while eating spiked chocolate. I know spiked chocolate isn’t your favorite, but sometimes there’s nothing else that will do. 🙂

    Hang in there, buddy. You’re going through a lot right now and that’s going to make it harder for you to deal with other things when they come up. It doesn’t have to be big stuff; just about anything can break an otherwise strong back…just ask the camel. So vent away, it helps to let off some steam. If you can’t make public the things that are causing you stress, feel free to take it out on SGU haters, or something, ’cause – you know – sometimes it doesn’t matter what you kick, just as long as you kick something. 😉


    das (And yes – I AM up at 3:45…uh…4:50 now… in the morning! What fun! 😛 )

  23. Also, HE started with an ‘f this shit’ rant. Not me. Geez…I really should proofread before I get all hot and heavy with that submit button, shouldn’t I?? 😛


  24. Totally screwed up ‘preferably’, too. Am I making you feel any better, Joe? At least putting a smile on your face for AAAAALLLLLLL those times I picked on your typos and stuff? 😀


  25. What the hell is ‘drapped’???? I’m inventing new words! WOO! At least I’m just early-morning posting, and not drunk posting (although, I’m pretty sure I spell better when drunk posting…NOT that I ever do it, mind you… *shifty eyes* )


  26. Oh, and good morning, Joey! {{{hugs}}} If you’re approving posts backwards, you will get this one before ALLLL the other ones I posted. Sorry…I was on a roll…I think it was a torpedo. And hopefully I just spelled everything correctly. 😛

    Have a better day, today, sir! And eat some goshdarn chocolate! 😀


  27. Note…that’s ‘bugging’…not ‘buggering’…which would be totally different and really, REALLY superduper creepy. 😛


  28. I hope this has nothing to do with your sick pup. You are truly doing much more than 99.99% of people with means would ever do for their canine family members. I’m in the camp that is hoping she makes it back home at the end of the year and gets to spend some quality time in your backyard.

    We’re in the same situation as far as being far away from the place we want to be, so if you’re feeling frustrated about being away from Vancouver, I get it. Just keep counting the days. It’s impossible to stay in Toronto forever anyway.

    If, on the other hand, your frustration in your post has anything to do with Akemi, well, chances are you’re own on your own. From my perspective she’s a wonderful lady that would do you proud. Obviously we don’t know everything…

    I’d tell you to “hang in there, it gets better”, but at least in my case I know that that is something that may not actually happen, this may be as good as it can gets despite our desperate desire for another outcome. So hang in there because, well, there is no other choice.

    Did that Private Jet Situation ever work itself out?

    “Infinite worlds, infinite ‘us’, no beginning and no end… energy never dies, life and death are nothing like humans have yet to conceive. All of us move through the multiverse like a water molecules through the ocean. Nothing and no one dies, we simply move through multiverse, always have, always will.” – jm 2003

  29. Wow Joe!….is that Tara Yelland person really *that* difficult
    to put up with and to try to deal with??

    I knew that she was kind of getting under your skin a little
    bit…but I had no idea that it had actually come to all of
    this and that it had all gotten this bad.

    Good luck with the production and all of the upcoming episodes/shootings.

    I’m sending all of my best wishes and prayers out to little Maximus.

  30. When I feel like that. I listen to some metal and imagine how I destroy the world in my mind, lol. But it helps. And some hot chocolate… and some sweets… lots of food.

    Keep your head up! The shitty times make the good ones coming even better! Best wishes from Germany,


  31. Wow! When you cool down, I wonder if we’re going to hear the rest of the story… In any case, I know where you’re coming from. The last 4 years have been like that at work – it’s just shocking at what a difference one person, who is not a “good fit” can make in an office… turning it from one of fun and interesting to go to every morning to one of total distrust. It’s also amazing how we can have 6 wonderful days and remember the one that was a real pissy one. A pox on all these people whose one mission in life is to make life miserable for the rest of us.

    It was a full moon, wasn’t it? That might explain things… (but not my last 4 years)..

    Today is Sunday, do something fun, make a good memory to wipe out the bad – have some chocolate. I think I will too, and think of you…:)

  32. Somethng my daughter (aged 20) says on these sort of days
    “just think of the waves on the beach washing in and out over the sand – washing the dead body away” I hope that can bring a little smile. Here’s hoping that tomorrow is a better day and the person who underestimated you has had an attitude adjustment.

  33. Feel free to lose the shit people give you. You won’t miss it, with everything else you are carrying. Take care Joe.

  34. Wow, I hope everyone gets to feeling better. I’m going through a low stress phase right now. Even my brothers are being nice to me. I’m not sure why they are being nice but I’m riding the wave. Keep in mind that one brother was trying to pick a fight with me through my dad’s funeral. I’m going to ride the low stress wave because it may not last long.

    I hope Max is feeling ok today? It’s terrible that Y’all have to go through this with him. (Y’all SHOULD be a real word)

    Thanks for the dog pictures and I’m sending peaceful vibes to You and Das.

    Das, I know he is your dad but you should think about leaving that job. If he had to deal with an accounting service, I bet he would appreciate you more. He would be begging you to return after a few months and it would be on your terms.

  35. igfbss: “just think of the waves on the beach washing in and out over the sand – washing the dead body away” I like that! Mind it I use that phrase?

  36. I think a nice, relaxing couples massage for you and Akemi is in order. That. or go to the desert and blow shit up. Or the backwoods or hinterlands or whatever passes for empty wasteland near Toronto. You surely know people who like to blow shit up. It does wonders for your soul.

    (unless you’re within a couple miles of an interstate and the explosions get the attention of the drivers, or the shock wave does and they stop to call 911, then the BLM won’t let you blow shit up on that particular dry lakebed anymore….)

  37. Thanks for the birthday dedication, and *hugs* for not letting bad attitudes get to you. Life is definitely too short!

  38. I agree with majorsal, too. Except for the eating a gun part. Not sure why folks seem to be condoning that.

  39. Hey Joe. I just got home from being away a couple of weeks and have been catching up on your blog. I’m sad to hear about Maximus’ difficulties – here’s hoping for everything to work out or at least that he is not in too much discomfort.

    I’m in complete agreement with your point number three. I’m going through a similar thing the last couple of days. It’s funny how when money is involved (in an estate) that it brings out the worst in people. Like you, I’ve just decided not to take the bullshit anymore.

  40. You said, “people who treat me like I’m an idiot in the mistaken assumption that my reasonable, respectful, mature, courteous, amiable, and even-keeled nature will prevent me from losing my shit”

    Yep, yep, yep. I grok.

    Feel better soon Joe.


  41. Just 1 word…CHOCOLATE …and throw in some wine for good measure!! I agree with you all. PB MOM, thanks!!! Joe, hope the W/E gets better. Sheryl

  42. Um, DP, I may be mistaken, but I think Majorsal was suggesting the gun for use on the offending party. For stress relief, as it were.

    Holy cow, das. Actually, I’m surprised you haven’t blown up before this.
    You might want to do a search for secretarial jobs in your area to see if there are positions available. Just as a backup plan in case you decide that 25 years of slave labor is as much as you really owe to the family business.

  43. Hello Joe.

    Sorry to hear about the crappy day. When I have days like that, I go home and open a bucket of ice cream. Plugs, you have the pups to comfort you.

    Speaking of which, thanks for the puppy pics.

    Remember, today begins a new day.

    Best wishes,


  44. Oop’s so you’re having one of those days…weeks….years?

    Sorry, hon, and I hope things get better soon. Having the little guy sick, won’t be helping.

  45. @ Tammy Dixon – Nah. I gotta stay until the end. Dad’s 81, so how much longer will the business even exist. And besides, I couldn’t do that to mom because then everything would be dumped on her. Also, I really don’t know if I could go out into the ‘real world’ – I’ve been so removed from a real work place for so long, not sure I could deal with other people (not the pressure, but the gossip, dating drama, etc – I’m not used to being around stuff like that).

    @ Sparrowhawk – It’s not the first confrontation with this employee, or with my dad. I just deal…some days better than others.

    As far as work goes, I’m much better suited to be working with snakes, mice, ants…that sort of thing. 😉 I HATE office work. My high school aptitude test results said I should be a mechanic, and NOT a bookkeeper. So, I’m a bookkeeper. 😛 When this job is done I’m either going to look for something I can do from home, or find night work stocking shelves somewhere. Stocking work would SO totally agree with my OCD! I love to organize stuff. When I was a little kid I used to organize and straighten the candy and gum at the checkout aisle while mom was unloading the grocery cart. I still do stuff like that to this day…so why not get paid for it?! 🙂

    I never wanted to work – I’m one of the rare females who actually wanted to be a housewife and homemaker. Bake, tend a garden, make stuff for the house, clean (I love to clean) – stuff like that. Alas, the economy decided something different for me. Next time, I’m marrying for money! 😀

    @ Joe – I hope today is a better one for you and Akemi and the puppies. Relax, and enjoy!


  46. Joe, I also wondered if the private jet company is welshing on your refund. You had mentioned their 5-month payment deadline, and that would be this month. They’re not paying? Take more legal action. As someone else said, sue their assets for every last dime. Get it before the company goes under.

    It’s Scary… when pacifists, mild-mannered joes, or people who hold back for fear of really screwing up (heh, me) finally get angry enough to blow… when the anger has achieved critical mass and goes Nuclear. Capable of inflicting collateral damage. People don’t expect it and it scares the crap out of them. Becoming that towering wall of flames may feel vindicating, but only briefly. In the end, “the wall of flames” is the one that gets burned the worst, because you somehow get blamed for everything.

    (Das, I’ve had moments like that with Sassy Dad that I never want to re-live. Love my Dad dearly, but when someone is an Alpha, there’s only one opinion that counts sometimes. The best way to kill a fire is deprive it of oxygen. Just walk away. Remove yourself from a situation that hasn’t changed in 25 years. Stretch yourself to fit a new, healthier situation.)

    When things get that bad, walking or actions are better than talking. Sometimes it’s better to: 1) Assume no guilt. 2) Assign no blame. 3) Get out clean. (With your good reputation.) Actions speak louder than AN-Y-THING else.

    Take action that deprives the fire of oxygen, and then let it go and breathe again. Stress can mess you up badly. Family stress & cultural differences have done a hairy number on me this year. I had to make a decision and move on it. For the sake of my health. Was talking with a friend recently who’s also had enormous stress. What ocurred to me for their sake is just as true for me:

    Life is too short to shorten your life over someone else’s garbage.

    Leave it alone. Walk away. Or take whatever action necessary to make the garbage part of the equation stop. You’ll live longer and enjoy life more. It’s what I’m having to learn.

    Hugs to Maximus, Joe & Akemi, Das, and Narelle, and everyone else wading through the, uh, stuff. 🙂

  47. Life has a way of putting things into perspective… Was at the state fair yesterday afternoon, just hours before the Sugarland concert stage collapsed on the main grandstand. Saw semi trailer after semi trailer loaded with equipment and wondered what kind of stage they were rigging. Looked like it would be huge. Got home just before a freak storm collapsed a large part of the stage, killing five people and seriously injuring many more. Though the state police and state fair director ordered an evacuation, the show’s mgmnt. wanted to continue. My prayers are with the families of all concerned. 🙁

  48. Joe, hope you have a Great DAY! Seriously.
    Have you ever recovered your money from that private jet flight that never happened?

  49. Joe, don’t change. Being reasonable, respectful, mature, courteous, amiable, and having an even-keeled nature are characteristics and qualities to be proud of. Everyone wants to know/be that kind of person. Just keep setting a great example and have a big bowl of ice cream.

    @ Das – with your experience, you could get a job anywhere in several different fields. Payroll, tax, accounts receivable, accounts payable. Why do you stay? Do you have a good retirement plan? Good benefits? When you talk to your Dad about work, you are no longer talking to “Dad”. You are talking to your boss and the owner. Maybe it is time to get a new job and seperate yourself from being employee/daughter to just daughter. Also, you might try posting the payroll rules and processing policy where the employees can see it everytime they walk into your office. Or, if they have not turned in their time or slips, go ahead and prepare a check for them – for minimum wage, 40 hours. You can catch them up next week after they have submitted what you need. And never let them boss you around! (and feel free to ignore dumb suggestions from your internet friends) 🙂

    I’m drinking lemonade and it’s very – tart. I think I’ll make a glass of chocolate milk instead!

  50. @Das (who wrote “If you’re approving posts backwards, you will get this one before ALLLL the other ones I posted. “):
    Reminds of the time a kid got hurt in a karate class I was teaching and kid and I ended up with a fun ambulance ride. I left a series of voicemail messages to my school’s head instructor, who as it turned out heard them all in reverse order. So the first message he heard was the very brief: “Sir, it’s me again. We’re leaving the hospital now — Everything’s fine.” Talk about dramatic build-up.

    Also @Das: Sorry to hear you had such a crappy week. Many’s the time I’ve been glad I don’t work in a family business (or, at least, not my family’s business).
    – KB

  51. I recommend one of those big hanging bags boxers use!! Find one, tape a list of what is currently bugging you and get to it!! Or head to a place where you can discharge firearms for fun!!
    Will you be going to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition)? Bet Akemi would get a kick out of all the stuff there!! I’m heading there next Saturday will be in Toronto from Friday till Sunday. Not sure if I’m going to head to Fan Expo this year. Last year my sister waited over 2 hours just to get in!! We had purchased advanced tickets so that wouldn’t happen. Hope today went better for ya!!

  52. @ for the love of Beckett – Yup, that’s what I do. I just walk away. Thing is, my dad gets over it in 5 seconds, and he’s back to his good ol’ self. I tend to let things fester a bit more. 😛

    @ Ponytail – Believe it or not, I have no self-confidence. Sure, I have confidence when it comes to buggin’ Joe, or getting into a debate over the fate of the Wraith, or going up to a complete stranger and asking to pet their fur coat (yes, I DO do that 😛 … and I’ve never been turned down yet! 😀 ), but when it comes to responsibilities (such as work), I just have no confidence. I’m not really sure I even know how to get a job. I walked into my first job (in the high school library) right after graduation, then I quit that (STUPID!) to help the family, but also because of job stress. I do not interact with real people in real life very well. I mean, to OTHER people I interact okay, but inside I am just a bundle of nerves. I am a loner by nature, and being thrust into a social environment for any length of time makes me very stressed. I was a mess in school, too… all I remember about high school was 4 years of an upset stomach.

    Anyway, that’s why I stay. I do get health insurance, but that’s it. What I really get is peace of mind that I don’t have to deal with too many people throughout the day. 🙂

    @ sorrykb – I just can’t imagine what Joe thought when I made a clarification about bugg[er]ing him. 🙂


  53. Oh, and in other news, we finally got rain today! Almost a whole half inch so far! We’ve been dry for about 5 weeks, and everything was dried up and crispy, including my dogwoods. Of course, parts of the rest of the state have had upwards of 6″. We could stand at least half of that…so hopefully will get a little more tomorrow.

    How is everyone else in Jersey faring?


  54. Just 2 more comments and then I’ll shut up (on this subject). I was reading what for the love of Beckett said and it reminded me…1st, my mom tells me, don’t wait until you are good and mad before you say something. Because then I tend to blow up and who knows what will come out of my mouth. And 2nd, I’m an adult now. Don’t let people push me around. I decide what I am going to do. Nobody else. Don’t be afraid to say NO.

  55. for the love of Beckett: I read about the stage collapse. Terrible but I’m glad you weren’t there.

    Das: Well, you sound better. I hope you can stick it out! May next week be better for everyone!!!!!

  56. Sorry to post again, Mr. M. but I went to see Cowboys and Aliens today. I liked it! Good actors in this flick.

  57. To Tam Dixon – please feel free to use the saying. Usually just repeating it helps. 😉

  58. Yep, @Das… you could work anywhere else and get benefits. BUT, I see the dilemma. You gotta do what you gotta do.

    Maybe some explanation is in order, not necessarily to this one employee, but to all the employees, of how the system operates and why the time card and service slips MUST be handed in on a certain day. You need time to process these things and more importantly, the bank (from whom the cheque comes, right?) must have time to process these things and any paper work handed in later will result in a late cheque – end of story. It should filter down to him without you having to have continual exchanges with him. Good luck with this problem.

  59. Sparrow_hawk said: “Um, DP, I may be mistaken, but I think Majorsal was suggesting the gun for use on the offending party. For stress relief, as it were.”

    *no* eating gun. unless it’s chocolate. :p

  60. Joe, I hope you’re doing better today. Sorry I got so blabby on your blog. 😛 Thanks for letting me stretch out on your comfy couch here and share all my deepest, darkest secrets with all your helpful in-blog psychiatrists and career counselors. It’s really saving me big bucks! 😀


  61. Hey Joe,

    In Scotland we have the same sort of saying but a lot less rosy, simply, “Don’t take kindness for Daftness”!!

    Last thing you need right now is some dickweed stressing you out, geez you got enough on your plate with the wee fella being ill.

    Hope all settles down for ya.

  62. Is it possible that home-sickness for Vancouver is blowing up all the smaller problems out of proportion?

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