Okay.  I think I’m just going to open up a little comic book and genre book shop in Vancouver.

Sometime in 2012.

Maybe sooner.

Hey, check it out.  Look at what Akemi made Alexander.  He was, of course, thrilled.

As were my co-workers because, as planned, I brought in my homemade truffles this morning.

Talk about karma.  No sooner did I drop off the chocolates in the kitchen than I ran into Mega who had a treat for me.  Macarons!

No calm before the storm.  Actually a completely different storm before the storm.  Tomorrow, we start shooting the pilot.  Today, we discussed costumes, tone meetings, production strategy, script revisions, timings, boards, character backstories, arcs, and the perils of shoe buckles.  We also found time to pay a little visit to set…

Tim Bider, Master of Ceremonies
The BIG stage
Frank's pool
Future car exteriors

I got home for 7:30, had to deal with the outstanding issues that followed me home, ate, then spent two hours writing an email.

Let’s end today’s entry on a high note – Akemi in the new apron her mom sent her from Japan.

Tomorrow, we check out her new panties.

38 thoughts on “July 11, 2011: The storm before the storm!

  1. @Tomorrow, we start shooting the pilot.

    Best of luck with that, its been a long time coming and it hope it goes well for everyone!

    I’m kinda wondering how you can be shooting a pilot when your sets aren’t fully made(As per your pics) but I’m guessing you’l be doing exterior scenes first.

  2. well, if you have a online componant to your store, you should do fine. I suspect that you’ll be a tad too busy with seasons three and four of transporter to get around to running a store though. With luck, we’ll get to enjoy more comics by you and Paul. Enjoy the roller coaster ride and hope it leaves you thrilled and satisfied.

  3. joe said: Okay. I think I’m just going to open up a little comic book and genre book shop in Vancouver. Sometime in 2012. Maybe sooner.

    do you mean that, joe?

    i don’t live in vancouver, but COME HOME, JOE!! 😀 😛

  4. Well which is it, you are starting to shoot or checking out Akemi’s new panties.

    Um, you might want to let Mr Sunshine test taste your foods when Akemi reads this blog, lol.

    Very cute apron. 🙂

  5. what happened to your stargate episode memories, i was looking forward to you getting to Atlantis?

  6. @ Tomorrow, we check out her new panties. –

    No, Joe, we’d rather check out yours! *wriggles eyebrows* And I’m calling it – Spider-Man Underoos!! 😀


  7. Love, love, love Akemi’s new apron. She would be beautiful in anything.

    @ Randomness – I think those are old set pictures. You don’t think Joe would post what they look like today do you? It would give too much away.

  8. I’ve got a question! I’ll be in Vancouver for the last week of July – any particular culinary recommendations? I’m planning to check out the brunch at Refuel given the constant praise it’s received here. We’re a group of conference-going graduate students, so nothing too extravagant, s’il vous plaît.

  9. Hello Joe:

    I second @pmagent. Please continue with your Stargate reminiscences.

    Joe, is there a particular food that you would not want to live without? I don’t mean a particular dish…I’m referring to something like Roast beef that can be made into a variety of dishes, or shrimp that can be made into some amazing entrees. Would you miss chicken if it disappeared off the face of the earth? For me it would be chicken because it’s so versatile. Second on my list would be shrimp, in all it’s incarnations.


  10. Bahaha, as much as I’m sure many on this blog wouldn’t mind seeing Akemi’s panties, I doubt that’s a serious proposal!

    JOE – I had a horrifying thought…. what if… there’s no fantasy football season!? The Snow Monkeys need redemption!

  11. “Tomorrow, we check out her new panties.”



    Hey Joe and everybody! I’m back for a visit. I still read all the entries, but real life is starting to interfere with the commenting and such, which kinda sucks.

    All the sets look great. I can see that, being the daredevil that he is, Frank chooses to install a ladder next to his pool so that he can do his high jumps. Very nice, and very dangerous considering how shallow that pool is. Oh, Frank.

    Anyway, I’m off to bed extra early since I gotta get up at 3am to do some Science[tm]. Good luck with the shooting, Joe!

  12. Joe,
    Best of everything with the kick off tomorrow. Storm or no, you’ll shine like the awesome writer that we all know you are and will be long after any comic book store you open!

    Hey did you hear, Alaina Huffman’s sweet Bridget went to Heaven Saturday July 9 2011. She was attacked by a Pit-Bull… http://yfrog.com/kht9ibhj It has to be so hard to deal with the lost of a beloved pet! Please send her this fan’s condolences when you next talk with her.

  13. Joe,
    you make me 555(sorry Thai). Anyway, the Treats look great! My girlfriend was discussing her recent video purchases. She loves actions movies and three of them were the series of Transporters. I hope to get over their soon and see how the translations went. I tried to one up her by saying I read the blog of the guy who is creating the TV series. Not sure she was that impressed.

    But, tomorrow is what it is all about, isn’t it? Best of Luck!

  14. The apron is nice but I think the person wearing it is definitely Kawaii.

    Joe, any plans for your store to also do online sales? I’m sure many people internationally would like to buy from your future store.

  15. Good Luck to everyone involved with the production with shooting of the pilot!

    Make it a *good* show!
    …and yes…Alexander…I’m looking at you when I say that.

  16. Hey Joe,

    I know I’ve been gone for too long. A continuing 6 months of a migraine makes reading mostly impossible. Plus I’ve been trying to put Stargate in the proper place in my mind. All of your wonderful memories that you shared here is very much appreciated. I was thinking today that this summer will be fun catching up.

    The sets look great…wish I could see them in person. I miss being able to ” just go to the set.”

    Best to you and the pups…
    Cheryl 🙂

  17. What a cute apron! Will keep the chocolate off her nice clothes. Hope Akemi’s family is doing ok, keep hearing about another earthquake, serious stuff.
    Joe have fun today at work.
    @cherluvya, hoping the migraine goes away, awful painful, have you tried all the remedies?
    Alex looks a wee bit like one of the characters in transporter.

  18. Comics and Chocolates – perfect together. Something to think about, Joe.

    Hey pg15! Nice to see you. I hope you’re busy with good things

    @cherluvya: I hope you get some relief from the migraine soon.

  19. Cute apron! How did Akemi make her little package for the chocolate? Looks so professional!

    PG15: Glad you dropped by! I hope school is going ok.

    Has anyone heard from Narelle? On Twitter, she said the doctor diagnosed her with pneumonia. Hopefully, after a few days of antibiotics, she is feeling better. Sending good health vibes to you Narelle!

    I wish I could send you some of this heat/humidity from the deep South. It’s supposed to be around 100F/37.8C today. I love Air Conditioning!

  20. “Tomorrow, we check out her new panties.”

    Joe! I am both offended and not offended. Who am I kidding. *chuckles to self* She is gonna kill you.

  21. @Ponytail

    Good point, I feel silly now thinking the sets weren’t even finished. lol

    Still, I wonder what the area around Franks pool looks like, I’m guessing it’l be somewhat smart.

  22. Cute apron! I haven’t worn once since seventh grade home economics, which might explain why I have so many darn spots on my clothes. Akemi should totally write a book of Akemi-isms, recipes and travel stories.

    Frank’s house kinda looks a little like it did a few weeks ago. Except with more green screen. I thought it would look like the smart house in Eureka house, swanky and mod. Have high hopes for it though.

    Ugh, don’t own a shop; it’s like owning a bear trap that you wear around the most tender part of your ankle. You’re a writer, dammit. But you can write a great novel about the owner of a comic shop in Vancouver. I keep making plans to run away to Alaska, usually around the time my scripts get hairy (as in now).

  23. @ Randomness – upon further review, maybe that is a shot of the backside of the set. Joe is a tricky little devil. See if you can get him to walk around those wooden walls and get some more pictures…

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