Even though I’m on the other side of the country, my Snow Monkeys will be making another bid for Fantasy Football supremacy.  This season, they square off against the likes of The New Old Spice Guys, Van Isle Vultures, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, and Ivon Bartok’s The Running Dead (among others).  The League, since renamed to RIP Stargate, gets underway with our live draft: September 4, 2:00 p.m. EDT.  Time to set aside the scriptwriting and producing in favor of far more pressing concerns: Chris Johnson or Arian Foster?  Andre Johnson or Roddy White?  The Packers defense or the Steelers D?

Like I wrote on message board: “This’ll be perfect timing. I’ll wrap season one of The Transporter in December, then be back in Vancouver in time to pick up my winnings.”

I was back on set today – the day AFTER my episode wrapped – sitting in for Paul who was in meetings today.

Ennis Esmer rolls out of bed and strolls right onto set.
Tara Yelland: Sassy Car Model
Joe Kicak - DMT and husky owner.
Visual Effects Supervisor Brendan Taylor on set to supervise coffee and chicken salad sandwiches.
I advised Chris that, before going in, he should remove all metal objects like watches, rings, and fillings.

 The other day, a guest star referring to Tara: “She’s got eyes like…”

“A lemur?”I asked helpfully.

“I was going to say Amanda Seyfried.”


Ole lemur-eyes.

Tara read one of my scripts today.  I hovered around as inconspicuously as possible, strolling by every so often as she leafed through the pages, casting intermittent glances over in an attempt to gauge her reaction.  Glancing up and noticing me, she offered her feedback: “Lots of throat punches.”

“Yeah,”I said.  “It’s my signature move.”

Hoping to make effective use of it in the days to come!

29 thoughts on “August 9, 2011: Snow Monkeys Return! Back on Set!

  1. Do you get to take the chair with your name on it back with you? I can hardly tell how anxious you are about returning home…

  2. Oh I remember from incursion part 2.. throat punch….. 😀

    Also…. Tara is awesome… there can never be enough tara pics 😀

    Hope all is well with the transporter.. can’t wait to see the show 🙂

    And I hope things go well with Maximus… 🙁 Give him our love.

  3. Hey Joe,

    I just read the last week’s worth of updates, specifically the parts about Maximus. I’m so sorry to hear about what’s happened. Seeing the little guy’s sad expressions and feeling the melancholy in your words is heartbreaking.

    I really hope things work out for the best; I’m sending all the positive vibes I’ve got towards this radiation therapy thing working its magic on that stubborn tumor. Hey, if Jelly can bounce back, so can Maximus.

    But, if things do go badly, can you take time off work and look after the little guy? Maybe even head back to Vancouver before January? I mean, you’re Executive Producer; they should let you do that, right?

    Anyway, I wish all of you good luck in the upcoming days and weeks, especially Maximus; he should know that there is a whole blog of people pulling for him and his family, whatever happens.

    PS. Despite all this grimness you still managed to make me bust a gut laughing with the Trevor-Homemade-Card update. Freaking hilarious! And, of course, a big Congratulations to Ashleigh on the upcoming nuptials, and a (belated?) Happy Birthday to Andria!

  4. Ever the optimist…no doubt your fellow league players will be impatiently awaiting your return, though I suspect it will be to ensure they collect their winnings than to pay you monies due. Sorry about the downer, but I’m still bummed over yesterday’s post. I do hope I am wrong and that you return to BC in triumph, gloating over the misery and humilation you have inflicted in your fantasy football games upon your erstwhile enemies.

  5. “Joe Kicak – DMT and husky owner.”

    He’s beautiful. He is another one who needs to be in front of the camera and not behind it. Speaking of beautiful…Tara is going to kick your s-assy butt if you don’t watch out.

  6. Is that an MRI machine in a tiny, cement room? The loudness! Instead of being like two trains passing by your head, it would be like that, except in a tiny, cement room.

    Oh, the throat punch/kicking/other-mishaps-involving-neck-pressure-points stories I could tell… If you need realism, you should hire me as a throat strike consultant. But you don’t. As long as it happens exactly 3 times, you can get away with anything.

    Like the time I got punched in the throat in Colorado Springs (high-ish altitude), and had to fight 3 fresh fighters in a row, no rests between fights for me. The number of no-air complications there is almost comical.

    Then there’s the time my sparring partner knocked me out with a kick to the throat while a news crew was walking away – I remember seeing the back of the reporter’s high heels when I hit the ground – waking up while hitting the ground seems to be a theme with throat knock-outs – I won’t charge you for that tip -since you don’t need to know. They totally missed it! But, as far as throat knock-outs go, it was pretty run of the mill.

    Did you know throat punches and kicks have completely different effects? I’ll tell you why for a price.

  7. See my golden retriever/husky dynamic duo that sits on top of my computer: http://www.twitpic.com/5jqku9

    It’s the dog from the movie Snowbuddies. Shasta. And who also is connected with Snowbuddies: Mike Dopud and Mark Savela. Everything is connected to Stargate in some way, shape or form.

    Ennis is on Twitter, BTW.

  8. Some fantasy football questions that need answering:

    Beanie Wells or Ryan Williams? Will Ricky Williams steal tds from Ray Rice? Which QB will start in Washington? Will Peyton miss time with his neck injury?

    This just scratches the surface. Your overall number 1 pick?

  9. RE: “Joe Kicak – DMT and husky owner.”
    ROFLMAO, we got a bunch of dirty old ladies here I see. I said to my daughter — wow he’s hot. Let’s ask Joe to hook you up. She said ” You’re weird.”

    You ever going to answer me about the possibility of you returning to the series next year or if no matter what happens (ie renewal) you have had enough of the town?

  10. You should also advise Chris before going into that thing he should remove any pins or metal screws or plates he might have just hanging around his body. That could really hurt once that giant magnet turns on. Or maybe he might find himself “attracted” to that thing.

  11. When we prepared to take our Melissa for chemo, the vets advised us that it affects dogs differently than it does humans. And as foretold, it certainly did. Melissa was full of spunk and energy for a few days after each treatment. Here’s hoping the same for Max.

  12. Ya know, Joe, my bread and butter the last few seasons has been Wes Welker. I usually pick him up early on, like in the third round when people start getting all their big money wide receivers. I’m in two leagues, both “point per reception” leagues, and the numbers don’t lie, he has the most receptions over the last three years of any receiver in the NFL(at last I checked, anyway). I also like picking receivers that I’m taller and bigger than, as well. It’s kinda weird but it works! Besides, now that NE has Chad Johnson as their new deep-threat, it takes the double coverage off Wesley and makes him the go-to guy for Brady again. Cha-ching!

    I’ve won the championship in one league once and came in second twice in four years and in my first year in my second league I lost the championship game by 11 points. I don’t do hours of research, I just use common sense and practicality. I also lose a lot of sleep over FF, so…good luck!!

    Who all is in the RIP Stargate league? Is it mainly production people or are any of the actors in it?

    Sorry, one more question, in Season 10’s Uninvited and in Continuum, we see Ben driving classic Mustangs, notably a ’65 fastback and a ’70 Mach 1, respectively, are these his personal cars or did someone make a character decision for Mitchell that he should be a Mustang guy? Either way, I love it!!! (I’ve got three myself!)


  13. I think you’re doing everything you can possibly do for Maximus to make him comfortable & he knows he’s loved. You’ve given him a wonderful life. That’s all he’s ever wanted.

    Things looking good for Transporter! Too bad you can’t sneak a sci-fi story element in there…

  14. I wouldn’t bet on the Steelers this year; the season hasn’t even started and they are already in trouble; mouthing off to Goodell, injuring themselves at training camp (which means they didn’t stay in shape during the break). Between the disco dancing and subbing as the Gotham Rogues for Christopher Nolan they’ve devolved into a bunch of fancy whiny dancing babies. It’ll take too many games to whip them back into NFL players.

  15. What kind of husky does Mr. Kicak have? A Siberian? A Malamute? Does he ever bring him/her to work? (I’m such a pushover for northern breeds.) 🙂

  16. David Hewlett is coming to Toronto. Time for another Stargate reunion. A dinner with Michael, David and Marty would be a blast! Be sure to take pictures for us.

  17. Joe, it’s my friend Jumble’s birthday today (the 10th) any chance of a blog dedications? She’s a loyal reader (even though Martin Wood is her favorite PTB…what’s up with that?)


  18. Joe,

    I have a question about the DHDs from SG-1. Carter and O’Neill found a DHD in Solitudes. Also, there was a DHD in Touchstone in a truck in the plane hangar. If this is the case, why is it that it was made clear that the Russians were in sole possession of the only DHD in 48 Hours? What happened to the two DHDs from Solitudes and Touchstone?

    Also, I am very curious about the Enkarans. Where did SG-1 discover them? Why were they rescued from where they were found? And why was it not possible to temporarily house them at the SGC? If they were UV sensitive, how could they have been at risk 28 levels beneath the surface of the earth and sun? As far as I understand, UV could not penetrate that deeply.

    I have additional SG-1 questions but that will suffice for now.

    Thank you in advance for your answers.

    By the way, you never told me if you received the books I sent you.


    PS. I will be visiting Toronto very soon. Any restaurant recommendations besides Scarpetta? Preferably inexpensive recommendations 🙂 Thanks..

  19. Hi Joe:
    It has been a long time since I have posted.
    I have been in a bit of depression since SGU went off the air 🙁
    Anyways.. Can you possibly let us know who you will be targeting in your fantasy football league for each position ?
    I cant figure out if I am going to try to get Philip Rivers again or possibly try to get Mike Vick. I am not sure if I will even get a chance to pick em, but if I do , do you think it would be a good pick, or do you have another QB in mind ?
    Plus I am thinking of picking up Blunt for one of my running back if he is availible. I think he is going to have a great year. Last year he ran for over 1000 yards and only played in like 10 games ?
    I will be rooting for you!


  20. Also looks like SYFY is up to their same tricks again. did you read they cancelled Eureka ? They already filmed season 5 which has not aired yet ( in fact they are still airing season 4.5. on monday they said they ordered 6 eps for season 6. Then Craig engler twittered that it was not the end of the show. then tuesday SYFY announces they changed their mind and will not order anything for seasaon 6.
    then wednesday they announced they will order 1 ep to fininsh up the show.
    can you believe this ? The show pull sin over 2 million viewers live every single week, and they think they can justify cancellng it?
    It seems to me they are on a mission to cancel every sci- fi show on that network. Pretty soon they will probally just change the name to the reality show cannel , or maybe ghost hunters network.
    Or maybe wrestling 24/7 !
    So dont feel bad about stargate..Eureka has been pulling in huge numbers for years and syfy still cancels it. What a joke !

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