Our Executive Producers’ Assistant, Trevor, is really looking forward to the birth of his first child AND the name you, my dear blog reader, will bestow upon said kidling.  Look at him (pictured above), excited beyond belief at the prospect that we’ll be doing all the heavy lifting, generating options, considering, and, ultimately, deciding the name of his firstborn.

I’ve gone over all the entries and have narrowed the list down.  I originally wanted to settle on three names but I had a hard enough time trimming the list down from my final fave 10.  And so, here are the Final Five names in the Name Trevor’s Baby Contest.  Vote for your favorite now!  The finalists are:






Start voting, either in the comments section or in the poll I’m going to (try to) upload here: 

P.S. It was a tough and highly competitive field.  Honorable mentions that didn’t make the cut included Rovert, Adlehnburg, Nutella, Echymosis, and Dysphagia.

Speaking of happy co-workers, check out Steve and Alexander celebrating the completion of the episode 10 spin session…

It’s going to be a great episode.  Macheterrific!

Today’s Bento Breakfast…

Note the heart-shaped figs, my name in chocolate on top, and the oatmeal wink.  Totemo jozu as the Japanese would say!

Big long weekend ahead.  Two rewrites and the fourth and final issue of (the opening arc of) my comic book series, Dark Matter, to get to.  I’m also hoping to begin my quest for Toronto’s best macaron.  I’ll be starting with this preliminary guide forwarded to me by Stargate Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok: http://www.blogto.com/toronto/the_best_macarons_in_toronto/

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday (and belated birthday) regulars Tammy Dixon, profmadmax,Luvnjack and for the love of Beckett.

35 thoughts on “June 30, 2011: Vote for one of the finalists in our Name Trevor’s Baby Contest! And other stuff!

  1. Akemi scores another brilliant creation!!
    Poor Trevor can hardly contain himself…but I am not sure if it is grief or joy.
    Looking forward to your Toronto feeding guide. Loved the list you prepared for Vancouver which is still handy and with Refuel at the top of my list of places for a return visit.

  2. Here comes Trouble Has a ring to it.

    Heard of someone who gave their kitten the name ‘Chaos which is a pretty apt name for a itsy bitsy baby pussy cat.

  3. Lovely breakfast!

    I kinda like Eufemia, it has a certain, uh, romantic ring to it (?).

    Hey, how’s Jelly doing? Frickin’ Gumbo and his bad habits decided to take a chunk out of my hand yesterday for taking his empty food dish away, so now it’s SERIOUS re-training. He didn’t have these problems when I last had him living with us, so we’re in for the long haul now 🙁

    Elway says hi, too. Really, he’s right here with his nose in the computer.

  4. I voted for Spearmint. It has a nice ring to it. And Akemi scores again with the bento breakfast. She is very creative. Sounds like you have a busy weekend planned. We do too since we’re going to be planning the yard sale we’re hoping to have next weekend in preparation for our move. Where are we going you ask?? Well, don’t know yet. Either hubby will get the job in CT, or we will be going to CA. We have family that’s offered us a place to stay while hubby is looking. So, it looks like we’re about to start packing. Any tips??? (That question is for everyone by the way.)

    Have a great evening!!!!

  5. Thanks for the birthday shout out! I’m rounding off my birthday evening with a sparring class. Don’t you think my hubby should give me a free shot at his face for a birthday present? I need to work on my hook kick. He says, “I feel the love”. 🙂

    I had a cat named “Trouble”. My name suggestion is not on the list, “Stormy” 🙁

    It will be tough voting for one of those names… I’m sure Trevor’s wife is very…um.. “happy” with your selection. 😉

    The bento is very pretty. Kind of looks like feet on the sides. See the toes?

  6. Um-m-m… I like “Trouble” best and voted for that. Best to Trevor and his wife!

    What’s up with Alexander’s tat? “Gimme Back My Bullets”? That requires some ‘splain’in.

    Love viewing all of Akemi’s creative displays of Bento breakfast! But, do they all taste as good as they look? I’d be leaving the figs where they lay, no offense meant.

    Gearing up for a long Fourth of July weekend. Expect to hear and see fireworks galore and to gobble down some NJ style BBQ.

    Happy birthday America!


  7. Thanks Joe for the birthday club dedication.

    Go Trouble! Wow I like the honorable mention name Nutella, coulda went Gnutella even!

    I watched SG-1 Proving Grounds earlier & thought, hey how about Stargate Academy?

    Trevor, try to curb your enthusiasm, it will get even better, that’s a threat I mean promise :l

    Wow more Bento Breakfast magic, bows to Chef A. (Ever try grits? YUM)


  8. i went with spearmint. because the name trouble is can be odd, as in “someone’s in trouble.”
    but trouble might make a good middle name.

  9. Joe,
    I am so sorry you didn’t consider my entries.
    Anna Maria Lasagna
    Augustus Qianlong

    Your selections are vanilla by comparison.


  10. Muff ??
    What father would let the internet decides the name of his baby ?
    This is how an artist can end up doing concerts in north Korea… come on
    Stop it, save this baby’s soul now!

  11. @Tammy Dixon: Happy Birthday dearest.

    I like Trouble and voted above for the name in the very cool poll you imported. If we choose Trouble, then she already has a song to go along with it.

  12. Go Muff go!!! Sorry Trevor…

    Can Chef Akemi do a demon face breakfast? A face that looks like it did not want to get out of bed and go to work and will give you gas if you dare eat it? That’d be fun!

  13. Oops — no sooner do I type and it appears! Magic on Joe’s blog, who’d have guessed? Oh, of course, magic daily here!
    Interesting food pics, diverse and gallant prose, adventures on an intergalactic scale, book clubs, behind the scenes stories & pics, writing tips, rants, raves and puppies!
    What more could anyone want?


  14. Woo Hoo! At least I made honorable mention. Ecchymosis makes a silly name, but its one of my favortie words. To sound so nice, and to mean what it means…. I am still deciding on what to vote for. Trouble is tempting, but I have a fondness for words of Greek or Roman origin. And Trouble really does sound more like a pet name than a child’s name. decisions decisions..
    Enjoy the weekend work, and hope you take a few breaks to relax a bit. and Happy Canada Day! (waves a mapleleaf flag before heading to bed…)

  15. Hi Joe,

    I had a rat named Trouble and she REALLY lived up to her name; escaped no less than three times – once for two days in the wall of my condo! Give Trevor fair warning! You sound like you have a heavy load this weekend – how many macaron shops are there in Toronto? Again, love Akemi’s creations! Out of curiousity, with you publishing her efforts online, does she feel compelled to keep topping her own designs day by day? She definitely has a flair for food art!

    Smiles, Julie

    @Tam *Waves* Happy Birthday, Rockstar!

    @Das I left you a wraith funny yesterday, hope you saw 😉

  16. Spearmint??? Really? Who wants to be named after a gum flavor? Can just see it poor thing will be nicknamed “Spearmint Gum”. “Trouble” is just disturbing. “Oprah??” I dunno. The real one with all the money might sue for copyright infringement. 😉 “Eufemia”….is different, but can be valid. I can see the kid being called Euffie. Kinda sweet, I guess. Muff?? Too much of a cat or dog name. I think I vote for Eufemia. 🙂

    Another one of Akemi’s cute breakfast bento creations. Love how she made the face wink. Although, the stuff onthe sides look like feet. Kinda weird. 🙂

  17. Just to clarify, Trevor’s baby will be human, right? If I were to guess from the name choices, I’d say hamster or maybe trendy paint color.

    I shall not vote. I’ve played the lesser evil game and it didn’t make anything less evil. It only encouraged them. I’d call these names more ill-advised than evil, but lesser ill-advisedness sounds awkward.


    “Gimme back my bullet!”. Cool tattoo. Begs a lot of questions.

    Who could take it if he was the one who had it in the first place?
    Did the other guy have more bullets? If so, why did he need Alex’s?
    What good is it to him if having it didn’t stop him from being robbed?

  18. Happy Birthday to Tam Dixon and LuvnJack! What did you guys (and profmadmax!) do to celebrate? Tam, is your hubby’s face still okay? Cause you still have to appear in public with him from time to time. 🙂

    Thanks, Joe, for the birthday dedications! Hey you all, we need to start dropping outrageous hints for birthday pressies, the way Joe does. Wonder what we’d get???? 😀

    So, this baby naming contest, is this your way of getting back at Trevor for the format change in that script? Trevor: upmarket chocolate & macarons will make Joe better tempered, at least for a week (?). For industrial strength measures, enlist the help of Mr. Sunshine / Alex. For the heavy artillery, consult Mr. Cooper.

    Joe, am remembering two years ago this 4th of July weekend, reading Elizabeth Moon’s the Speed of Dark at your blog recommendation. Find it hard to forget Lou Arrendale, a complex, haunting character forced through a personal evolution. Followed by a twist, and an unexpected conclusion. Now that was a birthday present. 🙂

  19. Trouble. Definitely Trouble.

    I picture the kid walking across the schoolyard. …. “Uh oh. Here comes Trouble.” It’s perfect.

    And it’s much better than the name an otherwise nice-seeming couple I met on a plane had picked for their infant son traveling with them: Cowboy. The kid’s name was Cowboy. You can’t even get a decent nickname out of that — He’s gonna end up being called “Cow” or “Boy” for short. Although I suppose he could hope for “CB”, which come to think of it isn’t so bad.

    – KB 😉

    P.S. I used to know a girl whose middle name was Eufemia. A tribute to much-loved relative as I recall, but her parents just couldn’t bring themselves to choose it as her first name.

  20. Coucou comment allez vous? Moi très bien toujours contente de venir sur votre blog! 🙂

    Mais c’est une blague non?….enfin j’espere car c’est vraiment des drôles de prénom pour une personne, mais je vais qu’en même voté pour Oprah, c’est le seul prénom un peu près normal lol.

    hummm le meilleur magasin de macarons, c’est Ladurée, j’adore aller à celui des Champs Elysée :)!

    Bon week end!
    Gros bisous!

  21. Oy –now my husband wants me to make him adorable breakfast…

    And I would have voted for Nutella! 🙂

  22. for the love of Beckett: Thanks for the birthday wishes! Hubby is ok but son is mad at me. He rushes in like a puppy with no defenses. Once son gets close, he releases flury of punches. I have good kicks and long reach with my legs. So after a hook kick and a couple of roundhouses, I got him pretty good. He is still pouting. He will get better and I’m still getting older 😉 .

    JulieAloha: Thanks again for the birthday wishes! I hope you get your blood sugar in line soon but really, is this blog a good place to browse? Mr. M., loves all things sugar! The pictures on this blog alone could make your glucose go up 20-30 points!!!!

  23. I had to vote for Spearmint. It’s the only normal & unique name on the list.
    I’d gain 20 lbs if I ate those bentos every morning. It’s on my list.
    So Happy to see Michael Shanks!! Glad you finally got to actually talk to him.
    Happy Canada Day!!

  24. Oh. I thought your naming contest was a serious one Joe =/

    I thought Rena/Rina was a nice name too, may be a little Japanese, but its such a natural sounding name.

  25. @ JulieAloha – Yes, sorry – I did see. 😀 Life is a tad insane at present, I’m just fly-by posting right now. Hopefully things will settle down soon.


  26. I don’t wish to unduly influence the voting folks (full disclosure: I originally suggested this name), but here is our chance to move Eufemia up on the on the Baby Name Popularity Big Board!

    According to: http://www.thinkbabynames.com/meaning/0/Eufemia, Eufemia ranks #3438 out of 4276 for women, and is described, Euphemistically, as being a “somewhat popular first name for women.” By the way, it comes from the Greek, and means “well-spoken” – who could ask for a more auspicious moniker?

  27. Hey Larry Spinak – what if it’s a boy?? Eufemio? For a male, it probably means “loud mouth”. The kid’s cursed for life!

    (Actually, I do kinda like that name.)

  28. I’m literally voting against myself by choosing Eufemia because it has such a lovely melodic ring to it, like the heroine in a telenovela or Freudian disorder (possibly involving fear of euphemisms)! Love it, down with Oprah, long live Eufemia!

    What an adorable breakfast! And I see it’s a girl oatmeal with the blushing cheeks!

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