The production train is about to leave the station!  All aboard who’s coming aboard!  Everyone else get the f*ck out of the way.  Move or be REmoved!

We’re now two days away from the start of main unit principal photography on Transporter and I feel like I’m in the heart of a maelstrom.  Time to dispense with the niceties and step up.  From here on in, all paths – creative, production, or otherwise – lead through us.  And by “us”, I mean Alexander, Paul, and me.  It’s been a whirlwind four months, but they’ll be nothing compared to the five months that lie ahead.

Alexander – Episode timing and preliminary schedule in tow, starts his pass on episode #7.  Time to reconsider the B-story and streamline the narrative.  Once he’s done with that, he’s got to get moving on writing episode #8.

Paul – Up to his eyeballs in prep for episode #1 (“Pilot”) alongside Stephen, the episode director.  We had the read-thru on Wednesday and now it’s the final push of meetings, rehearsals, fight training, and stunt planning before this baby goes to camera on Tuesday.  Paul, as the episode’s Supervising Producer, will be on set for its entirety.  Hope his laptop is charged up as he’s still got the rewrite of episode #4 on his plate.

As for me – no sooner did I put out new drafts of episode #2 (“12 Hours”) and #6 than I received another batch of notes.  Spent last night doing another pass on the former and am patiently awaiting feedback on the latter.  In the meantime, I’m about to start a rewrite on episode #5.  A pass on episode #3 also awaits.  As if that wasn’t enough, prep fast approaches on that second episode which I’ll be producing.  Yesterday, we got a jump on that by heading out on a preliminary location scout for “12 Hours” along with Bruce, the episode’s director.

Plenty of fighting room = Check!
To be honest, it's not in the script. Still, an interesting location we can file away for future reference.
The first thing I do when I walk into a room is check out the potential fighting props: the tables, the rolling chairs, the shelves - even the exit sign. Our Frank is a resourceful combatant.
Who knows what lies beyond the yellow doors.
Okay. We do. It's a clean room. Love the lighting.
Potential way out or possible way in?
Not sure what happens when you go inside and lock the door. Unfortunately, Tim refused to be a good sport and allow us to test it on him.
Flammable or inflammable? Which is it?!!
Ah, the lurid reception area.

Yes, we’re all very busy – but perhaps the busiest individual of all is series director Andy Mikita (who you may recognize from, oh, about every second or third episode of the Stargate franchise) who is overseeing style continuity for all aspects the production.  He’s reading scripts, going over storyboards, reviewing second unit dailies from Europe, discussing schedules and timings, meeting with department heads, helping to prep the first two episodes, and addressing endless other issues.  And he won’t be catching a breather any time soon.  In a few weeks, it’ll be his turn to take the directing reins on not one but two episodes as we block shoot #4 and #5.

Finally, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the inexhaustible Susan Murdoch who has been juggling a dizzying array of schedules, timings, budgets, and availabilities.

And then there’s everyone else in the production office: Sonia, Anna, Brenda, Mega, Trevor, Tim, Tim, Tim, Craig, Sarah, Patricia, Adrian, Ryan, Jeff, Doug, Patrick, Bruce, and the countless others who you’ll eventually meet on this blog as things move along.

It’s going to be a long, exhausting, but no doubt immensely satisfying rest-of-the-year and I know the finished product is going to kick ass.

Finally, on the heels of yet another broadcaster summit, I leave the final word (in picture) to M6 Executive Julien DeWolf –

All Systems Go!

25 thoughts on “July 9, 2011: Transporter production update!

  1. Dont forget to breathe Joe, Good luck, have fun, hug the dogs, eat some chocolate,,only 5 more months, and click those heels together…

  2. I believe the quote from Gen. Patton was, “Lead me, follow me or get the hell out of the way.”

  3. i noticed Robert C Cooper’s name is rarely mentioned even though he’s an exec producer.

    Is he juggling other projects on top of the Transporter or is it just that he has a more limited role in production?

  4. The only bad thing about all your behind the scenes peeks is the fact we have to wait so long to see the final product…glad to see you are having fun. You even sound younger and happier, which is truly weird iwhen you’re using a written medium.

  5. @Potential way out or possible way in?

    I would say both, I’m guessing Frank uses this to get into the area he needs to be, rescues/gets what hes been told to get, make his way out, and quickly dashing to his rather nice car.

    Am I wrong?

    I guess between my guess you could put action/shoot outs and a hasty escape scene lol

  6. Wow, there certainly is a lot of behind the scenes stuff that has to be planned and worked out.

    “We’re now two days away from the start of main unit principal photography on Transporter”

    Awesome, Congrats! 🙂 Must make you all feel good to reach certain points like this. Guess once all of the first season’s episodes are complete and ready to air, you all must celebrate big time huh? Or maybe that’s when you start wondering what the ratings will be like…?

  7. 🙁 Do you talk to Ashleigh? Don’t you wish she were here to help?
    Things look great, wow, sounds like super hectic 5 mos ahead. You never did answer me if it is POSSIBLE you won’t be moving back home.

  8. Can’t wait for the season premiere but as a stargate fan there is always that hope that someone from hbo will get into a conversation with you about your years at stargate production and maybe through shere luck somehow they will pick up the franchise rights and start production

  9. I just had a question about directors. Will you only hire local directors or do you fly in ones you’ve worked with in the past here in Vancouver? Like Peter DeLuise for example? Thanks! And good luck with the next 5 months. Sounds like you might need it.

    “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”.

  10. You’ve been to a clean room… cool! My old working environment for 5 years. I miss the yellow light a bit. It’s supposed to make you happy *lol* ButI don’t know why Tim wouldn’t go inside that room on that pic. Was he afraid of the carbon-dioxide-Caution-Thing? Cause that would only go off while you light a fire and I don’t suppose it’s what he had in mind right?

  11. I can feel the excitement from here!

    As for that second room…I’m sure you’ll come up with a good story line to use it. ( I sure could!)

    Good luck to everyone involved, but I’m sure you won’t need it!

  12. SGA season 3 episode “Sunday”: “…Dr. Mallozzi’s anime DVD collection…”? Is this the same doctor who authored Latin for Beginners? He’s a man of many talents indeed…

    I have a feeling that only one of these little nuggets is true.

    I love stuff like this in these shows. Will the good doctor be making any “appearances” in the Transporter world?


  13. HI Joe,

    I may have missed the blog post but what car ill Frank be using? BMW? Audi? Is it still hush hush?

  14. Intriguing location for episode 2. Combined with the title it makes me wonder about biologic agents. Thanks for the little behind the scenes pictures!

    Good luck with all your rewrites!

  15. You sound very busy. Thanks for taking time to post (especially pictures). I hope you have time for a nap or a great meal today. Have a good one!

  16. I really really hope I will be able to watch Trasnporter: The Series. It’s sounds and looks really cool. Please…please…please…let it be available to those who have only basic cable. I don’t have HBO or Showtime or any of those premium channels. the more you talk about it the more I wanna watch it. 🙂

  17. You can inflame someone, but you can’t flame them, hm. Inflammable and flammable seem like words that should have been straightened out a long time ago, but no one ever got around to it.

    The sets look very cool, can’t wait to get down with the Transporter again. There are some kick ass couches in the new CB2 catalog; I’m guessing you guys are done with Frank’s digs:

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