I spent much of the day working on that damn rewrite of Payback, taking a break only to check out the lame Caribana Fest that offered up eight-dollar jerk chicken sandwiches and corn on the cob as a presumed “taste of islands”.  So much for the oxtail, curried goat, and plantain I was expected.  Screw it.  I ended up going to Rodney’s Oyster House for an oyster po’boy, then Soma for chocolates – and back home for a healthy second helping of rewrite.

Tonight, it was off to Scarpetta.  “Scarpetta?!”you say.  “Why?  Was someone in town?”.  Well, as a matter of fact, yes.  Mike Dopud (who, you may know remember, played the role of Varro in Stargate: Universe) is in town, doing some stunt work on Total Recall.  He was just in Montreal doing a guest spot on Blue Mountain State in which he plays a very colorful character.  Don’t want to say too much but judging from the pics of his wardrobe, I’d say he had a blast doing it.

Anyway, it was great to catch up with Mike.  We talked Stargate, our old stomping grounds of Montreal, our new hometown of Vancouver, and Mike’s hair-raising close shaves in his days as a club bouncer (check out the scars!).  And we also enjoyed a mighty fine dinner…

Akemi came armed.
Onion Varietals with goat cheese, pine nuts, and agro dolce. My favorite starter. Well, it's actually part of the vegetarian menu but any item in a vegetarian menu can be considered a starter so far as I'm concerned.
Akemi's favorite, the rosemary scialatielle with lobster, basil, and lentils. Technically, her favorite on this menu - but she still prefers the black pasta we had at the Scapetta in Vegas.

Believe it or not, I passed on the Amedei chocolate cake in favor of the restaurant’s fab coconut panna cotta.  Seriously.  Also sampled a new dessert item – their version of a Baba au Rhum that proved disappointingly dry and lacking the sumptuous rum and cream-saturation characteristic of every other version I’ve tried. The only real misstep of the night.

Anyway, great to see Mike and, hopefully, we’ll get the chance to work together again sometime in 2012 back in Vancouver.

I’ve got something in mind…

21 thoughts on “July 30, 2011: Dinner with Mike!

  1. he’d be great in transporter. But I think he should play a real bad guy like one of those refined gang boss you see in movies. That or another transporter, you know transporter vs transporter lol. He’s gonna have to meet his counterpart at some point.

  2. I second that comment Sparrow_hawk!

    More Mike Dopud please; I mean, I know he’s married, but hey, a girl can dream?
    And he is a fine actor. Nice pics here.

    G’night all!

  3. I am just up (0607 hrs.) and I was sure that Mike Dopud was knitting in first picture – I scoured your blog entry for a reference to his knitting skill and, after finding nothing, had a better look at the photograph.

    I think that I need to go back to bed. 🙂

  4. Lame festival? Clearly you didnt stick around for the shootings. Would have reminded you of vancouver.

  5. Joe,

    It has been a while since I last commented.

    RE: Mike Dopud, I’m sure many people would be delighted to see him cast in Transporter: The Series. If he is already making an appearance in some fashion or another, I must’ve missed any mention of it. Either way, it’ll be great to see him in Transporter season 2.

    On another note, I recently re-watched the 3 Transporter movies. Each has its own pros/cons but overall they’re very entertaining. Looking forward to seeing the series follow suit. I have a list of must-haves for the series that will pop up in my August 1 blog entry over at Divine Diddly. To name one, Evil B.A.B.E.s (aka Bad Ass Bitches from Europe). 😉

    Dr. D.

  6. Joe – did you make plans to get back to Vancouver even before you arrived for this gig in Toronto?

  7. I was pulling for Mike Dopud to be cast as the lead when The Transporter was still in early development. Looking forward to seeing him in a guest star role.

  8. Mike Dopud! What a hottie! 😀 I loved him as Varro on SGU. He was becoming a favorite character of mine. I was really hoping that Varro and TJ would hook up. 🙂 Makes me miss SGU even more.

  9. Mike Dopud is looking sexy as usual! Speaking of sexy, my car, Sexy, dog, Hershey, and I made it down to Florida in one piece! (thanks for the seat belt tip!) I’m still trying to unpack Sexy, but I’m only staying with a friend temporarily (for like 3 months ish), so I don’t want to unpack everything until I find my own place.

    I love all the behind-the-scenes pictures from Transporter! It’s interesting to follow it from the beginning and see how it develops into what we eventually get to see on screen. If I get to see it on screen (I don’t have Cinemax here, just basic cable), that is.

  10. He’s such a nice guy. Puts up with us rabid fans in such a polite way. : ) Maybe in a future episode of Transporter he can be one of the bad guys (since he did not get the role as Frank)? That would be rad.

  11. I saw Mike in Atlanta for a Stargate/Doctor Who convention. He was great. I talked to him very briefly, He was very approachable and gracious.

  12. Hey all,

    Spent the past week enjoying SGU season 2 dvds.

    Joe, so strange, I didn’t know Mike Dopud’s name/background until watching one of Ivan Bartok’s Grey Road dvd extras, then…

    POOF! you have dinner with him! WOW for the coincidence…

    Joe, overall the SGU commentaries were chuckers compared to SG-1’s. Too many “all actor” commentaries rather than the prized combo “showmaker/actor” – my fav anyways and less meandering &&&&&& (shuts up)


  13. Is Dopud making a guest appearance in Transporter: The Series?

    I must have missed any mention of that, just saw that he’s doing stunts for Total Recall and has a guest spot on Blue Mountain State. Nothing about Transporter, though.

  14. Waving hi to Akemi!!

    Mike Dupud – loved him as Varro and Kyrik (sp). Such eye candy!

    It would seem that Akemi prepped Mike on foody/dining/feeding challenges and they are both ready.

  15. Joe, I lived for two weeks in Jamaica. It was great – we made friends with some locals, and went into parts of Jamaica tourists don’t normally venture into. One such place was the Cockpits – up in the mountains – an area originally settled by runaway slaves and pirates, and fiercely guarded from outsiders. We went to a Maroon settlement (the towns surrounding Cockpit Country), to meet the parents of one of the fellas we became friends with (because, you see, he wanted to marry me…lol…long story). Anyway, Cockpit Country is gorgeous, and I would love to visit it again someday.

    Anyway, while in Jamaica our cook was an elderly local woman. No lobster. No prime rib. No hamburgers…and no oxtail soup (that I can recall), or curry.

    LOTS of ackee and saltfish, plantain, yellow yams, pumpkin soup, and dasheen (taro). The pumpkin soup was delicious, but the rest…well, it didn’t set well with my teenage tastebuds. I’m also pretty sure we ate goat, but it wasn’t curried, from what I recall. I didn’t discover patties until the last day – they were delicious! Had I discovered the patties a bit earlier, maybe I wouldn’t have lost so much weight on that trip. 😛

    In other news, the world is coming to an end. You know how I know? Because I went to the beach today for the first time in about 4 or 5 years. It was lovely. 🙂


  16. Long time stalker, first time replier, how is it that you don’t weigh 200kg? every second post is you going out to dinner. It’s making me want to skip going to the gym and find a local restaurant that serves Onion Varietals with goat cheese, pine nuts, and agro dolce.

  17. Lovely Varro (and Kiryk!) He’s in a ton of cool stuff; Blood and Chrome, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes–love the trailer for that. The plates are beautiful, the onions look very tasty.

    I made some terrific and easy eggplant parmesan this weekend. My Jersey City cousin taught me to fry the eggplant in a pan, but that takes lots of oil. It finally dawned on me that I could roast the eggplant slices in my wonderful enamel roasting pan with keilbasa; the eggplant came out tender and crisp on the edges. Then I baked tender eggplant and crispy keilbasa with layers of bread, lots of mozzarella, and diced tomatoes. It was even better the next day.

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