I celebrated Canada Day by driving around town discovering everything was closed for Canada Day.  After not shopping for fresh produce and canned pumpkin puree for the dogs (It helps keep ’em regular!), we didn’t enjoy a nice lunch and follow up by checking out a nice macaron place.  Instead, we had a craptacular meal, walked around aimlessly in an attempt to make the most of our two and a half hour parking, then hopped back in the car and headed home.  Hoping the day wouldn’t be a total waste we set off on foot, just a few blocks down, to check out a chocolate shop I’d noticed in passing the other day (Welcome to SOMA chocolatemaker).  I’d heard good things about it – some from a few readers of this blog – and was looking forward to a theobromine hit, but fully expecting it to be closed.  Well, whaddya know?

We walked by two young ladies sitting out front.  I peered inside. “We’re open!”one of them happily informed me, jumping up out of her seat.  Then, suddenly taking another look at me and hesitating. Briefly, I imagined she’d mistaken me for one of those sketch artist renditions of some perp spotlighted in the latest installment of Crime Stoppers.  Instead, her eyes narrowed, she pointed and said: “Are you the Stargate guy?”

Ho-Ly Crap!  This never happens to me.  Usually.  Once at the checkout of my local pharmacy (fortunately I hadn’t purchased anything embarrassing), another in the dead of winter’s night on a deserted corner in downtown Montreal, and now outside a chocolate shop in Toronto.  I enlightened her.  I was one of the Stargate guys…

Turns out she and her husband are huge fans of the franchise and regular readers of this blog.  Given my love of chocolate, they’d been expecting me for a while now…

Mai (who recognized me) and Diana. And an awesome purple shirt being worn by some guy.
No little chocolate shop. The place is huge! And well-stocked. Akemi peruses the chocolate-themed choices - bars to biscuits and everything in between.
We kick things off with two double shots of dense dark - one spicy, one not. Rich and intense!
The individual chocolate selections.
We followed with about a dozen chocolates. Akemi was partial to the olive oil chocolate. I liked the brown butter.
After which it was time for dessert. Two scoops of gelato: Thai coconut and pistachio. Akemi and I were both in agreement. Best gelato in Toronto.
Mai and Diana usher us out before we clean them out of stock.
But not before we picked up something for the road.

I can’t believe this place is within walking distance of my place.  And open until 8:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday.

To echo Akemi: “Dangerous!”