The awesome Bruce McDonald kicks back after another looooooong day.

Sweet, sweeet Saturday sleep.  I now look forward to my late weekend mornings the same way I used to look forward to new issues of The Mighty Avengers or ice cream on a hot summer day.  It’s been another exhausting week, but we got some really great stuff – thanks, in great part, to our fantastic director, Bruce McDonald.  Not only is he terrifically talented, but he’s also one hell of a nice guy.  A true pleasure to work with.

Speaking of “pleasure to work with”, look at who moved into my office while I was away shooting episode #102…

Yes, it’s our buddy Carl Binder who you may remember from such productions as Pocahontas, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Little Men, Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: Universe, and  Look at how thrilled he is to be working with us again.

Laisse les bon temps rouler!

Today, we were in two places at once: the clean room location AND our standing sets!

Tim and Bruce conspire.
Bruce reveals his master plan to Richard.
A rare collectible shot of Tara smiling.

Watched some of the footage from the big fight sequence this afternoon.  Wow!  As Alexander pointed out: “There’s nothing like this on television.”  Cyril’s choreography is unbelievable – fluid, fast, and fun.  As for Chris Vance, our Frank – well, like my writing partner Paul likes to say: “He’s a superstar.”  He’s smart, dedicated, intense, an incredibly hard worker, a great actor, and a good, good person.  He’s incredibly charming and can command the screen with something as simple as a purposeful march down a long corridor.  Can’t wait to see the viewer reaction to his Frank Martin when the show premieres in 2012.

Took home the director’s cut of the pilot.  Something to peruse this weekend while finishing up the rewrite of Sharks and writing up my Wrap Report for episode #102, 12 Hours.

Tee hee!

Yet another Stargate reunion tomorrow night.  Michael Shanks is back in town and I’ll be getting together with him, Carl, and Marty G. for a night of revelry and reminiscences.

To the weekend!

20 thoughts on “August 5, 2011: The Transporter – Episode #102 – 12 Hours – Day #7!

  1. i hope we get some sneak previews before 2012… like some promotional clips

  2. Hey again, Joe!

    I’m guessing Michael Shanks will be sticking around for awhile, as he is a guest at FanExpo in a few weeks? Which, on that note, will you be attending?

    Wishing for all the best for you, the production and Maximus!

  3. Joe, disregard my ReFuel question. Cancelled trip; too sick to travel.

    Congrats on finishing the episode shoot.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about Max. It’s reassuring that you are doing everything you possibly can for him. He’s a tough little guy, and I have hope that he will overcome this. But I know how hard it must be for you emotionally.

    It’s been rough for my mom these past two weeks. She just never fully came back mentally from her trip to the hospital three weeks ago. She went back in last night with an infection.

    At least I can focus on my mom. I can’t imagine how hard it is for you when you’re being tugged in so many different directions. My thoughts are with you and Max.

  5. Don’t peruse the director’s cut. Savor it. N/m, you don’t have time. Multi-task away.

  6. Shanks, Sharks…I can’t keep track!!

    It’s like…1 am. Just got back from Cowboys and Aliens and I really liked it. Earlier in the evening we were looking for a place to eat – all the deck restaurants were filled – so we ended up here:

    I was pleasantly surprised. It was a bit more than I was looking for, but the food was good, and we sat out on the porch and it was a beautiful evening, so that just made the whole experience all the better. We both got a goat cheese, roasted beet, and arugula salad which was very tasty – the dressing was excellent! Hubby got the shrimp ravioli app and the portion was just right for him (he’s not a big eater), while I got the seared teres major of beef au poivre – which is a fancy way of saying I had chunks of meat. 😀 And tasty chunks they were! Everything was so good! We had to skip dessert in order to make the movie, but I was eyeing up the sticky toffee pudding…maybe next time!


  7. Yes, do tell (the surgeon’s info). Nice to see Carl again. Along with American Idol we both apparently love Curb Your Enthusiasm. His SGU stories always had a lot of soul to them, so I look forward to seeing the kick-ass.

    Chris Vance. Adore. Like I said before, was disappointed with “Mental” on Fox got cancelled. Creeped me out in “Dexter.” Then he popped in on Fairly Legal and I was thrilled because it was entirely different kind of character. I didn’t watch Prison Break though, although we were interested at the time (we had too many TV commitments).

    @Sparced You are thinking small time. I think all the regulars on the blog should get a preview copy of the pilot episode so we can go out and spread the word. Hey, a girl can dream.

  8. When we going to hear about the “haunted production”?

    Also, good luck with your sweet little Maximus.

  9. Man, you really ARE sleeping in today! 😀 Hope everyone has a nice, relaxing – and refreshing – day today, you all need it.

    Okay…so, anyone out there familiar with this Drizzt Do’Urden fella. It’s a bit more fantasy than I want (or like), but everyone is telling me that the guy is right up my alley. Thoughts?


  10. @Gilder… hope you feel better soon.

    LOL on Carl’s happiness to be there.

    I’m guessing Michael Shanks will be sticking around for awhile, as he is a guest at FanExpo in a few weeks? ::::::::::
    Unless he is working (and he has several guest star roles on a few shows right now– I doubt he’d hang out for a few weeks unless he is working there.

  11. @ das – Yep, Drizzt is a dark elf with long, flowing, white hair and purple eyes. You’d love him!

    Take my advice and start with the first book, don’t just jump in anywhere.

    Mind you, they’re not ‘picture books’…

    (another character from the Forgotten Realms fantasy setting)

  12. @ Gilder – Awww…that’s a shame. Hope you feel better soon!

    @ Elminster – Thanks for the tip! Someone told me to start with the prequel Homeland…so I’ll have to look into picking it up. Might make for some good winter reading. 🙂


  13. Sorry to hear about all the folks not feeling well. Saw Rise of the Apes today. Not bad. Fun seeing DH running about onscrene. Be interesiting to see how the sequels go. Hoping for improvement for all the regualrs, two legged and four.

  14. Hey Joseph.. There are some pics of food in this post and i was wondering if you know some pancakes’ recipe and could you share them.. Damn!! In Italy i can’t find anything that could be good.. That tastes fine.. Thanks a lot Joseoh..

    post scriptum: i apologize for language mistakes if there are

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