Today, I had a discussion about the casting of a minor recurring character.


At one point, I considered making an executive decision to rewrite the role for my dog Maximus (see his head shot in my blog banner).  In the end, however, I opted to table the discussion to focus on other pressing matters like that rewrite of episode #2 (“12 Hours”) and, of course, lunch –

A rare behind-the-scenes pic of yours truly – in this case, enjoying our catered Mexican lunch.  Look at how I’m savoring that refried bean wrap!

Later in the afternoon, I swung by set to check out the first day of production on the pilot, getting there just in time to catch our Frieder doing his nefarious strut. He is PERFECT (ly diabolical)!  I hung around until Andy Mikita chased me – and a pack of pesky pigeons – away…

 Okay, one more.  This time smiling…


Check out the dogs!

32 thoughts on “July 12, 2011: And we’re off!

  1. You look as tired as I feel. I sure hope I don’t have to move again anytime soon. We will be leaving in 12 days for the west coast. Hope your stress goes away soon.

    Have a good night!!!!

  2. Joe:

    I hope that recurring character is played by Frank Cassini. Don’t make me come over there. Seriously…don’t…make me. Make me. I love Toronto, heat, crowd and racoons.


  3. Joe, you look very tired. Hopefully things will equalize a bit once the show gets running. Take care of yourself!

  4. Your name’s not Luc Besson.

    And your job title’s not…n/m, I don’t know what your job title is. Sounds like it has something to do with casting.

    So many frowns. 🙁 Even Stewie’s sad. Is that a ledge? An open window? A five foot drop? Don’t do it, Stewie! She’ll be back.

  5. Okay, look Mister! You think you can shorten your blog entry and we won’t complain just because you add on a few dog pictures?! Do you really think we are going to fall for the … (oh how sweeeet!!) … little doggie faces … (stewie is adooorable!!!) … and be entertained by…. (oh I just want to squeeeeze and hold them tight!!!) …. carefully placed …. (my dog sits behind me toooo!!!) … dog photos, there just to ….(give me your dogs, now!!!) … act like a big baby’s pacifier … (how much is that doggie in the window?!) …. so you can rest or… (come here and give me some sugar you little baby doll!!) …. something?! We ain’t falling … (look at that cute little smunch’in face!!) … for it! So stop …(gimme a big kiss!!!) … that right now!

    PS: and Andy is pretty cute in those pictures too! (he’s got a cute little face too)

  6. Congratulations on the first day of production on the pilot!

    Whoo Hoo!

    Nice try, Joe. You had me going there. This is a blog post for celebrating!

    Can I get a whooot up in heya?

  7. I agree with everyone else here, you do look tired Joe, that said you do have a lot to deal with, like the Transporter stuff and the Akemi stuff.

    Either way hope things improve for you.

    By the way, Mikitas facial expression is literally indentical in both pictures lol

  8. Is that minor recurring character a migraine headache? Sure sounds like you’ve got one! Feel better.

  9. Hey! You going to eat your pickle?

    Looks like Andy is giving you the evil eye or is their something in his eye.

    Well at least you do not have to recreate any Blazing Saddle senses.

    Sorry too many “Nordeast” tonight. Speaking of today you forgot your discussion of topic regarding Akemi, or did she place things in proper perspective, hence the long face?

    Almost finished rewatching Season 3 of SG1. Hope to catch up to you in your final stages of season 10.

  10. Like the shirt!

    You didn’t cast Maximus? That makes me sad. Hey, you could put one of your dogs in every episode and have us figure out where. I smell contest. I certainly didn’t realize that Andy was so funny.

    Is that Stewie? I have a cat that does the same thing to me. They really do think they own every chair in the house, even if you happen to occupy it at the time. Still, very adorable.

  11. I love the idea of seeing Maximus in the Transporter. Even if he’s just there to give Frank a lesson on how to sleep properly, I’d be cool with that.

  12. Oh great. Looks like Joe has finally snapped under all the pressure of the show and being in Toronto and now thinks he’s Luc Besson. I suppose he’s just one more stressed-out meeting away from growing a beard and speaking exclusively in French.

    Now, of course, if Joe can crank out something like The Fifth Element in this delirious state, then I’m all for it. More stress I say! More stress!

    (Can you tell I just quickly wiki-ed Luc Besson to find out who he actually was? No, of course you can’t)

    Seriously though, this first day must be pretty full considering the truncated blog entrie; not complaining though; doggies and a normal-looking Andy Mikita is already pretty great. 😉 Hope it’s all going well!

    @ Sparrow_hawk, Tammy Dixon, das, and DP: *waves back* Hey you guys! Thank you for the warm welcome-back! 😀

    Finally, sending all good thoughts available to Narelle! Hope she gets better soon!

  13. Bonjour 🙂 Comment allez vous?

    Waouo!! Trop la class avec votre T-shirt! Je veux le même, sauf qu’a la place de “Luc Besson” je veux qu’il y ai marqué “Joseph Mallozzi” ♥

    Vos chiens sont toujours aussi adorable!!
    Gros bisous!
    anais 🙂

  14. Oh, the jpys of a new job. I hope the recurring character is one that can be upgraded to a major character. That way your investment of time would be worth it. Though I do prefer the idea of Maximus being put into the show. Of course, you run the risk of having the dogs taking over the show and upstaging the humans. Then again, you would be the dogs’ agent…
    Hope you enjoy the hectic birthing process, and looking forward to you catching your breath and having the time to give us a long, lazy post someday.

  15. Hello Joe,

    courage! Le travail c’est bon pour la santé !! Comme disait mon père: Tu n’as pas voulu étudier; bien alors travaille maintenant!.

    Ceci dit, je répète ma suggestion de considérer la ville de Québec comme lieu alternatif de tournage pour des scènes d’action en Europe. Si Steven Spielberg l’a fait dana “Catch me if you can” pourquoi pas vous. Les coûts de production de ces scènes seraient très réduits. La ville à un caractère typiquement européen qui cadre

    avec le c ontexte de votre série


  16. Joe, you look exhausted and unhappy. I’m sure all of the work and meetings will ultimately pay off in a fantastic production. I’m glad your ‘bad guy’ is a good one. If that makes sense.

    @Narelle: Get well soon! I hope you are getting some rest.

    @ponytail: great post! Made me smile.

  17. Meh, Joe…forget that link. Looks like it would involve actually moving to England, and I’m pretty sure you’d never be able to handle the mushy peas, Marmite and over-cooked beef. 😉


  18. Gosh Joe, you look as happy as Trevor was when strangers tried to name his first born.

    I’m now hooked on Misfits, and after seeing how far they go with language and love scenes I have to ask is Transporter going to be PG-13, R or Unrated? European TV is way saucier than the US; heck Canadian TV is way way spicier than US networks; sure HBO is pretty salty but nothing compared to what airs in Europe. So co-production means more leeway for cussin’ and such, right?

    Also how can we get one of them cool Luc Besson tees?? Contests? Cage fightin’? Extreme rock paper scissors?

  19. Thanks for the pics of Andy… he always cracks me up. At least when he’s there u know things are in good hands on set.

    Is there any truth to the rumor that Maximus has a bit part in Men In Black III? He’d look quite dapper wearing one of their suits and strutting his stuff to Will Smith’s MIB theme song.

  20. You look tired indeed. I am hoping it was an all night “come to Jesus meeting” (as we say in the south) for discussing Akemi’s panties and not you getting sick. You need more rest. And chocolate.

  21. You need a nap! Thanks again for posting. It must be tough finding time to post those excellent doggie pictures and your daily news.

    Our local “news of the weird” is a black bear that has been traveling through three states. They finally caught the bear! It didn’t attack anything but dog food. It was spotted last week after it ate a strawberry cake someone had put in their garbage. Wittnesses say the bear had cake smeared all over it’s face.

    PG15: How is it going?

    Narelle: I hope your are feeling better!

  22. Erm…you don’t really look like you’re enjoying that.

    Come to think of it the dogs would be good in any role – they look cute enough.

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