The ever-upbeat Alexander R. Ruemelin

Back on set today – even though my episode (#102 – 12 Hours) wrapped two days ago.  I’ve been standing in for Paul who has been busy prepping episodes #104-105 (The Switch and Harvest), overseeing the final two outstanding days on the pilot.  Yes, it’s true!  So much awesomeness it couldn’t be contained in one measly production schedule!

Director Bruce McDonald, back in action. He's a machine!
That's my Exec. Producer chair right there beside the garbage bin.
Simon runs a tight ship.
Waiting around for the next shot. And sandwiches.
A little rain fails to spoil Bruce's parade.
Patrick challenging strangers.
Tara takes flight. It was THAT windy!
On my way to the second location, had to stop for traffic.
The second location.
B Camera rides the friendly skies.
Nice day for a picnic

Big day for Maximus tomorrow.  Wish him luck!

43 thoughts on “August 10, 2011: Back on set!

  1. We’ll be thinking of you guys and thinking only good thoughts! Love and kisses to Max. 🙂

  2. Best wishes Maximus! 🙂 Cool behind the scenes.

    Not sure if this has been posted here yet, the latest JaapVSWDelta StarGate fan video:

  3. Good Luck Max!!!!! Hugs and kisses and skooshy toys and crunchits!!

    Hey, Joe, aren’t you at all offended by what’s on Alexander’s t-shirt? You did say the second episode was yours.

  4. Hugs and lots of love for Maximus. and Joe and Akemi and pups. ~~positive thoughts, positive thoughts~~

  5. Wishing and praying for good stuff for Maximus. Hope you all get a good night’s sleep for the big day. Big HUGS for all of you!

    Wondering if Max eats oatmeal? If yes, bet he would love a bento breakfast box. Akemi’s creations can elevate spirits even with those of us who are not there to partake.

  6. Good luck Maximus with your treatment – hope all goes well!!!

    Joe, are you sure that that “Collission Centre” doesn’t own those geese and sends them out in traffic when business is slow? 😉

  7. G’day Joe
    Good luck to the beautiful Maximus.
    All the best to you Joe and good luck.

  8. Good luck Maximus!!!! I will be thinking of you and of you too, Joe. Hope everything goes well.

  9. Sending all my healing love to Maximus and comforting love to you and Akemi.

    I’m thinking that was a photoshopped picture (with Alex’s t-shirt).

    @Gilder — How did your procedure go?

  10. Sending prayers for safe travel, a good procedure, astoundingly good results, and a sweet boy who will remember the staff and be less worried about it all. Kisses to Maxi-mousse and hugs for Joe and Akemi.

  11. Good luck to Maximus and you, Joe. Good thoughts and vibes and everything else and the kitchen sink your way.

  12. Good luck to Maximus and to you as well! We’re all pulling for the little guy.
    – KB

    P.S. Shipping containers! I love the episode already. You can’t go wrong with shipping containers.

  13. ..really? Canada Geese crossing the road IN Toronto??!! For a moment, I thought you were back in Vancouver! 😀

    You know, You haven’t “LIVED” until You’ve had to Shoo [many] Geese across a Busy Road out of Traffic, IN the RAIN, ON Your Birthday, while on VACATION!!

  14. What a lovely location for a picnic!

    Good luck to you and Max – I hope it goes well.

  15. I don’t seem to be getting all my messages. Missed a few of your posts. This is August, right?

    Anyway, best for the little fighter, Maximus.
    I named my black cat after him. He has a namesake.


  16. Good luck today Maximus! Many hugs to you, little fella!

    Does Alex have those shirts made up daily I can see him ironing stencils on his shirt each morning. Today mine would say “I Heart Eggplant Parmesan.”

  17. That is my kind of traffic jam! Is that where all that roast duck you eat comes from?

    You work with some hotties!

    Joining all previous posts and sending hugs/kisses with Max. Max is getting a lot of hugs today. Max has his own fan club! 😀 I hope it goes well.

  18. Be brave Max and trust your Joe, he wants only the best for you sweetie.

    Good to you both!

    Hang in there Joe & drive safely.


  19. I have my fingers crossed for Maximus, or all thumbs pinched thightly as we say here in Germany. Since I read about his serious condition keep popping in to see if there’s news.

  20. Coucou! Vous allez bien?

    Waou beaucoup de photos! Vous avez bien raison de profiter et garder en mémoire chaque moment..ça peut si rapidement s’arrêté parfois…!

    J’espere que demain nous aurons de bonnes nouvelles concernant Maximus..<3

    Gros bisous!

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