So I was walking into the office the other day when someone made a comment about the the bag I was carrying, intimating it was somehow effeminate to be strolling around toting this –

Essentially, questioning my masculinity.  Well, I was able to set them straight by pointing out the only reason I carry the “girly” bag is because my Happy Panda bento box won’t fit in my briefcase.

That’s a happy panda, folks, not a dancing rabbit or a tiara-sporting unicorn.  If YOU’VE got a more manly lunch container, I’d like to see it.

Anyway, with any doubts about my masculinity put to rest, check out the contents of my Happy Panda compliments of Akemi…

Seriously!  Have you seen a more fearsome egg?  Also –

Individually wrapped oatmeal-peanut butter portions with his and hers kuma-chan stickers.  I think Russell Crowe’s Japanese girlfriend makes him something similar.

A little more serious now as I turn the subject to our Exec. Producers’ Assistant, Trevor.  In short, I’m not sure he’s working out.  First, he has the nerve to point out mistakes I made in a recent script.  THEN, he starts having reservations when I inform him that I’m holding a contest to decide the name of his firstborn child (vote here!: June 30, 2011: Vote for one of the finalists in our Name Trevor’s Baby Contest! And other stuff!).  And now, he’s proven himself incapable of performing the easiest of tasks – deciphering the simple handwritten notes I made on the casting breakdown for episode 2.

Check it out.  He’s unable to read something as simple as:

“Scandinavian”.  Or –

“A little more dignified than Bernhardt”.

I mean – come on!  Next thing you know, he’ll need me to chew his lunch for him like a mother bird.

For some reason, readers have been emailing me their questions for Jeff Lemire, writer/artist of the July Book of the Month Club pick: Sweet Tooth.  All good, but it would also be great if some of you could post your thoughts on the book – and questions for its creator – here (June 30, 2011: Vote for one of the finalists in our Name Trevor’s Baby Contest! And other stuff!) as it makes gathering them up a heck of a lot easier.  Speaking of which – you have until Sunday to get your questions in for Jeff, so post ’em if you got ’em!

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the Akemi situation.  She was actually quite touched by the number of people who took the time to post about her.  So touched, in fact, that a couple of you actually made her cry.  Nice going!

Finally Friday!  Instead of sitting at a desk all day working on script rewrites, I can take a break and sit at a kitchen table all day, working on script rewrites.

Hurray for weekends!

38 thoughts on “July 8, 2011: Questioning my manliness! Trevor does it again! Hurray for weekends!

  1. I thought the first one said “soul man” hmmm Scandinavian really? Ok you wrote it so you would know!!

    Didn’t comment on yesterday’s pics but Brie is super cute, love that she sits on everyone, I just hope the others let her know when to get off!!

  2. I’m not known for having nice handwriting… But that might be some of the most unreadable stuff I’ve ever seen. And i’ve seen myself write…..(And hell when I can’t ever read the word from the part of the world i’m from it’s bad…. FYI i’m Scandinavian(Norwegian).)

  3. i don’t think that says Scandinavian…. it looks more like Rodman… are you sure you don’t want Dennis Rodman in the cast?

  4. I dont see a place to place a new post here , so I’m going to throw you a thought here and hope you read it.
    How about writing a mix of all of the stargate shows in a new series, bring back anubis, baa, the replicators, the wraith, keep the idea about atlantis going back to pegasus , but saving destiny along the way, while fighting there way there against the newest bad guys also, and the lucian alliance ….
    hope you like the idea, im fairly certain alot of fans would love it !
    take it easy.

  5. Hello Joe

    Hope Akemi’s mood has been improved lately. Don’t you have some Daniel Jackson type who can instinctively read those hieroglyphs? 🙂

    Hope today was a better day.

    Best wishes,


  6. I’ll admit the first note I thought said “cardemon” which is not unlike you to use your scripts as improvized shopping lists. The second one I actually read clearly the first time.

  7. I thought the first one looked like “Nerdmar”. Which actually sounds like another great baby name. The second one does not appear to be English. Or any other language, really.

    The egg is disturbing.

  8. 1. Joe, I’m pretty sure you could wear a pink tutu and diamond tiara to work and never once question your manhood, that’s how secure you are.

    2. According to your e-mail, I only ALMOST made Akemi cry…so I’m in the clear! 😀

    3. That first note? Rodman. Dennis Rodman. Hopefully in a pink tutu and diamond tiara, as well. 🙂

    4. So Trevor is the new Ashleigh, then? How perfect would it be if he was a vegetarian, too?!

    Have a good night, sir! Take good care of Akemi and the pups!


  9. Loved the bento box, Joe. That egg was quite fierce looking. Too bad you’re not local to me. I could help you with that manly lunch container during our yard sale tomorrow.

    Have a great night!!!!

  10. >I was carrying, intimating it was somehow effeminate to be strolling around toting this –

    Draw a manly design on the bag Joe jk, no seriously its probably the health and beauty aid thing. I dont think its effeminate but some people may, depends on how judgemental people are. If you care what people think use something else, if you dont, just keep what you’re using.


    Speaking of Bento boxes Joe, if you cant fit yours in your briefcase, next time you visit Japan you may want to look for one more compact, or a different design that makes it more convienient to carry around.

    By the way, some people are kinda crazy with their bento designs, I’ve seen Hello Kitty food designs that look very much like Hello Kitty, like people take it really seriously,

    Bento box designing with the food is like an art all in itself lol

  11. I read “road/rud/rad/rodman” and “a look nor dignified the Bernhardt”

  12. Joe, Joe, Joe… Russel Crowe’s WIFE is going to be shocked to read about his Japanese girlfriend on your blog. You obviously are not good at keeping secrets.

    First one is roadman of course,\
    Next… A lost man dashed the (she?) Bernhardt.

    Holy cow, and I thought my handwriting was bad.

  13. ummm, I think Russell Crowe’s wife might be a little surprised that he has a Japanese girlfriend :-0

    With handwriting, are you sure your not a doctor? 🙂


  14. They’re just jealous because Akemi makes you such awesome food.

    Is that your handwriting? Because it really isn’t that good. I would say that it sucks, but I’m not that cruel. Of course, I live with a family whose handwriting is horrible, except me. You’d think they were all going to be doctors or something. Btw, my children’s pediatrician’s handwriting is even worse than this. They type out his prescriptions at his office.

    Good luck to Akemi, yet again. I do hope something works out for her and she can stay in Canada or at least come back very soon.

  15. My husband’s lunch container is so manly it has a mustache sticker on it. Have you ever heard of a girly mustache sticker? I think I’ve made my point.

    My son’s is shaped like a purse, but it’s neoprene and blue so that makes it okay.

  16. Trevor: Man up. In this economy we all have to do things to please the boss. Naming your child with the name your boss selects isn’t so bad. When you quit the job you can legally change it to something else. The kid won’t mind a bit. Joe is developing a new skill in you: reading illedgible handwriting. Be grateful.

    I love the Bento box. It sure would make me smile to see it every morning. I showed all of your breakfast meals to my hubby who asked when you could get his breakfast all pretty like that. I replied that he can fly to Toronoto and see if Akemi will fix him something. He lost interest after that.

  17. Hey Joe,

    Unfortunately I made the mistake of rewatching the Finale of SGU tonight… and boy, I wish circumstances were different… Gauntlet has got to be one of the finest hours of television I’ve seen in recent years. Not since the series finale of Angel has there been a more perfect season/series ender. And… Well, I suppose I just want to thank you- for giving us hope when there was little, and for being honest when there was no more hope.

    I’ll make you a deal though- if I win the lottery within the next year (you know, the BIG lotto) I’ll let you know.

  18. Here’s my husband’s lunchbox.

    Note it does not even have ears for the lid like the old style of Goodbyn. He even waited an extra month for this manly color to be available so the color wouldn’t be plum. It’s spacious for a man’s lunch and BPA-free so there will be none of this:

    Here’s my son’s.

    It fits one of these

    because a man doesn’t have time for baggies.

  19. Glad you’re okay – and honestly Joe, did you every study medicine? Or maybe work with my last boss?

    I thought my handwriting was bad!

  20. I don’t know, Joe. It looks like the first word is “Radman”, and the sentence is, “a bowl and dented barnshot”. You obviously have inherited your creative writing from your mother. Why neither of you are doctors, I’ll never know.

    If Ashleigh still follows your blog, she should get in touch with Trevor and warn him about you. The poor man should get a raise and Danger pay.


  21. Another cute bento creration from Akemi. I love it. 🙂 Even when she tries to make them look fierce, they’re still cute. The egg dude looks like a character from Super Mario Bros. 🙂 Akemi is such a sweetheart. She certainly takes good care of you, Joe. She is good to you. 🙂 You need pull some strings so that Akemi can stay with you.

    I can’t make out that chicken scratch, either.

  22. 1. WE all know you’re manly, Joe, and that’s what’s important.

    2. Your notation penmanship leaves something to be desired. I read the first one as ‘rodman’, too. The second one I manage to puzzle out, but that’s because I read doctor writing.

    3. I love the daruma doll egg! Very manly. Akemi is very creative. Have you ever watched the opening of Honey and Clover? Amazing food art.

    4. I know that I’m only an internet acquaintance and I have no right to meddle in your lives, but I hope you and Akemi work things out so she can stay.

    @das: Hi! Yes, MS seems to be channeling Pendergast. very busy. talk later.

    @Akemi: がんばって!

  23. Joe you write like a Doctor… lol

    Akemi puts together an awesome lunch for you..Yummmm lucky sod 🙂

  24. Don’t fret Joe… it is a tradition that my seniors take time to teach my incoming freshmen how to decipher the arcane scribble that shows up on my whiteboard during lectures. I blame my father – he grew up during the Great Depression and they couldn’t afford legible letters.

    And my lunch box (when I had one in elementary school) was H.R. Pufnstuf. Yeah, that got some strange looks…

  25. @Sparrow Hawk

    By the way, your comment aimed at Akemi can be written as Ganbatte, she will understand you said Good luck still lol

  26. Did Akemi cry because she was touched by my offer, or because I scared her….yeah probably the second.

    Anyways you know what is better than script re-writes,’s Summer of Streaming. Over 5000 anime episodes free to watch online, region free!! I have been waiting for the Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood DVDs to drop in price, but now I can just enjoy them online and buy them later. A friend of mine suggested Cowboy Bebop which I know you loved, so it’s next on my list.

  27. @ Sparrowhawk – Bah! Joe blabs his stuff all over the blog, so we have every right to meddle in his business!! By making it all public, he has – in effect – adopted us all as his surrogate mommies!

    @ Joey – Wash behind your ears before they start growing mushrooms, young man!



    Also, Joe…that thing Sparrow said about us not butting in and all? Yeah…she is the wise and mature voice here, so forgive us if we get too personal. Well, forgive me because I KNOW I’ve gotten too personal…and I can be a bit obnoxious and ‘loud’ and over-bearing like a big stinky Irish wolfhound that jumps up and flops its paws over your shoulders and licks all over your face…and a goodly amount in the ears…because it thinks it’s still a cute little puppy. 😛


  28. ROFLMAO: I blame my father – he grew up during the Great Depression and they couldn’t afford legible letters.

    I am stealing that

    Really, has anyone here picked up that Joe every takes any advice he doesn’t want? Dear spirits the man isn’t worried… he shares, we hover over him like mother hens and he does what he wants when he wants. I suspect he feels the love and lets the rest go.

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